Power of Detachment

Clip from Eric Pepin Live: Session 25

In this clip, Eric discusses the battle between your mind and the babbler. Then explore how to use detachment to get your babbler under control and your meditations back on track. By mastering your meditation, you attain the discipline and focus to successfully tackle any skill or technique. Enjoy.

Rebel Guru Radio Eric Pepin Live Session 25 Power of Detachment

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In this clip, Eric discusses the battle between your mind and the Babbler. Then, explore how to use detachment to get your Babbler under control and your meditations back on track. By mastering your meditation, you attain the discipline and focus to successfully tackle any skill or technique. Enjoy!

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Eric: I was looking at–I think it was bacteria. The thing about bacteria that I always find most interesting–and I talked about this years ago–is that the human body, I believe for every cell we have, in nine cells or bacteria, one is actually human. You’re 90% made of foreign material, not human, genetically speaking. The 10% remaining is actually human. The thought that I was having that I wanted to kind of share–and you can head my thought process on this. This is just kind of neither here nor there, it’s just something for you to chew on, okay? When you look at bacteria in a Petri [dish], you find that two different kinds of bacteria will fight until one dominates the other. The other thing that I find interesting is that if there are three, they will either join one that they are more [compatible} with and then they will combat the third as a team. Whichever is the greater foe to them, they will join the other side.

The other thing that is very interesting [is that] if they are in a battle, fighting between two, and they know they can’t win, or they think they can’t win, they actually “befriend” them so that they can kind of coexist and work together. I find it ironically amazing when you look at human beings, that what you see in this Petri dish of bacteria, that when you look at the greater aspect of human life and how we relate to things, it’s very interesting because it’s very much the same in certain ways. We think of ourselves as being very complex but here’s the thing: if we’re 90% made up of bacteria, then maybe the bacteria is calling the shots over that 10% of what’s real.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting: Here, we have what we call the Babbler, and we have the mind. I always say to you, “You’re the mind, you’re not really the Babbler.” The Babbler is the machine. The Babbler is the body. The body is what? Cells. Think about this.

If 90% were a collective consciousness of foreign material that was cohesively working together to control or dominate the minority, the 10%…are you following me? It’s just a very interesting thing to consider, that your mind or the Babbler or the talker in you, that you often want silent, that you often want to not make you make choices or to do things that you may not necessarily agree or disagree with, or certain things having an influence over you. The question is: what if this is contributing as a voice that’s pretending to be you, or has learned to mirror you or act like you? What if it developed enough of an intelligence, collectively, the same way you do. Where’s your intelligence? Think about this.

When we talk about the mind, and we talk about the Babbler, and we talk about that battle of trying to take control so you can have a higher consciousness, it’s interesting if you were to look at that inside of yourself and say, “I now have–not necessarily a name–but an identity that I could relate to with, that I can identify. 90% of the cells in my body are made out of foreign, alien bacterium, intelligence. That leaves me with 10%.” I find that fascinating and it’s always interesting because there’s always that battle for your mind versus the Babbler and trying to contain those things and rise above that to be at that higher level while something is always trying to Earth you out or bring you down or whatever. It’s worth almost an investigation of bacteria in your private time. Just look at it, don’t take it like “seriously serious.” I’m just saying that it’s very interesting and it’s just a hypothesis I’m playing around with. It’s a loose thought, but I thought I would shoot it past you guys for something to consider.

The more that we understand the biological nature of ourselves, the greater we can empower ourselves spiritually. The things that tend to grind us down or lead us away from our spirituality are often the anchors that are based in life or organicness. It’s usually what’s in contradiction to where we want to be spiritually.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was meditation. This is the other thing that I’ve been kicking around. The last few times, I tell everybody, “Meditation! Meditation! Meditation is the place that you want to always maintain. Once you lose your groove for your meditation, it’s usually an out-of-control spiral.” I thought, “What can I say that I maybe haven’t explained enough to make everybody like, ‘You know what, wow. That was a very good point. He’s said it in so many ways before but this is it.’” This is why I beat things into the ground because sooner or later, something sticks. “Throw shit! Something’s gotta stick, you know?”

I often say– Two things I’m going to share: One, let’s talk about another approach to the Babbler. We know, ultimately, that is the yang to your yin. It’s the ultimate warrior to challenge you. That’s really the truth. Your Babbler, your organic self, your Bacterium self that has mastered you, that seems to run you 90% of the day, ironically, is this dark ninja that you’re always in this universal battle with. One thing I always say is to just forget stuff, to dismiss stuff or to ignore it or whatever. What I want to say is that sometimes, just a word that’s essentially trying to say the same thing but [has] a different meaning slightly to it, can have a more impactful use to you. I’ve been observing myself saying, “What do I do when I go to this place that gives me the edge that I feel that I have?” I don’t care. Literally, what does that mean? It means that when I think about an issue or an issue arises, I don’t care. I really feel that. I don’t care. If the house is burning down, I don’t care. If it’s a financial issue stressing me, I don’t care. This is my time. I don’t care.

