Episode 24 – Behind the Veil of Reality

Episode 24 - Behind the Veil of Reality

Red Curtain Questions

In this episode, Eric continues the discussion on seeing behind the veil of reality from his recent class, Red Curtain: Act 2. Diving deeper into the topic of simulated reality and what it means to your spirituality, he answers questions on seeing energy and the “Sideways Rain.” Then, explore how to continue the process of integrating with the program to alter reality.

Peel away the veils of reality to see the deeper truth of the reality we exist in.


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In this show we cover: 

  • What it means to see the sideways rain and how to work with it [1:40]
  • Affecting reality in greater proportions [11:30]
  • How to handle the difficulties faced when affecting reality [15:00]
  • How to tell the Tones from tinnitus, and what the “static charge” is [19:15]


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Jesse: We’re picking up where we left off with the Red Curtain: Act 2 class. We had a lot of extra questions so we’re going to go over some of those. First question is just, quickly, could you describe what the sideways rain looks like? [1:01]


Eric: This seems to be the hot topic lately because it’s come up more recently than I think it’s come up over the last few years as far as frequency goes. Do you want me to describe it or do you want me to—


Jesse: Just kind of give a preliminary “what it is.” [1:29]


Eric: Alright, look. This is difficult to explain but you have to go on the premise that reality is an illusion from spiritual circles, or you could say that reality is a simulated reality. Whatever it is, that’s not the most important part. The important part is to say that what we perceive visually, physically, everything else is a generated reality for all intents and purposes. Having said that, if you were to strip everything that we see away that’s an illusion, everything that we’re told, “This is reality to our senses.” When you sit and you meditate in a specific way and you observe through your eyes—not with your eyes shut, not with your mind, not like, “Oh, I think I feel something”—literally, with your eyes. You stare into a room that—you don’t necessarily need to have the lights off but I recommend it in the beginning for people who need to know what they’re looking for. Once you have it, you can do it anywhere with any amount of light.


You then kind of look in there and you see this static in the air. You see the energy, you see the environment. You’ve kind of got to work with that. You use this process of letting your mind go, emptiness. It’s really—I think the key thing is not so much paying attention to what you’re observing as much as you’re emptying your mind, as much as you’re detaching, you’re using the techniques that you’ve developed over time from Higher Balance to kind of detach mentally. That’s kind of like the wifi that keeps us connected to all of this. The more non-thought you have, the more that you let your mind kind of empty out, the less it has in integration with your consciousness and with your sensory. What begins to happen is you see the static, you see different layers and it’s like kind of peeling away like an onion and I’ve said this with other stuff because it’s a great way of explaining this. You kind of have to accept removing these layers. If you’re just going to go from zero to a hundred, it doesn’t work that way. Take your time with it.

As you’re staring, you’re going to see the static. It’s going to fade. You’re going to see different stuff fade away. You’re going to see different things until eventually, you get to this point where if the room is dark, you won’t have the superimposed background a little bit so I want people to understand that so they can confirm they’re actually seeing it. Sometimes, when I do it, I’m so aware of it that I can still see the reality still here but I can see in the space between me and whatever the object is in the middle. I can see the whole thing filled with the sideways rain when I’m in that state. You can get to such a point where everything just starts to fade away like the room, the walls, the furniture. It literally starts to become like transparent and then it just disappears to where you just have this sideways—it looks like static.


How to describe it? If you can see energy in a room, at first you see the static everywhere but what you have to realize is that when you see little tiny dots and there’s so many of them, it looks chaotic. It looks like they’re just there. You can see what are blotches in certain areas. In certain areas, they seem a little bit brighter as blotches. This gives you a sense of depth—not depth, but just another layer of how I think this simulated reality or whatever you want to call it, manifests our sense of depth and distance. This is just a very rude, cleared up way of starting to see that.

