Episode 10 – Angels and Karma Debunked


Learn the Truth and Avoid Spiritual Stasis

In this episode, we explore commonly misunderstood spiritual concepts like angels and karma. Discover how karma truly works and how it affects your spiritual awakening and incarnations. Then gain the tools you need to stay spiritually awake and avoid spiritual stasis.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Spiritual stasis and the significance of thought [3:25]
    • How thoughts and intentions of others affect your life and spirituality – and how you affect others around you [6:30]
    • Developing and controlling sensory abilities such as empathy and telepathy [13:00]
    • The origins of common spiritual misconceptions and a logical, scientific breakdown of the truth behind them [18:40]
    • Souls, soul contracts, and the afterlife [28:25]
    • Techniques to protect your energy from negativity [31:00]



Angels and Karma Debunked [Click to see more...]

Eric: I was trying to decide where I want to take tonight. What do I want to teach and bring in and what’s of value? Let me start off by saying, for those who don’t know me very well, I can definitely hear that people will say, “He’s kind of arrogant. He’s in your face with his personality and all these things.” I am not the guru, teacher, an enlightened person, call it whatever you want. I don’t like any of those terms although I have those terms used for me all the time and at this point, I’m like, “Okay, I’ll run with whatever you want to call me this week, good, bad, and indifferent.” I believe that most people who have a spiritual path are in a fight for their life. I think that they don’t know it but they are spiritually dying. I am not going to be the coddling, foo-foo spiritual teacher. I am not going to be the person to stroke your back and tell you, “Feel the love. Feel the energy,” or the “soft kitty, warm kitty” crap. I’m not going to do it.

I am a warrior. I am here to serve the universe and if anybody wants to try to measure my love for God, I guarantee it’ll crush everything. My love is true and it’s 100%. At the end of the day, I like to keep it real. I like to think that I’m intelligent. I’m scientific. I love logic. I will debate on any level you want as far as science goes. It still all goes to the same place, as far as I’m concerned. There is a universe. It’s intelligent. It’s called God.


If I thought any other way, I’d be the first one to say, “Okay, I’m an atheist.” I have not come to that conclusion and if I did, wonderful. I don’t have a decision one way or the other, it’s simply just a fact in my reality. I believe that most people get into a stasis of security spiritually at some level that they feel is their comprehension level. They can’t move from that. One of the things—and I don’t want to offend anybody in any way, but I hear a lot of people say, and it just drives me nuts, “I have a guardian angel. My guardian angel is looking out for me, it’s doing all these things.” The problem I have with that, to be somewhat sarcastic—I do have a lot of people to amuse-is exactly who here wants to be someone’s guardian angel forever, for their entire life? Do you knit in the corner with your feathers kind of furled up against the thing, rocking, waiting for something to happen? “Oh, oh! The stove’s going to catch fire.” What is the responsibility of an intelligent being such as a guardian angel that their job is to guard you? Did somebody want to die and become a guardian angel and it’s like you have a stamp card, somebody you do shifts with? Are you just sentiently always there and you can be across the universe, and when the house plant caught fire, “Okay, I’ve gotta come across the cosmos now and go deal with that so they’re okay!”


It’s a wonderful thought and it brings relief to one’s self or comfort. That’s really what it’s about. Who wants to be fearful in life? Life is pretty crazy as it is. When I find people clinging to certain ideas that they build their consciousness around, I find that they’re stagnating. They’re not really evolving to the level of what they could do as a spiritual being. I think that we have a responsibility and that is to evolve our consciousness, to evolve our “spiritualness” and to utilize that “spiritualness” in the favor of God, the universe. That is life, the preservation of life, the expansion of life. Our job is to recognize really awful, negative energy on the most rudimentary level and to do everything we can to move that energy out of other people’s lives, out of the world’s life, call it whatever you want. This can be on a daily level with people or it could get on the big picture. That’s a very simple way to look at it to give a sense of that idea.


