Episode 35 – Eric Answers Your Questions

Episode 35 Eric Answers Your Questions

Akashic Records, Error Correcting Code, and Your Spiritual Journey

In this episode, Eric answers questions posed by members of our online community. We discuss everything from simulated reality to spiritual comfort zones to the illusions that are meant to hold your consciousness in place.

Learn to break the pattern of stagnation and liberate your mind’s potential. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 

    • Examining the choice to pursue your spirituality [5:50]
    • Learning to experience life to the fullest [11:50]
    • Maintaining your spirituality in a simulated reality [13:25]
    • Explore the Akashic Records and higher realms [26:30]
    • What is the self-correcting code of reality and how does it work? [29:20]
    • How the struggle to escape the code becomes a prison… Change your thinking to achieve greater results [32:55]


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Eric: A guru is just another word for a teacher. To say in English or “Western thinking” if you will, it’s to say that it’s someone who directs and instructs or teaches you knowledge in order to advance you in a way. That’s how I see it. It’s someone who teaches you knowledge to better yourself. I think there are good teachers and there are bad teachers. I think as a guru, a spiritual teacher, it is my job to break that which restrains you in order to help you become liberated through your own action. I can show you what you need to do but it’s up to you to either trust me or not trust me. It’s only through trust that you take that leap and it’s only at that time whether you move forward or not.


A guru is a teacher. Your ego says, “No, I don’t need a teacher.” yet, you gobble up this information. You’ll always remain in the ego and you’ll think you’re not but it really is. You either accept—If you are listening to what I’m teaching you in any of these classes and you go back for seconds, I’m already teaching you. You’ve accepted that. It’s your ego that’s in denial and therefore, you cannot move beyond it. When we hear a talk like that, I think it makes a more powerful spiritual person when they move past that rather than not. That’s a whole other class in itself.


A guru is someone who you have chosen to teach you until you’ve decided that you don’t want to be taught anymore. Then, they stop being your guru. It’s someone you seek advice and guidance and knowledge [from], but also integrity and someone taking great concern in your evolution.


Nick: There seems to be a difference between a teacher and a guru. It seems to fall in line with trust and non-trust. [3:23]


Eric: I think you’ve got to trust a teacher too, but we use it in more general, day-to-day stuff so we don’t put the same emphasis on the quality of their personality or their nature or their intentions. You have to understand that a guru is dealing with things that are very deeply spiritual, philosophical, and it’s really a very deep place of your mind, your psyche, who you are, your most personal level of self. A teacher’s dealing with teaching you how to build a car or teaching you how to read and write. All very personal and all can have an effect on your outlook of life but a real guru is to say that it’s a teacher who’s specifically evolving probably the most critical and most sacred part of you. That is the part of you that is trying to awaken and make contact with the universe.


Nick: This person says, “In my own reflections, I see that my relationship with Eric seems to mirror my relationship with the Force. How can an understanding of this help us go deeper into our own trust? [4:17]


Eric: This goes back to what I said decades ago. I’m the doorman, that’s it. I can open the door for you and let you in. I can shut the door but that doesn’t mean the door’s locked. You just open it yourself. I’m doing a courtesy. If you’ve got groceries in your hand and it’s a lot of baggage and you don’t have somebody to open that door, it’s harder but it can be done. I’m accelerating your awakening. Most people—this is the cliffhanger—Most people who don’t have somebody to assist them, their life begins and ends before they achieve it. The idea is to achieve it as soon, as quickly as you can while you still have youth and strength and energy. In whatever stage of life you are, the idea is to achieve it before this life cycle ends. That’s the advantage of having somebody assist you. When you wait until you’re thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, wherever you are, it’s just insane.


Nick: In this person’s particular research, they’re saying that “there’s a secret initiation that must take place between the guru and the initiate. What is this initiation for those that are unable to meet Eric in person? Can a deep initiation take place using audio and video?” [5:30]


Eric: Look, let’s cut to the chase here. This is where there are people who can meet me in person and if you meet me in person, I would be lying to you to say that there’s not an astronomical advantage. Look, there are people all over the world and there are people who deserve to be taught. They don’t have the resources to travel to me and there’s only one of me to travel to everybody else. The way that we’re doing it is pretty phenomenal. At some point, it is your mission in life to make a pilgrimage to where that teacher is if that opportunity exists. I hope that at some point— I’ve done free lectures. I’ve done all these things. It’s not that I’m not trying. It’s just about you finding out or you making the effort or you feeling that there’s a value in it.


