Episode 28 – In the Zone

Episode 28 In the Zone

From Meditation to Akashic Records and Beyond

In this episode, Eric gives a fresh perspective on the popular topics of mindfulness and what athletes call “getting in the zone” or flow state. Eric then discusses ways in which you can reach even higher, more enlightened states of awareness.


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In this show we cover: 

    • What it really means to be “in the zone” spiritually [1:05]
    • A quick trick to getting into the zone and staying there [7:30]
    • How this simple practice helps you tackle the big moments in life [12:00]
    • The purpose of meditation and why relaxation is only the first stage of a good practice [15:20]
    • The experiences you have as you meditate and calibrate your energy [21:30]
    • A deep exploration of a suppressed sensory and how to reactivate it [25:00]
    • An introduction to the Sixth Sense [32:20]
    • What the Akashic Records are and how you can access them for yourself [42:10]
    • The connection between the planet’s consciousness and human consciousness [51:55]
    • The fundamental purpose of Eric’s teachings [56:45]

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