Episode 1: How to See Energy and Auras

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 1: Energy

Energies 101: Collecting Prana. Darkside vs. The Force & Psychic Defense

In this episode, Eric teaches us how to see and harness prana. This is the fuel that powers your ability to heal someone, see things dimensionally and experience a deep connection with the universe. Most schools of thinking don’t teach you how to collect and utilize prana, which severely limits your potential of achieving anything spiritual or psychic.

Eric delves into the complexities of prana using simple analogies everyone can understand. Explore kundalini, auras, tonal and frequency, and the difference between the force and  the dark-side.

Learn methods to bring this energy into you, build your relationship with the Force, and allow it to remove obstacles in your life as it lifts your spirit above the static haze of everyday human consciousness.

This episode is a real treat for all you energy connoisseurs out there. Enjoy!

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In this show we cover: 

    • What energy is and how can you see it, harness, and work with it [2:25]
    • Explore different kinds of energies including love and kundalini, and why we need energies [6:00]
    • What the difference is between prana, auras, energy, and tonal [17:00]
    • What the aura is, how you can see it on demand, and why the New Age approach hinders spiritual growth [20:20]
    • What frequency is and the relationship between organic and dimensional bodies [28:00]
    • What “The Doe” is, how it affects you, and how to build your tonal [35:40]
    • How to handle negative energies around you [40:50]
    • What assimilation is, how it affects you, and how to be mindful of it [46:05]
    • How imbuement works and how emotions intertwine with spirituality [51:00]


How to See Energy and Auras [Click to see more...]

Thomas: What do you mean by “energy?” 

Eric: Well, energy is an overused word in the New Age spiritual community. It’s taken on the form of—It’s like ketchup. It’s used for everything and assumed that it’s all the same thing. The truth is, energy is a refined source that is utilized for different things. At the end of the day, I always say the first thing somebody needs to understand is that energy is a very real thing. In order to begin to build that relationship—because it’s not going to be intense for you until you practice and you work with it—you do need a working model. That working model is something that you’ve seen before. You probably just don’t know what it is or what it was.

I would say to a person, “If you were sitting in a room and you shut off the lights, having ambient light is perfect. Look across the room at something in the distance, ten, twenty feet away. When you do that, there is something that’s in between you and whatever the object is you’re looking at in the distance.” What you become aware of is that there’s almost like a fog, a haze, a static in the air. That static that you see we refer to as “the Force,” or the energy or presence of God that permeates [through] the entire universe.

That is the primary source of energy. What I teach is that when you let your mind become aware of that static in the room, you’ll notice that your breathing begins to slow. You breathe a little bit more shallow because your body begins to react once it realizes that there’s something there. In a sense, I suppose it’s thinking that it’s smoke or something like that so the body is kind of trying to figure out or understand what it is because there it is. It’s right in front of you.

If you relax yourself and begin to clear your mind, empty your mind, and just be aware of that static, you’re going to start to have what I call a focusing effect. Your mind then begins to not only see the static but it starts to find the static to the point where you can start to see what look like little tiny dots of very dim but illuminated light. They’re so micro that you realize it’s still kind of part of that static, that fog if you will. As your mind concentrates on it, you can actually start to define it and start to see it closer and closer to your eye because you realize it’s everywhere. As you are looking at it and you begin to see the defined separation—it’s like little molecules if you will—that is the primary beginning of you understanding that there is energy everywhere.

This is the building block of removing filters in your brain that are saying, “These things are not possible,” or “It’s something that’s not real.” As much as you want to believe it, you need something to escalate the logical thinker in you and in that process, this starts to free up the connection with your own personal energy field. That personal energy field that you have—of course, you could say it’s the electrical currents that make your heart pump, your brain think, all these things but there is an energy because of this that emanates from the body.

We know that there’s an electromagnetic field and we know that sharks in the ocean can sense these things from all living things. They emanate from your body. The idea now is to clear your mind, for instance, in meditation and become unified with this static energy, thinking of the universe or God. In so doing, we often say, “Breathe in the Prana.” In essence, it’s not that you’re literally breathing it in but the idea of your mind bringing in this static, this energy, this static charge, this presence of God, moving it into you is what is happening. You’re becoming one with it like two tuning forks, matching. The more that you match the frequency of this static, the more that you are disconnected from all of your troubles in the world, all of the programs that control or manipulate you.

It’s almost like you’re stepping out of that level of conscious manipulation if you will. You’re moving into what I would call—well, for all intents and purposes—love. In order to attract this energy to you, you have to feel as if you want to move towards it. It’s almost like if you reach for the hand of God, God’s hand will reach for you. The universe doesn’t push itself on you. You have to be willing to receive it or what we say, “consciously choosing to receive it.” I think that’s the disconnect with people is that we become so inundated with life that we forget that the Force is continuously around us and because we never think of the Force or the static energy, this presence, it diminishes with us. The more that we find a way to acknowledge it in our day to day life, the more powerful, the more in tune, the more spiritual we become.

It’s one thing to breathe in the Prana and build it as if it were a reservoir inside of you, building this energy so that you become stronger with it. It’s resonating with you, it’s in the marrow of your bones even. Another way to look at it—which is very, very powerful and is often overlooked—is simply to look at this static energy and see it as being a presence or representation of God and essentially allow its love to move into you, to feel as if you could be loved and to love it back.

