Episode 11 – The Art of Manifestation


How to Manifest Money and Love Without Jinxing Yourself

In this episode on manifestation, Eric Pepin teaches you how to manifest money and relationships without jinxing yourself. Learn to overcome the subconscious barriers holding you back and the right way to amplify your manifestations with meditation. Plus Eric reveals a clever method to make all your wishes come true. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 

    • What manifestation is [1:35]
    • The problem with manifesting money and how to get around these roadblocks [2:55]
    • A rarely used method to get the best results from your work [7:05]
    • How wishing is different from manifestation [12:45]
    • The subconscious thoughts that actually work against you and how you can overcome this resistance [17:20]
    • Why meditation is critical for success and the best techniques to use [20:50]
    • Why optimism and positive affirmations is necessary [26:45]
    • How to avoid jinxing yourself [29:10]
    • How ancient spiritual teachers approached manifestation [33:00]
    • Subconscious programming of reality [36:30]
    • Strengthening your manifestation abilities [47:15]



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Jared: How would you define manifestation? [1:32]


Eric: I would define manifestation as the ability to acquire or to have something become present in your life that was not there before and had a limited possibility of occurring based on whatever your circumstances were, an unlikely chance. In other words, you’re increasing the possibility to the point that it actually happens for you.


It’s a very tricky question because when you look at manifestation, there’s a way to say, “Oh, something just fell out of the air.” That’s going to be less likely. If you’re talking about manifesting a love in your life or the perfect person, that’s more likely. The reason why it’s more likely is that you’re dealing with human consciousness and thought. You have a human consciousness so you’re affecting other people’s thoughts. You’re creating a situation or an outcome that’s favorable to you, desirable to you, of your interest, in the sense that it would not have likely occurred otherwise. You willed something to come into your life.


Jared: What kind of things can people manifest? [2:53]


Eric: I think it’s wrong that people manifest on the idea of money. I think you can have that as your agenda, it’s just that people have to be creative. I think we live in a matrix, a reality that’s synthesized per se. Like the human body, when we introduce a medicine, eventually we start to get an immunity system to it. I think that if the planet’s a living organism or it’s a synthesized reality, it, too, builds a resistance to things. The idea is that you have to up your game as to appropriating what you want.


Last night in the lecture, I said, “Don’t think about manifesting money or relationships or whatever. Just focus on luck.” Focus on manifesting luck in your life or being a lucky person. What does that mean? If you call yourself lucky, you’re pleased with whatever just happened. If you say, “God, I’m just lucky at everything I do,” well you must be lucky at love because you must’ve met somebody. You must be lucky at income because you’re happy with what you’re making. It’s like it turns the tide in the sense of hacking reality or the synthesized reality that it becomes favorable to you.


If you think about manifesting, you’re trying to make something favorable to you but you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, I’ve got to manifest a person in my life.” Then, you start thinking, “Do I want him to have brown hair or blonde hair? He should be this tall and this and that,” or “I want this car.” I think the more specific you get, the chances of you achieving what you want become harder and harder and harder. When you leave this vagueness and this room for reality to accommodate what you’re trying to bring into your life and let it kind of color some of those rules, I think you’ll be extremely happy with the results. Failure, I think, happens because you end up needing to do so much work to get the result that you want that you forgot or you don’t have the energy anymore to keep working on that manifestation. It’s not just a one-time, sit-down thing. You should work on things that are smaller to manifest and get that positive feedback so that you’re encouraged to do the bigger projects.


If you take luck, for instance, and you say, “I just really need to be lucky,” I think it’s auto-correcting. I think it’s auto-thinking. If you’ve got already a great partner in your life, you already like your job and everything, but your car just shit the bed, then wouldn’t you say that instead of manifesting for a car, wouldn’t it be lucky if somebody willed you a car out of the blue that was from the family? Or, somebody offered to fix your car for nothing like “let me just help you out,” or they just happened to have the extra part that you need? Are you lucky or did you manifest that? You manifested luck which in turn, created optimistic opportunities or things to kind of favor you in the direction that you’re trying to move into.


That could be the same about “I would like to grow my business,” and then all of a sudden you get a contract to come in the next day. I hear these stories all the time, by the way, from people who practice HBI stuff.


Jared: I have a question on that note, in regards to luck. Some people kind of take that on as, “I have good luck” or “I have bad luck.” Oftentimes, people will say that upon another person, as in, “You’ve got bad luck.” So, it’s kind of like the matrix, through them, is projecting this self-correcting program on you? [6:15]


Eric: It’s not you who holds you in place. It’s how other people perceive you. This is why I say when you work on something, you’re not just making something manifest into your own life, you’ve got to work around the people that are actually blocking opportunity to come into your life. The universe has a lot to work with depending on how complex your living or life situation is.


Jared: What are your thoughts on taking physical actions to make your manifestations come true? [7:00]


Eric: I think you need to do both. If you’re going to go after something, you should go at it with your entire arsenal to up your ante of success. In other words, if you’re—and this is a scenario we go through a lot when I try to teach this—if you’re going to try to manifest a love interest but you go to work and it’s the same job you go to all the time and it’s got three employees and you don’t have foot traffic coming in…You go to work, you stop, you pick up some groceries, [it’s] the same routine at the same place and then you go home and you spend most of your time watching TV at home, the chances of trying to manifest someone for a life partner to just come in your life, and that that person is the right person, not just some person, it’s not like a one-nighter, you’ve got to ask yourself what’s going on in their life. What are the chances that it can sequence the two of your guys meeting up at the right place at the right time and having magic happen? Their life could be very similar to yours. What is going to happen to make everything line up? You have to say to the universe in a certain way, “Alright, I’m going to go to a coffee shop twice a week,” or “I’m going to go into a public place.”


