Episode 24 – Behind the Veil of Reality

Episode 24 - Behind the Veil of Reality

Red Curtain Questions

In this episode, Eric continues the discussion on seeing behind the veil of reality from his recent class, Red Curtain: Act 2. Diving deeper into the topic of simulated reality and what it means to your spirituality, he answers questions on seeing energy and the “Sideways Rain.” Then, explore how to continue the process of integrating with the program to alter reality.

Peel away the veils of reality to see the deeper truth of the reality we exist in.


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In this show we cover: 

  • What it means to see the sideways rain and how to work with it [1:40]
  • Affecting reality in greater proportions [11:30]
  • How to handle the difficulties faced when affecting reality [15:00]
  • How to tell the Tones from tinnitus, and what the “static charge” is [19:15]

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