I often say that the moment that we think of love, it removes all of these barriers inside of us and the only last barrier that’s left is this sense in some of us that we don’t deserve the love of God like we’re not good enough. This comes into this thing that I just don’t believe that the universe is judgmental. The universe wants to love you the same way that a plant or a flower is reaching to expand its leaves like your arms opening. It’s only at the pinnacle moment that it begins to flower, that it really opens its heart to the universe to love it. In a sense, you have to receive this energy by allowing yourself to love it and allowing it to love you, more importantly. Although it’s kind of hard to look at the idea of energy and love, love is a thought, love is an unconditional term that’s designed in all of us. It’s compassionate and we need it.

The idea that we need it versus being starved of it defines how in tune or how abundantly it can move in you. In essence, by looking at the static in the air, seeing it in its molecular form, the more you concentrate on it, the more detailed it actually becomes. It’s like veils being peeled away optically that you begin to see the definition of this static energy everywhere. In essence, I always say, “Think of the baby blue or blue,” because you’re going to see different kinds of colors there. What you want to do is just draw on love. That’s all that will be attracted to you.

This is a fuel. This is an energy. It is a source of greater power AKA love, creation. It is the presence of God that moves and fills you. This is the first source of harnessing what I call energy or allowing God to move into you abundantly. It’s at that point where you build this energy that you have to recognize that that energy is slightly different than your organic energy or the electricity moving to create thoughts and movement. It’s simpler. It will coexist and it will amplify. Now, as this energy builds in your body, as you become a receptacle and you think about it on a daily basis from time to time, that you practice, that you work with it, that you focus and you bring it in, it’s very important that you try to have a couple times during the week where you acknowledge this static energy because this builds the strength of your consciousness relationship to make it real which allows it to come into you even stronger, receiving it as love or receiving it as energy.

Now, like I said before, it’s also like a reservoir. As it builds in you, this is where you can begin to use this energy, this fuel. Everything in the universe needs an exchange of energy. Wood to become fire and fire needs wood. Wood needs water, so on and so forth. Everything needs an exchange of energy. This is the exchange of energy that you need in order to heal someone, in order to see things dimensionally or spiritually, to feel a connectedness of the universe, what lifts your spirit like wings coming out of you to lift you above what I call the static haze of human consciousness. You need something to empower that lift. That lift comes from the relationship with the Force that you are building, the connectedness, the feeling, bringing it into you, letting it build in you and experiencing what that’s like and the fact that it literally begins moving obstacles in your life.

In order to do anything psychic or spiritual or have a revelation where your mind is bending time and space, you need this Pranic energy if you will, this static energy, call it what you want, harnessed into you. The only way that you do that is almost by hugging it, loving it, bringing it in and visualizing it coming into you and filling you. This will begin to build into a pooling of different areas of energy depending on what areas you’re working on. Now, we teach in the meditation format that when we focus on a particular nervous system in our body by just touch, that it’s [converted] into a kind of usable energy whether it be for spiritual, whether it be for psychic, whether it be for day-to-day life, resolving or removing obstacles in your life.

In a sense, it also can pool into your Kundalini which is known as an energy that can be very intense. People work with that Kundalini as I’ve taught. You can feel this intense heat building in you. This is because its manifesting. Think of the creation of the universe. This came from the presence of God’s creation itself. It created it within itself so this is a coalescence of that energy, that’s how powerful it is. In a sense, you’re doing the same thing inside of you. You’re sharing it. When you feel this Kundalini, this is because it first started off from the static energy that you were seeing, that you brought it into you. This is used as a different tool of energy to have different effects closer to an organic level that moves into spiritual.

If you were to move it into your heart energy, then you’re going to have this immense amount of love, this immense amount of peace coming into your life. If you moved into what we considered your mind chakra properly, then that energy too will be used as a fuel to move your mind in the sense of time and space and telepathy and astral travel and mind projection. This is a fuel that enables this to happen and it’s the biggest disconnect from all paranormal/spiritual groups. It’s like they don’t see the connection and this is what limits the effects that these people usually have and the fact that they get discouraged over time. They don’t see that they need a very specific fuel and energy in order to have the effect that they’re looking or applying themselves to.

Healing energy, of course, is this movement into your chest that you bring this energy into. We go into this in a lot of the classes that I teach much more specifically. If you want to heal someone, one, you have to have this abundant amount of this love energy and lower energy and it’s like a harmonic between the two and that allows you to move into the energy field of someone else. It allows the cellular structure of their cells to begin to understand, almost convey what needs to be affected or changed. It’s the same thing with someone’s mind. It’s the same thing with someone’s spirit if you will. These things are all tunes, frequencies which we refer to as energy but they start off as an exchange of energy that’s manifested into a tool or a direction or a type of energy that communicates with life or cells or organisms or consciousness or things even beyond that.

Thomas: What is the difference between Prana and energy? They seem to be used interchangeably. [16:02]

Eric: They are absolutely used interchangeably. The thing is that they’re essentially the same thing but they’re not. I know this sounds like one of those crazy contradictions but I’ll try to explain. Prana, in essence, is what I am saying that you’re seeing for the static fuzz. It’s the purest representation of that and it’s everywhere. Once you learn to see it in a dim light and you get passed that veil of it being forbidden for your consciousness to see because your brain almost removes that ability. You can then begin to see it during the day or anywhere. It’s not like it’s visible to you 24/7, it’s like a switch in your head. It’s this place that you go to and that’s something else you have to monitor. Once you can feel that shift in you, this is an operational state of consciousness. This is where you do per se, profound things.

