Episode 13 – Becoming One With the Universe

becoming one with the universe

Awaken in God’s Dream

In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses one of the most requested topics from the Higher Balance Forums: becoming one with the universe.

He begins by explaining his opinion of what the universe or God is before going into what it means to become one with it.

Learn how the Foundation Meditation and Surrender, two of the cornerstone techniques in the Higher Balance curriculum are used to become one with the universe. Then, Eric takes it to a third level, sharing a special technique to “bring out the big guns” and truly awaken in God’s dream.

Other topics include the Tones and how they are used to navigate reality. This episode marks a big milestone in your spiritual journey and contains the answers to some of the most important questions for spiritual seekers.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Gain a deeper understanding of what the Universe is so that you can become one with it [2:05]
    • Many schools of spirituality ignore the sixth sense, or even worse, discourage students from pursuing it. Discover why the sixth sense is critical to reaching the states you are seeking [4:35]
    • Overcome the spiritual trap that calls you to escape society and discover why isolating yourself is one of the least spiritual things you can do [11:40]
    • White cells and reincarnation [15:15]
    • How to overcome negativity and discouraging thoughts [19:45]
    • Learn to separate your true self from your body (the machine) that holds you in place [24:10]
    • How to use dimensional sound, or the Tones, to move through dimensional reality [36:55]
    • The difference between meditating and surrendering [46:45]



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Jared: What does it mean to become one with the universe? [2:00]


Eric: You have to back up and ask yourself a question. When one says, “What is the universe,” in that context, I think there’s a lot of people who instinctively think “God” because at some point they came to the revelation, if they’re reading material or around what I teach already, or on their own, they realize that the universe is the embodiment of God. It’s a living organism in space. It’s vast. In so doing, when we refer to the universe as spiritualists, we think of that as being the body God, the essence, the flesh, the matter, stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies. These are like the meat and bones, the neural system of the body. The soul is like the Force. It is like this energy, this consciousness that pervades within the body. Just like you have a body, you have a spirit, a consciousness, a self-awareness. In some cases, a soul even. All of these are interacting, you could almost say dimensionally. They’re all coexisting at some level. There’s an organic level. There’s an energy level. There’s a spiritual level. There’s a consciousness that’s intertwined with it all. There’s this self-functioning process to it. There are so many levels on a micro-level to you that the universe is a macro-level on a massive level that we are within, just like you have living organisms inside of you, trillions, an infinite amount.

When we say, “becoming one,” I think the very first thing is to have that very revelation of what I just said. It’s to realize on your own terms, through your own education, through your own awareness or practice with my material that you begin to understand that the universe is a living thing. We are more or less an organism existing within it and it’s a shared existence. We’re not here to do negative, we’re here to do positive for it.


When you have that revelation, instead of not acknowledging yourself as to what you are a part of, there’s that separate division. This is what we call a Red Cell and a White Cell. A Red Cell doesn’t make that connection. It’s totally missing to them. It’s just them, themselves, and they’re marching along in this reality of life. It’s about them, them, them, them. Of course, they have some level of understanding or they have various religions and stuff like that. Then, there’s the spiritualist. There’s a White Cell that has this inner nagging to connect with something more, something that’s beyond what can be seen or smelled or heard. There’s this sense in us, driving us to become part of, to serve something that’s ethereal, a static force of energy that’s all around us. All we want to know is how to connect with this.


When you have the revelation that everything is alive, that you are in a living frequency, a reality made of energy, this begins to create leaps and bounds in your mind to begin to connect with it. That is the process of everything that we teach. How is that done? To answer your question, to become one with the universe is to first realize what the universe is. It’s God. God is the universe. Through that realization, you now have the beginning. It’s like to say, “Which direction do you begin to walk in if you’re on a journey?” You look in the distance and you see an ocean. You look in another distance and you see a mountain range. You look in another distance and you see something. You have to know what it is that you’re seeking or searching or wanting to know so when you have that mental comprehension, that understanding, that relationship of, “I totally understand now what I’m a part of,” to become one with it is a practice of meditation, expanding your consciousness, developing your psychic sensory so your sensory can then create more forms of data coming in just like your ears, your nose, all your levels of collecting data. You need other receptors to gather a higher form of frequencies or energies that no other form of sense can really grasp. You need to develop that sixth sense. That begins to interpret this next level of consciousness, dimension, space, time, reality.


In so doing, you then begin to feed or make the connection and you become a thriving being that becomes a useful part of the universe itself. It, then, is able to request or dictate direction to you rather than you just existing within it.


Jared: What’s the difference between becoming one with the universe and enlightenment? [6:45]


Eric: Well, becoming one and enlightenment, to me, it can take on one of those dual-words. There’s one part where they’re basically one in the same. If you can realize, truly realize—Most people will say, “Oh, I know I’m one with God.” They don’t really get it. Some people are going to take some offense to me saying that but all I want is the truth. Do you want me to tell you what I think the truth is? I’ll tell you what the truth is.

