Episode 6 – Altered States and Shifted Consciousness

Altered States

An Exploration of the In-Between

In this episode, Eric explores the altered state of consciousness he calls the In-Between. This is the realm between dimensions where energy manifests. And when you enter this state, you experience reality much the way Frodo did when he put the ring on in Lord of the Rings.

Develop the essential skills necessary to achieve this state and recognize the signs that your consciousness is shifting.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Explore the elusive altered state called the In-Between [1:35]
    • Understand how the way you experience with your five senses changes when you enter this state of mind [4:15]
    • “Feels Like” – Recognizing the physical sensations you experience when shifting into the In-Between [6:05]
    • Psychic awareness and telepathy [12:45]
    • The essential skills you need to develop to fully experience mystical states of consciousness [28:00]



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Eric: The In-Between is a state of consciousness that is neither here nor there. I know that sounds strange but I often refer to it as the moment that Frodo puts his ring on, almost literally. There is a level of intensity to it where you can get that extreme. I would say that’s unlikely, but that’s not true. The last time I did it was in Sedona, which was the first time for a large group. There were certainly people who went very, very deep versus the people who [only] went a bit. Even a bit is something you never forget.


Going In-Between is…The first thing is that you have a different sense of environment. It’s almost as if things take on a synthetic feel. It’s like if you have a regular glass of water, there’s a sense of knowing there’s a 7-Eleven cup next to it if you have a 7-Eleven cup. If you were to touch that cup, you know it’s going to flex. There’s a certain feeling to it that, without touching it, that you mentally acknowledge. When you look at the glass cup and you go In-Between, it’s as if everything has that 7-Eleven plastic feel. The meaning behind that is that reality is not what it appears to be.


When people begin to play around with the idea of the In-Between, it’s almost as if you have to have a good sense of spirituality and a good sense of self before you start pushing your mental buttons as to what’s real and what’s not. Certainly, there are people who said, “I’ll never go In-Between, I don’t believe in that. I’ve tried and tried and it never happens,” and then they get into it and they call up Higher Balance and they’re like, “I’ve been in it for four hours! Make it stop!” It’s always amusing but not amusing. The same thing goes for when we have people do Tones. We get people all the time saying, “I don’t think [there are] any Tones or anything,” and then they’ll call up and they’re like, “Please make it stop!”


The In-Between is a place that you could say is the realm between [a] dimension where you could have entities or spirits may manifest from. Where does it go? Where do they exist? Why don’t we see them? Or, you could say, from a more scientific approach that there are other dimensions parallel to our own. When one moves In-Between, your consciousness moves In-Between and therefore your sense of hearing, your sense of smell, your sense of taste begin to change. One of the tell-tales of shifting In-Between is that you’ll start to get a metallic taste on the back of your tongue. It doesn’t quite taste like anything that I could specifically say but if any of you guys have put a nine-volt battery to your tongue, it kind of has that funk taste. It’s like that but milder and it seems to always be from the regions of the back of the tongue, which I suspect has to do with what portion of the brain is being activated or starting to shift, more or less. It’s probably affecting the neural system.


Hearing can change also. Sound can be extended. So, where something would be like (in a normal voice) “one,” you might hear it as (in a deeper, drawn-out voice) “one.” It slows it down a hair. You become more aware of stuff. For me, I could hear the pressurization and crackling of the building just now. I don’t know if you guys heard the sound or not but to me, it’s a little bit louder than normal. I’m kind of playing around in that state, so I always say, “I feel like it’s a semi-mushroom trip. Now they’re all going to think I’m giving mushrooms and stuff.” Then my buddy from the Grateful Dead said, “That’s too expensive, nobody would do that!” That was funny.


The purpose of the In-Between is to allow one to shift their consciousness into a sensory level to become more aware. If one believes in a house being haunted, there are a number of things that I would teach to kind of dial into whatever is going on there. Walking into that in an In-Between state of mind, it’s like everything takes on an extra strong hue that would be not of this physical realm that we predominantly exist in. If there were a presence or intelligence that were unearthly, it’s as if it stands out to you more than everything else that feels more plasticky or synthetic. You’re kind of slightly stepping out of this state of mind.

You tend to feel more with your chest center. This is a place that I teach that’s an intelligence. You have your brain, you have your intelligence in your chest. Mainly women notice this the most, but it’s like when they say “a woman’s intuition” or “a gut feeling.” There’s another intelligence down here. All three are different but they’re all intelligences like they have their own way of identifying or knowing things. The chest, in my opinion, is the strong spiritually.