When you realize that it’s just distortion and that the clear level and the dark level are literally side-by-side next to each other, there’s no real distance, it’s an optical illusion. You start to see that static for what it is. In your mind, there’s another level of truth when you realize that. Now, you start to get rid of this depth level of blotchiness. You realize that all of these little dots are perfectly laid out. They’re microscopic, they’re laid out perfectly. It’s to say that the negative protons around it—an atom or whatever—how does it keep its distance? How does it know how does it know how perfect for the spacing between that and the core if you will? It’s to say the same thing. It’s like they perfectly keep an exact distance from one another and if you were to make a pen line on a microscopic level, you literally could make a square with it. The square could turn diagonal, whatever. You could them make a square and that square from whatever direction you would look at, would look like it’s bending or whatever. It’s just optical.


This is the main element that I keep stressing for the foundation of reality, the creation of reality. This is the first governing level of how I believe it functions as far as what we perceive and enter great width. That’s very important to say that. Now, as you begin to observe this static energy and you realize how organized it is, there is this knee-jerk reaction in you. There’s this level of fear. It’s probably just as primal as the fight or flight syndrome. It’s just different and you kind of either have to relax with it with non-thought or you’re going to panic and you’ll just snap out of it.

What happens then is you continue with this peeling of the onion and you’re getting down to very, very fine levels. The instant that you start thinking about wanting to see even further, you’re out. You can’t think like that. You’ve got to use these techniques to really get this level. What happens is you become aware that there is this grid that you are in but you can observe from a distance, interestingly, even though it’s moving right through you. There’s still this sense in your mind, being able to create a three-dimensional reality. You see what looks like a pulse, little tiny pulses. At first, you might think that these pulses are just like stars twinkling a little but very faint, very—I always say greyscale.


When you start to become even more aware of it, you start to realize that they’re not really pulsing. It’s actually moving in a sideways direction. It’s actually following—I want to say a linear path but it’s following a top-right to bottom-left direction. Now, why does it do that? I think that if you observe it enough, it may switch going in the opposite direction. I think this is just something optically, us relating to it. When I really, really get down to the deepest levels, I see this very faint movement. This is why I call it the sideways rain because it’s happening throughout the grid. It’s like rain on a rainy day. That’s the only way I can describe it, but with the wind blowing and it’s dark out so you have some illumination. You can see what looks like raindrops streaking across the air. There are other ones following it and there’s this tethering trail to the raindrop. It kind of looks like that. That’s why we call it the sideways rain.


I would have to say that this is the finest element that’s perceivable through our eyes, optically, and I believe we’re adjusting consciously, what is maybe the background source of energy for what generates reality. It’s like the “tell” as they call it in poker when someone itches their ear or rubs their nose. It’s the tell. This is the tell that if it’s energy is so perfectly generated, so perfectly efficient—extremely efficient—that is to say that the best thing that we can say is to look at a computer monitor and if you were to shut it off, if you were to film it and put it in slow motion, what happens when the actual image disappears? Are there any remnants of discharge in that monitor and we’re just not seeing it right away? That’s how I would kind of relate it.


Now, the thing that starts to get even deeper and more interesting—and I’m not sure if everybody is ready to understand this or not—is that from a very deep spiritual aspect, I don’t perceive myself as being in this place. When you are seeing this, there’s this other part of me that also acknowledges that my consciousness is immersed in something. Does that make any sense? Because I’m immersed in something, I still know that what I’m seeing for sideways rain isn’t necessarily the totality of a true existence. It’s still part of the simulated reality. It’s to say that in your dream, there is all this imagery, this distance, textures, smells. Everything you can do here, you can do in there. There’s not a level of limitation to where you can travel to or what you can experience. If you were to remove all of that, what is there? It’s the static energy but it’s nothing like what you imagine it to be. There’s a whole mainframe that you exist in called the organic brain if you will. It’s almost as if it’s in another dimension because you almost can’t relate to it. Do you understand? It’s kind of like that and that’s where I’ll leave that but it’s enough to drive everyone a little bit crazy.