The odds that this other person may go to a coffee shop are significantly higher than them saying they’re going to go to the local mini-mart at a specific time and just grab something and get out. It’s five seconds, in and out. If they decide, “I’m going to go to a coffee shop,” and it can get them to all of a sudden think about coffee and go to the coffee shop, the odds are all of a sudden going to be higher. You’ve got a one hour window. Maybe you’re sitting there and you leave, but if you consistently do that, the one hour that they’re there will maybe start to get closer and closer and closer where all of a sudden there’s a reason they stayed longer or they were on the phone and they decided they were just going to stay for an extra hour. Then, all of a sudden you walked in and said, “Hey, can I borrow this chair?” Then, you make a comment about their t-shirt and it begins.


The point is, you’ve got to help the matrix to help you. If you’re going to isolate yourself, you can wait five years for that right person to manifest into your life or you can increase the odds by exposure. Do you follow me?

The other thing is that if you really find that you’re in a remote situation, then I would say you’re going to have to quadruple up on your manifestation sessions and it can’t be one time in a week to do it. You’re going to have to spend an hour once a day for a month if you’re in some extreme situation where there are just no people going out to the middle of Iowa on some ranch. Do you see what I’m saying? You’ve got to feed the program so it can start isolating the right person. It’s like winning the lottery. You can meet great people and have a wonderful time but there’s no love connection. You’re trying to find that right person unless you’re trying to just get action. The odds are a lot better in that way and it’s going to work out.


You also have to recognize the simple fact that sometimes these things, you have to recognize them. You’re lonely and you just want to meet some people to kind of…whatever. You’re thinking it’s going to be a person or you think it’s going to be whatever and then this friend comes along and says “There’s this new app, you should try it out. Let me help you set it up.” If you’re like, “No, no, no, I don’t like doing those things,” you need to realize something else is happening. When was the last time somebody asked you to do that? You could say, “Well, never.” Think about it. It’s the universe trying to line something up because that other person may be using the app somewhere else.


Jared: Do you think that some people overthink that in some situations? Let’s say a “get rich” scheme comes along after they did a manifestation and then they’re kind of duped into thinking that because they think that’s what they manifested. [10:35]


Eric: Common sense begets common sense. As Forrest Gump’s mother would say, “Dumb is as dumb does.” Look, you’ve got to ask yourself certain questions and you need to vet things. Just because you have an opportunity come up and you assume because you’ve been manifesting, it landed in your lap, you have to do your due diligence. It could just be coincidence. That’s all it is.

The universe does not get emotional in the sense we do. It doesn’t think like we do. It’s like it thinks almost completely alien to how we think. It doesn’t have a body. It doesn’t have biochemicals. It doesn’t dress in clothing or hit jewelry or go out for a haircut. It’s something that almost doesn’t really connect with us on that level. It connects with us spiritually. When it’s creating something for you, it’s trying to fit the mold of what you’re feeling, what it senses that you’re desiring, not so much money. It doesn’t understand money. So, in some case, you can manifest something that not necessarily is ideally what you thought you were going to get.

It says, “Oh, well, there’s a sense of money around this.” It feels like what you’re feeling like. This is why you’ve got to be very specific with your work and you’ve got to say, “No, I don’t think this is the right thing.” There’s sloppy meditation and there’s good meditation. There’s sloppy practice and there’s bad practice. If you’re manifesting, how good was your manifestation? How clean was your session?


I’m saying if you manifested for money and then a get-rich-quick-schemer comes along, I would say, “You should’ve listened to Pepin and you should’ve just went with luck because the luck would’ve been that you didn’t get stuck with that guy and you actually ended up doing the right one.” Then, you can say, “Oh, my manifestation for luck is working.”


Jared: What are some common misconceptions about manifestation? [12:41]


Eric: I think people think that it’s like wishing. “I wish for this perfect person, blonde hair, blue eyes,” or “I am wishing for a better house,” or “I’m wishing for my house to just sell,” or something like that. It’s so generic of thinking that people don’t want to do any work. People are perpetually lazy. It’s the truth. When you think about sitting down and manifesting, if you don’t get instant gratification, especially in this generation or the generation that’s coming, everything is about this McDonald’s kind of idea of how things are supposed to play out, you are changing the probability or the circumstances of your life. You need to sit down and commit to a level of self-work that is worthy of the price and reward of your efforts.


Jared: What is the role of wishing in manifestation? [13:38]


Eric: When I say, “do wishing,” and we use the word “wishing” in the context we just started in, there is “I wish for this” like you’re blowing out candles and you just expect your wish to come true. That is completely different from what I said in the last session about working on wishing or to say “to manifest luck” or to manifest a sense of wishing in your favor. It stills takes a half hour to an hour of decent work once a week. Then, you can expect a decent result anywhere from the first session to up to a month. By the time you’re three or four in, I’m pretty confident if you do things the way you’re supposed to and you commit to your one hour, that’s a lot of work, one hour. You will get the results you want. If you’re just going to wish and walk away, or blow out your candles or see a shooting star and say, “This is my wish,” you’re not going to get it. This is not what I’m talking about.