I think you’re like a parakeet. I think a parakeet speaks words but it doesn’t know what it’s speaking. There’s so much “parakeeting” in books and New Age stuff and everything else that it’s so shallow, it’s so “you can say the words and you get the general idea of it,” but you don’t get the deepest meaning of it to the core of who you are. It transforms you. It transforms everything about you. Being one and being enlightened are pretty much the same thing, but usually when you think “the one,” it’s like a stop-finish thing. “I’m the one. I’ve connected,”


Therefore, wordplay, depending on culture, takes on a lot of things that you’ve got to be careful of how it’s used as a word. Enlightenment, I don’t think of an end thing. Most people think, “Oh, it’s a state of mind,” but I think it’s a continuous expansion of understanding. It’s just that you reach a certain level that you have a greater comprehension than the majority. Not all, but the majority of the human race. Therefore, you definitively have a different view. You are the highest level of the hill that can see the furthest. What you see may not be exactly what they are seeing, therefore there’s that advantage in a sense, or that awareness, that understanding of what’s going on. It doesn’t mean you can’t continuously go higher.


When I also think of the one, it’s another way to take a step back. You see, it’s a duality. This is going to get into a heavy-hitting understanding to a certain degree but it’s also very simplistic. I often hear people say after, they go, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” I say, “Sure, but where was that thought articulated before I said it?” There’s no credit when credit is due. When you say “the one,” it’s to go back to what I said. If everything is a living organism, the entire universe is the body of God, it’s just so far beyond our comprehension, so vast, so large, it’s like an organism inside of you trying to comprehend what it’s inside of. It still has intelligence. It’s maybe not as articulate as us but there are probably things out in the universe far superior in intellect to us.


In essence, understanding the one is a duality between understanding that you’re one and you’re also the universe. There’s a duality. You can see yourself as an individual functioning in this moment. You could say, “Yeah, I’m this person. I’m that person.” Also as the one, you realize that you are part of a massive, massive collective that’s all inter-shared. It’s inter-communicated. It all serves the universe just like everything in your body is working for your consciousness. It’s helping you gather food for your survival. It’s helping you to survive. It’s helping you to get experiences. It’s marching you around, billions and billions of cells creating your body. Yet, none of them are really you. They all coexist for you.


If a cell were to realize it’s part of a giant ecosystem, that would the one because it sees itself individually. On the same token, the reason that made it the one is the fact that it understands by being the one, it’s also the many. Alisoné: all is one. All is representing the vast, vast universe of everything that exists, just like if you were to look at you. You’re made out of billions and trillions of living organisms. None of them are you, right down to the center of your brain matter. It’s all other living organisms and cells and structures that are coexisting for you. If a cell of your body can self-reflect and see it’s individuality but at the same time understand it’s part of a massive collective, a gigantic ecosystem, it’s that ability of recognition that allows it now to step outside of the normal flow and it’s able to have a different relationship with the universe. It’s able to be utilized with the universe on a different level. That’s what makes you a one or becoming the one. It’s individualized but in unison. You understand your relationship with God. It’s like saying to the universe, “I understand what I am now. I understand what you are. I understand what we are.” This becomes your holy triad that you see fundamentally in almost all world views. You always see three over and over and over again. This is a self-revelation of consciousness.


Jared: What are some of the pros and cons to reflect on oneness as a spiritual practice? [11:38]


Eric: Everything needs a level of fluidity. Everything in the universe is constantly in change. When something doesn’t move, it stagnates. That becomes poisonous. It’s death. The universe wants to grow, just like you do. Do you want to just sit in one spot your whole life, no stimulation, no anything? The mind is curious. Curiosity means data. It wants to collect new information. There’s a constant need for information gathering. When that information slows down or comes to a grinding halt, there is no more sense of purpose, no more sense of drive, no more sense of curiosity. We are constantly trying to understand and by understanding, we create. So does the universe.


In essence, it’s one thing to contemplate oneness. There’s a serenity that comes from that and it’s very powerful. This is what you’re doing with meditation. You’re doing kind of the opposite, but it gets you there. That’s the point of it. By letting go of everything, you’re left with what’s truly the final remnant. When you’re there, it’s as if it will open up to show you a greater revelation of what’s hidden behind it. On the same token, if that’s all that you focus on, you also stagnate your consciousness to be contributing to the universe or to God, which is really what your coexistent agreement is. You, in essence, have to partially work on that inner harmony, that inner balance because you’re removing all the distractions that are here to keep you in the Doe, the machine, not thinking. It’s to make you just basically part of the whole wave system of all the billions and trillions of living organisms in humans, marching around like robots almost. I call them zombies.


In essence, by having the self-awareness that you are separating yourself, that you can see it all, you still have to have an inner-harmony, an inner-peace by being part of it. Do you see what I’m saying? This takes a certain skill that assists you. In order to rise above it to have that view, what holds you down are a lot of your mental thoughts. Your thoughts are designed to keep you in a machine, into an organism that has tasks and roles just like your red cells, your white cells, your different organisms in your body, the various bacteria in your stomach. Every living thing, right down to the tiniest one, all has certain duties. In order to have time for self-awareness or to attain self-awareness, you need to say, “I am a conscious being so I am going to choose a method to elevate myself temporarily so that I can see the view and then go back down and consciously, while I’m working with everything else, work my way toward this destination that I have a view of in the distance.” That is always, in a sense, trying to elevate to the highest point so that you get a better spectrum of what’s going on.


