Episode 8 – Planes of Light

rebel-guru-radio-episode-8-Planes of Light

Achieving Conscious Movement

In this episode, Explore the different forms of intelligences within your body and learn to develop and balance these centers. Break past barriers and attain higher states of consciousness and move past the matrix to experience what Eric calls the Planes of Light – an ethereal place of pure consciousness, the ribbons of space and time, and the fabric of reality. Then discover different skills including clairaudience, clairvoyance, scanning and assimilation.


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In this show we cover: 

    • A description of the planes of light and how you can move through it [2:15]
    • The difference between clairvoyance and clairaudience [13:00]
    • How the Tones train your mind to achieve conscious movement [15:00]
    • The different intelligence centers and what abilities arise from them [18:30]
    • Techniques to train your chest intelligence center [20:30]
    • The differences between scanning and assimilation and how to apply these techniques [23:40]



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Guest 1: You were talking about the white energy, the white light that’s around stuff and that you use it. You were saying the white light is for everything or to move things with. When the world turns white, when it whites out, it was like we could use that energy? [1:41]


Eric: Okay, what you’re saying is that when you feel this movement on you—We’ve got to kind of catch up because we’ve had this conversation earlier.


Guest 1: Well, I can see the movement. The movement is light and it’s everywhere. When it coalesces, are you saying this is what we can use to manipulate things? [2:07]


Eric: It’s an energy. It’s a food. It’s an energy. It’s a source which is able to be manifested in a way. Your mind, if you really think about it, besides it being organic and biochemical and such, your mind organizes electricity. This is how you see a picture in your head. This is how you see images and thoughts. It’s how you can hear music in your mind. It’s like zeros and ones for computers but it strings it. It’s like spinning on of those little metal things that have the things to make music. You’re creating, in your mind, this organization. When you move your mind outside of its contours, when you can believe that you can do that and you can take this energy, this frequency, this abundance of everything—We talk about the blue light, the static in a room, to get you more familiar with it. In truth, as you move closer to it, it vibrates more. It takes on hue of white, clarity. It’s almost to say it’s nothingness but it’s everything. It’s then for you to, in a sense, want to manifest that as if you’re creating something on the canvas of this white. This white is like baby powder on a table. It’s almost so thin you can’t see it until you start pushing the sides and it starts to amass into a structure. You’re influencing reality in a sense. You’re kind of utilizing it as a fuel.


Guest 1: When the world disappears behind this white curtain, what happens? It will disappear. It’s gone and there’s nothing there. [3:42]


Eric: There’s something completely there.


Guest 1: How do you function in that?


Eric: This is the thing. Remember when I said you had a body and you go in water and if you don’t know how to swim or you’re not thinking about swimming, you’re going to sink because you’re trying to walk. You’re trying to grab the water like it’s a tree branch or something. What’s happening is that when people get to this point where there’s just nothing, it’s just this white, there’s a panic that happens because it’s beautiful at first but then you’re like, “Well, okay. Right…” There’s this orientation that we want to see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, and that’s because we’re still in the thick of it. We’re in our minds still.


This is where you almost, in a sense, want to surrender to that moment. It’s to say that you have to accept. This is when you go into Buddhism and Hinduism and they say, “You’ve got to accept death.” Nobody is asking you literally die. It’s not going to happen. This is where people are always afraid at some point like, “If I really let myself go, maybe I’ll die.” You still have that sense of fear that this is really all you are and there’s nothing after. This is what anchors you.

I often say, “Look, there’s plenty of people who are on life support and they’re not dead but they’ve definitely checked out.” The machine will keep running. It’ll be there when you get back. Just trust me on this. When it’s ready to go, it’ll go, but not anytime soon. The idea is that when they say, “You’ve got to accept death,” it doesn’t mean literally that. It means that you have to truly, in your heart, let go of what you think you are. You’ve got to let go of the idea that you’re flesh, you’re blood. You can’t just say that you’re letting go. You can’t just say, “I believe I’m letting go.” No, it’s something in your core. It’s so deep. You have to go through a series of almost coddling yourself in a sense, to confirm like your breathing is going to automate. You don’t think about breathing, it just does it. Do you think about making your heart beat every second? “Oh, better beat now, it’s starting to get a little dark.” It’s automating.

Once you go through this, this is what they’re doing. They’re doing a self-check when they’re going in their mind to go to that place. They’re feeling their body. They’re becoming aware of the weight of it. They’re becoming aware of the fact that you can feel your buttocks on the chair, the stuff that we take for granted. You begin to think about your breathing automating. All of these things you start checking off this list and it allows you to continuously remove yourself. It’s like these cords that you’re unhooking. When you get to that white point, you virtually almost have all of these things detached. There’s still something anchoring you, otherwise, you would move into it. This is what becomes what are called “The Planes of Light” at first.


The Planes of Light are all of a sudden, [everything is] white. You will begin to see a hue of yellow moving very gently, very beautifully against the white. It’s like a very faint ribbon of faint color. You might see a pink or blue or something, like pastel. It’s so beautiful but it’s very faint. You almost wonder, “Is there color or is there not color?”