When I see people with certain spiritual beliefs, it’s not that I don’t understand it. It’s not that I don’t think it’s not of value. I just think, “How long have you stayed at that level and when have you matured in your thinking or understanding in your usefulness of what you can do with that?” I also have issues with people who pray for people. Now, hear me out on this. I believe thought is an effective thing. Thought affects other people. If you will something, you can have a negative or positive effect on other people. People feel you.


There are mothers who wake up in the middle of the night [knowing] there’s something wrong with [their] kid, something just happened. There’s this inter-connectedness. There are things where you know something’s wrong with another person in your life. It doesn’t have to be a sibling or something. You just know. They’re connected to you somehow.


When people pray, I’ll have Christian friends or something who’ll say, “We’re going to pray for you,” and I’ll be like, “Oh, on that thought, what exactly will you be praying for me for, like I’m I going to wake up and be like, ‘Jesus?’ What are you seeding into my innocent, vulnerable mind?” It’s ideas. It’s people’s values. It’s a value war.


If you’re Muslim, you’re going to want people to think Muslim. If you’re Hindu, you want people to think Hindu. If you’re Christian, you want people to think Christian. You think, “This is good. This is the best thing.” You’ve determined that. I’ll be like, “Okay, what are your credentials? What is your education? How have you decided this for me? Do I get to weigh in this?” They’re like, “No, we’re going to pray for you! We’re going to pray that you come around to how we want you to think or believe.” To me, this is a conscious war. This is a mind-war, in a sense. This is something where everybody has to decide what their level or feeling is. I don’t really care what they’re doing. I know their intentions are good, I just think it’s a little misguided. I’m like, “Okay if that’s what you want to do, I think you want the best for me so I’m okay with that.”

Thought is addictive. Thought is a battle. Thoughts are things that control one’s mind and when you become more spiritual, you become more sensitive. You become more intuitive. We, as spiritual people, often forget that we’re often affected by other people, by their emotions, by their ailments, by their psychological state. We sometimes take that into our own personality. It’s like we reflect it but we are not paying attention to ourselves and in so doing, we start to act or function in a way that’s not natural to us and we assume that’s just where we are today. Again, being conscious of these things is very important. Of course, I’ve forgotten the whole purpose of why I’m talking about all this at the moment.


Thought is important. The “wifi” is important. To think about the fact that there’s a collective consciousness, one has to ask themselves exactly what is in this collective consciousness. If it’s a collective, it’s a collective of what. We throw around these words like, “I understand what a collective consciousness is.” I understand when you say “wifi.” In essence, what is in it? Is it a hodge-podge? Is it chemically polluted and we can’t drink it now, it just looks good? We really don’t think about that. We think about the fact that there’s a collective consciousness, but we really don’t think about how it’s affecting us or how we’re affecting it.


We talk about it and people pray into it. People have different values going into it. It’s a hodge-podge of consciousness. In so, we choose what we’re pulling out of it and we kind of can choose what we’re contributing into it. The problem is that I feel that most spiritual people do not actively, willfully, intentionally set the time aside to put what I consider the best progressive energy into that hodge-podge. I think they let it run on remote control and they isolate it with, “Oh, I’ll pray for you,” or guardian angels or something like this.


I think people need to think more technical when they approach that or put a greater depth of time or interest into it like you would want to explain something to your child. Do you just shoo them along with a simple answer or do you sit down and try to explain why something happened in an accident to a family member? That’s maybe a little bit beyond them, but in a way that they can better grasp what’s going on. Am I keeping everybody’s interest now or are we wallowing around?


Does anybody have any questions?


Guest 1: I have two quick questions. You said about guardian angels, I’ve heard people say that it could be your higher self, which is a different way of thinking about it? [10:40]

Eric: If it’s your higher self, why not call it your higher self? When you call it a guardian angel, it invokes ideas of wings and biblical levels and some people have different religious views. Again, it’s the same thing with the pyramid. Words are powerful. Words can create concepts of thinking in other people and you may not even realize that they’re not thinking what you’re thinking. I think that often, every person in this room is really a teacher. I’m not the only one. It’s our responsibility to, in a sense, use our ability in the best way that we can and people who want this kind of knowledge, be able to give it to them if they want. How we say things and how we communicate, it really comes down to those details.


