Episode 22 – Finding Your Way Back Home

Episode 22 Finding Your Way Back Home

Awaken the Navigator

In this episode pulled from the Higher Balance Archives, Eric sits down with a group of students to share his interpretation of the song “Solsbury Hill,” by Peter Gabriel. He dedicated this song to the year 2008, but the lyrics still hold the same impact today. Be inspired as Eric shares the common path of a Navigator and the choices they make along the way.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Spirituality as a key to minimizing feelings of unfulfillment [4:15]
    • The point when every student realizes that everything is like a machine, and separates from it [8:00]
    • Spirituality is a choice – which part of you are you going to bring out/show? [14:30]
    • The importance of honoring your spirituality and trusting your Navigator [19:10]


Finding Your Way Back Home [Click to see more...]


Eric: We’re talking about the song Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, which is the 2008 dedicated song that I have chosen for the year for us. It doesn’t mean there are not other songs that I don’t like out there or that I do like out there, it’s just that I think this is going to be the song for the year.


Guest 1: Okay, it starts off “Climbing up on Solsbury Hill / I could see the city light.” [1:10]


Eric: Okay, I’m just going stop you there. For many of my students, one of my MO’s was often to take them out into the desert in California or wherever we lived and usually take them to some isolated place and to just kind of talk where I knew we were a bit isolated, away from the city or from people and I would go into my thing. It reminds me a little bit of when he has his experiences up there and he had his doubts or whatever. Go ahead.

Guest 1: “Wind was blowing, time stood still / Eagle flew out of the night” [1:46]


Eric: Okay, so stop. Time stood still and everything, that’s almost like me talking. When it says “Eagle flew out of the night,” that’s when the teacher, the part of me came out that was like, “Whoa, Eric is getting really deep all of a sudden or the conversation is just taking a deeper level of conversation.” It’s like a crow will often represent something dark or mystical, do you know what I’m saying? An eagle is very majestic, it’s something very beautiful, at least in the sense that I see myself as a good person. To me, the eagle represents that part of me coming out. Go ahead.


Guest 1: “He was something to observe / Came in close, I heard a voice” [2:30]


Eric: Stop. “He was something to observe.” You guys are looking at me going, “What do I make of this person?What is he saying to me?” You know, obviously, that I’m ready to reveal something to you and you may or may not be ready for it but you know, I think that when you’re with me, especially in that zone—and you’ve met me knowing that I’m this psychic or this spiritual person or something—you know that something’s changed, something’s happening right now and that’s what that refers to. Back up and read that whole thing down again.

Guest 1: “He was something to observe / Came in close, I heard a voice” [3:06]


Eric: That would be me talking. “Came in close” means you’re paying attention and all of a sudden, what I’m saying is grasping your attention and it’s also spiritual. It’s moving something to you. That’s how I perceive it. Go ahead.


Guest 1: “Standing, stretching every nerve / I had to listen, had no choice” [3:20]


Eric: Stop. You’re intrigued by what I’m saying. Your sensory is being pushed. Something’s pushing your sensory meaning spiritually, you’re learning on that level from me that’s more than just words but he’s acknowledging that his sensory is being pushed. He can feel it, he realizes it Go ahead.


Guest 1: “I did not believe the information / I just had to trust imagination” [3:41]


Eric: Stop there. The information is here. I’m telling you about other dimensions, vortexes, and how you are not who you think you are, and how you’re a navigator and you’re from this other world. God knows whatever I’m teaching, you’re not believing in. It’s just like Eric saying, “Okay, I’m going to prove this guy a fake.” “Imagination” meaning, “Okay, I’m just going to try to go with it and hear what this guy has to say and let my mind try to follow it. Go ahead.