In so doing, everything is designed to keep you here: the soap opera of life, the drama of relationships, the drama of family, the drama of work, coworkers, the need to survive, money, finances. Some people say, “Well, I’m going to go out into the middle of nowhere!” I know people who have gone out to Hawaii and lived out in the jungle. They come back three months later and their teeth are all coming out. They look disheveled. You’ve got to find an inner harmony. The best harmony is to sit down in your home and say, “Okay, I’m going to go into meditation and I’m going to continue working on my perfection.”


Jared: What happens if a white cell doesn’t become one with the universe in its lifetime? [15:08]


Eric: I think once a person attains a White Cell level, you’re going to incarnate regardless. The data becomes so valuable, in a sense, to the universe, that the universe doesn’t really waste anything. It prioritizes how it should be used and that’s logical. The universe is logical. Your body is logical. Organisms are logical. It only makes sense. A White Cell is going to incarnate. In a sense, you’ve limited the success of your awakening. Your number one goal in life, if anything, is to awaken and advance yourself as much as possible for the duration of your organic life while trying to coexist. Hence what I’ve said for decades: “One foot in, one foot out. One in this world, one in your spirituality.” When you tend to dominate more in one than the other, you’re out of balance and you’re going to, like a spinning top, recklessly go off the table. This is what creates chaos in your life.


If people who pay attention in their life take a notepad out and write it out for a month, if you meditate once or twice a day and you’re faithful to that, I guarantee it’s going to be the best, most peaceful month in your life. It’s when you wean your discipline that there becomes a problem. If you become too spiritual, you’re extracting yourself from society. What happens is that society has a mechanism, it’s an order, it’s like every organism, it reacts to you and wants to draw you back in. It creates more drama to bring you in, hence you’ve got to kind of pacify it as much as you pacify your spirituality. This is the fastest route to advancing in this reality, this dimension.

A person who does not achieve a certain level of awareness in their life is going to incarnate. They’re going to keep turning back because the universe is trying to—It’s like something that didn’t germinate. It didn’t grow as much as it could, so it’s recycled back in a sense. It still has the same genetic design, it’s just redoing it again.


Jared: What’s the importance of being submissive or devoting yourself to the universe? A forum member was worried about the effects it could have on his life if he really devoted himself. [17:06]


Eric: Unless you’re going to find a monastery-type life where you can surrender all of your worldly goods and worldly desires and extract yourself and adhere to their rules and their beliefs and they’re copacetic with you, then that is one level. The problem is you’re going to find that you have as many responsibilities to do in that form. This is what people don’t think about. There’s just as much unhappiness in monasteries. You wouldn’t think it but there is. There are also inner politics of having other people who are there to be spiritual. They’re not all sweet and nice. They all have issues too. It becomes the same pecking order. This is the human, biological issue.


The idea is to try to find a harmony between the two. I think that the greatest tool to meditation isn’t so much just meditation. It’s something that I and everybody should practice. With me, I’m constantly engaging to push harder, which means I endure greater levels of pushback from reality. In a sense, it creates a friction, a vibration, which creates heat, in a sense. If I, ideally, could step away from my duties then I think it would become a little bit more simple. When I worked my normal jobs, I was very happy, very peaceful because it was a normal level of stress for me. In that sense, what you do is you apply the idea of kung fu.


When you have a problem coming after you, you just use that momentum and you just lift it up and over your body moving with it. Do you see what I’m saying? You disengage or you train yourself to disengage from the drama. You train yourself to not let your emotions get sucked into the feeding or the frenzy or the gossip. That’s what sucks you into the Doe. You begin to control your life. This is what everybody forgets. They fall asleep and they start letting life control them. What happens is that you lose that inner peace. Even though this person may want to commit his life to spirituality and I would hope he or she still does, the problem is that it’s all in the approach. The secret is having long-term commitment. I still think it’s a training of how you perceive things, how you handle things, whether you can try to be an optimist but even more than all of that, it’s about taking the negativity in your mind, recognizing what it is, and saying, “I’m not going to feed into that. I’m not going to jump into that.”


Jared: Can you be spiritual and enjoy your life at the same time? [19:57]


Eric: I think that to extract yourself from life is not spiritual in any way, shape, or form. I think that life was created for you to coexist with. The universe needs something to understand what our reality, what our life is, what our world is, no different than any other world. It needs beings that understand it and act as an excellent conduit to convey to it and have trained themselves to do that as much as they become observers and partakers in this dimension, this creation. In so doing, it’s this duality they are trained to exist in. It’s not an easy one.


What happens is that you’re here to listen to music. You’re here to swim in water. You’re here to smell the sweetness of flowers or the songbirds in the distance. You’re here to laugh and love and enjoy human companionship. You’re here to do all those things. Even your sorrows are forms of beauty if they are allowed to transform correctly. In essence, it’s just remembering through that whole process what you’re also part of and just how much you allow yourself to get sucked into that. It’s a dream. You see, reality is a dream. It’s God’s dream.