When one says it’s their higher consciousness, I’m all for that. I can live with that.


Guest 1: I have one more quick question. When she was talking about the protection because I’m very empathic and this is something I struggle with. I’ve tried everything. Do you guys have a special program for that?


Eric: Absolutely. I haven’t a clue which one it is because I’ve done so many of them they’re all the same. I believe any one of my staff can probably nail that down for you. What would that be in? High Guard?


This is one of the back draws to me. I wish I could be a simple teacher and just be like, “Feel the light, it’s all good,” and there’s a truth to that. For me, I want to know why. Why? Why? Why? How come? I’ve got to really break it down and to me, that’s what makes somebody very robustly powerful, if you will. Not powerful as in, “I’m powerful,” but someone who’s truly, absolutely dialed it, it’s this level of competence and guidance in your own abilities and the work that you do is based on your absolute understanding of your creation, your ability to have an effect. In essence, to say that cutting the cords would just be good—If you’re empathic, I wouldn’t necessarily say, “Just cut down the cords.” Empathic is when you—I’m pretty sure everybody probably knows in this group what empathic is, but it’s to basically feel the emotions of other people.


There’s a lot of people who are spiritual who don’t have a clue that they’re doing it. They don’t know why they get depressed or why they get anxiety or why they get nauseous and all of a sudden feel like they’re going to throw up. Other times they can feel elated but it’s usually the one that’s good that we don’t gravitate to because it’s like a concerning level. We’re always looking for something that’s wrong, so we take that on. At the end of the day, that’s what empathic is. You’re feeling what other people are feeling and it’s actually a precursor to telepathy. Most people think that telepathy is to hear words in your head from another person, as I was saying just the other day. It’s not at all. Telepathy is actually empathy and you’re really learning to train to focus on it better. It’s someone sending an emotion or idea or thought.


If I were to send this thing to you, you would say, “Oh, “I’m getting a hankering,” but if you weren’t calling it a hankering and you were looking at it empathically instead of emotionally, you’d be like, “What is this? It has a feeling.” You’d be like, “Oh my god! It’s a bottle of water you’re thinking about.” They’d be like, “Oh my god! You’re psychic!” That’s a precursor to the next level and it gets harder. Empathic is picking up other people’s feelings and emotions whether you want to or not. Often, you just kind of take it on. It’s like your sensory is very strong.

What I would say to people is, simply take your fingers and just put them right below your belly button. If you think about the touch there, the neural system there has a very…drawing in your aura. It brings your energy in. It doesn’t make it collapse or anything but it’s kind of saying—The aura is like the fingers coming out. It’s like a static fuzz and it actually goes up to 32 feet, give or take. This is how you could be in a room and all of a sudden you’re like, “There’s somebody here.” You’re looking and you can feel this person coming in the door or something. How did you know that? It’s because of this static field. The “wifi bubble” has different grade levels for whatever you’re doing and that’s what’s happening. You’re feeling or touching their static field as it’s coming in. it’s sharing data and they may not even be at the door. You keep looking and you can feel them, but they’re not there. It turns out they were talking on the other side of the door to somebody for a while. You’re thinking, “Well, maybe I’m just nuts.”

Ten to one, you’re not. This is that self-doubting that collapses us spiritually, where you’ve got to trust your senses. There’s usually a reason that’s beyond being able to see organically. There’s stuff going on, maybe, that you’re not aware of. Trust it more.


By thinking about just the physical touch, not just the location but your fingers touching just below your belly button, the neural system trying to define what that touch is, even for a matter of seconds, it begins to pull that energy down. It starts to say, “Bring your fingers in. Move that sensory in.” If you’re empathic, ten-to-one you’re feeling somebody else who’s got an energy. When you think about people who are depressed or anxious or ill, there’s usually a nurturing. Women do it mainly with empathy more than males. It’s a natural, nurturing energy from them. Women are healers, let’s face it. You guys create life, for crying out loud. It’s no easy task. There’s a sense of caring so when that empathic energy starts to move out, it’s seeking it out unconsciously.