I’m saying for one hour, focus on the value of a wish. Feel what a wish feels like. What is the reward if you wish for something to happen? How would you feel? This is what you’re saying to the universe. You’re saying, “This is what I would feel,” and it goes “Oh, I know what this is. I’ll create more of that feeling in your life.” That feels pretty damn good if it’s what I’m thinking.


This goes into training when we train people about Feels-Like. All of these things are interconnected. If somebody wants something, they either want to do the work for it and train for it and get the knowledge for it and actually be able to do shit, or they’re the lazy people who just want to have some magic lamp they rub. The reality is that it isn’t going to fucking do jack shit. If you’re going to consciously use your mind on reality and change your frequency, the universe will react to you. The first thing you have to do is consistently keep changing your frequency.

It’s like a katana sword. You’ve got to keep banging that metal to get it to shape into the way you want. You change your consciousness. You change the way the muscles in your face look to just be how you think. You change how people feel about you, whether somebody likes you immediately or not. There are so many tell-tales in life that we overlook. There are moment in our life that, if you really think about it, you’re really riding high. One would say, “Do you feel lucky?” You’d be like, “Yeah. Yeah, I feel lucky,” and you’re feeling lucky and you’re meeting the right people and people are saying, “I don’t know why I like you, I just like you.” They don’t even know that you feel lucky. You’re just like, “Yeah,” and everything’s good.

Then something traumatic happens and you all of a sudden say to yourself, “Oh my god. This is awful I’m awful this. I’m awful that.” Whatever happens, it was an accident. It’s just a crapshoot. The favorable consistent odds used to be for luck but you had one bad thing happen so now your mental ability goes to this dark place and you start festering. That festering starts to convert your positive outlook which starts creating positive things to keep happening in your life. It changes course into a darker, more negative place where you start to feel, “I have no more luck in my life. I have complete unhappiness. I’m miserable. I have everything.”


It’s in that place that it’s so hard to fight to get out of. This is where you manifest because what else do you have? Going for a walk isn’t cutting it. You’re in a deep funk. You’ve lost your car. Your whole life has declined into some pathetic level. What is the one thing you can always go back for? Manifesting. It’s the power of knowledge that’s always with you that all you have to do is sit down and put it into play. It doesn’t require any other thing but a level of effort. If you have a tool to amplify it, wonderful.


Jared: On that note, this is a challenge for people when they are in that bad place. They are worried that when they manifest, it will be a corrupted manifestation and manifest more negativity. [17:10]


Eric: Of course. This is where I say “sloppy minds.” I’m not going to be the kind of teacher that rubs you on the back. You know why? Because you’ll never be the student that gets results. Go find somebody rubbing your back and they’ll be rubbing your back for another 20 years. I don’t rub backs. I smack them on the back like I smack people on the back of the head for saying what you just said because I’m like “Listen, dodo.”Yeah, you’re going to be worried that you’re going into a negative place. Yes, you’re compounding it but you have to sit there and you need to ask yourself, “What am I missing to get my funk out of the way temporarily?”

Did we not teach you how to meditate? Did you not learn how to attain mindfulness? Did you not learn how to remove thought from your head for temporary moments? Did you not learn how to put up a pyramid? If you can’t do these things and then have them up and have some level of quiet in your mind so that you can move to your manifestation just for fifteen minutes or five minutes without thinking about your worries, then there’s no point in you manifesting. You should be practicing your general training. That’s why you meditate twice a day. It makes you into a badass. Your kung fu is able to maneuver into other schools of training and skills and abilities and actions from them.


It comes back to the same rudimentary training. Learn your meditation. Learn to breathe. Learn to calm your mind. Everything is in your head. I know it’s like an atypical thing to say but it’s so true! Learn to quiet your mind, conquer the world! Learn to quiet your mind. Learn to have happiness rage in your life. We all will be affected by negativity. We all will be affected by the negativity of other people willing on us. We are all affecting by what’s going on in the world. Shit happens all the time. This is the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. When shit gets really bad, even for me, I sit down and plop down. I go, “There’s only one thing left I can do. I’m going to check out from all this bullshit.” In the end, it’s all bullshit. It’s all an illusion.


How do I know that? I know how to breathe. I know how to work with my chakra points. I know how to quiet my mind slowly. I know how to blow my crap out psychologically so that I can get a rest in my mind and get some leverage, some gain to tackle this problem. Once I’ve found that calm in me and all I need to do is just put it outside of me temporarily. It isn’t going anywhere. I know I don’t have to worry about losing my problem. It’s going to come right back like a boomerang. You have to have the skills in order to gain some ground. You are the ultimate warrior if you can meditate, for crying out loud. It means that anytime the shit really hits the fan, you pull out your wild card and it says, “I get to do a free check out.” When I do my check out, that’s when I’m going to start changing the odds. That’s when I’m going to manifest. That’s when I’m going to use that skill to leverage me shortly afterward to start leveraging this problem to divert in a different direction. The problem is people are pathetically lazy. They’re unwilling.