When you see stuff like in the movie “Donnie Darko,” and it’s extending out, it’s as best an example that I could give for something like that for people to visualize or to interpret what’s going on. [There are] things that I teach like “feels-like” and that’s the essential or beginning training to doing that. What I’m going to do is I’m going to leap into that a little bit. One of the things I want to say to those who have been around the block a little bit longer with the HBI stuff, I’m really reaching out to new people so I don’t want you to feel like I’m going over stuff that you guys know already. I don’t want to bore you but it’s very important that we kind of reach out to other people beyond the inner circles, per se.

How many people in here do not know, when I say “feels-like” in the sense that I mean, how many people here do not know what that means?

Guest 1: So, it’s experiencing something that you’re not using with your physical eyes but your heart maybe?


Eric: You’re good. Now, let me yell at you and hope that you won’t throw that thing at me. Okay? Then, I’m not yelling.

This is one of the things that I battle all the time. People think they know something—and it’s not like I’m trying to be up here saying, “I know more than you,” but I am the guy up here! Anyhow, the point is that’s what holding people back from having really profound spiritual experiences. When people say things like that, it’s with good intention and nobody wants to draw attention to them. On the same token, you’re really taking these important [things]—what seem like little things or unimportant things—that really could change your whole vision spiritually.


Let me be clear. Everybody is in this room for one reason. You knew from early on that there was an important thing about your existence: you are here to serve God, the universe, let’s call it what you want. There’s a divine connection to your existence to where you feel like, “I shouldn’t say that,” or “People think I’m special.” I don’t care about any of that. What I care about is that I help you dial in to serve the universe. That’s all that matters to me. If I can do that, wonderful.

Yeah, see the hairs on my arm, standing?

When I ask people, “Can you see the aura,” and people say to me, “Yeah, I can see the aura.” I’ll go, “Tell me what it looks like,” and they’ll go, “Well, it’s kind of like this big glow.” I’m like, “No.”
They’re like, “It’s kind of like this or that,” and I’m like, “No.” You see it literally with your eyes. Literally, like that blue shirt, that white shirt, that jean jacket. Literally. I still have people tell me, “Yes, I see that.” I don’t know why, but these are the things that are preventing you. I could teach a goat to see the human aura…almost. For sure, it’s these kinds of things that are detrimental to whether you awaken in this life or you don’t. It’s that simple. Or, whether you keep going to spiritual practices and different groups and knowledge because you never feel satisfied. There’s always this missing element of completion in you.


When I say “feels-like,” as rudimentary as it sounds, it’s absolutely critical. So, let’s start with this. This, here, has a “feels-like.” That “feels-like,” you’re going to start off by looking at it. You’re trying to gauge what it feels like for weight. What I want you to do is become aware of the texture of the bottle. Everybody can tell me it’s plastic, it’s smooth. You can probably feel the rivets up here. You can probably go here. If you imagine your lips touching it—and I know that sound unusual to use your lips. If I tell you to use your hands, it’s organizing your brain. If I tell you to use any other part of your body, the brain has to struggle and something else is communicating that data.


The question is, when you’re looking at this and you’re feeling the structure of it, I ask you, “Where are you feeling that information?” Exactly, in your chest. If I ask you to say the alphabet, you’ll point to your head, but if I ask you to tell me what this feels like, you do it in your chest. Most people in their whole life are never aware of that.


When you talk about telepathy or feeling or scanning something, a sense of something in the room, you immediately limit your ability to identify what it is because you mentally want to associate that awareness in your head. You look with your head, you listen with your head. It’s up here. It’s like a big, packed ecosystem of data hauling. To think of something in your chest is almost obscure. The closest thing that’s not up here are your hands reaching out.

When we start to utilize our chest with things—and we almost drive ourselves nuts. If I go through a bunch of objects, this is now exercising. If you’re feeling it, imagine it. Take the moment to, again, almost like with your lips, touching it or some portion of you feeling it. If you can, feel it with your chest. Put it in your chest and just move it and feel the structure. Then it gets weird again. Everything has a “feels-like.” There’s not a single thing that does not have a “feels-like.”