In your mind, you dream. In your dream, the first thing you fight for is consciousness. That’s what you’re doing here. When you’re in a dream, if you’re not really—you’re aware but not aware, so whatever happens to you happens to you. You can have a positive dream or you can have an awful dream. You are being affected by the Doe in your dream. It’s deciding what’s going to happen to you. When you have a level of consciousness in your dream which is hard to do, you then can control what it is you want to do there. You’re still experiencing, you’re still partaking in that dream, it’s not like you shut down the whole thing. You decide to be like, “Wow, this is really amazing,” or “Wow, this is a beautiful dream. I never want to leave,” or “Oh, this is a beautiful place.” I mean, despite the fact that we remember the horrific dreams versus the great, wonderful dreams, people do have them. I would say, “Try to remember those.”


On the same token, if you can awaken in your dream, you certainly explore that world. You explore the possibilities of it, the wonder of it, how it makes you feel. We are that aspect in this reality, it’s just that we’re so in it that you really don’t think about that. You’re not supposed to think about that. That’s the difference between awakening and not awakening. It’s that you realize that reality is exactly that. It’s an illusion. It’s something that is made within some other form of creation.


Jared: So, if reality is an illusion, how would that relate to what you would term as “alisoné,” or “all is one?” [22:42]


Eric: Well, now we’re going to get real technical I suppose. Look, if you have a dream and you meet people in your dream, do they not appear in all ways, shapes, and forms to be unique? You don’t look at a person talking to you in your dream and say, “Oh, I’m creating this person who’s talking to me. Everything that person knows is really me generating it from inside my brain.” Every flower, every grain of sand, every vehicle making a noise, everything flying, every person I’m talking to, every piece of information, everything written on the side of a billboard in my dream is really all being created by me. The question then remains: Is the person talking to you—if they turn around and they say to you, “Joe, I know I’m in a dream. I know all of this is not me but it’s me because at this moment I have self-awareness,” the question is: Is that person within your own mind aware? The point is, are you guys all one or are you individual in there?


Jared: I would say we are all one. [23:47]


Eric: It’s still possible to become individual. Just think of this as being the same thing. The reality you’re in is still being generated by one consciousness, one true, final level and that’s the Force. That’s God. That’s the universe expanding.


Jared: How does becoming aware of that help you connect to the universe? [24:08]


Eric: When you become aware, the rules begin to change for you. The more you become aware, the more the rules change. You see, the universe has a level of seeing you. Let’s say you are having a dream. In that dream, that same person walks up to you. In your dream, they go, “Joe, I’m conscious of myself,” and they go, “Joe, you’re dreaming but this is the reality you’re creating and I’m in it with you.” That instant you kind of have this revelation inside of you. You somehow tap into the fact that you are dreaming. You understand now. There’s a part of you that begins to have memories—think about this—of your current life, the life that we call “now.”

Let’s call it “life one.” This is in this room, talking, people are listening. Life two is in the dream world right now. Life two thinks that there’s nothing, there is no life one. It’s having a conversation in its level two with another person that is aware, saying that there is a level one. The second you do that, you start to connect with pieces. This is like past life memory. This is like you don’t remember everything, you just know there’s this other part of you. You know maybe you have a kid, maybe you have a wife, maybe you have a job. You start to pull that information and you feel like it’s starting to put you together. Is that past life memories you’re having in that other place? What the hell is it?


If this person is saying they’re conscious and you’re beginning to be conscious, what does that make you? There’s a sense, now, of awareness. Think about it. If I’m awake and I know this is a dream, you just accepted the highest truth. This is what enlightenment is. It’s not about just saying the words because everybody says the words. They don’t know what they’re talking about. You now realize without even speaking it, “I know that I’m in a dream. That means I can change anything. I have complete ability to manipulate or change reality.” The question now is: to what extent?


In your dream mind, you’re thinking, “Oh, I’ll just mess with this,” or “I’ll move a car,” or “I’ll do this,” or “I’ll get this person to walk this way or that way.” You’re not really accepting the fact of you really possibly could do. Do you understand? It hasn’t even dawned on you. It’s like something is preventing you on that level too to really just go crazy there. Do you see what I’m saying? There is a sense of knowing in your self-reflectiveness because that’s what it is. You’re self-reflecting on level two that there is even a level one going on. Do you follow me?


To answer your question, it is in that moment of self-realization that you’re in a dream, truly getting it, not just saying you’re in dream. In your dream, you could, “You’re dreaming,” “Yeah, I’m dreaming.” It never dawns on you that there’s this whole level one to you. Then, you’re still in the dream and it’s just an echo. That’s the other part of you. The self-observation, which all of these things you’ll learn through what I train, tells you “What am I thinking right now? What am I feeling?” There’s a self-doubt in level two. There’s a question of whether there is a level one. You’re now saying to yourself, “No, I really am in level one and I’m now thinking I’m in level two. It’s making me half nutty.” There are all these different anxieties and you’re feeling them right now because you have been on level two and at some point, you have said to yourself, “Oh my god. There’s a level on and I’m conscious in my level two.”