Guest 1: “My heart going boom, boom boom [4:12]


Eric: Stop. “Boom, boom, boom” means ”Is this really happening? This is intense. This is not some mundane, boring person. You’re starting to realize, you’re starting to get excited, nervous. You know in your heart that you’ve been looking for this your whole life. Now, all of a sudden, you think, all of a sudden, “Maybe this is real.” What is that? That’s your adrenaline. It’s your excitement of “I think I’ve just met probably the most amazing person in my life,” but that’s the “boom, boom, boom” like there’s something happening right now, the realization of that. Go ahead.


Guest 1: “Son, he said, grab your things I’ve come to take you home” [4:44]


Eric: In other words, “Son, grab your things,” it means that mentally, prepare yourself because you’re no longer going to be here. I’m going to teach you. I’m going to become your teacher, I’m going to take you home. Through my knowledge, through my teachings, I am going to complete you. I always speak about being incomplete. When people say that they feel something empty in their life and it’s not having a relationship, it’s not having money, there’s nothing that fulfills it. There is something that fulfills it. It’s spiritual. I often have referred in the past to this longing of being home and the only thing that we can do for the time being is to create our own little “Chinatown,” I call it, which is Higher Balance.


As a teacher to the student, when I say, “I’m going to take you home,” that’s really what I’m doing. I’m teaching you. I’m going to bring you home now. You’re asleep, you’ve been in this world and you’ve been desperately wanting or knowing that there’s something more out there and you have not been able to find it and put your finger on it. Here, I’m going to take you home by revealing knowledge to you that’s going to bring you out of your sleep. When you come out of your sleep and you have a higher consciousness or a consciousness that’s evolving, that is returning home because you’re returning home to your completeness in my opinion. Do you understand? I’m going to take you now, even higher, which means eventually to really take you to what I call the “Planes of Light” per se, the true Planes of Light.


Guest 1: “To keep in silence I resigned” [6:06]


Eric: In other words, you don’t know what to make of it. “I resigned” means you just decided not to say anything and you’re just going to try to make, “What is this guy really talking to me? What does this mean?” You resign not to say anything at all and you’re just kind of looking at him like “this guy’s fucking crazy.” Go ahead.


Guest 1: “My friends would think I was a nut” [6:26]


Eric: In other words, to believe this guy, if I do follow him and I do surrender, you’re thinking in your head, “What are people going to think? What is everybody going to think about me?” They’re going to think, “This guy’s a nut! He is a nut and I’m a nut!” That’s what I think it’s referring to which I think falls right in line to how this all works. Go ahead.


Guest 1: “Turning water into wine” [6:48]


Eric: “Turning water into wine,” to me, is a metaphor of saying that all these amazing things he claims to do or that he can do or that I’m seeing him do these things, it’s just a metaphor to say that from water to wine, there’s something very mystical happening here. Go ahead.


Guest 1: “Open doors would soon be shut” [7:04]


Eric: I often say that too. If you’re not ready—I often say this, from the very beginning, it’s an open door, it’s a window of opportunity. You either can sense it and your Navigator knows to go for it or if you don’t then the door is going to be shut. I’ve said that to students many, many, many times. I don’t choose that, the universe chooses it. It will determine how long that window is going to be open and how long that it’s going to be shut, or when it will be shut. It’s a door. That door is open right now and either you make some decisions right now or I can’t keep that door open forever.

Some of you guys who have been around for a long time know that I’ve said that to you guys in the beginning. Go ahead.

Guest 1: “So I went from day to day / Though my life was in a rut / ‘Til I thought of what I’d say / And which connection I should cut” [7:48]


Eric: Stop there. Now, that person is thinking about what they’re meeting with me. They’re thinking about their life. They’re thinking about the things that I’ve taught them, that if you’re going to go on this path, you’ve got to cut off certain people because they’re going to keep you in the Doe, they’re going to keep you in this state of mind. Obviously, at that point, I’ve taught you enough that you’re learning but you still haven’t made that commitment to the path that I’m offering, so you’re still struggling day-to-day and you’re still trying to make the decision of whether you’re going to cut it. If you do cut it, you’re starting to see the truth of what I’m saying at the same time. Re-read that part again.