Now, you get back to your training with what? The Tones. If you want to have this color start coming in, or whatever it is, to begin to move, or you move to it so you can immerse with it, you cannot think about walking up to it. The first thing you’re going to do, by nature, is start wrestling in your mind, “How do I get it closer?” Now, you’ve reattached yourself to your organic self. This is what makes it go further away. It’s a bitch in a certain way. It really is, but if you can think of your Tones and you can think of your chest, your chest is the only thing, the only intelligence designed to swim here. It can move. It can do a doggy-paddle for Christ’s sake and say, “I’ll get you there one way or the other.” You’ve got to be familiar enough with it and be thinking about it when you start to see that phenomenon.


Right away, you have to be in your chest and you have to think, “These are Tones.” Instead of it being a line, I’m seeing it now from a different way. It’s like music fluttering. I often think it’s like when you see in various movies or old movies, they’ll let their silk scarf from the spiritual people move through the air, and you’ll see it kind of like a ribbon, floating. It looks like water almost, it’s wavering. This is what they’re trying to say is the Planes of Light. It looks like this water wavering of darker and lighter hues—very gently, though—of these pastel colors. They’re moving against this horizon if you will, of white. You want to move into it or you want to experience it, so you’ve got to use your chest center to bring it in. Then, it starts to get very detailed, very rich, and you literally can move through these pastel kind of ribbons and it’s very complex to explain. It’s very surreal to our thinking in our organic format in this room.


Even the rippling is, to me, like water. Have you ever seen water and it has this diamond shape, bouncing back and forth with the light? In essence, when it’s rippling, to me, one, this is also like computer code. Each one of these ripples is a series of numbers, if you really think about it, it’s perfect math. Every time you see a shimmer, there’s this perfect summation of each pattern moving across this distance. It’s not like each one uniquely different. It’s almost like it’s mimicking itself. It’s pure brilliance when you start to see it this way.


When you see this ribbon and you can check it out when you get there, the hues of where it dips and falls is going to be, in our mind, in a sense, a little bit richer in color versus a little bit lighter. It’s like fading into the fog if you will, into the light. You can move your chest center into one of those spots. That starts to become almost like a whole other reality. You can find yourself in a whole other world, universe. You can find yourself in places that just defy logic but it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s like sound is structure. It’s just the reverse.

You’ve got to be on acid to interpret this conversation or at some point, you have to go there, but you don’t go there unless you trust yourself to go there. It’s this fear of not orienting in your body. You’ve got to let go of the idea of your body, really go deep in yourself. This comes from analyzing and disassembling, going through all of your parts or your physical self. You kind of have this check off, check off, check off. It’s tedious but this is what those spiritual masters are doing to a great degree.

Guest 2: Greetings. What is it when lights pulse in the eyes? [10:50]


Eric: When the light’s pulsing on the eyes? What she’s talking about is sometimes when people usually feel this experience is when they begin to meditate and it’s the first few weeks that you’re doing it. After that, it kind of adjusts and it’s not so much anymore. There’s a phasing of what I call an adjustment of consciousness. You’re familiarizing yourself or moving into what I would call your “dimensional body” if you will. Your dimensional body does not have eyes to take in reflective light. It doesn’t have eye cones to absorb that. Essentially, in the neural system, your mind is saying, “I’m in a body.” What’s happening is that it’s firing the neural synapses. You’re integrating your dimensional body per se, with your organic body. It’s creating a pulse. This is that flashing that one will see.


Once you adjust to it or you kind of get more comfortable with it or you move through a certain phase, it tends to wean off and you don’t really get it as much. Sometimes, you get it a lot depending on where you’re moving yourself. Again, it’s the same as I was saying about trying to orient your body to water if you were to fall in it. You’re, in a sense, orienting between the two of moving into this other state of consciousness, this other state of awareness, but you’re kind of very much in the now of being part of your conscious body. It’s like you’re aware of this hand and this hand at the same time instead of not thinking about it. They’re just automating and when you stop to think about it, you get this kind of confusion going on. It’s that process of moving in between these two places.


Guest 3: I wonder if you could speak at all to the difference, how you see it, between reading something clairvoyantly, and—because I hear you talking about feeling with the heart, feeling with the heart and I’ve had some other type of training. I’ve been meditating for ten years. So, there are some who say, “Well, you can do all this with the heart but it’s harder on the body.” So, you know, I was seeing auras clairvoyantly. [12:31]


Eric: Well, I find that to be a little bit true. We’ve got to define clairvoyant from the heart center because they’re very similar but they’re different. Then, you mentioned I thought, before, about going In-Between. The fastest way to separate the In-Between from the two is to simply say that the In-Between, a big portion of it, is very—and this is what makes it very unique—visual to your actual eyes that we’re all seeing each other with right now.


