Episode 59 – Collective Consciousness

Exploring Your Connection

What’s really happening beneath the surface of your perceivable thought? Your connection to the collective consciousness shapes you influencing your thoughts and expressions. 

Join us for the live Q&A with Eric Pepin on May 10 at 3 PM and explore how your connection to the collective consciousness affects you and how you can separate from it. 

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In this episode, Eric will delve deeply into the concept of collective consciousness, taking questions from the audience.

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Echoes of Consciousness

Within this physical reality, there are millions of micro-realities which mold your consciousness. Eric refers to these micro-realities as “bubbles” of reality and warns that these bubbles have the potential to crystallize your consciousness and ensure that you remain a product of this matrix.

The bubble in which you reside will determine your perceptions of life. Until you discover the method of extraction, the interpretations of your experiences will filter through your bubble and you will be left with an edited version.

When you equip yourself with the proper understandings, you can move your awareness to these bubbles and use them as potent tools to extract yourself from the Gaia mind and re-write yourself into a different bubble.