It’s not about, “I’ll come to you later,” or “I’ll deal with it later,” or “It’ll still be there, I’m going to take a timeout.” What’s more important to me is that time that I shut down, that time that I disconnect because it has a very, very important purpose and something is trying to rob me of that, in you. When you say in your mind, “I don’t care,” literally, scream all you want, “I don’t care! I don’t care how important it is. I don’t care what it’s about. I don’t care what the issue is. It’s irrelevant. I don’t care.” Just detach from it. It’s not bulletproof–nothing is–otherwise, it wouldn’t be a badass dark ninja to battle you in every step of your mind. For whatever reason, I realize that that’s what I do. Basically, I don’t care. If it’s approaching, I just [imitates swishing sound]. I don’t care. I don’t give a shit what it is, I just don’t care. Think about that, chew on that.

The other thing is, because I tell people all the time, “Meditation, meditation,” why is it so important compared to the In-Between? Why is it so important compared to using “the voice?” Why is it so important to use or develop more than telepathy or psychometry or any of those things? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Here’s the answer: All of those skills are great, but the vast majority of them will never be mastered unless you learn to master one thing. The only place to master that is in meditation. Whenever you’re able to hold moments–that could be tenths of a second, seconds, minutes if you’re lucky, on-and-off, a minute here, twenty seconds there–those moments are empowering you. You’re actually learning a discipline which is more useful than anything in your life and that’s focus. You’re really learning to train yourself to really have the highest level of discipline and focus. It just simply comes out, and you don’t realize it but whenever you apply yourself to a task or a challenge in life– monetarily, business-wise, personally, therapeutically–if you so choose to put your mind on something, then you have the ability to literally master it because that level of discipline that you practice every day isn’t a one-trick pony. It’s not one thing, it actually will induce to any one thing that you choose to give 100% to.

Remember, your mind can’t think about anything [other] than one subject at a time. I’ve taught you guys this. We think we multitask, but we don’t. We stop one thought, we move to the other. We stop that thought, we go back, but we try to jump around. It makes it look like we’re multitasking when in truth, we’re only focused on one thing at a time. How fast you jump around may define the spread of that. Here’s the thing: The only way against–that’s the natural way, to jump around. The only way that you’re going to master something is to be able to have the ability to just focus on it intensely. That means that all the computing power, instead of it just starting to rev up and then stop and then have to switch gears to another one, rev up, stop, come down, go to another one, rev up, stop, or how far you can mentally think about something before you get exhausted or before your mind starts to wander (like when you’re reading a book or [doing] something you don’t want to do).
This is why so many people say, who are dedicated in meditation, do much better in college and medical school and different fields. A lot of scientists meditate. It just goes on and on. It’s because of the ability to go a further distance with your mental processing, and it allows the amperage of your processing unit, your CPU in your brain to actually start calculating at higher levels to create better functioning and reasoning abilities for a better outcome for you. As a creative person, much better. As a thinking, logical person, better. As a strategist for a business or your personal life, much better. The level of advancement that you have, the advantage that you have is, in my opinion, huge, compared to someone who does not meditate and does not have that ability to work on their focus. You don’t work on a thing, you work on nothing but nothing is something, and I’ve said this a million times.

When you work on telepathy or you work on psychic phenomena, or you work on spiritualness, or your work on healing, the quality of your execution of your skill is going to be based on the ability of how well you can focus your consciousness on the task that you’ve given yourself. What people don’t realize is that, as soon as you do a task, ten-to-one your mind is already jumping, you’re just not realizing the Babbler is running in your day-to-day tasks. The more that you meditate, it’s not to say that the Babbler is not there, it’s to say that you actually probably have longer and longer amounts of thought that are dedicated to what you’re doing versus shorter amounts that are constantly in and out until eventually you think you’ve got something accomplished. You probably could have done it in half the time or a quarter of the time if you stretched the amount of time without letting your mind be distracted and [had] the awareness that it’s happening. At first, you’ll drive yourself crazy, which I’m sure you guys have already with the I’s and different stuff, but eventually, you grow more immune to that, and it becomes one of those things that “I don’t care.” That’s the point where you start to become even more and more and more focused.

A lot of people are always curious about how my mind works or how I do certain things. When I need to get serious, I can get real fucking serious. Oftentimes, I can do four or five or ten different things, but I’m very disciplined. I’ve always got my mind on the one thing I really want to do, and that’s because somehow I’ve got this skill to organize things.

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