It’s happened, it’s just removed or faded from your memory just like everything in this reality is. There are things taken from your mind constantly. The idea is: Can you have the revelation? The real question is: How long can you hold onto it for? This is what practice of meditation, practice of all the teachings, it designs you to survive in this ever-changing, shifting consciousness. It keeps you in the matrix in a sense. It gives you the skills to adapt, to hold your mind together, and to work on different levels.


Jared: Can meditation and non-thought help you break down the illusion that separates you from level one? [28:13]


Eric: It breaks down level one. It can also break down level two because your mind is what keeps you here. If you’re trying to not talk out loud, which I teach you, it’s easy to do. I say, “Don’t talk out loud for thirty seconds.” You’re like, “Okay.” I’m like, “Say something. Say something.” You just don’t say anything. You just look at me like, “Aha. I’m not saying anything. I already said I wouldn’t.” Oh, you’re in control? If I say, “Don’t say anything in your head verbally for thirty seconds, but let me show you several objects.” You’re going to find that this voice in your head has to shout them out. It can’t resist it. You’re training to be able to get that part of you quiet. You’re really going in your head saying, “What the frick part of me is saying this? Why is it saying this?”


It’s the first time you ever looked at your inner self. You start identifying the part of your consciousness that are vocalizing and have an opinion and what are they and where are they coming from and why. The second you start doing self-observation, you are gaining the power to recognize and immobilize those parts of what you think are you which aren’t. They’re the machine but they’re the parts of you to keep you in the Doe. It’s the parts of you that divert your attention when you get really serious about your spirituality. It’s the part that goes, “Oh, don’t we want some chocolate ice cream right now? Oh, we could get some ice cream. Don’t you hear the ice cream man out there?” It’s doing its job.

If you don’t know that exists and you’re not thinking about it, you just think, “Oh, I want some ice cream,” so you go marching out like a zombie, or “I want this,” “I want to do that,” “Oh, there’s a pretty person over there. I want to go talk to them.” You should be self-aware as much as possible but that comes through practice. You go, “No, that’s not what I want. You’re like a little child in there and every time you want something, you want to run off for it. I need to put you in the corner and put you in the corner.” This is when you become the master. You put these inner desires, these inner personalities to the side now. You’re saying, “You have your time. I’ll give you playtime later. Now is where I practice my inner kung fu and this is the adult’s time now. This is the spiritual master’s time.” In so doing, you have self-awareness and this is where the word “self-awareness” comes from.


This is developed. Just because you understand the word doesn’t mean you have it. There’s plenty of people who believe they’ve attained these things because they understand the concept. They haven’t attained it at all, it’s just another personality that’s stepped in to fool you.


Jared: Do you need energy to understand it? [30:45]


Eric: Yes. Energy is a very interesting word. We think of energy like electricity or fuel or sunlight. Everything has an exchange. There are rules to this reality. If you can understand that reality is a matrix, an illusion, it’s a simulation, call it whatever you want, and that you’re in there, that’s the first thing. You’ve got to realize you’re in prison. If you don’t know you’re in prison, there’s nothing you can do. You’re just a zombie. The second you realize you’re in a certain kind of prison of awareness, now you’ve got to accept help from the outside to get you out. It’s Gurdjieff thinking.


In essence, you need to understand what is the first thing that you need. It’s the most useful. In order for your mind to be able to do self-reflection, in order for it to have self-realization, in order for it to understand concepts, it needs a kind of food, just like your body needs food. You need apples and fruits and proteins and stuff that generate fats and stuff for your brain to push around electricity and biochemicals to move data around, move thought around. There is ethereal consciousness that’s coexisting in you, just like I was saying there are feelings and emotions in you that are overlaid with the billions of living organism that make flesh. They all exist for you but they’re receptive. We know this through positive and negative thinking. We can prove all of this.


In essence, you need to feed this dimensional part, this specific kind of food it needs because it’s uniquely different than your normal everyday thinking. Anybody who’s able to listen to what I’m saying and contemplate it, somehow naturally is getting this, but in minute amounts. It’s what’s sustaining them. It’s that curiosity because the second you wonder about it, you actually draw this kind of energy. It’s what we call Prana. This is the blue energy I talk about. This is the Force. It’s like plankton in the ocean and you need it. It’s microscopic but if you gather enough of it, it builds up in you.


When you work with this kind of energy, it begins to feed your dimensional body. Your dimensional body has its own neural system. In order to make it strong, just like a baby to raise it, you’re creating and feeding this new neural system in your body that’s able to perceive and understand time, space, reality, dimensions, entities, all of it. You need it because it has its own kind of eyes, its own kind of ears, its own kind of smelling. It’s far beyond what we understand in senses. It becomes the mystical part of the being. It’s the part of you that now can perceive beyond your five senses. It’s to say that if you never could see it, all of a sudden what a power that is to be able to see distance. What a power it is, all of a sudden, if you or very few of you could hear and listen to choose direction or where to go for something for survival or taste for food, what’s poisonous and what’s not. Smelling: which was is the fire coming? Which was is the problem? Which was is there fruits and stuff?


Any one of these we take for granted, but any one of these are collecting data from a distance to some degrees and what not. You need this dimensional sense, this psychic sense if you will, in order to pursue your spirituality. It’s the tool that creates the ability to step on these dimensional steps upward to move you into a time-space reality, another dimension. Without it, you are trapped in this place, this plane of reality, this dream.


