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Episode 61 – Hallucinogens and Addiction, Part 2

LIVE: June 18th, 2019 at 3 PM

Are hallucinogens the best way to reach higher levels of consciousness or are they a trap designed to lock you in place? Spiritual seekers tend to have the highest level of addiction to hallucinogenic drugs because we often seek to escape from life. Mind-altering can make you more compassionate, more human, and more patient, but what’s the price? It’s time for the truth.

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Listen to Rebel Guru Radio on iTunes
Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 60 - Hallucinogens and Addiction, Part 1

Hallucinogens and psychedelics have nearly overtaken the culture of spiritual truth-seekers, but what role do they actually play in your spiritual journey? Explore the attraction to hallucinogens and psychedelics and what their potential advantages or dangers are. Then, learn how to approach drug and alcohol addiction.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 59 - Collective Consciousness

What’s really happening beneath the surface of your perceivable thought? Your connection to the collective consciousness shapes you influencing your thoughts and expressions. Collective consciousness is a profound understanding and way of viewing the world around you that will dramatically assist you in your awakening.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 58 - Kundalini & Surrender

Surrendering is a powerful technique used in your spiritual evolution to remove the negative energies that weigh upon you, but how does it relate to Kundalini? Explore the true rules of Kundalini and spiritual surrender and follow a powerful guided Kundalini practice.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 57 - Hacking Healing

What if the placebo effect is more powerful than we think? The effectiveness of the placebo effect has been documented in many clinical and experimental studies with phenomenal success. In fact, the earliest record of positive results with the placebo effect dates all the way back to the 18th century!

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 56 - Time Stepping

What would you change if you could send a message to your past self? Eric recounts some of his personal experiences as he describes how Time Stepping can be used to get yourself through a tough time, particularly when you have toxic people in your life. Then, learn about how Time Stepping plays into your development.

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 53 - Pepin Mill

Episode 55 - Rewriting Your Reality

Are you sabotaging your own manifestations? Manifestations are an amplification of the desire of interest you are looking for which works with other people's patterns. Learn what you need to do to work with your manifestation so that you can help the universe help you.

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Episode 3: Higher Balance Meditation. Going beyond relaxation to fuel your spiritual body. Reduce mind chatter, increase psychic sensory, and increase awareness.

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Episode 1: How to see Energy and Auras, Prana vs. Frequency vs. Tonal. Darkside vs. The Force and Psychic Defense

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