This is not necessarily just people. This is a cosmic force we call “the Doe” or a synthesized, programmed reality being imposed on you because you’re supposed to follow a normal state of funk. You’re supposed to be just like ants and bees and organisms and plants and it goes through this cycle. The lions don’t have a good day. They’re always losing a limb, rotting, hobbling around, getting eaten by the hyenas and everything. There are other times where it’s laying out in the field and we’re totally envious of it. You’ve got to say to yourself, “What do [I] have above all other species, including other human beings?”


Motherfucker, I can sit down and I can go into a meditation no matter how bad it is. I’ve trained myself in a crisis situation to sit there and just go boom. Aum! Consistently, I keep working on my level of calm with the skills I’ve learned and the ability to recognize all the rattling going on in my head. With that kung fu, you start pushing it out of your way. You maneuver this person coming at you in your mind right over your head with no effort. Once you find that inner calm, you’ve gotten a timeout. In that timeout, the badass in you comes out and you go, “Now, I’m going to use my skills and training that I’ve learned to manifest this problem to get the frick out the door!”

The next day, you do it again. The next day, you do it again. It’s hammering that katana. Bend that metal that should’ve been the rest of your life and change it. Don’t expect it to happen in one session. The bigger the problem, the more the work but any problem with the right amount of consistent approach and technique is absolutely—You can do anything! If you look at the shit I’ve gone through in my life—Look at the favoritism and look how things worked out. The odds were astronomical.


Jared: If you want to manifest something you never had before and you don’t have the emotion or Feels-Like to project. Let’s say you’ve never had a lot of money. How would you acquire that feels like or emotion? [22:01]


Eric: Think about a place that feels like money. Go into a very fancy furniture store and imagine all this furniture. Nobody says that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it. It’s a momentum that if you keep feeding it wood, will get bigger. You go to places that have them. I often say, “Don’t hang out in the poor places.” If places have crappy energy like I teach in “Ties That Bind,” if that doesn’t blow your mind with what you can feel and if you don’t go back to Ties That Bind on a daily basis and think about that , that’s why people end up in the rut that they are [in]. What you have to do is say, “I’m going to walk to the better energy place. It’s a newer building, newer environment, newer park, whatever, even if I’ve got to take the city bus there.” If you go there once a day and you walk around and you feel that energy and you try to exclude from the negative energy as much as possible, that alone is going to change the direction of your life. I guarantee it.


Environment changes the psyche of your mind. The world is the temple by which we exist within and it’s constantly imposing something on us. If we go to a negative environment, that negative environment starts to feed the negative in your mind. If you go to positive places that are pleasing to the mind, so too does the mind go to that place, hence the reason why artists and poets seek to create beauty. It reinforces the mind.


If you look at wealthy people, they’re always indulging in wealthy things. This is usually better energy because they naturally start figuring it out. It’s people who settle and get into a complacency level of their situation and they don’t fight to get out of it. You’ve got to fight! It’s a fight! The second you recognize it, it’s called self-awareness. When you go, “This is shit but it’s my life,” no! Fuck that shit! I’m getting out of this bubble.


The first thing Pepin says is “Go to the local mall. Go to a brand new park. Go to some place. Nature is constantly renewing itself.” These are the places that you want to spend the majority of your time. All of a sudden, job opportunities are going to come up or somebody is going to call up and say, “Move out here. I’m going to help you. I just landed a great job. I’m going to hook you up.” It’s weird! Your luck changes but it starts off with your consciousness, your mind. Where is it? Are you even capable of checking in with yourself to ask yourself where it is? That’s what the training is for. That’s why you have I’s and you learn what I’s mean in spiritual training that we give. You start isolating and this is what is real power for you to change your life.


If you become complacent, you’re lost because there’s not enough fight for you to change. If you don’t have the fight, then ask yourself: Did you get your ass off the couch, out the door? No matter how depressed you are, go to some place of peace and beauty and something that would inspire you. Just keep going back to it. It will drain the poison out of your life until you have enough strength, psychologically, to take a bigger step in a better direction. Luck starts to beget luck, but negative attracts negative.


Get rid of the people who are negative. What do I always say? People say, “Gurus always say to leave your family and leave your friends. Move away.” That’s because they want you for their own means. They want you to be there for their own entertainment, their own person to have around to hang out with. Their own “when they’re lonely, you’re there.” They’re not so worried about what’s going on in your life. They’re more worried about what’s going on in theirs.


Anybody who sees you in a certain way and talks to you that way, they don’t allow you to grow as a person. You know you are not necessarily the person that everybody is treating you as. You feel like you’re some kind of alien. Go find your own people. Find your spiritual people who will enliven you. In essence, it’s saying go somewhere where nobody knows you and you can be that person. All you have to do is spend the first week as positive, fake-ass as you can. It becomes you then. It becomes real. It’s not fake anymore. The people in your life will go, “Ah, come on, Bill! You know you just want to go do this and that. Let’s go get drunk again!” You’re like, “No, I’m tired of drinking. I’m tired of the same routine. It’s so predictable.”


You’ve got to be around other people that you meet and they’re like, “Hey, do you want to go do this or that?” You’re like, “Oh, I’ve never done that before.” Don’t shut it down! “Let’s go do this or that!” You’ve got to change your environment. Usually, it’s the people you’re around.


