Episode 25 – Dream Realities

Episode 25 Dream Realities

A program within a program… within a program.

In this episode, Eric explores dream realities and teaches a process to enter dreams. Bypass the Matrix by learning to properly assimilate the dream world you want to enter and build the psychic connection to garner data or invoke positive emotions and thoughts for loved ones. Then, discover how to use your dreams to slipstream into Gaia mind or Akashic Records.


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In this show we cover: 

  • The process used to enter someone’s dream [0:55]
  • How to use assimilate to bypass the matrix [2:10]
  • Building the psychic connection [4:40]
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of this shared “Wi-Fi” [6:25]
  • Invoking positive, loving emotions and thoughts for a loved one [10:20]
  • Increase your results by viewing dreams as computer programs [12:20]
  • Use your dreams to slipstream into Gaia mind or Akashic Records [16:40]
  • Discover the hidden mysteries of the dream world to reveal the power that lies within you [18:45]


Dream Realities [Click to see more...]

Eric: I’m being asked how to start going into someone’s dream, how to develop a practice around that. Let me start off by saying that there are good things somebody can do and bad things somebody can do. Clearly, no matter what I share, what I reveal, there is always this sense of responsibility in me. Am I giving this to people who are going to use it for the wrong things or the right things? My only hope is that with sharing this, you make the right choice of doing good with what I share with you and hopefully not the wrong choices.


Without further ado, the trick to entering someone else’s dream or dream-sharing if you will, it’s very complicated. I’m not a New Ager. I don’t believe in simple, fuzzy answers. It’s more like a science and if you follow the process, the results are usually excellent. In the shortest context, there are several things you can do. If it’s a person’s dream you want to enter then one of the approaches is to basically assimilate that person. What I mean by that—and there’s a whole course I teach on it—is essentially, you want to mentally kind of believe that you are that person.


You might start off by sitting in a chair like I am. Let’s say that I wanted to be someone I know and I know they wear a baseball hat, a white t-shirt, jeans. They walk a certain way and stuff. Everybody has a certain feel. You want to kind of take that feeling into your own body, kind of like an actor would. You want to imagine what it would be like to feel a hat on your head if it’s not something you would normally do. You want to imagine that white t-shirt or whatever that person wears. You want to look at the details, the watch they wear, these things. You want to imitate, in your sense of how that person feels day-to-day.


What are their facial gestures? How do they kind of react to things? How do you perceive them as a person? You want to mimic that in yourself as if you were that person. By assimilating a person, becoming that person, it’s the details. That’s really the secret of it. It’s the details. It’s one thing to pretend you’re somebody. I think most people do sloppy work. They say, “Okay, I’m that person. I feel like them.” That’s not good enough. That’s the difference between amateur, intermediate, and really somebody who gets the job done. The person who’s going to get the job done is going to sit down for a half-hour or an hour and really, really think about that person, the way they walk, the way they move, the way they feel, maybe certain smells that they feel like when they’re around them, that that person has particular colognes or perfumes that they wear. You’ve got to get over the fact of whether they’re male or female and trying to absorb that personality in you because it should be a non-issue.


It’s the details. Maybe they wear a certain kind of jewelry. You need to think about that. You need to recall what you know about that particular piece of jewelry, a ring, a watch. Look at it, look at the detail of it. Think of yourself admiring as that person, that person’s particular ring, looking at the detail of it, how they would feel about it. It’s not about how you feel, which is naturally what you’re going to go to do, it’s being mindful enough to make sure that you’re trying to see it through their eyes and relating to it, the value of that ring. Was that ring from someone special? Was that ring something that they just liked? What did they share with you about it? The more that you know that person, the higher percentage you’re going to have of making what I call “the psychic connection.” There is a web that connects us all.


You want to integrate as much of the personal information as you can, especially current information. If that person maybe just got some really happy news, go through the motion of how that person would feel receiving that motion and how they might react. The trick here is: the more that you become that person, you have to understand that there’s a grid and we’re all part of it. We’re all interconnected like wifi but it’s much more advanced than wifi. It is monitoring all of us and we are monitoring everything around us. It shares data, it shares information constantly. By you becoming this person to some degree, confuses if you will, this giant matrix into believing that you’re kind of both the same person. It allows for you to kind of merge, if you will, or share information for blips and pieces. It’s very difficult. The higher the skill level, the longer amount of information that’s shared that you’re able to garner from the situation.