When you think of Prana, this is a very specific thought. That thought says that you are drawing on a very specific kind of energy, almost like you’re saying to the universe, “I want to draw on a very pure level of energy for the use of spiritual gain, for the use of a spiritual practice.” When we see energy, instead of thinking of it as Prana, it’s a way of perceiving. Thought is consciousness, it is a kind of energy that is creating this holographic idea in your mind that’s still energy. It’s what little pixels in your mind that paint this image or its the pixels of thought that chain together, that weave together like thread creating a rug or a fabric. It begins to become that idea. It’s still energy interweaving this to become a thought pattern that you follow like computer programming.

When we think of Prana, we’re literally almost changing the approach to this energy by communicating to it because it feels our emotions, it reciprocates that. It doesn’t understand words but it understands what you feel. Prana has a certain feeling to it. If you think of a static energy, it’s very different. It’s much broader. It’s softer, in a sense. When you think of Prana, it’s like your mind understands ultimately, if you really feel it out inside of you, that it’s coalescing. It’s like gathering the static energy to become a kind of energy which I call “the blue dots,” the blue energy, the more condensed. This is then what you then begin to bring into you. Do you understand? That’s the difference.

Prana is more specifically—It’s almost the same things, it’s just one hairline step of difference between the two. The real question that comes in will energy everybody’s mind: Which one is better? I would say that, ultimately, I would rather approach the universe as bringing in that energy into me as love than to even be concerned about the idea of Prana. Prana is a necessity to get more specialized when you’re working with students or with people because words tend to shape and mold the contour of our thoughts and how we can approach things. We live in a very physical world so everything has a name, a tag. That’s a lamp, this is a chair, this is a computer. By calling something static energy, it’s almost too vague of an idea. By using the word Prana, we’re able to take our mind and approach it for a specific way that we want to work with that energy. At the end of the day, they’re virtually the same thing.

Thomas: What is the difference between auras and Prana? [20:06]

Eric: Well, this gets into a very tricky kind of breakdown but first of all, that would be the second thing that we always teach people. I always hear people say or ask me, “Can you see the aura?” They’re like, “Sure, I can see the aura.” I’ll say, “Well, show us what you see.” They’re always kind of a little set back by that, that we actually ask them to tell us what they’re seeing. They often, I would say 75% of the time, will say, “Well, it’s kind of like this,” or “It’s kind of like that,” and we’ll be like, “Well, what does it actually look like? Can you explain it? Can you break it down?” They’ll say, “Well, it’s a glow coming off of your body.” I’ll say, “Well, can you be any more specific?”

The short story to the long is that they honestly will eventually admit that they don’t really see it, it’s something that they feel more. To me, that’s imagination. It’s not to say that it’s truly imagination. You can feel it but then why try to describe it? Why not describe what you’re feeling rather than what you’re trying to say that you’re seeing? That’s a little bit misguided or kind of not the information I’m looking for. Again, this is this New Age approach that drives me nuts. This is why people have limited experiences, limited results, and why they keep searching for better answers or they feel like failures and they cannot do what these other people are saying and they almost give up on their spiritual path which infuriates me to a point.

The aura absolutely, as both of you guys know, can be seen with the human eye. We basically teach a method and everybody has seen the aura, it’s just that they didn’t know what it was or they don’t have a system to see it on demand, like when they really want to see it rather than noticing something like, “Oh my god, this is kind of interesting or unusual.” They don’t know why or what reason made that happen. By giving people the tools to see the human aura, this is again, a removing of veils in their mind, limitations that are still connected to bigger and greater, more powerful spiritual experiences. The aura is, in part, a hodge-podge if you will, of various forms of energies. You have your life Force which is the electrical current moving through your body.

The energy and electricity produced by all your living cells, your giant universal system of living organisms inside of you have electrical currents constantly moving throughout your whole body. This is what’s creating a hue if you will, an emanation of energy that radiates off you or this electromagnetic field. Now, as you become more self-aware or you reflect on what you are, then at that moment, it’s as if it amplifies or it increases this electrical energy. It’s almost like it excites it in a sense. All the cells in your body now are more or less reaching out to the static field I talked about earlier. They’re almost like reaching for the static field, the static field that is attracted to them, it’s like it becomes aware. It’s like a magnetic pole to one another. As long as that thought is occurring, you once again are naturally building this energy field so it becomes brighter or it becomes stronger or it becomes more illuminated in a way.

Let me stop on illuminating. Illuminated is probably a word that is very misguiding in certain ways because when people think of the aura, they hear about this energy that comes from the body, this illumination. The thing is that that illumination is so dim and so faint that the idea of an illumination makes you look for something glowing in the dark. This is where we have to be very, very careful with words, especially with somebody just beginning. They need to understand that the aura is absolutely transparent. It’s so fine, it’s so transparently at first, see-through.

Again, we teach the process of doing this. We can teach somebody in five minutes how to see it. Once you understand that, you’re not overcompensating to look for something and just giving up. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s as clear as day. You can’t deny it. Then, as you work with it, just like the static energy, it can become very intense, very illuminated. In some cases, it’s almost like it creates a burst of light like a flash all of a sudden. It can be various colors. More on that later.

