Cultivating Willpower

Eric Pepin Live: Session 24 Clip

In this clip, Eric debunks the common myths that high achievers have something not attainable by others and brings to light what he calls the “activation point.” Discover how anyone can harness a deeper level of willpower and focus through motivation. Enjoy.

Rebel Guru Radio Eric Pepin Live 24 Cultivating Willpower

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In this clip, Eric debunks the common myth that high achievers have something unattainable by others and brings to light what he calls “the activation point.” Discover how anyone can harness a deeper level of willpower and focus through motivation. Enjoy!

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Eric: First of all, I want to get something off my chest. There are people out there who think that they lack some kind of quality that other people don’t lack, that there are people out there who are super-go-getters, super conquerors, super people out there making millions. There are people out there who are athletes, they’re this, they’re that. “They have something I don’t have. I’m an underachiever. I just don’t feel what they have.” I can tell you as a fact that you have the same qualities that those people have, it’s just a matter of what I call an “activation point.” Wherever there’s an activation point, there’s an ending point. I’ll give you, for instance–and hopefully this person won’t figure it out but they probably will figure it out and I’ll get some shit for it but that’s fine.

This person was dating a student of mine and they’re a couple. I would always observe this person, who was very health-food-minded. This person went out and ran almost every day and did marathons. This person, I wouldn’t say they would try to tell other people how to live their life but a lot of those people try to always be like, “Oh, you should get off the couch,” or “Oh, you should go do this and that.” The last time I saw them after years of this–they did great, they were very healthy and everything–they were couch potatoes. [I was like], “Wait a minute, you’re not running every day? Did the world end? What happened? What is that? Is that a hamburger with extra mayonnaise and double patties and bacon? Is that for me? No? You’re eating it? My, my, my! What is going on in this world?”

I don’t care who it is, willpower and discipline is a fluctuating thing. Any athlete, any person has a point in their life where they’re very focused. We’ll get into that for a moment, why they achieve what they achieve. If you think in your head, “Oh, this is just they’re nature. They’re going to be like this their whole life.” That’s probably 1% and there’s probably something freak-wrong with them in their head. I’m not kidding. They’re probably crazy-crazy. That’s one thing that you need to keep in mind. Everybody feels downs and ups. Everybody is defeated. You don’t see them on their bad days. You don’t go in their head and know when they’re feeling bad.

I have clients, some of them are super good-looking and people would kill to be as good-looking as them. They look like they have perfect lives and everything is wonderful and everything. I can tell you as a fact, they are as fucked up as every one of you guys out there. That is a fact. They have the same problems, same issues, same depression, same feeling that they haven’t achieved enough no matter how much they’ve achieved. Everybody feels the same shit. It is human nature.

I can tell you another thing. No matter how wealthy you are, you will always want more. No matter how much you feel like you are fighting with your bills and if you could make just this much more money that all of your problems would go away, I can tell you–I will bet my career, my stake, everything–that as soon as you get there, you will create a new level of bills and you will still remain with the same level of anxiety. It’s extremely rare if you can not fuck that all up.

This comes down to having self-control than it comes–Well, with willpower, I suppose you could say. This comes down to the fact that you have to have a reality check before you can make a level of perfection in your own life. If you have failure, you feel like a failure but what you really should know is that everybody has failure and the sooner you accept that as not being something that’s devastating but a momentary lapse, the sooner you can rebound from that and have more positives than negatives. It’s just like when one gets on themselves for Babbling.

The reason why I’m point this all out is because it’s the same thing. It’s the same thing about being real with you guys with my own spirituality. You’ve got these gurus that put on a persona and everybody thinks that they have to be at that level, that this is how they should act, this is how they should sound, this is how they should function, this is what your goal is. When you realize it’s unattainable, you give up. The point is, to me, it’s all a facade. You’re watching them for a very short window of time and you’re not really getting to see what’s really under the hood. When you really see what’s under the hood, it’s not like they’re all bad but you realize that’s more realistic. That’s more attainable and it’s still good, it’s still beautiful, but maybe you could even do better.

This is why I want to point that out. I think that too many people get down on themselves and they set the mental state that they are a failure or that they cannot achieve those things. They keep telling themselves, “No, I can. No, I can get there,” but subconsciously you fear that you can’t and that that’s the truth. What I’m saying is that, no matter who your model is, they all have fears. They all have failure. They all feel that someone’s going to call them out on their shit 24/7. Once you can take that and check it off, now we can move onto the next thing.

What, or from where, does willpower come from? I think that willpower–and focus is really a byproduct of willpower–come from desire. It can be desire of what you want or necessity to survive because survival is quite a focus-driven thing. This goes back to where I realized I’m kind of stupid because there are some things in life I don’t get. I’m like, “Oh, I’m 50! I finally get that! That makes so much sense now! Why didn’t I get that 30 years ago?”