Jared: As a new student, do I want to focus on developing non-thought through meditation or focus on psychic abilities? [34:24]


Eric: Listen, you will become—Anything that you focus on just one thing too much, it is nature, it is the design of the matrix to make it so that you become immune to resolve. Do you understand? It’s brilliant because it’s self-correcting computer code. Any time you persistently do something, think about it. If I said earlier, “Everything is required to change. Everything needs to progressively keep going,” the whole universe is emotion. Everything is emotion, every mountain, every desert, everything. If you perplex too much on one thing over and over again, it wants to drone it out, fade it from your memory, and make you start wandering. It turns the Babbler on stronger so that you begin wandering. It needs to feel that you’ve got a variety of stuff going on so it has the sense that you are doing things. It doesn’t compress all this energy to stop you.


You need to do multiple. You can’t just do yoga and do one stretch or two stretches or three stretches. You should be thinking much bigger. You’re still doing yoga, but you’re doing yoga for the mind, yoga for the body, yoga for your energy. This creates enough variety, it’s just that the difference is you have enough self-awareness that you’ve selected a school of thinking that’s goal is to make you escape the prison. You’ve got to make the guards think you’re busy and you can’t let them see you digging the hole in the wall. The slaves had to create a form of martial arts that was a dance because they had to fool the slave masters to think that they were just dancing instead of learning how to do hand-to-hand combat which was flipping brilliant on their part.

You’re essentially doing the same thing. You need to create a community or become a part of a community and become a part of a thinking or training that is basically being deceptive to the masters of what is controlling us, in a sense, keeping in the Doe like drones doing our day-to-day job. You have to find a way to utilize this kind of thinking and exercise it, making it your world while at the same time coexisting with it. That’s part of the trick so it works. One foot in, one foot out.


Jared: Can you talk a little bit about the Tones and how the Higher Balance Method can help you become one with the Universe? [36:50]


Eric: There are many ways to approach the Tones. First of all, most people are saying, “What the hell are the Tones?” The Tones are a frequency. It’s very, very, very real. It’s kind of like a high-pitched frequency that you hear in your ear. Some people will hear it sometimes when they’re just laying down for no reason. It’ll just go (imitating high-pitched ringing) really loud in one of their ears and they’re like, “What the hell?” If you just wait a while, it fades away. Everybody kind of knows that will happen.


The Tones are kind of like that. You sit, you quiet yourself, and you listen on the inner edge of your ear very quietly. You begin to hear a very faint, high-pitched sound, almost like it’s not there but it is. As you listen to, if you listen to it, it fades away. If you admire it, you just kind of ignore it but you’re conscious of it, it’ll get louder and louder. If your mind’s eye—It’s like if you close your eyes, think about this. If I had everybody close their eyes right now—close your eyes—I just want you to track this sound. (snapping fingers)


Jared: It went around your head.


Eric: How did you know it went around my head?


Jared: Because of the change in sound.


Eric: That’s right, but you also were tracking in your mind’s eye. You were developing an image in your mind that was kind of seeing where it was going. In essence, this is a tool to free you. We think three dimensionally. We think, we get up, we’ve got to walk through the door. We move, we think about moving our body. We don’t even think about it anymore, we just do. How do you move your mind? If your mind can move through time and space, how do we get that understanding? How do we teach the unteachable to us while we’re in a body? The Tones is the answer. You hear the Tones, the frequency. If you look at it, you’ll be looking at it with your mind’s eye the same way you track the sound, you use your Tones. You look with your mind’s eye without trying to listen to it. Do you get what I’m saying? There’s a difference and this is why you’ve got to do some of the training classes. They’re pretty simple but it gets the point done.


You begin, then, to control it and you realize, “Oh, I can make this louder or softer. I can bring it in so loud it almost hurts my ear.” It goes from (imitating soft high-pitched ringing) to (imitating loud high-pitched ringing). I know I sound crazy doing it but you all have done it so you know. Then, you’ll find that your mind’s eye moves to the left and you can feel it getting loud or soft. You find two tones now and you think, “Oh, they’re one tone,” but if you admire then carefully, you realize they’re two different pitches. If you think in your mind they’re one pitch, you’ll find that they go together and you’ll only hear one pitch. If you relax into it and you admire it, you hear two. Then, you move onto a third. The third and the first, they always come from the same place over and over again. There’s like ten of them. Most people are lucky if they get past three. It’s the ego who starts saying they want to go more. A true practitioner will truly achieve this and there are ways to prove it.


In essence, you find that you can begin to move through these bars if you give enough time to them. This is movement. This is like a flight simulator. When you go into a flight simulator, you put this on, or what will be surreal reality or whatever they call the glasses now. You put it on there. Your body isn’t moving but you think you’re moving. With these bars, you can’t really see them but you hear them. Now, you’ve got to imagine that you’ve got this reality thing put on, but instead of you visually seeing it, there are headphones on and all you get to do is hear it. If you only hear it, think about the snaps around my head. Now, you’ve got to be like Hundred Eyes from the Netflix thing there [1]. We’ll have to edit that because people won’t even know what it is in ten years.