The aura is the energy field of the body. It is also the first arc if you will, the craft, the body that you are building that creates the vessel to carry your consciousness AKA what becomes your soul. Your soul is coexisting with your organic body. Your thoughts and your ideas, of course, are biochemical organically but they’re also energy, They’re a collection to say, like molecules, that have protons spinning around them. You are creating patterns of thought that stay together by a conscious will if you would say. It’s your thoughts, it’s your ideas. In essence, if you don’t feed this dimensional body, if you don’t work with it, if you don’t get familiar with it, then you’re at a disadvantage by the time you’re going to part your life per se.

If you work with that and you feed it and you build it—Just like an organic body, it needs food. So does your spiritual body, if you will, or this dimensional body needs Prana if you will, or this static energy as a fuel. You need to get familiar with it. You need to build this relationship with it while you’re a living being. In so doing, when you leave your body, consciousness is inside of that second vessel. It’s an energy form, an energy body if you will, that’s actually containing all of your collective thought, all of your collective memory, your identity. All of this information stays together without it separating or becoming like smoke in the air. You need to hold it together to hold your consciousness together as a living being that’s moving outside of your organic physical body.

Your aura is the emanation if you will, the coexisting of your dimensional body. It’s like to say it’s puffed up anchored to, larger than your physical body, or it’s to say that it is truly what emanates an energy field. Now, keep in mind, all things have an aura. Everything in this reality has an energy to it. You can see an aura almost on anything. Living auras from living creatures are definitely unique to that which are inanimate. Those that of a higher intelligence, like human beings, of course, the energy will appear different. The more spiritual somebody becomes or the more involved in that spiritual level, you will also see a defined difference in the aura. It’s like a little bit more robust or it’s a little bit more unique. It certainly can be felt. It’s not to discredit people to say that they don’t feel the aura, I’m just saying that to say that to say that they see it and then they admit later that they can’t see it is kind of misguided information. It’s very important to be specific with people so that they can be trained correctly and be able to do and experience these things.

Thomas: What is frequency? [28:00]

Eric: Frequency is another broad word that falls into static energy if you will, the presence of God, the Force, Prana. Frequency is the same way to say that you have emotions. When you have an angry state of mind—and if you want to look at it as a non-organic—it’s to say that that’s a frequency. When you’re happy, this is a frequency. One would say, “Why don’t you just call it happy? Why don’t you just call it angry?” In your mind, every single time that we use words, it grounds us. It makes us stay in our organic body. It’s almost as if you could say that there is a new language that’s created to define your spiritual self to build the relationship versus your physical self. When one thinks of joy or happiness, we think about that physically. We’ve got a smile on our face, we’ve got physical movement in our cheeks, we organically feel that. When we say a positive frequency, immediately we know that that’s not necessarily organic, that it’s spiritual or it’s dimensional or it’s from our dimensional body. It’s to say that we are almost talking two different things but we’re talking about very similar things. To say that you’re going to move into a frequency or a kind of energy, it means that you’re moving your emotional thought which is much more complex but also cleaner because it doesn’t have biochemical kind of incantations to it. It doesn’t have emotions that are human based. It’s to say that you have to rise above that and to various frequencies of consciousness or various frequencies of dimensions. You can’t enter a dimension like walking just into it necessarily. We want to move our energy body, our spiritual body, this other vessel so when we’re in that state of mind, we need to think or stay in that state of mind so we refer to things as frequencies in order to relate on that effect or that experience. If we don’t use those words, it’s too ground, it’s too physical and we relate ourselves, we detach from our spiritual consciousness or from our psychic consciousness and we start to ground ourselves to what we consider a Red Cell level, a very human, day-to-day kind of thinking. When we think in terms of frequencies, we think in terms immediately that this is something beyond our organic self and it allows you to operate on these other levels of existence or dimensions or time and space. It makes things more approachable and it’s less also limited. It’s to say that when we think of time, we’re in a sense, organically kind of at its mercy. When we think of it in a context of frequency and time, we immediately understand that we can affect it, we can move around it. When we think about distance and space, when we think about it in those terms, we think there’s a great limitation, we can’t move into outer space. Right away, this creates the limitations of our consciousness because we think in ourselves as human. When you begin to think yourself beyond human or not just human and you say, “Well, I can move into a frequency that allows my mind to move through time or space or distance,” it all of a sudden makes sense to us. It’s through that sense that removes the limitations, the governor if you will that prevents us from moving out into those regions.