The more that you can create your state of mind to do this, the better. Now, once you’ve spent a good half hour to an hour working with this, maybe even using photographs of the person and just kind of integrating, feeling like that person as much as you can, thinking about the details: watches, sneakers, shoes, whatever you think that that person reflects on. Anything recent that’s happened in their life makes it more recent in the moment of connecting in the eyes of this giant kind of wifi connection, I call it, this psychic webbing. It fits better, it parallels like they’re very similar and it has a hard time separating the two of which one is the right one.


You, then, can either lie down or sit in an armchair and bring yourself into a sleeping state or a very deep relaxing state. Some people basically will say that it’s an in-between state where you’re kind of sleeping, you’re kind of not. Now, herein lies a trick: try to have that person’s picture near you. Try to have your intention, what we call your game plan, your flight plan. You want to merge with this person but the real question is: What do you want out of it? Do you want to influence this person? Do you want to gain information about this person? Do you want to have some kind of effect in their life? What is your real drive behind all of this? What are your real intentions? Hopefully, they’re good. You want to bring that into the effect.


As you being to drift off, you want to think about your hand. Hands are about touching, they’re about feeling. It’s about organic. It’s one of the most integrated with our reality. When you go into a dream state, often you have experiences but few are the dreams where you’re actually physically touching stuff and feeling it. It’s one of the most vivid dream levels that you’ll have. You want to kind of go into your dream where you’re kind of looking at your hands an imagining that ring on that person or that watch and what it feels like. Just let yourself start drifting off and let your mind drift. You may not fully fall asleep. You may start to get images which are, technically speaking, the blips and flashes you get. It’s going to more or less be the field between your identity and their identity kind of merging for a second. You’re almost like drawing images or feelings and that’s an important one. Not only do you get images but you’ll get feelings, sometimes tastes, smells. Don’t dismiss anything because they may be very strong confirmers the next day.


For instance, you might say, “Did you eat chocolate chip cookies yesterday?” They’ll look at you like, “Oh my god, how did you know that?” Do you see what I’m saying? You need that to increase your confidence level in what you’re doing. There’s always that filter in the back of your head, “Am I really doing this right?” “Is this really going to happen?” “Is it BS?” The more confidence you have, the better your success ratio of hits are going to be.


Now, on the other side, the flip side of that, if you do all these practices and you go to bed with an intention and you go to sleep, ten to one, you may have that person in your dream and share information. You might be able to say the next day, “I had the oddest dream! I was having this dream and I was sitting by the beach and there were all these birds and these birds, there were just so many birds!” That person might look at you and go, “Oh my god, I had the same dream,” or a dream very similar. It doesn’t have to be that she had a beach and you had a beach. She might say that the only difference is that she was at a pool but there were all those birds. Your birds were seagulls and her birds were maybe these little ones that all fly together.


The point is, the detail and the connectedness can get better. Don’t be so quick to dismiss that there is a level of similarity. You could’ve said, “Hey, I had a dream about a Ford pickup truck and two dogs jumping out of the back,” and she says, “Well, I had a swimming pool and birds flying around.” If there are similarities, you’ve got to continue working on it. Nothing is simple. If these things were simple, everybody would be able to do them. It takes a deal of effort but even a little effort in the right way can yield great results.


In regards to, in a spiritual aspect about what I think that you would want to enter someone’s dream world: you want to bring that person a sense of completion, a sense of feeling loved, a sense of feeling whole. I think that there are people in the world that we, as spiritual people, feel sympathetic towards. There is no easy way to approach them or how to express that and some of us are just simply awkward in our day-to-day physical expressions. By entering someone’s dream in much the same way, looking at a picture, thinking about them, you’ve got to dial your mind into the moment of that person. In other words, that person must be completely immersed into your consciousness. Then, you allow your heart to expand with the feelings of love, happiness, joy, the idea of exploration and wonder and purpose. These are emotions that you have to, in a sense, artificially create in yourself or to feel within yourself as if you were that person.


The idea is that this grid, this wifi matrix, it influences our lives all the time. It has a way of kind of bringing our lives in one direction or the other. Oftentimes, we’re like leaves in the wind. A person more involved tends to control that direction where the leaves move. It harnesses the direction and moves in a certain way. It’s not 100% but they have a little bit more control and the more practice, the greater amount of control they have. Less practice, more flowing.