As far as a “secret initiation:” Look, I don’t like the idea of a secret initiation. It sounds too whatever. I’m a modern guru. Look, everybody has a deep level or state of consciousness that either needs to be confronted or elevated or whatever. No one thing is ever the same for every single person. That is something I have to figure out upon the day I sit down and talk with you. That’s really what it’s about. I think that the biggest initiation is: Did you make the effort to be at the feet of the person you’re teaching? There’s an old book, we always say, “at the feet of the master.”


It’s not about ego and dominance. That comes from an egotistic point of view. It’s to say that you’re not literally at the feet of the master. It’s to say that you’ve humbled yourself so much in hopes that one day you become greater than the master. That’s what I want. I want you to exceed me. That’s the greatest work I could do in the name of the universe. It’s to say to the universe, “Look at these badasses I created! Look at what I’ve contributed!” That is my single greatest thing as a teacher that I want to do. I can’t do that until you’ve presented yourself to me. The more knowledge you have, great! Sometimes, you don’t need any knowledge to present yourself. Everybody feels the Force in different ways. Let it move you and don’t tell it how to be moved or when that’s going to be. You’ve got to feel it.


Nick: What are your thoughts on when people say, “You are your own guru.” In this person’s question, it says, “In the film Awake: The Life of Yogananda, he asked a saint, ‘How can I get closer to my guru?’ The saint looked at the man like he was crazy and said, ‘The guru is what’s looking out of your eyes right now.’ [8:11]


Eric: Look, everybody has a guru in them. What do I keep trying to have everybody do? I say, “Teach. Do you want to grow? Teach.” You also have to teach yourself and sometimes that means going out to seek that knowledge. Every White Cell is a teacher. We are givers by nature. That is the guru inside of you as a teacher but in order for you to awaken, you also have to educate yourself in order to do so. I often say, “No one, two gurus are the same. You take what I teach you and it becomes a hybrid as you learn, into a third that becomes your knowledge base. At the end of the day, you have to seek out knowledge through a teacher and eventually, you move beyond it. It’s like going to college for eight years. Then, you want your doctorate. Then, you become the professor. Now, you go on to teach yourself. This is the nature of knowledge. This is the way it’s been since Buddhism and Hinduism and every great spiritual house of teaching. This is how it works. It’s a good system.


Nick: “Eric says that a person is drawn to his teachings because they have an inner knowing that they must be something bigger or they know that they are here for a reason and they haven’t found that yet. When I hear these things, I always think that I’m at the wrong place. I can’t remember a time when I felt or had a reason to be here or that there must be something bigger, that there is something specific for me to do. Sometimes, I feel like I should just stop all of this and go back to the quiet, happy Red Cell existence where all things were no problem.” [9:38]


Eric: Okay. I’ll say, “Liar. Liar,” because we’ve all thought that. We’ve all been there. I can tell you that everybody else listening to this is saying the same thing. Go back to your Red Cell life. Go back to everything. Go back to eating your steak and being rich and having the red dress lady and everything like from the Matrix. You can’t unknow what you know. You are a White Cell. You are predisposed in the essence of who you are to awaken, to serve God, period. Period. You cannot remove that from yourself. The only thing you can do is fail at the attempt of wanting to achieve it. You will always know in your heart that you didn’t try. This is why we call it a warrior. If it were easy, everybody would be able to do it.


Nick: Well said. I know that for myself personally and people that I know, they feel the exact same way. [11:00]


Eric: All they do is another three months later, they have another round and then they stop and then they do another round and then they stop. Where’s your fight? Don’t be such a pussy. Suck it up and you will make the distance. Your rewards—If you’re not getting rewards where you’re getting results, then you’ve got the wrong teacher or you don’t have it in you to begin with. Do you want to blame me or do you want to blame you? Bring it.