Nick: Is there a difference between tonal and frequency? [32:00]

Eric: Yes. Tonal is to say that frequency is often an exterior. When you think about the words, you have a knowing inside of you. I always say that the chest is a different kind of brain. It’s where your intelligence resides in your body. It’s just another kind of intelligence. Same thing, just in your lower gut. It’s another intelligence. There are three of them. When we say frequency, immediately we can feel. If you listen, if you feel carefully, that’s an exterior movement. It’s like reaching for something or looking for something or listening for something in a direction that’s exterior-wise. When we think of tonal, we think of inner. We think about putting ourselves in a certain state, a certain mood. Our tonal is internal. It is internal within our organic body. It’s also internal within our spiritual body and it also is what starts bringing you to the next level which is causal, which is this absolutely finite level of what’s really connected to the universe and reality and time and space. Tonal, you could say is almost like what would be the flesh to the body. The tonal is the texture of your spiritual body and because it’s energy and it is a sensitive effect, just like you’re sensitive to emotion. We know the human body’s immune system will drop, all the living cells in your body will become more susceptible to disease by depression or it will increase through joy. Your tonal is much the same way. Your tonal is the texture or the substance of your spiritual body. What happens is that when you do spiritual things or you acknowledge the universe and your brain—what could be the static or put out of love—your tonal becomes much stronger. You literally can feel it building in you. When you are not reflecting on tonal or interior then there is this sleep that diminishes, almost like starving and weakening your spiritual body. In essence, that’s what we call “going into a sleep,” like you almost forget that you’re spiritual. You don’t feel spiritual. You feel like you’re not where you were at one time. That’s because you are acknowledging likely, the universe on a regular basis. It’s much easier to go through life acknowledging life because we’re in the thick of it. It’s more difficult maintaining your tonal, your spiritual aspect because that’s something we have to work for or work towards. It’s very important that you stay in good tonal and it’s very important you stay in good shape. (laughter)

Nick: You had mentioned how the body gets sick when it’s not properly nourished. Is it the same for the spiritual body when one doesn’t take in Prana on a consistent basis? Would they be more susceptible to being influenced by negative energy in an environment? [34:45]

Eric: Absolutely. I mean, think of it. You internally know these things if you’re an older soul. When I say them, it’s just common sense. The difference is that my mind is probably at a better state, a higher tonal if you will. Better shape, I am able to understand these things greater. What I’m seeing is something that you guys are not necessarily seeing. It’s, “How do I communicate so that you guys get it,” like it snaps and you guys totally get it. Once you get it, it’s really effective because it changes everything. Yeah, if your tonal is low, first of all, you constantly have what I call “the Doe.” The Doe is the human grind, the human consciousness. It’s like a wifi everywhere. Everybody’s got issues, everybody’s got anxieties. You currently now have politics going on on TV and it’s negative and it just creates anxiety in you. These are the things that ground you to this low level of survival. It’s almost like this fight-or-flight kind of thing and there’s nothing to fight and there’s nowhere to run. It creates this anxiety. When you go through these things, these, of course, affect your biological self. It affects your day-to-day life. With tonal, when it’s low, it’s the same thing. You are moving your mind to be just susceptible to that and the only way to move outside of that is to build your tonal. It’s almost ridiculously simple in a way. Just by starting off in exactly the way earlier. If you make it a part of your day—this is why we say to meditate—this is what empowers you. If you think about your practice, this is why we teach so many different things. There’s such a level of crafting and building yourself, your consciousness, your power, your spiritualness, call it whatever you want. The universe wants you strong. In essence, by building or moving your tonal to a higher level, building it to be more robust, day-to-day life almost autocorrects itself. You’ll notice that as you become more spiritual that your relationship in life starts to redirect. Things start to happen in a more positive direction. Things, whether it be monetarily, whether it be relationship-wise, whether it be work-wise, whatever, it’s almost like the universe just all of a sudden wants to help you to help yourself. Do you see what I’m saying? In essence, you feel better. You feel this inner strength, this inner love, this inner relationship like you’re not in this alone like you realize that the Force is with you. The only way to be strong with the Force is to be receptive or aware of it. What happens to anybody when you don’t feel like you’re getting attention in the sense, nurturing or acknowledgment or anything. This is what we do to the universe and this is a self-respect thing because it will never push on us. We have to be open to receiving it. We have to think about it. We have to think about “hugging the universe” if you will and it in turn, “hugs” us which raises our tonal. Our tonal raises and it starts to move us from the Doe, this conscious grid and it begins to separate us so we can operate what would be considered on a higher level. It is what allows us not to affect humanity. It allows us to affect aspects that we see that are negative or anger, hate, evil, suppression, call it whatever you want. This is why you develop the skills that I teach. It’s so that you can say, “I’m going to intervene on this and try to correct that problem,” or “I will correct that problem through the means that you have.” Again, building your tonal is what’s going to make your life better and it has an effect on your organic self. It has an effect on your consciousness. It fixes everything but if you neglect it, if you forget to nourish it, if you forget to work it, it’s just like the body, over time it weakens.

Nick: So by raising your tonal, are you better able to affect other frequencies? [39:14]

Eric: Absolutely. It’s intuitive. It’s absolutely intuitive. You’ll know when you’re around a person that has great tonal. You’ll feel it. There’s this admiration, this something that you feel. It’s just like when we see people who are physically fit. There’s this admiration we have and we’re like, “God, I wish I could be more in shape.” In essence, it’s similar but it’s much more profound than just all of that.   If you neglect your tonal, if you neglect building it, then your life will be neglected also. It has this rain-down effect, especially for those of us that are very spiritual, those of us who are designed to be connected to the Force. When we try to live our lives or our lives get sucked into the Doe, to life, then we usually get a bigger tumble, I call it, a bigger, rougher, harder time in life because the one thing that was designed to protect us, to make us flourish in life is this connectedness to the universe, that acknowledgment, that reciprocation that feeds your tonal. When you forget to do it, then life goes south and you’re upset, you’re mad about your spirituality, you’re mad about this, I guarantee you that every single time it’s because you are not reflecting on the universe in a way that’s receiving it, letting it love you and you loving it back. It autocorrects your life and it’s that fast and it’s unconditional.