Jared: What are your thoughts on positive affirmations and being an optimist? [26:40]


Eric: I think that’s an optimist’s way of approaching the world and I think it’s fantastic. Some people say, “Well, that just makes them weak because they always try to find the good.” Statistics say differently. As I was saying before in the other class, people who optimistic—I think it was a 30-year study—versus pessimistic, or considered themselves pessimistic or optimistic had better marriages, longer marriages, greater wealth, greater happiness, greater everything. The people who were pessimistic, thirty years later, were just as miserable than they were then. The people who were optimistic actually ended up with significantly more in their life material-wise, personal-wise, emotional-wise than the pessimists. There’s something to it. It’s undeniable.


In other words, why wallow in something that’s negative in the end, if you can’t change it. If you can change it, why do you have to be negative about it? You can be positive and do the change at the same time. It’s better on the body. We know the immune system goes up when you’re happy. We know the immune system goes down when you’re unhappy. What does that tell you?


If you’re tired and sick and vulnerable, it’s because the negative side of yourself that you didn’t fight enough to change it, now it’s compounding to where you’re really depressed because now you feel ill. It’s like you’ve got the flu. You’re tired. Everything is just going wrong in your life. If you fight, fight, fight to change that, you can! You can make it your life. Then, you’ve got to protect it. This is why you’ve gotta protect it. This is why you’ve got to keep practicing your whole life with your meditation. That’s the front line, that’s what keeps your garden green inside.


In essence, being an optimist or having positive affirmations—This is the problem. The mind is a very tricky thing. When you have affirmations, the biggest thing I see in people is that they begin to parrot what they are saying rather than thinking about what they’re saying and feeling and imbuing it. I think people get so automated, “Oh, I’m going to do my daily affirmation,” that this is how the Doe beats you at your own game. You are convinced you’re doing all the right stuff and then you’re miserable because nothing’s working for you but you’re doing all the things you were told to do. You’re not being mindful. You’re being mindless. You’re just doing it and it’s just words from your mouth and you’re not thinking about it or feeling it. It’s like listening to a song but never knowing the words to it until one day you’re so deep in love that you actually start listening to the words and you think “Oh my god, I can completely relate to all these songs!” You’ve got to listen to what you are doing for your affirmation for it to take root in you.


Jared: What are your thoughts on jinxing yourself? [29:11]


Eric: It gets into this whole paradox of “Is there luck or is there bad luck? Is there jinxing something? Is there something being unjinxed?” This starts getting into old wives tales and it starts to get into superstition. It’s not that big of a leap to see a black cat cross your path and say to yourself, “Ahh!” It’s what you believe. At the end of the day, it always comes down to one thing: What do you believe? What you believe is the reality that you put in front of you. It’s everything you see.


There’s a saying that if somebody looks out and they meditated and you just finished and your mind is in a better place, everything is richer in color. It’s true. Everybody who meditates will say it’s like somebody peeled a grey film and everything looks better and slowly over time, it fades back down to normal. When you think of jinxing, there are several things that can happen. You can have people—People are innately usually jealous. We are an envious creature, so anytime somebody may get something more than what we have, a greater success, a new car, more money, they’re going on a trip, there’s this inkling of selfishness and jealousy that is in most human beings. It’s very rare for it not to exist. You want what other people are having. You want that joy that they’re experiencing. You want that moment that they’re having even though you’ve had five of those moments. That’s being truthful. That’s self-observation. It’s only through self-observation, in truth, that you can move yourself away from your ego or diminish it.


When you pronounce certain things and people have that, they might say, “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” I say, “Ask yourself really what you’re feeling inside.” It’s only when you can be that truthful can you say, “Yeah, there was a little jealousy there. Yeah, there was a little knee-jerk there.” It’s always the subtle stuff that programs and manipulates reality versus the frontal thought that we think because that’s all fake. The truth has a frequency that airs out. This is where other people’s energy can affect you just by what you say.


I see everything in reality as a matrix by self-governing rules. You’ve got to understand that the universe creates the least amount of wasted energy. What is the most efficient way? Instead of having in the wifi of consciousness something running all the rules, it says when you integrate with other similar species and you convey something, in order to keep you in a certain dough level, “Just do your work. Be like the ants. Be like the animals. Don’t move yourself to a higher consciousness.” It’s going to use the people to send a frequency efficiently because it’s not going to be focusing all the time, 24/7. It’s like a ball for a pinball machine and it rolls around and it hits something and it goes, “Ding!” It bounces around and it goes, “Ding!” It bounces around.

So, here you are with this great idea trying to work to something but, in this case, you’re trying to avoid those things but your joy is that you want to share it because we always want to share. What are we doing? Egotistically, we’re like, “Nah nah nah nah noo noo,” or “Look, I’ve got this going on!” You know it could hurt everybody else because you’re doing it because it was done to you. If you really dig into this, it’s crazy.


Every time you hit one of these like “Bading!” it bounces you. They’re saying, “Oh, I’m so happy for you,” but really, inside they’re like, “I need a vacation. I wish I was going. Why does he get to go? He doesn’t deserve it.” Everybody justifies their own means. I don’t care who you are. It’s very rare to have somebody sincerely have joy for you or have happiness for you. Usually, it’s a parent or somebody who genuinely has a good deal of that. Sometimes not even that.