Here’s the thing: What good is the idea of understanding a simulated reality or understanding all of this? It gets back to the absolute properties of, “Can we affect reality?” If we can affect reality, how can we affect it in greater proportions? I believe that is the direct correlation if there’s some mathematical kind of figuring or computation. I believe it has to be with the fact of how much you acknowledge your relationship with reality. How much do you understand? How much can you perceive? How much can you envision in your mind, imagine if you will, that that relationship corresponds to a certain degree with how you can affect things.


I think it’s very interesting because there is the old tale—and I’ve told it before—about the Korean mystic, way, way back when, when he was kind of ordered to move an entire military from one end of the country to the other, instantaneously. The story kind of goes that there’s this intense fog that starts and they’re all kind of marching slowly. Into the fog, they can’t even see their hands in front of them but what’s interesting is, “What can you see?” They describe it as a fog but I say to you, when I just tell you to look at this energy, it looks like little droplets in the air when you can focus on it closer up. In the distance, it looks just like fucking fog. What I’m saying to you is: What if this is only hypothetical because I have no way of knowing for sure, I wasn’t there? What if they all moved into what is a state like this without realizing they were? What if this mystic generated that and they accepted this fog and the accepted the fact that something was happening? When the fog started to dissipate, here they are somewhere else than where they were. They folded space.


If we were in a simulated reality, this, under normal circumstances, is just insane to imagine. Keep in mind that if we’re in a simulated reality, there is truly no distance. This is what we’re constantly bouncing around ideas for science. I would also say: Bring up the Philadelphia Experiment, whether it’s true or not. I lean towards true whether or not it was exactly the Philadelphia Experiment. With magnetics, which isn’t the same as regular magnets for a kitchen refrigerator but we know through Einstein, we know through such that reality is created on the basis of magnetics. In so, can it be manipulated? Can it be shifted? What holds this static reality together that I’m talking about? What is this force of energy that keeps these dots so perfectly separated at such a perfect distance? To me, I always go back to magnetics. I don’t know if I’m over-explaining things or if this is useful or not, but I think reflecting on this stuff in a spiritual context makes you more gifted, more likely to have profound experiences.


Jesse: So, would you say that going into seeing the sideways rain is one of the first steps to actually bending reality in a certain way? [14:36]


Eric: I would say to always be careful with—I think one of the problems to affecting reality in a spiritual aspect is because we always put physical terminology to it. We think about it as physical terminology and that, in itself, has rules because it’s like a computer program. That’s what makes it extremely difficult to affect things or to make spiritual things happen in your life if you want to call it that. You have to learn, as we teach, to do these things in a non-thought kind of way. You’re still thinking, you just don’t need to use words and think in the same way that you have. It’s like learning a new way to think. It hacks reality. Yes, to that. You are observing and when you observe something, you become aware of it. If you become aware of it. If you become aware of it, there’s a part of your consciousness that’s starting to understand that you’re questioning reality. This is way back when when I would say “You’re a White Cell. Your whole life, you’ve questioned everything. You have a calling. You have this sense of something, that something’s different. Something’s calling you and what you see and what you touch isn’t all that’s there. There’s something beyond all that.”


Bring us up to the future now, this is what I’m trying to say to people. It’s just that at that time, people couldn’t understand that as a majority of the people. This veil, once you understand that there’s a veil, once you can acknowledge there’s a veil, once you become aware of it, this, in itself, is an undeniable leap in your cosmic trajectory or awakening. This is confirmation. There’s something in at least HBI people. We’re very logically driven. We want more concrete stuff and we deliver more experiences than anybody out there. I don’t have to pander to your guys, I know what’s out there and I know a thousand to one, we deliver more experiences than anybody out there in one week, let alone one year.


Those experiences are what are constructing a whole new sense of reality for you. It’s what’s dialing you in. The real question now is: How do you organize it to a level which we call “affecting and manipulating?” That’s the next level. When you experience these things, you may not know exactly—at least for our listeners—what to do with that as you progress but that is a huge leap forward when you start thinking about manifestation, when you start thinking about doing healings, when you start thinking about doing telepathy or deal with time and space and reality. This is all collectively part of that possibility because you’re getting to the core, the heart of what’s really behind everything.