Thomas: What do you do when there’s negative energy around you and you want to protect yourself against it? [40:48]

Eric: As I teach in other classes, there’s a lot of knowledge. It’s like kung fu. For every situation, there’s a counter-move. For every poison, there is an antidote. When you’re amassed in a level of energy, it can crush you, but the only thing that’s going to be so powerful is that you simply turn to the Force. You turn to God. You turn to the static energy. You think about that. You think about moving that into you. You think about its love. You think about its companionship with you. It’s in it with you. This, here, is the beginning of emanating energy or a power, a frequency, a state of mind, call it whatever you want. Then, you begin moving at that point what we consider, what we call the pyramid. In the pyramid, you move from your inner body outward and it’s like a big power snow blizzard plow. It’s pushing this heavy Doe energy which is a substance. When you understand and you see the fuzz in the air and I say to you, “This is the frequency of God,” in that fuzz are other layers on lower frequencies or lower like radio stations moving through cable TV or satellite stations. There are varieties and so are you subjected to those. Frequencies are still these emotions if you will that become a collective of people’s thoughts. It becomes a thing. When you have enough correctness or enough energy that you’ve turn to the universe, you now have a fuel to say, “Okay, I need to move this back.” This is why we say there’s a pyramid. It doesn’t mean there’s literally a pyramid but your mind needs to have—as long as you are in an organic form—it needs structural things it can relate to. It doesn’t literally make a pyramid but in a sense, by saying a pyramid it’s the structure that tells you that you can receive energy from the universe because this is ingrained into our thinking from pyramids. At the same time, it’s a super powerful, timeless structure that in its own essence is indestructible. You are maintaining by moving it out through this energy that you’ve harnessed from the universe. It’s the fuel. When we talk about webbing, it’s not like there’s literally webbing but there are people’s thoughts on you. It’s them wanting something from you or to control you or manipulate you, their desire or what they want to get from you or whatever whatnot. These are thoughts and we live in a planet that is wifi but it’s also all interconnected. This goes back into Sheldrake’s work about collective consciousness and everything. If you really think about it, we’re all kind of connected to one another. In so doing, we are constantly molding and shaping and manipulating everybody else around us. When we say you need to cut the cords, what we’re saying is that you imagine a sword because your mind can understand, “Okay, it’s sharp. It’s going to cut. We use it for cutting every day.” It gets that. It doesn’t mean there’s literally a sword but it’s a concept your mind can work with and the results are really quick. You simply move the sword as if your handling it and cutting these cords. What you’re really saying to the energy that you’ve built up is to say, “Let go of all these things that are attaching to me.” It’s kind of like octopuses with suction cups on you. It’s to say that you’re removing it because how else do you know to remove it? What means do you have to get rid of that? There are different approaches but when everything is so immensely on you, the first step is simply just to cut them and release them back to wherever they came from. Then, they can’t reattach if you’re building your pyramid, per se. As you become more powerful in your tonal, your tonal becomes more enriched with the universe, the Force. What happens is that these thought waves cannot attach to you anymore. You’re aware of them but that’s the difference, you’re aware of them so you have more control. Your awareness is so sensitive it’s like you can listen to music on a station, you can feel with your mind what these intentions are. Do you see what I’m saying? When you’re not strong in the Force, when you’re not kind of spiritually in the right place, then they attach to you and you’re not aware they’re there. You just feel as if there’s an immense drain in your life and this anxiety. This anxiety doesn’t have to be your own, it’s other people’s anxiety on you.

Nick: On that note, we did have a student message us not too long ago about a presentation she had done in class. The person before her was noticeably nervous. She, on the other hand, getting ready to go, felt very prepared and very confident. As she approached the front of the class when it was her turn, it seemed like something had switched, that all of a sudden she had anxiety or nervousness. She didn’t really know what was happening as far as the switch from one emotion to the other. I was just wondering what your take on that is. [45:22]

Eric: This is what we call assimilation. Once you begin developing your spiritual self, there are, of course, some risks and pitfalls that you have to be mindful of, hence the word “mindful.” First of all, when you, of course, see someone who is up doing a lecture and they’re having an anxiety moment, you’re going to, as a human being, be able to read all those and of course have your own inner fears maybe welling in the back but you’re trying to keep it down. I think it’s incorrect to just always jump to the spiritual view of it always being all spiritual. I think a lot of things are organic, they’re through anxiety, normal anxiety that we would all experience. One can be very confident before you go on stage and think, “Ahh! I’m going to go up there and I’m going to kick butt.” When you go up there and you look at everybody, there is that normal fear of judgment and whether you’re going to stutter, how well you’re going to do. It’s that fear of non-acceptance that really does a job on us. I’m not so sure that that person was having a spiritual or psychic episode but you know, if I were to try to look at it from that perspective and say there’s a fair chance that that is the case, then when one who has a decent level of tonal because they’ve been working on themselves, this is where you start getting into telepathy, clairvoyance, what we call “psychic sensory.” This starts to come naturally but most people are unaware that it’s happening. What happens is that you look at someone and you begin to realize the level of what they’re feeling. You assimilate it. You literally begin—Your dimensional body, your soul, is connected to anything and everything you focus your mind on, especially if you do it from your chest center. The more that you work on your tonal, the more you’re in your chest center without thinking about it. If she is observing this other person, or he, then they’re connecting to that person’s frequency—again, like emotion—and they’re mirroring it. By mirroring it, it’s like you’re trying to figure out what that person’s feeling so it’s empathy. Empathetic becomes an empathic thing. Your empathy makes you feel what they’re feeling and you forget that it’s not yours. It belongs to them. This is a way of what we call assimilation. Assimilation is when you either look at a person or an object and you begin to use your mind to feel what it feels like to be that structure, that mass. This begins expanding your consciousness very rapidly, this practice. They began assimilating. Moving from empathetic, they were becoming this person in a sense, analyzing them, probably without realizing they were doing it. By going up on the stage, they were remaining that person or they were overlaid with the mirroring of that person’s frequencies and feelings. Do you understand? This is what started to railroad their own thought process, their own gathering. I don’t know if I would lead toward that being the answer in this case. I’d probably lean on it as anxiety, getting in front of a group. I mean, I’ve seen it many times.