Jared: Can you explain the opposite of this phenomena? Like, when you hear these stories about Jesus, who would send his disciples into a town ahead of himself to spread the word before performing certain miracles? [32:47]


Eric: We’re going to bring the Jesus word up, huh? I think it’s also true for other spiritual teachers. This was very traditional in that they understood—I believe that they understood reality was an illusion. It’s not something that they could profess out because most people couldn’t wrap their mind around it like they can today in the age of computers. It’s a matrix, the illusion is a matrix. What they did is they understood that the collective mind of a hub, meaning a gathering of people, tend to have a thinking. This is why, to say people in the South may have the same accent or people in other countries have accents or why you can go to Europe and each person has their own language pride but there’s also an accent that comes from that. There’s an identity that comes from that.


These are pods. These are noid-piles, I call it. They knew that they send out people who absolutely we’re firm believers and absolutely had that frequency and it was very strong in them. They were stronger than the general vibe that by just talking about stuff, people would be open to that and what would happen is that their thinking would become more applicable to it. Instead of shutting down the miracles that they created with their minds as groups, they made it so than that person could project the miracle and have the miracle happen in the matrix. Their mind was open enough to keep it from being shut down. Once they saw it, they then, too, reinforced that consciousness energy that reality could be rewritten or remolded.


Jared: Do you think that method of manifestation still works? [34:23]


Eric: I do, I just think it’s harder and it’s different. This is why I say you’ve got to change the approach because now there’s is science, which will say “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.” What people don’t realize is that with science, it’s always changing. It’s just as watered down in some cases and out there as anything else. We have the internet. We have everybody fighting for our minds, vying for information. Everybody in today, as a generation, is an information junkie. Do you really filter the information you’re studying? Do you really look at it? No.


The problem is that you are a product of a much larger productive noid. What people don’t really realize is that you always hear these things, “There’s a fight for your mind in marketing. There’s a fight for your mind always.” You just think, “Oh, it’s this Black Ops stuff or whatever,” or “It’s just those crazy conspiracies,” but there’s a truth to it. It’s much simpler to understand. You don’t have to get that much on there but if you look at stuff like Google, god-forbid because Google’s now starting to become the word “God.” If they don’t like Facebook—Facebook’s already tampering with the consensus of thought that’s out there. They’re minimizing what ideas can be seen more often and what ideas will be seen more often. That’s a form of mind control. Same thing goes for Google. Search words will give you certain things based on what they want you to find. Other things that they don’t necessarily agree with or don’t believe in, they marginalize or they make it so hard for that thinking to get evolved or noticed. They do it.


What happens if you have a bunch of people that have a religious perspective or a scientific perspective or a perspective of politics who are governing what information you’re going to find? You’re going to start molding people to only know the information that you want them to have so your opinion starts to become like theirs.


Jared: I want to go back to what you were saying about that kind of inkling of something happening in the back of a person’s mind and that’s actually what programs reality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad but oftentimes, it is. Is this how the matrix keeps reality in check through our subconscious minds? [36:18]


Eric: Everything is about the inner subconscious. We are programmers. Do you understand? We do it on a subconscious level. It doesn’t mean that what we subconsciously put out there, it takes, it’s more like, “What are the number odds of that instant?” It’s always, constantly calculating. Whatever the statistical odds of that inner inkling that goes along with the framework of reality, of whatever’s being presented, that’s the direction things tend to take.


Your busy mind, the Babbler mind, the part that you can’t shut up when you tell it to shut up, it just does what it wants to do, is basically there to keep you walking around as I call, a zombie. If you train and you meditate and you get familiar with all of these techniques, you awaken because you get more and more familiar with that inner side of you that’s able to observe yourself with all this foolishness you do. In all this yippy-yap, you start to realize a higher truth. That means you become a programmer in a sense, a spiritual person, or an enlightened person that sees a different truth to things. It doesn’t mean that you’re not coexisting on the lower levels but you’re kind of aware of all of them at the same time. You’re not always able to hold that, but you’re able to go there when you need to. In essence, that inner part is always contributing through all human beings. We are contributing to have an effect. It’s efficient. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s incredibly efficient to be designed this way.


Jared: Let’s say someone believes in astrology and they’re reading their astrology chart and they believe that it’s dead-on. Does this then in turn manifest because they believe in their astrology chart? [37:58]


Eric: This is bubble thinking and some people could accuse us of bubble-thinking, but if you really look at our stuff, it’s incredibly broad and we try to prevent that from happening. The simple point that I think is a better way of saying this: If you read a vampire series for awhile, you see the world through that eye. You start to think about vampires everywhere or how they would do stuff. If you read a spy novel, you’re in spy mode. You’re like, “Oh, I wonder if these people are really spies.” If you watch a UFO movie and you go camping and you hear a rustling out in the woods, you think, “Oh, maybe those are aliens landing by.” If you watch a horror movie, then you know it’s some bad guy out there. If you watch a “Wild Kingdom” with loose anacondas and giant spiders, you’re thinking, “Maybe that’s a giant spider.”


This is how simple the human mind is. We have these things imposed. The idea is “Can you get past all that and separate yourself?” This is where religion teaches you like a recipe book: do these things. In my opinion, religion has always been about the politics of making money and controlling the masses. It started off when people were very naive. The average education wasn’t even third grade. It was probably less that that. People did need some direction, it just got to the point where it became incredibly abusive. All the people who were in religion were incredibly wealthy compared to the impoverished people who would give everything just to buy into heaven or give all of their life earnings so that they got the blessings of God so their children who passed away from some illness would get into heaven. It was a racket.