It’s like you become a martial artist that is blind but you learn to use sound on where things are. Now, it’s in a surreal reality or a virtual reality and you now are using the sound to move in your

[1] Eric is referring to the Netflix Original series, “Marco Polo.”

virtual reality. That probably is the best description I’ve ever given. Now, you use these and you start to kind of control them. I always see them as bars. I imagine them as pillars and I’m in a room and it’s a generated reality. The pillars are always in the same place but some are far away so they seem very small in the distance. Some are big but they’re to the left and right. This is where you have to wrap your mind around it differently because we’re human. We think we can only walk over to one or we can only walk into—


No. This is a limitation in your thinking. What you do is you bring it closer to you. By admiring it, it becomes closer and the other one comes close to you by admiring. What you realize after you practice for a little while is that you’re able to—It’s like your body reaching out to grab something and bringing it to you. You realize now that you have a form of telekinesis. You can reach out and grab the bar with some weird part in your mind. It’s strange. You get used to it just like having to learn how to walk. We forget how hard it was at first until we practiced that. We had to do it. That’s the difference. You don’t have to do this. That’s what makes it harder. Do you understand?


If you have to get up to go to the bathroom or you have to get up to go get food or you have to get up to a get a water, you better believe you’re going to muster up the strength. There’s not a survival need that’s recognizable to a zombie. Do you get what I’m saying? This is what weeds out the strong from the week, spiritually speaking. It takes dedication.


You learn to grab these bars and you can move them closer to you. You can actually move them around with your mind after a while. Instead of just floating around or just kind of listening, there are levels to this. When you can start to move the bars around, now, all of a sudden, you should ask yourself a question. What if I go into a dream reality and apply the same kind of thinking, moving through my dream? Why can’t I just move the whole picture? Why can’t I do it? What can I bring into this reality? The more that you accept that this reality is a—that this is a strong matrix but it’s still a matrix that can be affected. This is what gets into paranormal abilities, miracles, phenomena, strange happenings. All of these things fall into these lines. It’s “how does the mind connect with it and from what level?”


Jared: Can you talk a little bit about why the tones are more apparent when you become aware in a dream or in reality and if you fall back asleep they kind of disappear? [43:07]


Eric: It’s going to fade. The interest will fade. Right now, you’re like, “Holy moly,” and you’re giddy and you’re excited. The self-correcting code does not want you to awaken. If you did, it changes the whole plan of the whole reality. Only the few, the most gifted, the most determined are the ones who survive out of it. Do you understand? This is why you’ve gotta make it a part of your life. This is why you have ritual. This is why you have practice. This is why you listen to modules or you train or you work with these things because you’ve constantly got to keep yourself engaged in it like a hobby. It has to become a part of your life. When it becomes a part of your life, eventually, the matrix adapts to that but it’s always waiting for you to mess up. It’s waiting for you to forget on your own accord like something happens to you and you spend too much time in this reality. You’ve got to kind of be in between the two and see everything in a different way and constantly be part of it. That’s why you want a community at times because other people are like-minded.


You want to listen and train to modules or read the books. This is what keeps you and makes your strong. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s when you wander out in the ocean and you don’t—It’s the same thing about being in prison. If you don’t know you’re in prison, you can’t help yourself. The minute you know you’re in prison, how do you get out? You’ve gotta have help. This is where the help is the teachings, it’s listening to this podcast, it’s meeting other White Cells in the community. You better hope they’re of the same mind because the rest of them are all zombies too, that don’t think they’re zombies.


In essence, you have to create a life that compliments your spirituality. I often say, “Don’t live your spirituality around your life. Live your life around you spirituality and you will do just fine.” Too many people put up pictures and they say, “Oh, I’m spiritual because I put up Buddhist flags,” or “I have a Buddhist monk head,” or “I have a necklace or something.” Rubbish. If you’re not practicing, you’re not existing. You’re sleepwalking. It’s about integrating it into your life.


I always say, “Do the three-day battle.” The three-day battle is like a huge battle. That means every day you meditate twice a day but you commit yourself to it. You do breathing exercises, you do some energy exercises, you go out, you practice everything hardcore. You’re like, “I’m doing a three-day sabbatical.” At the end of those three days, you tell me what the hell is going on. You will feel happier, more at peace, more powerful, more in balance and more in control of your life than ever. Now, you have to ask yourself a question because of those three days that you checked out, now you’ve got bills, money, people are saying, ‘Where are you?’ Relationship people are complaining you’re committing to them, it’s like you’ve disconnected. Now, you’ve got to ask yourself, “How do I fit myself in both worlds,” because that other world is going to force itself to bring you back to their world.


If you say, “Oh, I’m just going to ignore them,” you’re a fool. You have to find a happy medium but if you do the three-day one, you have to accept the fact that now you’ve got to acclimatize and find “one foot in and one foot out.” I’ve got to make a schedule for me to stay in this. If you do the same thing over and over, just meditating, psh, you’re going to lose. You can meditate but add something fresh to it. Do you want to eat the same dinner every day?