Thomas: I had a similar experience. In this case, I was completely alone in the dentist’s office. I have never been afraid of the dentist because I’ve never had any cavities and I’ve never had to do anything dramatic so I’ve always been very comfortable going to the dentist. In any case, I was in the waiting room and all of a sudden, I was getting nervous and I felt like the room was making me nervous. [49:40]

Eric: Again, I think that there could be two answers. I like logic also and I think this is where the New Age and kind of “spiritual fuzz stuff” I call it, kind of get carried away. We’ve gotta kind of look at things intelligently in a human aspect and this is what allows us to evolve to a psychic aspect that’s pure, real, and gives powerful results. You simply could’ve had for the first time, you could hear drilling down there and you’re like, “Well, maybe it’s the first time I’ll have a cavity and they’re going to have to work on it when I’ve never had one.” These can be true anxieties and your mind is just reeling in all of these possibilities. Now, the psychic aspect of this or the spiritual—which I would put this under psychic because there’s a difference between spiritual and psychic. As you know, I teach both for good reason. Having said that, everything is imbued. What imbued means is that if you were to magnetize something that wasn’t magnetic—a piece of metal—you take electricity, you magnetize it through that electricity, it affects it in such a way that it changes its composition to become magnetic. They’re simple terms, Google it. In essence, as thinking, living beings, we have an electromagnetic field that emanates from us. We have an energy field. As I said earlier with the aura, all objects have an aura. Inanimate objects have an aura, the difference is that they don’t have an intelligence to kind of create its own emotion or changing pattern per se. When you have an environment that has people in there and they’re having anxiety, this anxiety is like electricity to the metal or water to fabric. It’s soaking into everything and it’s programming. This is what we call “imbuing.” It’s a feeling or a vibration. It’s a dominant frequency because everybody going in there, the vast majority, are having anxiety and fear so this becomes the most saturated thing. This becomes the most dominant. When you are of an empathic level, meaning that you’re a person who tends to feel what other people feel, that your chest center is the most dominant or you’re in the chest center which is love— which means you’re almost kind of pulling things into you—you can do this without realizing you’re doing it. This becomes this feeling that you feel and it’s like a computer program or in some ways, like a virus. People are educated enough to understand what that means so you are, in a sense, an electrical being. Your hardware is organic but it’s still hardware. Your brain runs on operations and stuff. If you damage it, it damages the whole system. When you go near something that has a dominant program and you’re unaware of filtering it out, it seeps into your programming and you all of a sudden assume that it’s what you’re feeling. You take it on as if this is a natural sense that you’re having and it becomes so intoxicating that you almost can’t gather your own wits to center yourself to move it out of you or to kind of control where it’s coming from and push it out. It’s almost like the thought is not occurring to you because you have so much anxiety. This is why it takes training to be mindful. It takes training through just basic meditation that you just realize it. You see that there’s something happening and you know that you’re feeling all of this anxiety and the second that you’re saying, “Why am I feeling this way,” that is you in the second state. You’re already analyzing. What you need to do then is say, “Okay, I need to control this,” and the first thing you do is you go to your meditation practice, take your slow breath in, and immediately you’re going to feel that eroding because you’re taking back the programming of your energy field, your consciousness and you’re moving it out of you. This is going to slowly bring your emotions back down to a stable place. Everything has programming in it. I often say to people, if they don’t believe me, “Put on a friend’s shirt.” If you put on your friend’s shirt for a few moments—everybody knows this—you feel like your friend. It feels weird. After a few moment, it’s as if your energy oversaturate it and reprograms it and you start to feel normalized slowly. It’s the same thing about going into a home. You can go into a home that looks absolutely pristine, clean, beautiful, modern and you walk in there and it’s like, “No! There’s this dreadful feeling that I have in here!” Most people don’t feel that. Only really intuitive people, spiritual people, can sense that, unless it’s so awful that immediately anybody can sense it. You can go into a house that’s maybe no so fluffed up, pretty, and nice and most people would say, “Oh, it’s kind of dark and shadowy in here and stuff,” but you feel like laying down on the couch, relaxed, chit-chatting because the energy is better in there. It has nothing to do with visuals. This is the point I’m making. It has everything to do with the programming of the people who live there who have created the most dominant energy. You can have an argument in your house but most of the time, you might be in a good place so that’s going to be the dominant energy there. It’s not going to be that negative energy. If you go to a place where people are constantly fighting and there’s constantly negative energy or worse, then that’s going to be the dominant. The worst thing is that it starts to make people go into what I call the boomerang effect or like with a microphone and a speaker where it goes (imitating microphone feedback). It’s the same thing because that negative energy now is feeding into their fighting, escalating more of the program back into the house and it just gets worse and worse and worse. In essence, you have to be mindful of these things. This is, again, more training. We teach on this more in-depth because this is a whole training process for all of these things. At the end of the day, that’s what’s going on. More than likely, you’re feeling what’s programmed into the environment, the same way that you can go into a place and feel it, the same way you can go into a town and be like, “Ugh! I just don’t like this town.” Then, other people who are there, you get conditioned to it. It’s almost like you immerse yourself. I bet you if you were new to that town and you had to live there, you probably had a lot of issues with it but you adjust to that environment. The secret is: Don’t allow yourself to adjust. Push it off, build a field, work with that so you can keep a clear state of consciousness.

