Episode 34 – Dreamscapes

Episode 34 Dreamscapes

Yoga For The Mind

In this episode, we discuss Dreamscapes, a powerful method for relaxing the physical body and entering an altered state of consciousness. Then, Eric speaks about the need for spiritual seekers to step out of the shadows and make their presence known.


In this show we cover: 
    • What is a Dreamscape and what is it designed to do? [1:40]
    • How to approach Dreamscapes for the best results [10:00]
    • How to avoid allowing your mind and babbler to take over the Dreamscape [23:50]
    • Using Dreamscapes to maintain flexibility of the mind [32:00]
    • Recommended practice scheduled for Dreamscapes and how to integrate them with your current meditation practice [33:50]

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  • Clear Out Subconscious Worries
  • Establish Fortitude, Inner Strength, and Will
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  • Develop Fluidity Within Your Consciousness
  • Uncover Forgotten Memories
  • Train Your Mind To Become Flexible and Develop The Ability Of Mind Projection
  • Override Core Beliefs Based On Self-Doubt
  • Invoke The Presence of The Universe To Move Into You And Awaken
  • Remember Who And What You Really Are…

Explore the limitless possibilities and experience the difference when you apply this powerful technique!


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