When you bring this invocation of that person inside of you and you become that person in the matrix if you will, this void feels, for a minute that that’s who you are. You are imbuing on this grid. You are presenting a positive, happy, reinforced psychological person, successful, whatever it is. You’re saying, “This is what I am,” in the guise of who you really are. You’re presenting that person and you’re merging with them. What happens is the matrix, the wifi system, somehow imprints that impression that you’re creating on that person. Even though they’re really sad, it’s almost like it overlays like camouflage. It fools nature. It fools nature to treat that person in a way where more positive things start to happen in their life or happiness starts to happen in their life, things start to work out or opportunities in business or whatever.


That person becomes that aspect. It’s no longer you needing to do it, their psychology, their state of mind now starts to move in a progressive way. The difference is that you stepped in and you altered their path that they were going on. When it was negative, you helped the system to move in a positive way. If they were very depressed, you could have helped them by imbuing on them more or less through this process, a happier position in their thinking which broke them free of this very bad doldrum that they were in. Their life takes a better direction, it starts lining stuff up in the wifi that accommodates why they should feel that way. The matrix says, “Oh, good things are happening to this person so these are the good things we need to maneuver into this person life path because this person needs to invoke this kind of feeling or reality.” I hope that makes sense.


The question that I’m being asked now is about giving some secrets, some ins to entering into the dream world. I wish everything was as simple as I’ve seen in New Age books and these foo-foo spiritual concepts and stuff. I mean, if anything was that easy—I want you to understand that this stuff is work. It’s like kung-fu. It’s “practice makes perfect,” but you’ve got to put your time in if you want the real results. This is why I think most spiritual circles and groups and New Age stuff, I really don’t think that they get the results that they hoped for. I get a lot of people that have followed these paths for ten years, twenty years and they’re like, “I’m just not satisfied.” They’re thrilled and blown away by the results they get because there’s a reality check.



If you’re expecting to just hear something I’m saying and miraculous thing happens, well, this is not the class for you. There is a class for that that’s easier to present but this, in the end, is a little bit more difficult but is completely possible. To enter a dream state, you have understood that your dream state is your subconscious. There are different things going on at different points while you are in your dream. There are some points where I feel that it’s like the machine and the machine is organizing itself. Computers, if you have a program, they’ll run in the background at night if you set it to and it basically runs its antivirus programs, it runs your defrag programs so that it’s all kind of organized and done really well. By the time you get to it in the morning, you’re like, “Oh, everything is—” You don’t even realize it happened.


That’s often what’s happening in your brain. Your brain is more or less processing information that you are exposed to. While you were exposed to it, it’s trying to classify or understand it. As quickly as I can, if we were cavemen and we were a tribe walk and the lightning hit the tree and there’s a fire. If we’ve never seen it before, we all panic. All cavemen panic but the shaman’s job, he’s pushed kind of in the front because there are warriors, gatherers, women, children. Everybody has a role and his job is to be the person who figures it all out. He looks at that and he sees like, “Oh, this is the gods!” That’s comforting. That’s comforting whether it’s real information or wrong information. At the end of the day, it gives you a way to approach that.

That’s really not really the point I’m after. I’m after for the next week or two, even though these people have never seen fire or lightning for those weeks, they have a lot of dreams about them. They dream about fire. They dream about lightning. The interesting thing about the dream is: If they’ve never seen fire, in their mind, the see it destroying wood, timber, dry leaves. They see aspects of it burning their hand even though they were hundreds of feet from it. They don’t even know it’s hot. There’s a collective of information in the globe of the planet, the universe for that matter. It’s the Akashic Records if you will, the Gaia Mind, the all-knowing consciousness of the universe, much to say if your cells were intelligent enough, they share your mind, all your memories, your thoughts, memory, taste, flavors, sights, colors, sounds, beauty, emotions. It’s all like this static energy in your mind. If they can access that, they, too, can get that experience even though they haven’t lived it.


In a dream, there’s self-preservation for evolution. There’s information that gets intertwined often in dreams that there’s just no way to have known that. In fact, many great geniuses have created everything from—I believe it was Edison with the light bulb to whatever. They have these epiphanies in their dreams. They wake up and go, “Oh my god, I understand how it works now!” I just had this genius thought. Ironically, other people in the other world very systematically start to have similar ideas as if there’s a shared wifi…and there is.