Nick: Is there an opposite to Prana energy? [56:43]

Eric: Well, this goes into the dark side. This is a topic that’s very complex and to kind of break it down, there are simple levels of approaching it and there are more complex. When I speak of the static in the air and people are able to see it, I often will teach my students that there are actually two little dots. One is blue and one is red. This red isn’t a brilliant red, it’s more of a dark, brownish red almost. The blue, of course, is also a little bit darkish but not because it’s dark in a bad way, it’s just how the human eye perceives it. As you intensify and you start to look through what I call a “cosmic vision” if you will. It’s almost as if you build up your tonal so strong or your mind is able to move in and see the static and you start zooming in. It’s like you look closer and closer to your eye, you can see the ones that are closest. They become more illuminated because you’re starting to see not only through your organic self. You’re starting to see through an additional sensory, psychic sensory, a spiritual sensory. It’s like two eyes built into one and you see levels of higher truth. In there is the dynamic of what I consider the dark side, the dark Force. It’s there as well as there is the Force. It’s like your yin and yang if you will. In essence, that would be considered the Prana, just like I say the blue is the Prana of the Force then the red is going to be the dark side. It’s not say that it’s a diabolic thing, it’s to say that it’s a negative energy that seeks the dismantling of reality and life. There are people who harness that for destructive reasons and want to prevent life from proliferating, from expanding into the universe or thriving. It wants to literally suppress it if you will. That’s putting it in the nicest forms. I go into all of this quite extensively so people understand what it is. You’d have to focus on it or really put your mind dedicated to that to even attract that. Any White Cell, particularly listening to me, there is no inclination to be able to draw it. It’s almost like repelled from them. It’s the Force that will move to you. Some people will say, “Well, when I’m bringing in the static energy or the Prana into me, how do I know if I’m not getting into the red?” Again, here we go with a magnet. I would say, “Well, imagine dirt on the ground and when you’re a kid, you get a magnet and you move it through the ground and you lift it away. You don’t have sand stuck to it, you have black iron, metal. It’s the same thing.” When you open yourself to love, when you open yourself to bringing in the love of the universe and reciprocate it back and you feel like you can be loved, the only thing that’s possibly going to be attracted to you is the Force, God, the universe. Literally, as it’s moving or condensing towards you, it literally shoves and pushes the red energy away. You can literally watch this if you’re aware enough. It’s very interesting. Nick: Is it the frequency that dictates the color that one is seeing? [59:52] Eric: Absolutely. Your mood is an extension of the frequency. You often will do both in the beginning at the same time because you’re still thinking of yourself organically and you’re training yourself to be more aware of these higher places. Eventually, this is where you get into non-thought. Most people think is non-thought is not thinking at all and that’s absolutely not true. You’re completely thinking. In fact, you’re highly more intelligent and your ability to take in data or information or have thoughts is far superior than to having words in your head. Words in your head are simply a mimicking of you learning how to use sound and project it. Your brain has created this kind of voice in your head. As you begin to separate the two and move into non-thought, you have this profound awareness that is able now to move into what we consider a higher consciousness because there are no words. It’s not organic, it’s not human. In order to move into that state, you need to let a part of yourself move into or learn how to move into that or operate with that state of thinking. Your emotional state or your frequency is going to definitely lead to it one way or the other. This is why you have to try to be mindful. If you’re angry, does it bleed over into a spiritual aspect? For me, I can get angry just like anybody else but there has always been an excellent level of control in me to make sure that it never bleeds over into what I can do psychically or spiritually. I consider that a blessing for everybody but it’s not to say you can’t get angry, it’s just a matter of—Sometimes, especially in matters of the heart and love that you become so obsessive with your love for someone that you begin to think that you cannot do anything more than to rectify the problem if it’s not going your way that you start to think about other tools at your possession per se, spiritually or psychically. I think that this is a temptation for almost anybody under extreme situations and the beauty about it is that one, of course, should never do anything negative and it’s pushing the Force away from you. The Force is very forgiving and it’s very loving and if you reconcile that difference in yourself and you open yourself to the Force and you realize the error of your ways, the Force will move that all out of you, wash it all out of you per se. This is where you get into different religions because they’re dialed in to some degree, it’s just that we’ve taken it to an extreme level because of our desire to understand the mechanisms of the universe.

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