Episode 19 – Is This All There Is?


Entering the Enlightenment Cycle

In this episode, Eric explores the topics of religion, new age spirituality, self-reflection, and the enlightenment cycle. Learn how self-awareness and acknowledging your own personalities or programming can allow you to reach an even higher potential.  Then break down the science and truth behind Simulated Reality.


In this show we cover: 

    • Explore the place does religion holds in today’s society and what the future holds for religious institutions [3:55]
    • Spirituality in the context of anxiety and major life changes [20:20]
    • Delve into the meaning of enlightenment and examine the enlightenment cycle spiritual seekers experience [29:55]
    • What it means when people say, “We live in a Matrix,” and whether there a Grand Master Plan or an Architect, similar to the movie, The Matrix [38:45]
    • Examine the spiritual consequences of using marijuana or ayahuasca or other hallucinogenic drugs [56:05]
    • The role of sex, celibacy, and discipline in spirituality [1:05:15]
    • The truth about Chi [1:08:40]
    • Explore the possibilities of human potential and how spiritual pursuits also benefit your physical reality [1:14:05]

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The Higher Balance Method

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