Where you have the difference in spirituality and meditation and everything is that the idea not to exteriorize with “monetariness” and stuff like that. We have to deal with it in the sense that we have to live but at the end of the day, we’re saying, “Be aware of what your thoughts are. Be aware of what you’re thinking. Be aware of what your actions are instead of automating and doing like a recipe book.” You’re being more aware of where your emotions are, where your thoughts are, where your actions are, and you’re going deeper and deeper in your mind, asking deeper and more inquisitive questions in regards to your relationship to the universe, God, space. All of these things are very enriching and liberating.


Jared: In your manifestation technique, you tell students to humble themselves to the universe before they ask for their wish. Can you explain the reason for that?


Eric: When you think about humble, it means to really remove yourself as much as possible from desire. You have your own interests. You have your own wants. You have your thing. It’s the old saying that I threw out there many years ago. It’s to say that when people pray to God, they talk at God. “I need new shoes. I need a new ring. I need this person to stop cheating on me. I need a new roof for my house.” It’s want, want, want. It’s talking at God. You’re not really having a conversation. You’re not really listening.

When you meditate, you’re not asking for anything. You simply are just wanting to be in the presence of the universe and saying, “I’m going to listen to whatever you want.” You still can’t remove yourself from the survival of this dimension and how harsh it is to survive. You are affected spiritually and psychologically and mentally. To say to God or the universe, “This is my problem and I know it is, so you’ve got to fix it,” is idiotic. It’s like a five-year old that’s telling an adult that’s forty what the kid—It’s saying “I need this box of candies in order to make me happy in life.” They’re not realizing that that’s not really the answer.


When you convey to God, I say, “Wish for happiness. Humble yourself. Don’t want for anything. It knows what you want. Just wish for happiness.” It’s a desire for universe to help you but not be specific as to what it needs to fix. It knows. It knows better than you. Just allow it.


Jared: Why do you use the word “wishing” and not desire? [42:00]


Eric: This is all wordplay and in every culture, words can take on different meanings for the same thing. At the end of the day, let’s dissect it from our perspective and do the training of Feels-Like. Desire is wanting something, usually specific. You’re desiring because you’re lusting. You’re desiring because you want money. You’re desiring because you want to go on a trip. You’re desiring because you want something that’s not yours. Wishing could be wishing for something that’s not yours, wishing for love and everything. What I’m saying to you is to take wish to a deeper level. Remove like you would in your mind all these things. Wish has a very clear thing. It’s saying to the universe that you need help. It’s a very humble way to convey, to say, “I just simply wish to be happy and I will allow the universe to do whatever [it wants].” I think the most powerful responses from the universe or the most powerful manifestations come from the simplest, purest, cleanest states of asking for them. The less complicated and the less specific you can get, the more likely you’re going to get what you need.


Jared: What do you think about other schools of thinking that say to focus on what you already have? [43:09]


Eric: I don’t agree with that. If you think about what you already have, that’s another thing. You could be poor and want more. You could be middle-class and want more. You could be a hundred-millionaire and you want to be a billionaire. A billionaire wants to become a trillionaire. The trillionaire wants to run the planet. There’s always something more. You’ve got to get past all of this. You will get those things if the universe deems that you should have them. You’re trying to say to the universe, “I know better than you and if I just have this, I will be happy. Stop giving me this great lover. Stop giving me all of these wonderful things in my life. Stop. Just do this.” You could be a millionaire and still be suicidal. It’s not a fix.


Jared: What things do you recommend new people start out manifesting to build confidence or momentum? [43:56]


Eric: Look, now we’re going to do the opposite of what I just said. If you want to direct your wishing, you want to get to the core of your subconscious. If you’re not at this level of, “I can go in my mind,” and stuff, then you have to ask yourself, “What did we say this whole conversation?” Subliminal?


If you put a hundred dollar bill out on a table and you have it out there, you want that hundred dollar bill, especially if you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not going to use it for one week,” even though you really could use it. Then, you sit down and you do your wish meditation. There’s some very, very clear part of you that’s thinking about that hundred dollar bill. It’s not attached with a whole lot of technicality like “Ten thousand of these will get me a car. This will get me a boat. This will get me a house. This will get me the life I want. This will get me a person to love me the way I want.”


You’re presenting it as a background potential and in a sense, it’s manipulative but it’s our nature. You’re doing it in a way that’s a lot cleaner and a lot more sincere and I think the universe is going to—I often say, “You can’t control the universe.” The second you try to grab it, it moves away from you. We know this from doing the meditations that I taught through the Higher Balance Method, the tones that you hear. They’re undeniable. They’re crazy but the second you try to grab them in the sense of listening to them harder, they fade away. When you kind of ignore them, they stay away. If you admire them, the more you admire them, the more they come louder to you. You start to maneuver through all these incredible loud frequencies. The same is true by saying you should look at that like money when you present it to the universe. You don’t look at the money as something you can grab or control or is controlling. You need to look at it as something that is admirable or appreciative in the sense of how much better it can make a lot of things but without being specific.