When you start to feel like, “There’s not much I can do with this situation. I need to be in the right place,” the fastest thing is to simply just touch there with your fingers, just hold it for a few seconds. You’ll feel a kind of—If you do it right now, everybody, it’s just like the hands but different. If you put your fingers there and you just think about the feeling, just your two fingers there, just hold that feeling, think about them. My hands are really cold right now so it feels cold with touch. As you’re doing that, you will feel almost in the back of your spine this bit of heaviness almost. It’s very gentle. It starts to bring you down and it pulls you in.


In this case, there’s so many of us. We’re all thinking about a lot of stuff. It’s a little bit more difficult than normal. If you just do this in other circumstances, you’ll realize how fast it grounds you down. Same things with if you start to hyperventilate. They always show breathing in a bag and that’s because your breathing controls your brain thought. You will notice if you’re thinking a lot, you’re breathing faster. If you just consciously think about your breathing slowing, your mind will slow down. When your mind slows down, it is the controller of your energy so your energy also calms down. It’s like a turbulent sea and it brings it back in. Breathing is critical to 99.9% of all meditations. Control your breathing, control your mind, control your energy.


Guest 2: Do you believe that we have soul contracts or agreements and that we are able to break them if we choose to? [17:49]


Eric: Well, that’s like karma. That’s pretty much very similar. The reason why I’m hesitating is that I’m trying to decide how I want to approach this because it’s one of those things where I always say, “I’m a walking contradiction.” I’ll say, “No, I don’t believe in that but I believe in this,” and you’re like, “What the hell’s the difference?” Now, I’ve got to get into those details because on a simple level, most people don’t really think there’s a difference. When you really start getting into nuts and bolts of it, there comes this reality of, “I totally get it now. This makes sense why.”


The reason why—let me start off, I don’t believe in karma, and we’ll grind into what you’re asking—is at one point in my youth, I had come across Hare Krishnas. I’m sure everybody is familiar with them. I engaged into a series of talk over several days with them. I was living in LA at that time. I decided I really, really loved Indian food from the Hare Krishna place. They make the best food if you’ve ever had it. It’s really good. Of course, they lure you in with great food but they want you to hang out for chit-chat. There’s always a catch.

I always say, “We ought to just put out pizza and just run the routine.” In the process, I began having conversations and what happened was the normal Hare Krishnas if you will, began to have people who were wearing more fancy robes. I noticed they were getting a little older and they were circling me more. The younger ones were backing off because they couldn’t quite answer the questions I had. Eventually, it got to the point where they were asking me if I should become a Swami. I was like, “Why would I become Swami if you can’t answer my questions? Don’t you think you should answer the question first and then I’ll be like ‘Holy shit, I’ll become a Swami! This is great.’” They simply couldn’t answer and they told me they couldn’t answer it.


One of the things, and I’ll give you an example, is they believe that if you eat meat, because they’re vegetarians, that you will incarnate as a tiger. If you fornicate or do anything sexually and promiscuous, not with your married wife, and you happen to look at another woman, you’re going to come back as a tree. I’m just like (smacking head with palm of hand). My thing is, you can’t just say that. It doesn’t make any sense. You’ve got to break it down. I’m happy to break it down.


I’m like “Okay, a tree does not have necessarily as sense of time like we do as human beings.” It could live for fifty years or five days. It has a level of intelligence but not the sophistication that we’re at. Where is the punishment if you don’t remember how long you were being punished? If I eat me, to punish me, now I’m going to come back as a tiger and gorge myself on meat? Wherein lies that punishment? Right?


My punishment would be that I have to eat it rare because I really prefer well-done. There it would be. I have to have enough self-intellect to be able to reflect on the fact that I never got to eat it well done. I was always punished but I don’t understand what punished was or length of time I lived as a cat eating raw meat. If there’s not a level of reflection, where is the realization that comes from that? When you ask if I believe in a contract, no, I don’t necessarily believe in a contract. There are certain belief systems out there that do and it’s not fair to judge any one belief unless you really kind of throw yourself into it and study it and have a good understanding. Then you can say, “Okay, this is why.” If you don’t get a good answer, there it is.


