Episode 3 – Higher Balance Meditation

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 3: Meditation

Going beyond relaxation to fuel your spiritual body. Reduce mind chatter, increase psychic sensory, and increase awareness.

In this episode, Eric answers questions from new and experienced students about meditation. This session goes far beyond common concepts and reveals deeper insights. You will learn practical techniques that you can implement right away and have experiences that only long-term meditators have been able to achieve.


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In this show we cover: 

    • The difference between the Higher Balance Foundation Meditation and other meditations [1:40]
    • Self-observation and self-doubt Meditation [10:40]
    • What the Babbler is and where it comes from [13:20]
    • The true meaning of non-thought and how you can achieve it [16:45]
    • How to prevent mind chatter from derailing your meditations [19:35]
    • What the sixth sense has to do with meditation [22:20]
    • The truth to chakra points and how to use them properly in meditation [30:10]
    • The meaning of energy [42:00]
    • Picking a meditation spot, pacing your meditations, and other details that make all the difference in your meditations [44:40]
    • Music in meditation [51:25]

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