Jesse: “I am watching Red Curtain videos and I’m still wondering why it’s so important if we are living in an illusion or a programmed world. I still want to experience all of my feelings to fullest if it’s an illusion or not. I still want to feel good, less pain, enjoy the sun, and be grateful. Why does it matter so much? [11:31]


Eric: Well, so does everybody else. The whole point of being here is to enjoy all of those things. The idea is: Where does it stop for you as to your level of wanting to understand as much as you can? If you—this is what I was saying the other night. If you are in a castle and your whole life is in that castle, you get the sun on your face, you can smell the baked bread, you can feel the planet growing inside the castle walls. There are gardens and stuff. At some point, do you get curious to know what’s outside of that wall and what’s outside of the boundary and what’s outside over the hilltop and outside over the ocean? Where does it end for you?


For a Red Cell, it ends pretty fast if you ask me. It ends pretty fast for those who don’t have the desire strongly enough to attain the greatest amount of knowledge while they walk this Earth. All of these things, they’re wonderful but it’s not enough for me and I don’t believe it enough for that person. I believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. I believe you can understand that this is a matrix. This is an illusion. At the same time, you can be perfectly okay with that and still reap and experience this incredible, mind-blowing experience. That’s beautiful.


Nick: It’s almost like you have to learn how to experience this dimension. It’s almost like a form of surrender to really take in the experience as it’s meant to be. [13:10]

Eric: You mean life, in general?


Nick: Life, in general, yeah. [13:23]


Eric: Yeah, all White Cells—90% of them—are awkward in this reality. We sociologically or whatever it is, we tend to have a little bit of issue with it. We either want to isolate yourself so we want to not isolate ourselves but we do. We’re trying to figure out where that place is and it’s something that never ends. The only way that it ends for you is to have one foot in and one foot out. This is what I keep talking about. Find your spiritual evolution and your earthly evolution. Mingle them together and it becomes the highest truth of what reality and life are. You become aware of what your purpose is and what your place is


Nick: For another person but on the same topic, they’re saying that when they think of the matrix or the fact that we could live in a simulated reality and other things that you’ve talked about. It seems to stifle their spiritual growth or their motivation. When they think of things from things like from Unbound, that “the Force is evolution, the Force is flowing through me, think of the Force,” they get this motivation, this spark of just the Force moving forward. Even though they’re one in the same— [14:04]


Eric: It’s true for everybody and I’ve talked about this at great length. Here’s the thing: You are—This is like I said with the whole thing with your relationship with stuff. When you’re a child and you sit on Santa Claus’ lap, it’s Santa Claus and it’s magical and special. When you grow older, you realize that Santa Claus is Ben, down the road with his beard and stuff, with his wife who plays Mrs. Claus’ and you now have your child sitting on Ben’s lap. The child’s thinking that’s Santa Claus. Did the magic now end or did it transform for you?


In essence, when we think about the Force and all the stuff, we are constantly trying to get to the greatest understanding that we can comprehend. When we start to think of terms of the matrix, we understand the dynamics of the Force in the sense of how things work, how it makes things work, how it governs, how it is this invisible, all-knowing energy. The only thing is the veil of Santa Claus now is you now understand how a database collectively—how we can say that smaller multiples of databases all collect to one big one. That big one actually has many bigger ones of the same size spread apart, just like the first ones. They collectively work for a bigger one than them, so on and so forth. It’s no different than how your body works.


You have a greater understanding of how the universe is all connected like wifi and how it all works. Now, you can stay to the idea and say, “Wifi is amazing! Where does all this information come from? It’s all in my computer! I know it comes from the ethers!” Or, you can understand that there are other databases and they’re shared and they network. One’s at a college and it has college information. One is from a culinary arts school for food and you’re drawn. It seems like it’s all one place but it’s coming from different places and then it moves onto a bigger place, collecting and merging all that together, so on and so forth.


The idea is that when you start to have this understanding of the architect of the Universe, your access increases to how, in the end, you do what you would call “a miracle.” It’s just the execution of you creating that miracle has a higher level of success because you understand the intricacies of perfect timing and perfect understanding and the dynamic of every detail makes sense to you. You ultimately become more capable.