It’s also exhausting so you’ve got to decide whether you want to go down that road. If you do, be prepared for the long haul. Having said that, when one thinks of a contract and it’s a thousand year contract, it’s thousand-life contract, it’s a hundred-life contract, it’s a two-year contract, whatever it may be, I think it’s very narrow-minded in a certain way because to me, it’s no different than the tree or the [tiger]. I see the universe and everything it holds to learn. We know nothing. We really don’t know much. As a human being, we’re reflecting on life and we’re interpreting the entire existence of our soul from a very humanistic perspective. It’s very human to think, “Oh, there’s written contract,” or “There’s a verbal contract,”  or “There’s a spiritual contract.”


There’s a contract? Really? A contract? So, I’m committing to something even though, in my next life, I may not have any idea I committed to this. That’s like punishing your children’s children for something you did, or you’re being punished for your grandparents’ grandparents that you have. One day you wake up and you realize, “I have a total revelation. I’m being punished for this reason because nine lives ago I did this and this and I signed that damn contract. Why did I ever sign that damn contract?” I don’t think the universe is so simple, in a sense, but here comes that double standard I have.


When people ask me if I believe in heaven, the answer is yes and no again. Do I believe in hell? Well, I’d say we are in hell, technically, as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t figured out how to get off the rock yet. Unless a UFO comes by and I go, “Attract to me with all my powers, aliens! I’m taking over!” Having said that, one has to ponder upon what we consider the soul. Is there an afterlife to us? I have said earlier that I don’t believe everybody has a soul. The reason why I don’t believe everybody has a soul is because I don’t think they gave enough time. They didn’t give a shit to reflect on what they are. They just do life. They go out. They golf. They swim. They party. They bang. They do whatever they’re going to do. They gain their monetary whatever and they never sat down to say, “What is the meaning of my life? What is all of this about?”


They might say, “I thought about it one day and I came to the conclusion that it’s so I get laid,” or “I get to make another million bucks.” There’s a level of sense of “What am I? What is my body? What is this machine? What is my consciousness?” If you dial into the wifi, if you see a ghost, people say to me, “You’re a spiritual teacher, why are you telling people to go into a haunted house so they can get freaked out?” I’m like, “Hey, you get freaked out if there’s one thing. If it was a damn ghost, you’re going to believe in life after death.” Think about it!


“It pulled me by my leg through the house!” I’d be like, “God damn you’re lucky! If that doesn’t confirm there’s life after death, what the hell ever will?”


It’s crazy but I’m a radical teacher! I see things very differently. I’m like a scientist-spiritualist. When one leaves to organic body, there’s a process of things that happen very rapidly. Time moves very, very, very, very quickly. You have to understand that you’re no longer confined to an organic system. I think of it like old wires, like telephone wires versus wifi or satellite. We have all these brain synapses and all these chemicals that have to be produced by glands and we have to wait until they build up and do all the stuff so we can be reactive to them. There’s electricity going in there but there’s a lot of chemistry also. When you leave your body, the first thing is that you need a vessel, just like you have a physical body to go through this dimension, when you meditate, when you practice the things that I teach and you work on bringing in Prana, you’re feeding yourself. It’s the same as putting food to your mouth and building from a little tiny infant, from the womb that you came out of, you grew into this beast.


You are doing the same thing. You’re building inside of your body a coexisting consciousness. It is a soul for better purposes but it’s really not a soul. It’s simply another body that’s able to contain the data of your consciousness, your memories, your lives, the things that you say. This is who I am. You change, you grow older. I look in the mirror all the time and I’m like, “That is not how I look! No!” The vessel changes but the consciousness is still there, hence the oldest thing that people say when they grow old. My mother says, “It may not look good but in here, I’m 20!” I’m like, “Sure you are, Mom!”


The truth is, there’s a level of truth to that. It’s the body that tells you you’ve got to slow down. When we leave the physical body, if we prepare, if we self-reflected, even a little, there’s this next generation of energy that moves this consciousness and can contain it into this ethereal level, into the wifi, if you will. Without that wifi, remember: something has to contribute to the consciousness of the planet, just like all the cells in your body giving you the data to know what you know.