Guest 1: “So I went from day to day / Though my life was in a rut / ‘Til I thought of what I’d say / And which connection I should cut” [8:32]


Eric: It’s basically, again, reflecting on your life. You can tell your life sucks, it’s in a rut. You’re realizing that you’re not where you want to be and what’s being offered to you is amazing, it is incredible. That’s what that part is referring to, in my opinion. Go ahead.

Guest 1:I was feeling part of the scenery / I walked right out of the machinery” [8:56]


Eric: Stop. What does that mean? It means the teachings are sinking in, you’re starting to awaken your Navigator. The teachings from me are reaching you and you’re looking around and you’re seeing the machinery. The moment that you can recognize something as being machinery, it means that you’ve just separated from it. You can fall back asleep and be in the machinery. Do you see what I’m saying?

There’s a point in every student when they look around and all of a sudden they see that everything is like a machine, it’s operating. It’s like an organism that’s machine-like, like everything is functioning around them, the moment that you consciousness separates from that. Do you follow me? Go ahead.

Guest 1: “My heart going boom, boom, boom” [9:36]


Eric: Stop. It’s going “boom, boom, boom” because you just realized you’re seeing the machine now. You’re like “Oh my god, oh my god, this is really happening,” like, “Wow, I’m so excited!’ It’s liberation, it’s freedom. It’s the possibility that this longing in your heart for something you’ve been looking for your whole life, that you’ve just discovered it! Now, you just had an awakening, which is part of the enlightenment cycle where you’re seeing the machine and by seeing the machine, you separate from the machine. Go on.


Guest 1: “Hey, he said, grab your things I’ve come to take you back home” [10:03]

Eric: This is your teacher saying, “Hey, you’re catching on now. Come on now. You’re going to learn from me, I’m going to teach you. Grab your things. Grab your—” In other words, you need to put your life behind you. You need to put what’s keeping you in the Doe behind you. “Grab your things” means “grab your sensory, grab your life” and you now have to make a decision. EIther you chose this path and you’re going to learn, or you’re going to stay where you are. It’s like an ultimatum that is a necessity in order for awakening. That’s what that part means to me. It’s like “Okay, I’ve come to take you home. Grab your things. You need to grab your mental faculties. You need to grab your life, your life that’s real, not your life that’s fake.” Go ahead.


Guest 1: Can you elaborate on the first part, where he says, “Grab your things, I’ve come to take you home,” but this time, he says “back home” at the end of that part? [10:53]


Eric: What do I say? “Back home.” What do I always say? You guys have come from this place. I’ve come back to find you. If you’re a Navigator, this is not your first visit, you’re just asleep. When I say, “take you back home,” or when I would say “take you back home,” what I’m saying is—and I have said this—I’m re-awakening. I’m teaching you what you know already. That’s why it just makes sense to you when I teach you. It’s just like, “This is like logic, like I knew it!” “Take you back home” means to awaken you back to who you really are and that’s what that means to me.


Guest 1: “When illusion spin her net / I’m never where I want to be / And liberty she pirouette / When I think that I am free” [11:33]


Eric: Does everybody understand what that means? Read the first half.


Guest 1: “When illusion spin her net / I’m never where I want to be” [11:44]


Eric: Stop. In other words, you still will always fall into the Doe. There’s the illusion of life. You go to work still, you still do everything and then again, you forget about your teacher. It’s like it spins you back into the thing. It slowly sucks you back into the Doe and then you realize it. You have your moments of relapse of awakening. Continue.

Guest 1: And liberty she pirouette / When I think that I am free” [12:10]


Eric: What is the word pirouette?


Guest 2: To turn. [12:15]


Guest 3: Spins in place. [12:16]


Guest 4: Spinning. [12:17]


Eric: Okay. Read again.

