Episode 22 – Finding Your Way Back Home

Episode 22 Finding Your Way Back Home

Awaken the Navigator

In this episode pulled from the Higher Balance Archives, Eric sits down with a group of students to share his interpretation of the song “Solsbury Hill,” by Peter Gabriel. He dedicated this song to the year 2008, but the lyrics still hold the same impact today. Be inspired as Eric shares the common path of a Navigator and the choices they make along the way.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Spirituality as a key to minimizing feelings of unfulfillment [4:15]
    • The point when every student realizes that everything is like a machine, and separates from it [8:00]
    • Spirituality is a choice – which part of you are you going to bring out/show? [14:30]
    • The importance of honoring your spirituality and trusting your Navigator [19:10]

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