Nick: For this person, do you think or find that they would have a new level of inspiration, coming to terms and accepting this? [17:16]


Eric: Well, there’s the death cycle, which we talked about again last night. I’m almost tempted to release last night’s class just to show what people get out of EJP Live. This is stuff that we cover in depthly. This is what I was saying, that when this person went through these struggles, I went through this same thing. This is like I say, “It’s like being a vampire but first you start off human.”


Let’s remove the idea of a vampire being bad. I’m trying to give an analogy. It’s to say that you go through a death and that death is this struggle between what you thought was reality, what you think is life, and what you understand about life. Everything that you believed about it now is changing dramatically. There’s this want, this desire for it not to happen, or you allow yourself to die and you become transformed into this other evolution of life. How it sees everything is greatly different. From one perspective transferring to the other, it’s almost impossible to understand what that’s like so you fear it.


Once you move to that level, you look back and you kind of get it all. It makes perfect sense. The middle is the chaos which defines whether you retreat or you move forward. This goes back to when I say that people have to seek me out, they have to get over their fear. It’s very similar. You’re constantly trying to move across that terrain that’s designed like a static of charge, preventing you from knowing what’s on the other side and becoming intertwined with it.


Jesse: That’s brilliant. This kind of reminds me of when you talked about—There was this old class where you talked about the “echoes of consciousness,” “the bubbles of reality.” You have different sociological bubbles that have perceptions of one another which kind of keep each other, by their own judgments of one another, keep each other in a certain kind of matrix, by their perception of one another. You could say that the gym-goers are perceived as the meatheads. There are different people, different kinds of people. You have the valley girls and so forth. When you’re talking about simulated reality, it’s almost creating a new split and a new kind of spiritual understanding or a take on spirituality, it’s almost a similar thing to where these people are coming from. This love perspective isn’t able to perceive the magic of that because they’re filtering in a certain way. [18:58]


Eric: They have their own bubble, which we were talking about earlier. They have an idea of how it should be and they’ve come to terms with that. That’s it. That’s it for them. That’s what’s working for them and they’re content. There are those of us who just know that we’re not content at that level. It’s not that we haven’t gotten there, it’s that it’s just not enough. For somebody to say, “That’s too bad that it’s not enough for you,” I would say, “Well, there was a time before you got to where you are, in that happy level, that you weren’t content and other people felt the same way about where you were at. They were [there] and they were happy with it but you weren’t content until you found what you were looking for.” I don’t think I’ll ever be fully content until I am immersed in the presence, in the core of God. That is my drive and my drive that I want everybody to have, that same connection. If you feel that you have that connection on whatever level you have, I don’t begrudge that. Wonderful! I can’t do any more for you if that’s how you feel.


If you want to understand reality and why things happen, if you say this or that happens and you could feel it sensing or happening, I’d say, “Wonderful, so can anybody that I teach.” The difference is, they can see the next twenty moves of how this is all happening and decide whether they want to interject with it, control it, accept it, do whatever they want. You see at a higher level of definition and that is a greater level of control evolving into the “Doctor Strange level.” It’s “What level would you like to understand stuff?”


Jesse: Yeah, it kind of dawned on me that the struggle is almost like there’s this meter of where they’re perceiving that understanding with filters. [21:25]


Eric: It’s no different than people who have certain kinds of religion, whether it be Christian or Mormon or something. They are not accepting of change unless it’s change that is on a level that they can relate to. Do you understand? They’re willing to accept those terms. Now, three years later of chipping away at that, they might be ready to move onto something bigger. They had to work on a certain level of accepting thinking in order to evolve. That’s true for everybody. Do you understand? In a way, you could say, “We’re at our own bubble and somebody might counter that,” and I’d say, “True.” It’s a matter of opinion, so all I can say is, “If I can show you how—”


I always say, “I will show you how to experience. The experience will define itself through your determination.” You come to terms with it We’ve had people who have done stuff and been blown away and they’ve said, “It’s too mind-blowing for me. I can’t comprehend. It’s scary.” It’s not that it did something horrifying, it’s that the idea what they saw was so beyond what their mind could wrap around that they couldn’t go there anymore. Other people go, “My gosh, this is what I’ve been looking for my whole life! I’m made for this!” They just eat it up. They’re liberated. This is why I don’t begrudge anybody. You’ve got to define in your own core, your own chest center, whether you want to move forward and push yourself, press yourself against this wall that’s in front of you, or if you just want to tire out and sit down and say, “I’m good right where I am.”