Guest 1: “When illusion spin her net / I’m never where I want to be” [12:20]


Eric: Stop. You’re never where you want to be. Where do you want to be? You want to be in mindfulness, right? You want to be unconscious but it’s like saying you realize when you have your moments of consciousness that you’re not, that you’re spinning out of control. Read on.


Guest 1: “And liberty she pirouette” [12:37]


Eric: Stop. “Liberty” meaning what? Justice, goodness. “Pirouette,” spin you. Okay.


Guest 1: “When I think that I am free” [12:45]


Eric: When you think that you are free, it spins you so you realize that you think you’re free, then you’re not free. You think you’re having revelations now from your thoughts, you see you’re out of the machine. You see the machine and you forget that you’re in the machine. You become part of the machine. It seduces you, in a sense, and then you pirouette. You spin back out again and you see that you’re in the machine. Here was everything that was good and you think it’s good but then you realize that it’s not what you think it is. Do you understand? That’s what that’s referring to. Go ahead.

Guest 3: That’s amazing. [13:14]


Guest 1: “When I think that I am free / Watched by empty silhouettes” [13:15]


Eric: Stop. When you think that you’re free, you’re really in the machine. “Watched by empty silhouettes” means the machine, the Red Cells, the world function around you, that’s the silhouettes that you’re watching. Go ahead. They’re watching you.


Guest 1: “Close their eyes but still can see” [13:32]


Eric: Exactly. So, they say “closed eyes” but they can still see their functioning. It doesn’t mean that they’re really awake. Do you see what I’m saying?


Guest 1: “No one taught them etiquette / So I will show another me” [13:45]


Eric: “No one taught them etiquette/ [I’ll] show them another me.” In my opinion, nobody really taught them how to talk, to feel, to do the Feels-Like, to really—Do you know how we always say that we look for kindred souls? That’s etiquette to me. Etiquette means recognizing another old soul and knowing how to talk. There’s a certain language between people. There’s no etiquette. The Red Cells just kind of function. It’s like dealing with them day-to-day. It’s not dealing with someone day-to-day that also has a spiritual kind of aspect to things. Do you see what I’m saying? Go back a few words, start over.
Guest 1: “Watched by empty silhouette / Close their eyes but still can see / No one taught them etiquette / So I will show another me” [14:22]


Eric: “Will show a different you,” which you are you going to show? Are you going to show the Red Cell to them or are you going to show the White Cell? Which part of you are you going to bring out? Are you going to show the enlightened, awakened part or are you going to recess it to keep your friends and family thinking or feeling safe because it’s too big of a change for them? Go on.


Guest 1: “Today I don’t need a replacement / I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant”



Eric: In other words, you’re going to tell them, “I made a choice and I’m following my spiritual path. This is my spiritual path. This is my teacher. If you don’t agree with my teacher, I don’t know what to tell you but that’s why I’m happy and I’ve accepted that happiness. That’s what I’ve chosen to do. Happiness is a choice and I’m not going to choose to be someone that I’m not. I’m going to choose to be the person that I am, although this is the first time I’m letting you know that. I’ve always faked it, I’ve always chosen to be somebody else for the rest of you guys because I never thought you could really understand who I really am, nor do I expect you to. It doesn’t matter anymore.” That’s what that means to me. Re-read back and start over.


Guest 1: Today I don’t need a replacement / I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant / My heart going boom, boom, boom” [15:43]


Eric: You’re afraid because you don’t know what they’re going to make but you’ve made that decision and you’re excited. You’re excited about your spiritual choice.

Guest 1: “Hey, I said, you can keep my things they’ve come to take me home” [15:49]


Eric: In other words, you can keep who you think I was. You can keep all that stuff. It’s all traps to keep me part of the Doe or in the machine. I don’t need any of that stuff, you can keep my stuff. “They’ve come to take me home” meaning spiritually. That could be a group from Higher Balance or the rest of the group that you meet who also are awakened. That’s a whole part of it, taking it away. I feel like that’s part of the extended family from me. It’s like enlightened beings all coming into your life to take you. That’s how I interpret it.