There is a portion that has to go back to the Earth. That’s the way I see it. There’s a portion, a small portion, that I call the White Cells. These are the ones who go life after life like you never catch the same cold twice. Why? That data in reincarnating in a way. It’s somehow has a memory and it’s incarnating into the next body. It goes “Hell no! I fought you two lifetimes ago. I know how to defeat you.” There’s data. That’s information. What happens is that where I kind of look at a grey area for karma is that I believe that we are all attempting to return home. That’s something where everybody goes, “Ahh.” We know this, intuitively, like breathing air, having to drink water. There are certain things we intuitively know. There’s a sense in us that we want to complete ourselves like there’s something that we come from and that we need to replace within us or replace within it to be back as one. This is intuitive. This is what I call the “Godfield,” “God Consciousness” if you will.


I often think of it as—This is an awful, awful way to describe it. I don’t know if anybody’s had it, but I think it’s chicory coffee. If you have chicory coffee and you let it sit, it kind of gets these four layers. There’s really dark and murky. Then it’s kind of tannish red and then red and then clear. Something like that. Maybe I have it reversed. It’s been a long time since I drank it. I remember looking at it one day. When one thinks about it in our way of thinking—because dimensionally it’s completely different for us to understand this—think of it as being that we are trying to move into acceptance of this next level of color, per se. As we move upward, this is like the core of God consciousness. If you want to call it heaven, if you want to call it whatever, I don’t think there are cherubs up there. I think it’d be pretty cool. It’d be pretty funny but I don’t see it that way.


It’s a frequency and the universe’s creation is really heaven. It’s to explore. What are you going to do in heaven for the rest of eternity? I’d go insane! Shuffleboard? I mean, what do they do? You explore the creation of the universe, the diversity of it. The thing is, you elevate in your consciousness your understanding by the frequency by which your energy moves and “frequencizes.” It vibrates. Your presence matches, as close as it can, to the source of creation. This is what we are trying to move back towards. We’re trying to recreate that quality within ourselves, within our frequency, our compassion, our love for what was created. To me, that’s what we’re doing.


Sometimes, you get it all wrong. You come back and you’re a shithead. Call it Hitler, call it whatever you want. This is going to lower your octaves significantly. Now, everybody has a spiritual spark. Some have it stronger because they progressively are moving in the right direction and strengthening themselves and building it up so when they move from one life to the other or they have a little bit of decision now. You can call some of the shots, decide a little bit. You get a sense. I always say you can fill the mass with the air to move you in a direction. You may not be able to choose because what fun would it be if you could say, “I’m going to choose this life and I’m going to have that yacht and this place.”

You’ve got to understand that you get bored with stuff as a sentient being. You want sometimes—and I hate to say it— a shitty life. It’s a challenging life. It’s like a video game. If you play a video game and you always win, you’re not entertained anymore. You’re not challenged anymore. You’re not thinking anymore. If we exist, we want to have circumstances that we have to overcome, we have to learn from. We have to challenge ourselves. This is what creates growth, consciousness, awareness, compassion, that self-reflection on those decision and how they change us.


I say, “There are good things I’ve done. There are bad things I’ve done.” I’ve made good decision and bad decisions. This is part of life. It’s part of youth. It’s circumstances that you didn’t realize were the circumstances you dealt with. I made the choice based on the situation as I saw it. Would I change it now that I’m older and wiser? Yeah, probably a lot of things but it’s also what makes me who I am. My sense of self, my sense of growth, my sense of awareness is based upon that by which I experienced, the good and the bad.


One creates a frequency and that frequency defines whether your consciousness moves upward or into a higher place of consciousness. I would say that because of that, it could define by where you would move into other worlds in the universe, other explorations. I think exploration is the gift from the universe. We get to explore other worlds, other universes, other forms of life. When that finally come to the point where it becomes predictable, I’m like, “Okay, I’ll just…That’s it. I’ve lost interest now.”



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