If you do this to three or four objects a day for a few days in a row, you’re going to find that your psychic awareness starts to really get highly sensitive. You’re going to start feeling or sensing people coming around the hallway. You’re going to potentially start knowing the intention. You don’t necessarily know what the words are. Keep in mind that this is the big misconception about telepathy. New Agers, again, have totally destroyed and candy-coated everything. You don’t really hear words in your head. It’s the same thing as getting a hankering for something. Or, a pregnant woman would say, “I’m getting a hankering for chocolate.” Before you knew it was chocolate, what was the data that you used to surmise it was chocolate? Where did that information come from? If it’s pickles, it’s the same thing. You have the revelation in your mind, “Pickles!” There was actually as sensation in your chest center and a desire that came over you in a multi-level way.


Telepathy is the same way. You don’t necessarily hear words, but you have a knowing of knowledge. You have a knowing of something. If you learn to be more perceptive when that’s happening or to capture that feeling and analyze it quickly, you have a higher level of conscious awareness or psychic awareness if you will. You know things before they transpire or take place.


“Feel-Like” is something that I teach in order for people to build that awareness up. The more that you build it up, the more you can identify things that are not necessarily as easily identifiable. That could be, again, phenomena, consciousness, entities, what not. Even feeling somebody if you wanted to know if they had an illness or something was wrong with them, right down to their intentions. Whether they were good intentions or bad intentions, you will actually feel this overwhelming knowing and you’ll be able to identify [it]. Women tend to have a higher level of that ability and I often say that this goes back to primal man, where the men got to go out hunting and gathering while the women had to rear the children. Children cannot talk. They can’t say, “My big toe hurts.” Women, they have a sense to know they’re in pain, clearly by sound or emotions but they’re scanning. They’re very in-depthly looking into their child whom they love, trying to sense or feel or identify how to resolve a problem. This, over evolution, over time, creates an immense sensory ability. Hence why they say “a woman’s intuition.” They’re dead-right as far as I’m concerned. There’s a sensory that they’ve developed from that.


The same can be said about men in hunter-gathering and how the mind thinks. We’d have to be silent. This is why we kind of give this “man look” to each other and we’re like, “Did you see that look he gave?” Women do it too, but it’s different. There’s a kind of language that’s done subtly so we can communicate without scaring the game. There’s also a sensory which we would call more like astral projection or mind projection, which is the same thing by the way. Again, New Age has muddled it up. We would need to know in order to have food to survive and to feed the family when we got back. If we get back with no food, it’s not a good thing. We’d have to almost have a sense to predict where the game is or where it’s moving or where we should migrate towards. Sometimes it takes days if not weeks to get to. It wasn’t like we just went to the grocery store, it was a life and death scenario. When you have stuff that’s very seriously weighing on you, you will find that your sensory builds very adeptly to that situation.


These are senses that I believe that we have, which I call psychic abilities. I think they’re the sixth sense and I believe they are natural to humans beings just like sight is, and smell and taste and hearing. I think that all of them are forms of collecting information that expand our consciousness. Everything turns to energy. Sound is turned to energy for the brain. Smell is turned to energy for the brain. Hearing, everything. Sight is turned to energy. It’s just a format that converts it.


Psychic sensory is another form of sensing and feeling and harnessing information, but I believe it is the one sense that is the bridge to finding God, to finding the presence of the Force if you will and integrate with it. It is the sense that gives us that step to comprehend the [incomprehensible], which is definitively not necessarily organic or matter that we look at in a certain way. We can listen to music but if we couldn’t hear it, there’s a certain innate beauty or knowledge that we would be prevented from to a certain degree. The same goes for seeing color or for taste. All of these things are ways to identify and learn and expand our consciousness but the one that I believe is the most akin to finding the face of God or bridging our souls or developing souls to move forward into the universe is the psychic sense. By developing that, I believe that psychic phenomena and spirituality are two identically different things. I believe spirituality is a whole other level of “amazingness” if you want to call it that. Phenomena [are] completely unique to that which I consider psychic.


In fact, Chicago has very psychic energy. The East Coast has very psychic energy. The West Coast has very spiritual energy, very minimalized psychically, and that has to do with plant life and the environment and moisture and structure, but it’s a lot to talk about.


Are there any questions I have from anybody? Go ahead.


Guest 2: Hi, I was wondering…You were saying before that there is a separation between psychic ability and spirituality. With going In-Between, is that more of an act of spirituality or is that a psychic ability? [18:43]


Eric: Very good question. It’s a tough one because going In-Between is something that I never would’ve thought in the past twenty years of teaching, that I would ever bring to a new group of people. It’s almost sacrilegious. Even now, I’m kind of wrestling with myself honestly. It’s like, “Am I really going to do this?” This is kind of like a very deep, spiritual place and it takes a certain kind of zen state of mind to really get the most out of it. You can have people who really will reach a limited level and be dismissive of what’s going on and prevent themselves from really going deeper into it. There’s fear. There’s anxiety. There’s the knowing that, “This is not something I’m comfortable with. What is going on?”


