Episode 57 – Hacking Healing

The Placebo Effect and Self-Healing

What if the placebo effect is more powerful than we think? The effectiveness of the placebo effect has been widely documented in many clinical and experimental studies with phenomenal success. In fact, the earliest record of the positive results of the placebo effect dates all the way back to the 18th century! 

In this show we cover: 

    • How does a clock impact your consciouness?
    • Does thinking about time more often affect the aging process?
    • What is the placebo effect and how can it be used in healing?
    • What sort of diseases or conditions will the placebo effect work for?
    • How can I use the placebo effect in my life?
    • Why are doubt and criticism the worst enemy when it comes to healing?
    • When is the placebo effect ineffective?
    • What makes energy healing successful?

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The Power of Surrender

Most people have it all wrong – surrendering. They think in order to surrender, you must become submissive, often to another person, and this is repeated over, and over, never quite believing you’ve accomplished anything because there’s always the guilt, shame, and begging for forgiveness. You relive your experiences and feel the need to surrender all over again.

Did you know that surrender is finding peace within you? It is the struggle to find the missing piece to complete who you are.  Surrender is the strength to forgive yourself, unconditionally, by honestly acknowledging what you are forgiving yourself for. And once you have the key, the Universe will take it from there. It will change you in profound ways.