Episode 4 – Life After Death


Incarnation, Past Lives, and the Soul

In this episode, Eric and a brand new student talk about how reincarnation works and what happens after death. Explore how people develop souls and learn why the common belief that everyone has a soul cannot be accurate in Eric’s opinion.

Enjoy this special episode on the afterlife.

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In this show we cover: 

    • What a soul is, how a person can develop one, and how it translates to the Gaia mind [6:10]
    • How a soul chooses its next life [17:10]
    • Why it is so difficult to remember past lives [20:50]
    • What the meaning of suffering in life is [26:00]
    • How and when a soul incarnates into a body [28:05]
    • How dimensional bodies separate Red Cells from White Cells in death [30:50]
    • The truth about near-death experiences [33:00]
    • Deconstructing encounters with deceased loved ones [41:25]
    • The dynamics of the transition of death [1:00:15]
    • The ‘birth’ and evolution of the Universe, and how the Universe dreams [1:09:00]

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