There is a zen level to it. What I’ve learned from my experience with people is that people will take it to the notch that is their comfort zone. If you allow them, they’ll go deeper and others will stay at a certain level. They usually all walk away with, “Okay, that was something really profound. I’m more interested now than I was before.”

Spiritually speaking, I think that any act of life is spiritual. Let’s just come from it from that angle first. When you begin to separate from what we consider the normal aspect of our day-to-day life, we begin to ask more profound questions of the meaning of life. That could be seeing great sorrow in life and tragedy. We ask ourselves those questions to great beauty, to a vista of nature from a valley sight. When you experience something like going In-Between, the first thing is that it’s really unlike anything that you could say, “It’s like this or that.” In fact, the process is almost a little bit difficult at first because you question every inch of the way, “Am I going to get to do this? Am I not going to get to do this?” You’re, again, fight that monkey brain, as I call it.

Would I consider it spiritual? I would consider it profoundly spiritual. I think that if you were to go In-Between in the right setting—and that would be near a creek or in the forest with sunlight coming through, or anything that already is a presentation of beauty in a way that’s not man-made, concreted out. You’re going to see color in a way you’ve never seen color. You’re going to literally feel as if you can feel sunlight in a way that’s not just heat. In either case, it is a—


I’ve taken a student, when I was younger, very, very, very deep, not really appreciating the extent of what this could do. He went so deep that a stag in the Force came out of the Force. I mean, it was huge. Literally, it was probably closer than I am to you right now. His mind merged with the stag. He could feel, like we’re doing “Feels-Like,” imagine it a hundred time stronger.
He could feel the muscles, the body, the shape and everything, the heat coming out of the mouth and everything. He got to the point where he could not coordinate his body and fell. I have taken people In-Between very deeply and we went out for a walk around a lake. It’s a man-made lake and all of the—I forget what they’re called. Marinas? Tarinas or whatever. They’re kind of like water rats but they’re big.

Guest 3: Nutria!


Eric: Nutria. All the nutria, I mean, seven, eight, nine of them…We weren’t even aware of it. We were talking and I just happened to consciously go down and they were all around us, not harming us, just sitting about two feet away from us. Birds had flown down. I mean, just animal life. Where do you get this phenomenon from? It’s just unworldly but beautiful.


In that state of awareness, is that spiritual? I think so. Does it bring you closer to the Force or the universe to say, “This is so real. The questions I had in my life and how I’ve wandered from my spiritual path. It’s renewed.” That’s what I hope it does.

Guest 4: Is the In-Between where we go in between lifetimes? [23:36]

Eric: No. We call it the In-Between because it’s a sense, or what I call “a veil,” of how you perceive reality. So, right now, we can see everybody in this room. We don’t question what we’re seeing, what we’re doing, what we’re hearing. It’s all pretty mundane and normal. When you begin to move into the In-Between, you, at first, begin to have a sense of something a little different. You can’t quite put your finger on it. Then there’s this sense of wanting to snap back to normal and sometimes the drive for it to go further can snap you back because you are looking for, “How do I get ahold of this?” It’s like an ice cube melting. You don’t exactly grab ahold of it. You don’t want to. It’s like reverse thinking, in a way.

What will happen, then, is I’m going to go throughs series of steps that some of you will get some of it. Some of you guys will get other pieces of it. It doesn’t matter. You want to basically self-observe.


How do you explain the In-Between? It’s been thirty years at this and it’s still difficult to explain. Depending what level you’re in, that’s the question. If it’s very subtly, you’re going to simply notice that [there are] differences, differences in how you feel. Your skin might get a little cold and clammy a bit. Your talking might be a little bit off. Your hearing might be a little bit different or it might be spot on, but you’re looking around and you’re beginning to see distance further. You may see movement in a way that is accentuated. It becomes not normal. The further you go can emphasize that. It’s like a richness in detail. It’s a richness in your sensory. In some ways, I think it’s almost like a dullness but it’s because you begin to focus on one of those sensories coming forward almost. You want to control things but you realize you’ve just got to go with it and take it in.