When I used to hear the whole “the guy who owns the sport car” mentality, it never sunk in to me. It never made sense to me why the guy has a sports car, why the guy has the big house, why the guy has the bling-bling watch. This is likely and largely believe [to be] because of sexual drive. A female, for the guy, is going to be attracted to his fancy car, his fancy watch. I think as White Cells, we’re not quite as taken by that stuff as maybe outside people are. It’s not to say that we may not be, but it’s to say that in general. It’s not about what’s in other people’s heads, it’s about what’s in that person’s head. What made him afford a $90,000 car, a $50,000 car, a $200,000 car? What was it that gave him the willpower and the drive and the focus to achieve that?

I’ll tell you what it is, it’s called a vagina. That’s what it is and that is the truth. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one, because there are other things out there that we could talk about, but if we’re really going to say, “Is there a magic wand? Is there something that you could say over the top of my head and I’m just all of a sudden going to have insane willpower?” No! Yes, maybe, but no. This person who we may look at and admire, and they’re all being very humble like, “Yeah, I’ve got the car. I’ve got the house. I’ve got the jet plane.” In the meantime, behind the scenes, he’s a sex fiend and he’s upset if a girl ta-ta’s him and is not interested in what he has. He can’t fathom it. “Look at what I have!” and they’re like, “No, I’m looking for substance in you. You don’t have anything. You didn’t develop anything there. This is all great, but…”

Then, there are other girls who are like, “Get the fuck aside bitches! I’ll take it! Sure!” His willpower came from an insecure need or a desire to conquest or control or garner something that he felt he couldn’t get in other ways. This is the drive. This is what focuses him. When he achieves this, the question is, what happens to this person over time? Fat? Overweight? Or he maintains because he’s rotating through women? Or he settles down with one but still plays on the side a lot which is usually the case? That’s where this person’s willpower came from.

I’ve often said spiritually, people come to me for two reasons: for love or for power. I always say, “Come onboard! Sure, sure, I’ll show you how to conquer the Universe!” [imitates roaring noise] I know where this road will go and I know their intellect will change and I know they will mature just like a young person becomes an older person and your values change. With some people outside of that thinking in your everyday life, when we look at willpower or we compare what some people have to what we have, the reality is that we really don’t want it that bad. That’s the problem.

If we don’t want it that bad, there’s a contentment level. This goes back to when I would get unemployment when I was young, because I was a fuck-up like everybody else. I was a pretty slick fuck-up but we all think we’re slick when we fuck up. I would go and do my job everyday. I’d do it, it’s a fucking job. Do I want to do it? No, I don’t want to fucking do it. Do you want to go do your job everyday? Don’t tell me you love your fucking job because I’m like, “Fucking bullshit.” Maybe, maybe it’s not bullshit, but you’re in what, one-percenters? I can ruin it for you, just let me know who you are. I’ll fix you. I’ll make you as miserable as the rest of us.

Anyhow, the point is that I did my job, I got my paycheck, I got everything I wanted. Boom, go to work, do stuff, time off. You appreciate things more when you work for them, I can tell you that much. At some point, you get laid off or something. When you get laid off, you’re freaking out. “Where’s my routine? Where’s my job? I feel like I need to be somewhere, I should be doing something. I should be in school! I should be working!” If you’re a person who does school and you’re not in school, you think you should go to school when you’re younger. “I feel like I’m doing something bad by not being in school and I feel like–”

When you’re unemployed, you get the first few checks and you’re like, “Fuck, this isn’t what I’m used to but I sure do like sleeping in a little bit. I’m just going to put off the job search for a while. I’m going to put it off for a few weeks, maybe even a month. I deserve this.” You convince yourself that you deserve this and then you accomodate your finances to your means. You cut out a little fo this and a little of that and it keeps getting whittled down to where you’re spending a lot more time at home but no responsibility! No alarm clock to wake you up to! “I like this! How long can this fucking shit go for?”

This is what 99% of everybody does! You’re not fucking unique! Very few people would hustle to change that. What happens now is that you’ve accommodated your life to your means and you’ve made yourself comfortable enough to not want for more. When you know the time is coming up, you’re thinking two things: “I gotta hustle and get a job,” or “I think I can get an extra extension. I think I can get this extended out.” Now, you don’t want to give up that life but what happened to you wanting that fucking sports car? What happened to you wanting the fancy fucking trips every year? All of a sudden it’s like kind of a back burner. “This is the relaxation. This is the time off. This may not be at a spa, but c’mon!”

Survival kicks in and you have to go out and get a job. There’s your motivation. Your motivation is, now, you’re not going to have any money. Oh, you found some motivation to get off your ass now? You’re willing to not take just anything but you whittle that down as your options get marginalized. There’s motivation for you. Survival is motivation.

This is still human nature. You may think that you’re not on unemployment, you may think that your situation is what it is, but I assure you that if you’re not driven, you’ve settled. You’ve settled. Whether you realize you’ve settled or not, when you wake up and you’re on unemployment, you think everyday, “Eh, maybe I should go and look for a job. Maybe…maybe…maybe not. I think I’ll just play the video game today,” or “I think I’ll do my hair or go to the mall.” You subconsciously have settled to where you are in life. You want more, but you really haven’t committed yourself that you’re going to go out and get that.

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