I don’t want to say to somebody, “Shame on you” but I feel that way because as a teacher, I want to make sure that whoever I’m teaching reaches the success that they started off wanting, not settling for something less. Too many people settle and I have an issue with that.


Jesse: The whole idea of it being a matrix, figuring it out wouldn’t be comfortable inside of a matrix. It wouldn’t be—To figure out that you’re in a matrix, to really, actually go to the next level of understanding it wouldn’t be—It wouldn’t make sense that it would be an easy transition. [23:25]


Eric: You can’t escape it until you realize you’re in it, so as long as you believe that you’re not imprisoned or you’re not in something, you can’t escape it because you don’t realize you are.


Nick: I like what you were saying about that. Sometimes it seems that now, with all of the simulated reality stuff out there, we talk about it quite a bit now as well. It’s what people want to focus their attention on and they think that maybe just by asking question on simulated reality that they’re maybe going to get a shortcut to enlightenment and sometimes divert from the Foundation teachings and everything else that’s going to lead up to— [23:53]


Eric: No. Listen, everything I’ve ever taught, I’ve already known about the matrix. I’ve already known about the matrix. I’ve already known. I know much more than I have ever said but as I’ve said to you before, people weren’t ready thirty years ago. Do you understand? Things have to explained in certain ways.


Nick: If somebody were to ask a question—I’ll ask one here in second—what does it do for them if they don’t have the knowledge of the earlier teachings or at least, they don’t put the effort into growing with it? [24:46]


Eric: I think they’re missing out on a whole lot. I think they’re—Look, I think that there is a knowledge that White Cells bring with them to the table no matter what. It’s an inner knowing It’s like an inner collective, an inner understanding. It’s hard to say on a case-by-case situation whether certain information would be beneficial or not. If it were me, I would not leave a stone unturned. I would be like, “Okay, there’s all this material. I love what Eric Pepin is teaching. Let’s go look at some of it. You might get some pearls.” It might be one old pearl that is actually the one piece that you overlook during your own journey because the simple fact that you are listening and inquiring tells me that you’re still looking.


It’s not to say that you should think less of yourself. Don’t let your ego get involved. The fact is, you’re still searching and you should never stop feeding yourself. On the same token, you don’t really know until you sit down and talk to me in person.


Jesse: Are there higher planes or wherever the Akashic Records reside also simply on another simulated reality or are one of these planes “the real deal?” [26:15]


Eric: Okay…Let’s say that we look at this as computer systems. As I said earlier, all of the small computers combine to one big one and that one big one, ironically, has millions of other big ones like it. They all collectively work and collect everything to go to even a bigger computer. That bigger computer has zillions spread out even over an even greater distance apart from itself. It creates this static of information that’s unified. You’re basically posing an answer. They’re all chipping in, or the majority of them, [who] feel that there’s a relevant piece, and they’re building it to one collective place. That’s you.


When you go to the Akashic Record and you desire to know something or experience something, it’s not just from one place. If you look at the human brain and I say, “Point to where you are,” you can’t do it. There is the mind, your spiritual self but there is this brain that holds all of this other information, information you’re not even aware of. It’s how it’s running the liver, the kidney, the heart, your cellular structure. It’s contributing to all of these and it has all of your philosophical, intellectual, experiential, emotional, all of this other information. When you want to know something, it’s pulling. Something’s pulling from many sources to build a presentation to you that hopefully makes you feel fulfilled enough to apply to life as a machine moving around. It’s true to say that what’s within your mind is true outside of you. It’s just macro/micro. Does that make sense or did I lose you?


Jesse: Yeah. It makes sense. [28:08]


Eric: it’s to say: Is there a final source? That’s very human, It’s to say: Are you the final source of who you are? The answer is yes and no. The answer is yeah, I am but I also feel that there are parts of my intellect and understanding. My moods change, so you’re constantly changing also, but you’re still who you are. You’re confusing me. Which is it?


