Episode 5 – Entering God Consciousness

entering god consciousness

Dimensional Meditation, Deconstructing Religion, and the Planes of Light

In this episode, Eric engages in a Q&A with a new student and delves into the foundational topics of spirituality and its role in your life. Explore the barriers preventing you from developing a personal relationship with God and the realities of entering God-Consciousness.

Tap into the source of creativity and finding the flow state, then move deeper to rediscover the true, forgotten purpose of meditation.


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In this show we cover: 

    • What the main purpose of meditation is and what the meaning of enlightenment is [2:00]
    • The dreaming process, its role in survival, and “the therapist mind” [4:00]
    • How you can tap into the source of creativity [11:15]
    • How to achieve a state of detachment or “Flow” [16:00]
    • Moving into the present [20:55]
    • What thoughts are and how can you make them work in your favor [23:15]
    • The planes of light and entering God Consciousness [34:25]
    • What God is and how your perception can prevent you from developing a personal relationship with God [44:10]
    • The meaning of love and the role it plays in your spiritual journey [51:30]
    • Deconstructing religion – pros, cons and its effect on spirituality [53:55]
    • Data sharing and the relationship between the aura, your soul, and chakras [57:05]
    • Apathy/denial of spirituality in human culture among historical trends [1:05:20]
    • Spiritual evolution and the reality of world peace [1:20:00]
    • Exploring the existence of heaven and hell, the meaning of life, and the afterlife [1:28:40]
    • The law of attraction [1:39:55]

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