If some of you guys are able to move into that place, anything is possible. You begin to see molecular structure. You can literally go up to a wall and you will see what I started off talking with, about seeing what I’ll call the Force, the energy in a room. You, then, will be able to see definitively little particles. You’ll even see them shoot and spiral off. I mean, it’s just mind-boggling.


Nobody has drunk anything that I’ve given you or anything like that. I don’t want somebody like, “Hey!” You will begin to have observations to a level that is surreal. If I were to call it anything, I would call it “entering a level of surrealness.” That’s kind of where I would leave it. The level of that surrealness will depend on your comfort zone of letting yourself continue to move with it.

What I normally do is I let people go outside once I think that they’re starting in that momentum. The thing is, you’ll think, “Oh, he’s sending us outside but I’m not sure if I’m fully there.” No, it keeps winding. I’m moving you out that way for a reason. You’re going to want to branch off from other people because you’re going to start feeling people. It’s hard to say, but—I hate to bring up LSD but for those of you guys who may or may not have done it, there’s a thing where if you’re doing LSD with someone else, you look at them and you go, “You’re there too.” They’re like, “Yeah!” It makes sense! It sounds crazy but you’re kind of like in this weird kind of frequency almost. At first, I thought, “Well, it’s because you’re all tripping.”

[It’s] almost like your brain is firing in a similar way, so how you perceive stuff, you see it in the reaction of them. So, your neural synapses are kind of firing in the same way so it’s true that you’re in the same place, in a way. You’ll begin to feel that.

For the most part, I would say it’s about self-observation. That’s what I’d really push for tonight. It’s that you’re self-observing the fact that you can experience this and that phenomena [are] happening for you. The reason why I would want you to become aware of that is because I think everybody in their spiritual journey, there is this constant reminder in life saying, “This doesn’t exist,” or “That doesn’t exist.” There’s this constant “crystallization,” I call it. When you have something affect you in such a way that inspires you spiritually or opens up the possibilities of confirmation on a new level—something unique or fresh or different—it inspires you spiritually to pursue or progress and become a brighter spiritual being if you will, a greater light in the universe. That’s mainly what I would want to go after.

It’s one thing to sit in a room and move In-Between. It’s not ideal. What is ideal is to [orient] yourself with your senses and what’s going on. I don’t want to give anybody the impression that you’re going to see something insane. It’s going to depend on your ramping up. Just take it real easy. You’re going to just get familiar with a kind of unusual feeling. It can get more intense if you keep playing with it, so that’s why I’m saying if you go with that state of mind and you go out and look at objects, you’re going to notice that you’re getting intrigued by it. The more you let yourself go, the more it’s going to exemplify that effect.


If you ground yourself into talking or something that’s going to be grounding, then you’re going to bring yourself out of that. It’s like you’re functioning in your day-to-day system and you’re going to bring yourself to that state of mind. Definitely, you will be able to decide whether you’re going to “unthrottle” yourself to go a little bit deeper. How you do that is you start simply saying, “Hey, there’s shit going on.” The second your brain starts to become aware of it, you begin to move deeper into it. Now, if at any point you’re like, “I’m not comfortable with this,” or, “I don’t feel good,” then one, go to bed. You’re going to wake up perfectly fine. That’s what I always say in the worst-case scenario, which doesn’t really help if you have to drive home. Two, just sit down. Turn on the radio.


When I did a big event in Hawaii one time, I was just like (imitating static noise). I was like, “Okay, Madonna.” It brought me right down real fast. You just need mundane mechanicalness that your brain will [orient] to. Turn on the TV. Have people talk to you. There’s going to be a part of you—Everybody right now is shifting, whether you believe that or not, or force suggesting, just by me shifting, it’s already happening. It’s a very synergistic thing. It’s hard to explain.

Just step out of the environment you’re in if you don’t like your state of mind. Engage in anywhere in the bubble on the planet, ten feet away. Go to Subway. You’re going to find after a few seconds, you’re back to normal and you’re going to want to go back and you’re not going to remember how to get back. That’s one of the challenging things about it.


If I had to say what my strategy [is], the more I think about it, I would probably start walking back to my room. In your bedroom space, the hallways, the building space, all of those things are great spaces. The idea is to get you guys [away] from being condensed together and kind of pan out so you guys can explore where your mind is. If other people engage you, just a simple conversation can kind of bring you down. You want to make sure you’re able to stay in that zone as long as you can, get as much out of it as you can and taking it from there.


Some people may decide that they want to go to their room and meditate in that state of mind after you’ve kind of actively moved around and taken it in. There’s a certain vibe that certainly stays with you.

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The In-Between


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