There is a place but that place is dependent. That final place is always dependent on everything it’s connected to maintain that it is the last pace. It’s interconnected so it’s yes and no. It’s thriving off of our collective work and it’s giving us back it’s collective understanding the sense that it’s evolving back and forth like a tide bringing life in and out. I thought that was brilliant. I don’t know if anybody else can understand it but I’m in my own crazy bubble now.


Jesse: It seems like it’s a continuum that almost infinitely goes. [29:12]


Eric: It is! If there were an end, what’s the point of it all?


Jesse: Yeah. “If it is a program, our world, then why do we think that consciousness isn’t a program as well? Why do you think there would be a way out of the code?” [29:20]


Eric: It’s not about thinking that there’s a way out of the code. It’s to say that you have an elevated relationship with reality. Where does reality begin and end? I would say that whatever is out is just another aspect of the reality. The moment that you’re able to move into it, is it not part of your reality that that now exists as part of your experiential level? It’s just whether or not you can expand that. It’s to say also, intellectually, that some people have greater amounts of experiences than others but because those other people never experience going to another country or to another place or to the Himalayas that it doesn’t exist. It does exist but it lives in that person’s relationship that you’re talking to. It means that you can decide whether you want to go there or not. When we think about moving into the matrix, we are in the matrix. There’s nothing to move outside of. Do you understand? That’s just our three-dimensional way of thinking.


You have to realize that it’s simply your understanding and then simply seeing the energy and patterns and everything. It just becomes a part of the aspect, no different than you seeing water or rain or fire or whatever. It’s just a broadening aspect of elements if you will.


Nick: “If we were to pop our head above water momentarily, meaning to momentarily, let’s say, break out of the matrix, what prevents us from downing so permanently? Why can’t we wake up in the real world as Neo does in The Matrix once he is unplugged? Why must we only get glimpses?” [30:48]


Eric: Well, Neo never got out of the matrix. Let’s call it what it is. He’s still in it, it’s just a different layer of it. Number two is that you’ve got to stop thinking that you’re popping out of it. That’s what prevents you from doing it. We use these words because they’re necessary. It’s the same way you talk to—and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way—you talk to five-year-old differently than you talk to a ten-year-old. You talk to a ten-year-old differently than you talk to a fifteen-year-old. You talk to a fifteen-year-old differently than you talk to a twenty-year-old and you talk to a thirty-year-old differently than you talk to the twenty-year-old. You know that they’re capable of understanding something that is within a parameter of where they are.


When we talk about popping in and out and everything, it’s because we’re talking people that have had a level of what I’ll call New Age knowledge, metaphysical knowledge, spiritual, call it whatever you want. These are the fundamental structures and tools they use to get there but I say the tools are to say that we’ve gone from stones smashing from sticks with stones tied to them to an actual club to an actual hammer to a sledgehammer to a fricking laser. What goes beyond a laser? There’s no laser, it just “particlizes” it. After it gets to particles, it just becomes data and you just change it. It’s a matter of what you can comprehend. Your relationship to that is directed by how you can affect it.


When we talk about getting out of it, it’s workable to a certain point of the evolution of a person. Eventually, it becomes useless. You have to escalate to a new level of understanding. This is that transition we’re in, that one enters into.


Jesse: You’re just saying that it’s the idea of escaping it that eventually becomes its own kind of a prison? [32:54]


Eric: It becomes it’s own—Brilliant, Jesse. That’s exactly what I’m saying. This goes back to “want for nothing, gain everything.” This goes back to meditating on absolute nothing. You need tools in order to get yourself to that point to understanding the truth of that statement. Until you really get there, you think you understand but you really don’t.


Jesse: Right, right. [33:23]


Eric: That’s part of the trap and it’s enough to make you crazy.


Jesse: It’s just like everything is riddled with traps. It’s like a— [33:30]


Eric: If it was easy, everybody would be able to escape! It’s designed to keep you here, otherwise, it would stop serving its purpose!