Jared: Would it be advantageous to approach manifestation with a feminine approach? [45:53]


Eric: I think anything should be approached non-feminine, non-masculine. This is where non-thought. The purest level of neutrality in you is the least convoluted communication to the universe. There are what, seven billion people on the planet? They’re all wanting, yacking, talking, mentally going. It’s not that the universe can’t hold all of that, but why is the universe going to stop and focus on you for a tenth of a moment. What is making you so unique that it would want to interfere in your life or change things? It’s not necessarily God, it’s the backdrop of God running everything.


It’s the same thing. I can have a conversation with you guys but am I having a conversation with your microverse? No, but you microverse, if I were a part of it, would be running my life, not you. You’re not thinking about your heart pounding, your lungs breathing, the organisms in your body, the trillions of protozoan organisms. There’s a whole universe in there happening. It’s affected by your optimistic or your pessimistic mood. We know that. It’s affected by certain things. What is going to affect the program that you’re in rather than trying to get it to distilled down to the personality of having a conversation with the universe like you’re going to have a sit-down?


Jared: Why is it that when you meditate and you learn how to harness prana that your manifestations are stronger and faster? [47:09]


Eric: This comes up all the time. There’s a lot of answers for it. I like to keep things very simple but very accurate. It’s all in how we look at things. Prana, for those who don’t know, is essentially the energy by which we use to do stuff. Most people say, “Oh, I can do psychic stuff. I can do spiritual things. I can heal people.” What they don’t realize is that everything in this universe needs an exchange of energy to happen. Fire doesn’t burn without wood. Wood doesn’t grow without water and sunlight. It goes on and on and on and on. In essence, we need Prana to use our psychic sensory to be able to investigate our spirituality to become spiritual, to transverse our mind to a higher level. We need a sensory that can understand these finite energies. This is why I say you’ve got to develop psychic stuff. Forget all this other crap that’s out there from New Age stuff.


Having said that, when you take in Prana, Prana is the air that propels the vocal chords in your words. It is the ink in a pen. It is the thing that constructs or works with as a material, a source of energy that communicates or gives you the means to communicate to change or affect or relate to reality as we understand it. It is the energy that everything around you will react to. By acquiring a quantity of it and infusing it with your interests and representing it out, it’s a form of programming reality.


Jared: So, it’s a form of broadcasting? [48:49]


Eric: Well, if you think about broadcasting, take it a step back. Broadcasting is what you’re interested in. Where is the broadcast coming from? What is creating the energy to broadcast it? What manifested it into a structural form?


Jared: Your meditations?


Eric: Your meditation is harnessing the Prana. The Prana is like the electricity that created the speaker boom that creates the wave that you can feel with your hand in the air. It’s the source that ignites the exchange of change. It’s the convergence source. Without it, you don’t have anything. I was watching a program with a bell ringing. With air, you can ring the bell. If you go into a science lab and you put a big container around it and you suck all the air out but it’s still ringing, the less air you have in there, the less you can hear it. When the vacuum is done, you can’t hear sound anymore. You can see it ringing but it’s not making a single sound. Oxygen, although it’s invisible, is the means that allows the sound to travel.


Jared: So manifestation without meditation, like you teach, is significantly less effective? [49:49]

Eric: Significantly less. The only levels of success are basically whether you’re able to get yourself into a meditative state. I always say, “Why get so cocky? Why not just put the true effort? If you want it that badly, why cut corners?” This is the difference between me and everybody else. I don’t cut corners.


Jared: What do you mean by cutting corners? [50:16]


Eric: Well, they’re going to just manifest because, in all honesty, they don’t want to meditate. That’s half the problem. If they meditate and do that as their first step and commit to it and do a sincere meditation, the sincerely commit to doing their manifestation, the odds of the success are going to go up by 30%. That’s huge versus a 10% chance or a 3% chance. By doing everything correctly, you’re stacking these odds to a certain level. You can never get past a 40 or 50% because there are the problems of whatever you’re trying to affect.


If you want a specific person to be interested in you, how do you know what’s going on in their life? Did they have a trip planned for two years and they’re getting ready to leave that you don’t know about? Do you get what I’m saying? You’ve got to take that into consideration. What are the circumstances by which the universe has got to change what is already something that it can’t necessarily change because it’s so imbued in there? It’s easier to just give that person a sense or a feeling of wanting to be somewhere. When they’re weighed with a responsibility of having to be somewhere because they’re committed, it’s very hard to subtly let the universe start to change their conscious choices. 50% is you don’t know what you’re up against. Some people would say, “50/50? What’s the point of doing it?”


Are you kidding me? That’s like flipping a coin. At least you know that with several tries, four tries for sure, the odds of you getting the heads up are going to be a lot better than down. Where do you have those odds with no effort at all?


Jared: How often should you manifest to increase your odds? [51:44]

Eric: I would prefer three or four sessions over a month that are good sessions. If you want to be badasses, you’ve got to do the work. If you just want to be an armchair philosopher, then sit back and admire me and all the things I’ve done. Wonderful.

If you want to be like me or greater, which I’m happy to teach you, you’ve got to put the effort in. If you don’t put the effort in, then you’re just another person beaten by the Doe who’s convinced they’re actually getting somewhere when they’re not getting anywhere at all. It’s just a hologram.


Escape the prison. Escape the hologram. That’s the key.




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