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Episode 78 – Exploring Parallel Worlds

Eric believes that we’re sitting within a giant computer simulation and that the phenomena you can experience in deep meditation are actually glimpses of other realities. Think of times you may have seen flashing lights or colors when your eyes were closed. It felt like you were “moving” in your meditations, or that for moments you become one with everything. There’s something more to the metaphysical experiences you’re having. Eric reveals the hidden truths in this free 1-hour class.

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Listen to Rebel Guru Radio on iTunes
Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 77 - Making Peace With Politics

Eric wants to talk to you about a taboo topic. Politics. Many people avoid conversations about politics so they don’t have to have awkward or uncomfortable discussions. And as spiritual people, we’re often unsure of how to participate in politics and how it actually affects our lives. But Eric believes there is a responsibility to have this conversation and find a middle road to walk together. In this episode, Eric will share his views on hot-topic issues such as gun control, deforestation, taxing the rich, universal health care, and much more.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 76 - On the Road With EJP Pt. 2

Eric’s returned to Mt. Wudang for a pit-stop before he goes back out to complete his quest. The content up until this point has been heavily focused on the paranormal, but now he’s gearing up to tackle a heavily spiritual journey and taking you with him!

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 75 – On the Road with EJP

Learn about Eric’s upcoming road trip series that will be broadcasted for FREE straight to your devices on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! This road trip will be different than anything he’s ever shared with us before, as he is focusing on his own spiritual quest.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 74 – Astral Projection

Can you learn how to astral project, lucid dream or move your consciousness through the Universe with just your mind, alone? Yes, you can.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 73 – Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the collective memory of the planet. It is similar to how your brain will record your experiences and convert them into memories. The database records everything that has happened on Earth and stores it all in one place, kind of like on a hard drive. Difficult to wrap your mind around? Don’t worry, Eric will clarify exactly what they are, and dispel some of the myths he’s heard over the years.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 72 - Meditation Mastery

We’ve decided to conduct this class with a focus on “Meditation Mastery.” Join us live, where we will answer your questions on meditation, discuss the “tuning fork” effect of that your meditations have on the world around you, and hear Eric discuss the incredible spiritual and psychic experiences that we can expect as we continue to meditate with the Higher Balance Foundation Meditation.

Episode 71: Spiritual Awakening & The Journey Home

Episode 70: Glitches in the Matrix

Episode 69: Frequency of God (The Tones)

Episode 68: Spiritual Survival

Episode 67: Planes of Light

Episode 66: Feminine and Masculine Balance for Whole Brain Activity

Episode 65: Mystical Artifacts & Imbuement

Episode 64: Deeper Spiritual Connection

Episode 63: Transferable Energy

Episode 62: Meditation & The Sixth Sense

Episode 61: Hallucinogens & Addiction, Part 2

Episode 60: Hallucinogens & Addiction, Part 1

Episode 59: Collective Consciousness

Episode 58: Kundalini & Surrender

Episode 57: Hacking Healing

Episode 56: Time Stepping

Episode 55: Rewriting Your Reality

Episode 54: Ghosts, Entities, and Paranormal

Episode 53: The Pepin Mill

Episode 52: Managing Your Energy

Episode 51: Your Purpose in a Simulated Reality

Episode 50: India Exclusive, Part 2 (Interview with Eric from Expedition: India)

Episode 49: India Exclusive, Part 1 (Interview with Eric from Expedition: India)

Episode 48: The White Room

Episode 47: Reinvigorate Your Meditation

Episode 46: Nocebo Effect

Episode 45: Metta

Episode 44: Don’t Run From the Truth

Episode 43: Stepping Through Reality

Episode 42: Make Magic Happen

Episode 41: The Nothing That You Are

Episode 40: A.I. and the Singularity

Episode 39: Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 2

Episode 38: Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 1

Episode 37: Finding Your Voice

Episode 36: Anxiety and Depression

Episode 35: Eric Answers Your Questions

Episode 34: Dreamscapes

Episode 33: Alpha and Omega

Episode 32: Want For Nothing, Gain Everything

Episode 31: The Om Virus

Episode 30: Split Consciousness

Episode 29: The Moment of Separation

Episode 28: In the Zone

Episode 27: Crossing Dimensions

Episode 26: Rising Above the Static

Episode 25: Dream Realities

Episode 24: Behind the Veil of Reality

Episode 23: What Am I Missing?

Episode 22: Finding Your Way Back Home

Episode 21: Who You Really Are

Episode 20: Simulated Reality, Part 2

Episode 19: Is This All There Is?

Episode 18: Transhumanism, Part 2

Episode 17: Transhumanism, Part 1

Episode 16: Mind Projection

Episode 15: Revelations

Episode 14: Simulated Reality

Episode 13: Becoming One With the Universe

Episode 12: Third State of Consciousness

Episode 11: The Art of Manifestation

Episode 10: Angels and Karma: Debunked

Episode 9: Predicting the Future

Episode 8: Planes of Light

Episode 7: Higher Balance Method and Self-Realization

Episode 6: Altered States and Shifted Consciousness, An Exploration of the In-Between

Episode 5: Entering God Consciousness, Dimensional Meditation, Deconstructing Religion, and the Planes of Light

Episode 4: Life After Death, Incarnation, Past Lives, and the Soul

Episode 3: Higher Balance Meditation. Going beyond relaxation to fuel your spiritual body. Reduce mind chatter, increase psychic sensory, and increase awareness.

Episode 2: Energy Part 2, How to do energy movements and clean negative energies from your home

Episode 1: How to see Energy and Auras, Prana vs. Frequency vs. Tonal. Darkside vs. The Force and Psychic Defense

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