Guest 1: That’s amazing. [16:30]


Guest 2: It all fits in the timeline of almost everybody. [16:33]


Guest 3: Peter Gabriel “time-stepped” to write that song. [16:35]


Eric: I think everybody else is going to have their own personal interpretation of what it means but what I feel is that it’s very universal, the relationship you guys have. I can’t really say what you guys are really thinking, I can only speculate what I’ve sensed and what I’ve known. Do you see what I’m saying? For you, what does that mean? What does the song mean?


Guest 4: What I get is more of an overriding kind of theme to it. It’s hard to explain but sort of like pandemonium and that stillness within the noise going on around you. [16:57]


Eric: Anybody else?


Guest 1: When I read it before you went into that, I kind of felt the same kind of message that was coming across that you went into detail in. It was amazing. It’s just an amazing song. [17:14]


Guest 5: “The eagle came out of the night” which doesn’t normally happen. [17:25]


Eric: Right, right. It doesn’t normally happen and that’s a very good point. It is to say that it came out of the nothingness, like in your life, you don’t expect for something like this to happen. It’s like a mysterious happening. That’s a very good point.


Guest 5: “And my heart was going boom, boom, boom” literally. [17:43]


Eric: I think everybody’s heart is going “boom, boom, boom” when they first really meet me in that teacher state. I don’t know if people who’ve met me through the material can really say that they’ve had that kind of experience but in their own way, I certainly know that the beginning students all really kind of met me on that kind of weird level. It really kind of fits that way.


Guest 3: Yeah, that was intense. [18:12]


Eric: Anybody else?


Guest 2: I just like how each segment is just a bit deeper into kind of seeing the matrix for what it is. He did an awesome job.


Eric: Yeah. I’ve always like Peter Gabriel. He’s very complex with his music. He wrote a lot of music to—There was one done on—


Guest 3: Last Temptation? [18:30]


Eric: Last Temptation of Christ, which actually makes it look like the opposite of Christ, like he made a different decision. It was like all of his thoughts. Had he made different thoughts while he was dying on the cross, he relived his life making decision that maybe wouldn’t have led to his death. He did all the music for that, which is pretty phenomenal. Any other input? I’m curious of you guys, having met me through the material more than meeting me originally in person, if the song still relates well for you guys.


Guest 3: Definitely. It relates a lot and I think you were explaining it incredibly well. That’s—[19:00]


Guest 4: You explained it very well. When I first listened to all of the modules and the Foundation, I was really confused. I didn’t know what to think. I first kind of put you aside for months but there was something really weird about you, something really unusual that I’ve never ever heard before. It wasn’t until I actually did the meditation and had my experiences that I was like, “Whoa, I have to take a step back. [19:06]


Eric: Then, your heart had to go “boom, boom, boom” in a way when you had your realizations of when that moment hit you.

Guest 3: Yeah, that’s how I—All the lyrics definitely still holds true, even if we’ve never met you in person. [19:38]


Eric: Yeah, yeah. What do you think?


Guest 5: I remember because I got the Vanilla Sky soundtrack and that reintroduced that song back into my life and yeah, the first thing I thought about was you. [19:47]


Eric: Well, when I ask you to jump off of a building, draw the line.


Guest 5: Yeah, play the song for me again. [20:05]


Eric: We’ll listen to it again now that you guys are—You’ll notice that near the end, you hear these kinds of voice and weird things. I refer to—Is it still recording? I always refer to it as being like your mind is leaving the Doe and that’s the Doe and it’s all the people and all the machinery and you’re actually rising above it because you’re being more aware of it. Instead of being a single person and you’re in the machine, you kind of can hear and see the whole conglomeration. That’s when we hear all the noise that becomes just like noise. It’s noise. It’s nothing, it’s all babble. All of you guys interacting with the same conversation, same thing, same—To me, it’s like you’re stepping out of that even though it sounds chaotic.




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