Episode 11 – Manifestation


How to Manifest Money and Love Without Jinxing Yourself

In this episode on manifestation, Eric Pepin teaches you how to manifest money and relationships without jinxing yourself. Learn to overcome the subconscious barriers holding you back and the right way to amplify your manifestations with meditation. Plus Eric reveals a clever method to make all your wishes come true. Enjoy.

In this show we cover: 

    • What manifestation is [1:35]
    • The problem with manifesting money and how to get around these roadblocks [2:55]
    • A rarely used method to get the best results from your work [7:05]
    • How wishing is different from manifestation [12:45]
    • The subconscious thoughts that actually work against you and how you can overcome this resistance [17:20]
    • Why meditation is critical for success and the best techniques to use [20:50]
    • Why optimism and positive affirmations is necessary [26:45]
    • How to avoid jinxing yourself [29:10]
    • How ancient spiritual teachers approached manifestation [33:00]
    • Subconscious programming of reality [36:30]
    • Strengthening your manifestation abilities [47:15]

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Direct Manifestation

In this module, Eric Pepin separates fact from fiction, explaining the ‘Why’ and ‘How’s’ of effectively manifesting, sharing the specifics that other teachers have failed to mention. While other techniques, including prayer and the law of attraction, can be effective, they simply aren’t potent enough for real results.


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  • Discover the ways to augment your technique by utilizing little-known methods such as avoiding detection by the Gaia mind
  • Learn how to re-write reality and override the collective consciousness
  • Turbo-charge your manifestations with this powerful emotion
  • Get specific examples and walkthroughs of manifesting things like money, love, and friendship
  • Plus, manifest something new that you’ve never experienced before… Including new spiritual experiences

Explore the limitless possibilities and experience the difference when you apply this powerful technique!


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