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Episode 20 – Simulated Reality, Part 2

In this episode, Eric discusses the spiritual implications of living in a simulated reality, bringing amazing insights on the Planes of Light, ancient teachings, and breaking free of the Matrix. Unravel the latest science to find more truth on your spiritual path.


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Is This All There Is? Entering the Enlightenment Cycle

Episode 19 – Is This All There Is?

In this episode, Eric explores the topics of religion, new age spirituality, self-reflection, and the enlightenment cycle. Learn how acknowledging your programming can allow you to reach a higher potential. Then break down the science behind Simulated Reality.


Episode 18 - Transhumanism Part 2

In this episode, Eric Pepin takes us to the future where particle splitting leads to folding time and space and where science fiction and transhumanism becomes a reality. Then, explore holographic realities and the upcoming role of White Cells.



Episode 17 - Transhumanism Part 1

In this episode, Eric dispels the myth that science and spirituality are separate things. He discusses the coming wave of stem cell research leading to transhumanism, touching upon genetic engineering.

Mind Projection

Episode 16 – Mind Projection

In this episode, Eric brings to light the subconscious thoughts and patterns that hinder your mind projection experiences. Enhance your visual experiences, accuracy, and precision, and learn to differentiate between imagination and actual projection.

Revelations - Disconnect From the Grid of Reality

Episode 15 - Revelations

In this episode, Eric answers questions regarding simulated reality. Learn how to disconnect and become an operational consciousness separate from the matrix. Listen to episode 14 first to set the stage for this discussion.


Episode 14 – Simulated Reality

In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses the simulated reality in which we live. Spiritual masters have always said that reality is an illusion. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, said there’s a one in a billion chance we don’t live in a computer generated reality.


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