Jesse: Yeah, it’s just like all these optical illusions or those games that they make in China where it’s impossible to fix. It’s all in your mind and it’s like you’re trying to figure them out. That’s how you decode it but then it’s like…a certain understanding only gets you to a certain point. Then, that no longer works to get to the next. It’s just brilliant. It’s just crazy how much there is. I’m breaking out, this is crazy. [33:44]


Eric: It’s all almost overwhelming. On the same token, if you ever look from where you came a year ago or five years ago, you are so vastly beyond and capable and skilled and experienced spiritually, psychically, in every way than you were before. Nobody ever looks at that growth. They only look at where they are now and what they want, not where they’ve come from. You have to—and I’ve said this over and over again. You have to look from where you came in order to get a sense, your bearings on the direction of where you’re going.


Nick: A question I’m going to merge with this one…They’re asking about the self-correcting code and the intelligence behind it. They’re just asking if you could briefly explain it. With that being said, is reflecting back on how you’ve progressed over time, in a way—I don’t like using the word “hack,” but a way to, in a sense, [have] the self-correcting code not see you as a threat or something that it has to correct? [34:42]


Eric: Well, what you’ve done is you have, “by act of will and will alone,” as they say in Dune, you’ve evolved yourself. You’ve made yourself a much more complex problem for the matrix to contend with. You have, in a sense, become an anomaly. When you look at the matrix, everything that’s in the matrix, you’re not necessarily Neo. Everybody wants to be Neo. Everybody wants to be what we think is human but if they’re in the Matrix, they’re not human. They just think they are. Even Neo thinks he’s awoken out of it but he’s not. When you see the old programs, as they call them, and they have abilities and stuff, they self-woke in the sense that they identified that they were something more or could become more than what they thought they were. It was an awakening.


Now, they function in the matrix by default. By being aware that they’re in the matrix, they now can manipulate the matrix and do cool things, if you will. That’s your psychic phenomena and paranormal. The level of that understanding, that relationship dictates their skill level, their abilities. There’s an ironic level of truth to that if you look at ancient teachings, spiritual teachings up to modern day spirituality, that, in itself, is your progression. I don’t know, I’m getting tired now.


Nick: Maybe a different way to approach it is just touching upon Hidden Key where you say “there’s a reflection that comes from certain objects or from certain things.” When I imagine or kind of go through the process of imagining my own growth, it seems like it’s not just kind of what I’m realizing consciously through my brain, but there’s a feeling in my chest that I feel is a reflection of that process and through that, would you say that I’d be imbuing my own frequency? [36:34]


Eric: Well, you’re using words now that this public doesn’t know. This is where I get upset with you guys because you’ve got to talk on a level that everybody understands and let them progress. A lot of people understand what you’re saying but there’s a lot of people who won’t. Look, let’s just get back to the basics. The auto-correcting code doesn’t want you to do what you’re doing. It’s the number one thing that it doesn’t want you to do. It wants you to be on the level of what we call Red Cells: do your life, have your children, work your job, enjoy nature.


You become an anomaly when you actually start to question your existence. This is ironic because you ask yourself, “When did humans really awaken as a species?” It’s when we asked, “I think, therefore I am.” Do you understand? In that sense, you’re asking what you are. Nothing asks what it is, as far as we know, except for humans. The moment we did that, by questioning ourselves, we’d awoken. What I’m saying is, by doing so in this way and consistently asking that question, “Is reality what I am?” The answer is no, you’re evolving. Now, you’re looking for the understanding and the tools that start to bend.


The auto-correcting code doesn’t want you to affect reality and change it. It’s going to fix that. It wants to prevent you from doing that if it realizes you’re doing it. It wants to prevent you from escalating as a challenge to its rule. You’re a rulebreaker. This is why I say, “Rebel Guru,” because I’m a rulebreaker. I shouldn’t be teaching what I teach and I shouldn’t be so good at it, I hate to say. The point is that that is something that it wants to do to keep me from doing that. This is why I always say, “Sometimes shit happened in my life and it’s designed to prevent everybody else from me awakening them.” It’s enough to deter you psychologically if it can.

You have to work beyond that. In essence, that’s error-correcting code. It’s finding ways to prevent. You’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to navigate it well. This is why we call it “navigation.” You’ve got to have an understanding that you’re actually moving your consciousness and evolving to something beyond the mundane, beyond your normal self in a Red Cell way. In essence, auto-correcting code is working on multiple levels, in multiple ways, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, sociologically, everything to keep you in that maze on that Red Cell level.


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