Episode 6 – Altered States and Shifted Consciousness

Altered States

An Exploration of the In-Between

In this episode, Eric explores the altered state of consciousness he calls the In-Between. This is the realm between dimensions where energy manifests. And when you enter this state, you experience reality much the way Frodo did when he put the ring on in Lord of the Rings.

Develop the essential skills necessary to achieve this state and recognize the signs that your consciousness is shifting.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Explore the elusive altered state called the In-Between [1:35]
    • Understand how the way you experience with your five senses changes when you enter this state of mind [4:15]
    • “Feels Like” – Recognizing the physical sensations you experience when shifting into the In-Between [6:05]
    • Psychic awareness and telepathy [12:45]
    • The essential skills you need to develop to fully experience mystical states of consciousness [28:00]

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Free Material From the Episode:

Guided In-Between Session

Listen and follow along as Eric guides you into the In-Between. Set aside some time to try this technique and do not attempt to drive, operate any machinery, or perform other tasks while listening to this audio.

In-Between Experiences

One of Eric’s oldest students details his experiences with Eric in taking him into the In-between state.

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Simple Complexity

Gain a deeper understanding of feels-like - The conversation between Eric and his personal students begins with the topic of miracles and precisely how one must project the intention.  When a question is asked pertaining to dreams and dimensional communication in the dream-state, Eric divulges the workings of dreams, how they are constructed by the brain, and how to recognize the dimensional aspects. The conversation concludes with enlightenment and the enlightenment cycle.



No two people experience life the exact same way.  The same is also true for the In-Between state of consciousness.  This state is truly unique, although the basic experiences are similar; your specific experience is entirely dependent on your perceptions. The majority of those who venture In-Between usually notice a heightening of their six senses and an increase in certain abilities, like: telepathy, seeing energy and auras, and an indescribable feeling that reality is artificial. There’s no doubt about it, the In-Between must be experienced firsthand!


Hidden Key

Throughout history, and in ancient times, spiritual masters and mystics have performed numerous miracles that have been recorded throughout the ages. To understand how these miracles were enacted, one must understand the feelings that were generated and how they were projected. It is the Key to changing reality. Eric has taught extensively about ‘feels-like’ and it’s applications. In this module, he takes you one step further as he explains what he refers to as “keys” and how specific keys can be evoked and projected in order to affect reality in a very unique way.


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The Higher Balance Method

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