Jared: How is surrender useful to becoming one with the Universe? [46:45]


Eric: Surrender is another approach. It’s more of a conscious approach. When you meditate, you more or less want to forget about everything. You just don’t—You try to attain non-thought. That means you’re not thinking about it. Surrender is a very similar approach but yet, it’s different. With surrender, you have stuff that is bothering you or vexing you so you directly kind of deal with it. You look at the issue and you say to yourself, “Okay, I’ve got to let this go. I’ve got to get over this. This is from my past.” Everything in your past that’s traumatizing you or stressing you is what’s holding you, in a sense, down. That may sound a little crazy but you’ll find that every time you go for a holiday with family, they always bring up the past. This is what keeps you in that Doe network of a family and there’s always that sense in you that says, “I just want to escape this. I want to move beyond this. I relate to my family. I love them but there’s this other part of me that exists.” This, to me, is what I call a group-thinking. This is the matrix reinforcing your program of where you belong in it. You recognize it, you just don’t know what it is. I’m telling you what it is, now you’ve got a meaning for it, That’s a power.


Surrendering is like if somebody in your family was abusive to you, violent, or there was a tragedy in your life, you will find that there are times when you’re laying in bed and you’re stressing and you’re reviewing this in your head. This is something that happened five years ago, ten years ago! What the hell? It’s still giving you anxiety. You’re still arguing over it. You’re still resentful at people in your life that pissed you off that were involved with it. The problem is that these are all anchors. This is what’s keeping you from making your spirituality in the center. It’s creating a very powerful Babbler. It’s dealing with basically mundane, everyday stuff. It’s over with. It’s done. You’ve lived through it. You’ve moved on. By surrendering, you’re kind of saying, “I’m over this shit.” It doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It doesn’t mean you’re going to let other people take advantage of you. You never forget what you know, it’s just that there’s some part of knowing it that’s still running alive like it’s a program.


What you’re doing is you’re removing the emotional impact it’s having on your consciousness and you’re saying, “I’m going to remember it just like I can remember the curtains or the bathroom in my house.” I know not to flush my toilet if it’s got a leaky thing. I’ve got to wait for the plumber to come. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to, every time, think of your thing going, “Oh my god! The toilet’s broken! Ahh!” You acknowledge it but when you have these past things that you go through all the time in your mind, this has an impact on the neural system of your body, your muscles, your emotions, your facial muscles. People say, “Ahh, there’s just some crappy energy about you.” You’re wearing it.

By removing it, people feel like something’s been alleviated from you so they react to that. They don’t know what that is, they just seem to like you better for some reason. Surrendering is a whole technique-process that I teach. There’s a whole process to it and you learn to kind of encapsulate it and release it from you. What happens is that you feel like stuff is being permanently relieved off of you and it makes it so that your mind, when you go into your meditations, has much deeper levels of clarity, much more balance of emotions, much more inner peace. It’s like everything in your life starts to just kind of work in a better direction.


Jared: Can you explain how your meditation technique “Water of Life” can help you become one with the universe? [50:12]


Eric: Water of Life is like—Meditation, you could say, is notch one. Surrendering is level two. Level three is “Water of Life.” That’s like bringing out the big guns, as you guys know. With Water of Life, you’re bringing more an orientation of this physical reality and you’re saying, “Okay, here is a glass and the water that I’m going to put in this glass is representative of pureness, of goodness, of all the things I want to have in my life.” In a sense, you’re imbuing it. You’re giving it meaning. You’re giving it purpose. If one were to eat a banana and say “You’re going to nourish my body with potassium and vitamins,” you just think about that. Everybody thinks about it when they eat it. There are times when you drink water and you’re like, “I’m really dehydrated. This is going to rehydrate me.”


We look at things and we have an expectation. When you have water and you put an extreme expectation on it, it’s almost like your mind or soul becomes transfixed with it with how I show how to do it, because it’s very specific. You are saying that in a very ritualistic way. You’re bringing this dimension of structure, matter, things you can touch. The chalice and the water represent that. You’re saying, “I’m making this part of my organic body but I’m also making it part of my spiritual body because it’s affecting my mind, my emotions, my connection to God, spirituality, that I want this to be God so much. This is what I’m taking in and in it, going inside of me is purging me from the inside out everything that is undesirable.” It’s very powerful within the mind. It’s very powerful within the body organically and it’s very powerful spiritually because you’re going at it three different ways.

When you look at a lot of religions and spiritualities from the very beginning to cavemen, there’s always been a representation of fluid being taken into the body to represent washing or cleansing. We see this is nature. You’re utilizing the common sense of what we understand unquestionably from what we experience in life. You’re incorporating different kinds of details to represent inside of you but sometimes that little push in the mind and pushing the energy in and the frequency and the presence. It truly becomes powerful. It truly becomes magical. Everybody who’s done Water of Life always says they’re floored by it. It’s like one of the most powerful things they’ve ever done but some people have a lot of shit they need to deal with and I have to present something that’s going to be the tool for the job. Some things you can do with a small thing to some a medium and sometimes you’ve got to bring in the heavy guns. That’s heavy gun stuff. It unifies you with the universe because it’s very powerful. There are so many levels of training going into it.


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