Once you know that exists and you know how that starts to work because you’re observing it differently, your mind is consciously working in your subconscious on it, this now allows you to have an amplification if you will, of your abilities, your sensory, your skills because you’re learning unconsciously, again, how to hack reality. That’s what all psychic phenomena are. That’s what all paranormal stuff is. When you really think about it, we’re really bending physics and most people can only do it in tiny little increments here and there. It’s extremely difficult to do. The more that you can understand the epicenter of how it really works, now you’re really walking in my shoes. Now you’re walking in an understanding of how it all works. Your understanding now allows you to have a higher level of integration with these phenomena. Nobody is talking about what I’m talking about, nobody.


Jesse: Nope. [18:35]


Eric: We’re light years ahead of anybody. Anybody who is listening to this stuff is on the cutting edge of what I would call the new metaphysical consciousness. It just goes beyond New Age stuff.


Jesse: Yeah, definitely. I have a question here from somebody that said, “When I’m tired, I see tiny colorful fractals just hanging out there in the air. I just wanted to say that but how does one know if the constant sounds are Tones or tinnitus? They’re very loud at times. In meditation, a few times on the right, it feels like the pressure changes, a pop with a very loud sound that lasts for a second. Any thoughts? [18:46]


Eric: Yeah, I think there are different variations and tinnitus is definitely a very real thing. Look, usually with tinnitus—and I don’t claim to be an expert on it—you really can’t control the Tones as I understand from people who have it. Therefore, that is one indication. Number two, tinnitus and that popping or whatever, are two different things, at least that’s how I’m understanding what they’re saying. Sometimes when you’re sitting on a couch or in a car or something, you’ll all of a sudden hear, right in your ear (imitating Tone sound). It gets really loud (imitating louder, deeper Tone). Then, it just kind of goes away and you know it’s going to go away. To me, this is a conscious shift. Something either in the matrix or in your consciousness or in what I’ll call—and this is craziness—your trajectory of life. Something is being altered and that’s your telltale. Something is happening. It may be so minute or it may be so grand that you’re completely unaware of being able to see it, even in a matter of days or weeks. Something was altered.


Number [three] is that maybe you could say this is something in the eardrum, maybe there’s pressurization. I would argue that only because of what I know. Having said that, tinnitus is going to be something that’s going to be continuous. It never ends, it never stops. With listening to the Tones, although you can get batshit crazy because you can’t stop thinking about it because one thing you’re looking for them and you can’t find it, all of a sudden you find it and you can’t get it to stop. It’s like, “Oh my god!” I always say to watch TV or if you go to sleep or something, it will just stop. Tinnitus won’t do that.


The key to listening to Tones is that at first, it’s almost like you’re fighting to find it. Then, when you find it, it’s almost hard to get rid of. You can have bouts where you could have it going on for a couple of days. It’s not that you can’t get it to stop but your mind gets curious and goes, “Oh!” You start thinking about how it stopped, “Yay!” Because you’re thinking about it stopping, you’re subconsciously searching for it. You can feel yourself doing it like, “Where is it?” The second you do that, you’re bringing it back because you developed this skill to find it which is just crazy when you think about it.


These are the differences you’re going to find between tinnitus and whatnot. I can’t out there whatever but what I’ll say is that with MagPill for—I’ll leave it whatever reasons—people who have tinnitus, they say that it stopped for them. I’m just going to leave it at that because we can’t say one thing, one way or the other.


Jesse: Also, I think it’s like you’re listening to the Tones and you hear a—you don’t necessarily hear it but it’s like you feel a pressure change and it’s almost like on one side or the other, there’s almost like when you’re underwater or something, like a feeling that there’s this pressure. You don’t hear another Tone there but you feel like there might be one there. [22:00]

Eric: This is where we have to be very careful. When you start to talk about the unknown, the delicate fine lines of this subject, words are very, very misleading or they can lead you right to what you want. When you say, “a high pressure,” we’ve got to be careful with that because I think people are thinking that you’re literally feeling like a pressure in an airplane and you want to yawn your ears. That may be the case and that’s what I need to know. If that’s the case, I have not experienced it in that way. If you’re experiencing it in that way, then I would say something unusual is going on. I would want to clarify this.


