Episode 27 – Crossing Dimensions

Episode 27 Crossing Dimensions

More Red Curtain Questions

In this episode, Eric discusses two meditation techniques he teaches and clarifies the difference between the Higher Balance Foundation Meditation and the Tones Meditation. Explore the benefits of each and understand the importance of absorbing prana and maintaining non-thought to fuel your energy body to function at these higher levels. Continue working with the Tones to learn how to move in the dimensional realm.

Approach your training in a different way to operate under the radar and achieve greater results. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 

  • The difference between Foundation and Tones meditation and the benefits of each [1:20]
  • The one technique every seeker needs to progress [4:00]
  • Why so many profound experiences are erased or watered down in your memory [7:15]
  • Using the sometimes mundane nature of daily practice to cross the barrier into dimensional realities [15:05]
  • Explore Kundalini energy in the context of simulated reality [17:50]
  • The importance of having one foot in and one foot out of this reality [20:45]

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The Higher Balance Method

This is the method practiced by spiritual masters to "trigger" enlightenment. Ask yourself… what did the Enlightened Masters throughout history meditate to? Obviously, they didn’t rely on the latest gimmicks and mainstream spiritual fads.

They meditated to a Dimensional Sound which has been called “The Voice of God” by these same enlightened masters who were able to re-write reality as we know it. They were able to accomplish this because this ‘sound’ was used to trigger an Enlightened state of consciousness. Are you ready to enter the realm of masters?

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