Episode 35 – Eric Answers Your Questions

Episode 35 Eric Answers Your Questions

Akashic Records, Error Correcting Code, and Your Spiritual Journey

In this episode, Eric answers questions posed by members of our online community. We discuss everything from simulated reality to spiritual comfort zones to the illusions that are meant to hold your consciousness in place.

Learn to break the pattern of stagnation and liberate your mind’s potential. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 
    • Examining the choice to pursue your spirituality [5:50]
    • Learning to experience life to the fullest [11:50]
    • Maintaining your spirituality in a simulated reality [13:25]
    • Explore the Akashic Records and higher realms [26:30]
    • What is the self-correcting code of reality and how does it work? [29:20]
    • How the struggle to escape the code becomes a prison… Change your thinking to achieve greater results [32:55]

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