Jesse: Sure. It’s kind of like when you have a seashell on your head and you hear that (imitating hollowing noise). It’s kind of like that.


Eric: Just for the record, that, to me, is not like an airplane and what you would say, “underwater pressure.” That’s what I was—Would you agree with that? When you’re doing Tones—and I’ve gone through Tones so much, I’m shocked that there are even questions to this anymore. There’s so much information and so many techniques I’ve given. You may feel what you’re calling a pressure, I call a “static charge.” The static charge, I think, is your brain electricity kind of moving around, your nervous system of your body. I also think the energy around your body is being manipulated. I’ll throw something new because I like to keep the podcast and anything I do a little bit fresh and keep pushing it.


Seeing that we’re talking originally about the sideways rain and that this is the static reality, the foundation that creates everything that we’re connected to for a simulated reality, when you start to work with Tones, I would say that—I’ve never done this, I’d like to probably observe this. I suspect that when you’re shifting Tones, if you were to look at the fog around somebody, that it would be arcing. That’s the best way for me to give you an idea of what I’m trying to explain.


Jesse: It feels like it’s doing that. [24:40]


Eric: Yes and this is what I’m trying to say. You’re bending and I always say that the truest way to movement is learning how to work with Tones. It’s almost from a human perspective, a three-dimensional perspective, it’s very, very hard for people at first to understand that when you’re using Tones, you’re moving with your mind. We just don’t relate to that, do you know what I’m saying? If I had to give it that, it’s like somebody doing a soundtrack for—Sometimes they’ve got these pieces of music, they’re like movie tracks but they’re not for movies and you can hear someone walking a cave or the raindrops in the distance or something moving towards you. That is like moving in your mind. It’s giving you this sense, audibly, even though you’re not. It’s fooling you through audio.


It’s similar to that. When you’re doing Tones, you’re feeling it very much in the distance. It’s faint and then you’re trying to control it. You’re trying to bring it in so it’s getting louder. All of a sudden, you realize that you can make it get louder and you can make the other one get louder or softer. Then, the other one can get louder or softer. Here’s the thing: The key word is that you’re making it. You’re somehow grabbing something without hands, without anything, just by focusing on it. Somewhere inside of you which is the chest which we’ve shown, you’re learning to use that to bring something in and to push it away. You’re learning to go an pick something else and say, “Okay, I’m choosing to take this and bring it in and move it away.” The more that you learn to do that, you’re learning movement. You’re learning how you will physically operate when you have no organic body left. As a soul, as consciousness outside of your body, if we’re in a simulated reality and consciousness exists outside of it, how do you move? How do you operate? It’s going to be completely alien to you getting up out of a chair and walking.


This is why I say it’s so important to understand something about the Tones. You don’t have to do it every day, you can forget how you do it but you never really forget. Do you see what I’m saying? It’ll come to you. You are learning how to move your mind in such a way that is teaching you a new form of what’s up and down. Anybody who’s done it, you guys are both—it’s probably some decent level. You know what I mean when I say, “Tell me where up and down is.” We just think forward and backward but if you really think about it, there is no up or down. It’s just a direction.


Ask yourself, “Where is up and down as energy?” If you’re a consciousness or soul, you don’t have eyeballs. You don’t have a nose. You don’t have ears with eardrums. You don’t have lungs. You are a static consciousness. How does that work? What really makes absolute sense is the Tones. The Tones make absolute sense and if that’s all you’re doing, then immediately you will excel at that. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s like a fish to water.


This high pressure you’re talking about, you’re moving around. You’re moving around your energy that’s coexisting with you organic body, your three-dimensional, two dimensional, call it whatever you want, body. You’re moving this energy. You’re flexing yourself in a unique way beyond just doing energy movements.


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