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Eric Pepin – Rebel Guru and Founder of Higher Balance Institute

Join Eric Pepin in his new spiritual podcast Rebel Guru Radio. Eric gives candid, no B.S. answers to all your questions on anything spiritual, metaphysical or psychic. From meditation, to healing, to dimensional exploration and more, your spiritual questions are answered here.

Interviewed by both current students and inquisitive minds new to his approach, Eric proves time and again what the real “Rebel Guru” is all about.

Top 3 Episodes

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The Higher Balance Method

This is the method practiced by spiritual masters to "trigger" enlightenment. Ask yourself… what did the Enlightened Masters throughout history meditate to? Obviously, they didn’t rely on the latest gimmicks and mainstream spiritual fads. They meditated to a Dimensional Sound which has been called “The Voice of God” by these same enlightened masters who were able to re-write reality as we know it. They were able to accomplish this because this ‘sound’ was used to Trigger an Enlightened state of consciousness. Are you ready to enter the realm of masters? Enter you first name and email address for instant access nearly 2 hours of free training. (No credit card required.)
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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 27 - Crossing Dimensions

In this episode, Eric discusses two meditation techniques he teaches and clarifies the difference between the Foundation and Tones Meditations. Explore the benefits of each and harness the tools to cross dimensions.

Episode 26 – Rising Above the Static

Episode 26 – Rising Above the Static

In this episode, pulled from the Higher Balance archives, Eric shares a unique process of rising above the static and communicating the Force, called the Prayer of Enlightenment. This can alter one’s reality in profound ways...

Episode 25 – Dream Realities

Episode 25 – Dream Realities

In this episode, Eric explores dream realities and teaches a process to enter dreams. Bypass the Matrix by learning to properly assimilate the dream world you want to enter and build the psychic connection to garner data or invoke positive emotions for loved ones.

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