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Rebel Guru Radio Episode 41 – The Nothing That You Are

Episode 41 – The Nothing That You Are

In this episode, listen in on a part of the Higher Balance webinar, The Nothing That You Are, as Eric deconstructs reality and discusses Zipf’s Law and the Forces that govern our consciousness.


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Episode 21 – Who You Really Are

Episode 40 – A.I. and the Singularity

In this episode, Eric discusses the process of developing a soul for humans, AI and the planet and the similarities and differences between them. Then, explore the Singularity and how technology will assist in seeing beyond the veil of reality.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 39 – Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 2

Episode 39 – Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 2

In this episode, Eric continues his discussion on Virtual Realities. Imagine a technology that can tap your brain and allow you to experience self-generated realities. It will be those with a trained mind that will be able to Navigate them.  


Rebel Guru Radio Episode 38 – Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 1

Episode 38 – Navigating Virtual Realities, Part 1

In this episode, Eric discusses the connection White Cells will have with future technologies and how that technology will be able to mimic the abilities of White Cells. Explore how virtual lives will eventually be commonplace. 


Rebel Guru Radio Episode 37 – Finding Your Voice

Episode 37 – Finding Your Voice

In this episode, Eric discusses social conditioning and how it affects our consciousness. Discover how you can break free from these constraints and why it is so crucial to begin doing so immediately. Face your fears and find your voice.


Rebel Guru Radio Episode 36 – Anxiety and Depression

Episode 36 – Anxiety and Depression

In this episode, we discuss the all too common challenges of anxiety and depression. Discover how to find inner peace while at the same time maintaining a realistic perspective on the ups and downs of life as a White Cell.


Rebel Guru Radio Episode 35 - Eric Answers Your Questions

Episode 35 - Eric Answers Your Questions

In this episode, Eric answers questions posed by members of our online community. We discuss everything from simulated reality to spiritual comfort zones to the illusions that hold your consciousness in place. Change your thinking to achieve greater results.


Episode 34: Dreamscapes

Episode 33: Alpha and Omega

Episode 32: Want For Nothing, Gain Everything

Episode 31: The Om Virus

Episode 30: Split Consciousness

Episode 29: The Moment of Separation

Episode 28: In the Zone

Episode 27: Crossing Dimensions

Episode 26: Rising Above the Static

Episode 25: Dream Realities

Episode 24: Behind the Veil of Reality

Episode 23: What Am I Missing?

Episode 22: Finding Your Way Back Home

Episode 21: Who You Really Are

Episode 20: Simulated Reality, Part 2

Episode 19: Is This All There Is?

Episode 18: Transhumanism, Part 2

Episode 17: Transhumanism, Part 1

Episode 16: Mind Projection

Episode 15: Revelations

Episode 14: Simulated Reality

Episode 13: Becoming One With the Universe

Episode 12: Third State of Consciousness

Episode 11: The Art of Manifestation

Episode 10: Angels and Karma: Debunked

Episode 9: Predicting the Future

Episode 8: Planes of Light

Episode 7: Higher Balance Method and Self-Realization

Episode 6: Altered States and Shifted Consciousness, An Exploration of the In-Between

Episode 5: Entering God Consciousness, Dimensional Meditation, Deconstructing Religion, and the Planes of Light

Episode 4: Life After Death, Incarnation, Past Lives, and the Soul

Episode 3: Higher Balance Meditation. Going beyond relaxation to fuel your spiritual body. Reduce mind chatter, increase psychic sensory, and increase awareness.

Episode 2: Energy Part 2, How to do energy movements and clean negative energies from your home

Episode 1: How to see Energy and Auras, Prana vs. Frequency vs. Tonal. Darkside vs. The Force and Psychic Defense

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