When they start seeing fire, it, one, makes them more able to approach fire because it’s by exposure and you get used to something. In your brain, you’ve got to survive, you’ve got to eat, so the brain has to have a way to make you comfortable with the idea instead of fearful, starving, and retracted from getting out to resources. It’s a therapist. In the modern day and age, it’s still doing the same thing. You see a spider on TV, later that night, even though you’ve forgotten about it, you have a dream about spiders because ancestrally, we know they’re not good. Same goes for snakes and centipedes.


Behind all of that is this interconnectedness. Once in awhile, people have dreams where they’re connected to other people or you have visions of the future or you get information that is above and beyond the preservation dream. That’s what you’re really after. When you begin to master and practice and do these practices, I teach, you learn to sidestep the dream and you learn to consciously enter what I call the “side view,” the back doors. You are able to enter into the realm of this bigger data field of information. You’re doing it kind of consciously but semi-unconsciously. This takes skill to be able to almost hold your breath without your mind wandering into the sleep state. You can snap out of it.


The real question is: “Eric, how do you find these sidesteps? How does that happen?” There are things in life, as much as in dreams, that are cues. I think of dreams like being computer programs as much as I see reality as a computer program. In fact, I see dreams being a computer program within a computer program within a computer program. I love the fact that in this day and age, the majority of people, at least in modern countries are familiar now with this because I can talk in a way that they can go, “Oh, I get it,” instead of twelve hours of explaining something until they get it.


In a sense, reality is an illusion. Your dream is an illusion. If you look at your body and you look at reality and you kind of keep thinking to yourself, “Reality is an illusion, life is an illusion, everything’s an illusion”—it doesn’t mean you have to really believe it, it’s the principle. When you go into your dream, there are certain things that are reminiscent to life. To me, old bookcases with lots and lots of books…there’s something about it that’s like, “Ooh, it’s knowledge. It’s something special.” You could put fifty computers on there with five-thousand times more knowledge on it and it doesn’t have the same effect. All of these books—and it has to be, of course, the bigger, the grander, the wider the bookcase—it’s a universal thing that speaks to at least me.


Another one is large rooms that are in an attic and they’re filled with tons and tons of stuff that you get to explore and you pull off the cloth and it’s something amazing. You feel like you’re in this gigantic place. When you have moments where there is collective information, in other words, books, that means knowledge. What that really means behind the computer code is: If you can get to the books and touch the bookcase, you are going to wake up and that’s a door. You’re going to go into the main database behind it. If you were to see a stone or a table, it’s not the same. For some reason, when there’s information in an image that represents information, abundant amounts of information like bookshelves or a gigantic room filled, like a museum.


That is an indicator to you that you are at the closest moment to sneaking through a backdoor to going into the Gaia Mind or the Akashic Records or the global consciousness. It’s data. It has to represent that data. It has to put it forth in the weakest level of code because it has to represent still an abundance of information. I don’t know if that makes sense or not but if I were to say, “Here’s a lamp,” the lamp doesn’t have to have that in the fine coding, anything that says it’s connected as a resource of information. When I look at the books, my idea is that I pull out the book, it’s got to have more content in it. In the program, it thinks it has to give that to you. It’s filled all of that with real content but as a whole, the trick to it is that it is a giant key. It is a doorway. If you could walk right through it, if you were to run and hit it, you’d go through and that other side would just be information because it’s exposing itself.


Whenever you see things that represent knowledge, meaning like a globe—I have a globe of planet stuff, the wood one, you know—not any globe can do it. It has a certain feel. Bookcases, anything that represents knowledge, even glasses is a tough one. It’s harder than that but you can do it. If you can find glasses lying out and pick them up and in your dream, convince yourself to put them on in the idea that it’s knowledge or you see a higher truth, you will find that you awaken and there are more pristine levels of information at your fingertips. The key is having the consciousness to do it. How do you get that? You just got it. By me presenting the idea of the books, the globe, the room, the glasses, the next time you have a dream, I promise you, in your dream, you’re going to go, “Wait a minute, wait a minute… That’s the bookcase! The bookcase! I’ve got to touch the bookcase,” and you’ll get it. It’s something that surfaces in your brain and hopefully, you’ll be very pleased with what you find.



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