What happens is that you start to see a subtle difference. There’s this part of your head that goes, “What the hell? Am I really seeing this?” There is a—I almost want to say a hallucinogenic effect because it’s surreal. Instead of seeing the phenomenon of this static of an entity, let’s say, literally, the environment starts having this sheathing of “dimensionalness.” If you focus on any one thing, it can start to have this extraction between what I’ll call dimensions, but you literally see it with your eyes. At first, it’s almost like, “Am I seeing something? Am I not?” As you go deeper, there’s no question.


It has that volume level and it also has to do the same way as if you do the Bars. If you can learn to admire the Bars and make them really loud and you learn to do that, it’s like you don’t think about it anymore. You just have that ability. It’s the same thing. You let your mind go In-Between and then everything really gets intense. It’s almost like you allow yourself to listen to it.


When one does clairvoyance, clairvoyance falls into the realm of seeing visions per se. It’s when your mind is seeing a prediction of the future, or you’re seeing something remotely. It falls in the family of astral projection and mind projection. It’s visually seeing versus “clairaudio.” You’re hearing like I’m talking but I’m not there. If you guys hear me talking to you, I’ll leave it at that, if I’m not there.


In essence, clairvoyant, again, is uniquely different in my opinion than to be feeling with your chest. When it comes to hearing the music that we were talking about, that absolutely would fall into the realms of a clairvoyant. In essence, you’re compounding two abilities. It’s like watching something being played while you’re listening to it. You’re utilizing two sense to take in that information but they’re two different medias if you really thought about it.


Clairvoyantly, you will be hearing this intense music. It’s loud. It’s coming from the inside. It’s not coming from your ears but you want to believe it is. Your ears, ironically, will react to it. In fact, it gets so loud that your ear will hurt like somebody has shouted into it, but it’s really not happening there. It’s like a psychosomatic kind of response. When you are bringing it in, when you’re focusing on listening, you’ll feel that it’s happening here as if this becomes your eyes to focus where your hearing wants to go.


Oftentimes, when you are listening in a large room, instead of just closing your eyes and listening from what you’re focusing on, what happens is that you look with your eyes. Where your eyes go, your hearing goes. If your eyes go over here, your hearing follows trying to cue in. They’re often synchronized. One could say, “If you close your eyes and you try to listen into a conversation, that’s developing your sense of something better because you’re not splitting it into two, weakening it, in a sense.” You want to make it richer or more defined.


The “clairaudio” when your hearing tunes, is probably a precursor to clairvoyance. They’re probably one in the same, but sometimes they can separate. It’s kind of hard to explain. I would probably say yes. When you hear the music, without a doubt, you’ve fully walked into the realm of “clairaudio,” in that sense. Clairvoyantly, image-wise, I would say that there’s not a level of clairvoyance going on. It’s moving over to “clairaudio,” tracking the sound and bringing it in. Then, your chest center is going to be—It’s going to work with the clairvoyance. It’s like choosing your eyes to see, but you’re using your mind to see. What’s moving it around? What are the means by which you’re choosing or selecting or pushing through time and space or moving through an object? That’s coming, usually in the chest center, simultaneously working what direction it’s going to move into, or how you’re going to unlock that phenomenon or that information. Does that make sense or am I running off on a crazy tangent? It happens sometimes.


I heard two questions when we were talking but I’ll move to the second one. I absolutely think that the heart can definitely feel it. There’s no question. It’s a physical pressure in your chest that can be extenuated. There can be more pressure at times from it moving. It gets exhausted. It’s like a muscle. It tires.


Guest 3: That’s exactly what I’m saying. If you’re feeling it from the heart center, why not just move up to your sixth chakra and see the energy rather than—It’s like, you can do it that way, it’s kind of harder on the body. Can’t not you strengthen your sixth chakra? [18:13]


Eric: I would say this: When I got to Chicago on my first day, I was like, “Oh my god, I’m so sore from walking.” After walking for four days, my endurance has gotten pretty good, so I’ve exercised my muscles. Now, it’s not a thought anymore. It’s the same thing with the chest. The chest feels exhausted because you’re not utilizing it enough to build that endurance up. I find that when I do a lot of work in the chest, I can go for great endurances or push for great amounts and do stuff. I’m not even feeling it anymore unless I check in.

If I haven’t worked for months in that chest area, I can feel right away. I’m like “Okay, I need to take a break from it.” I think that literally, your muscles in your chest are micro-reacting to a certain level because it’s so real. It’s the same thing with the hearing. It’s not happening but your ears will hurt when that sound moves there. It’s like there’s that psychosomatic [response]. The psychosomatic in the chest is also doing something similar. I think there’s a robustness that builds over time. If you just move it into the clairvoyant thing, I think they’re two different things. I think it’s a level of segregating, in a sense—I’m not trying to be negative about this. It’s limiting the amount of potential or the precision or the extent that you can get clairvoyantly because, for sure, it’s starting in here. Even if you move up there, you kind of set it and forget it. You’ve chosen a direction to observe and that’s what you’re observing in, but this is the steering wheel. This is the source by what is going to direct where that’s going.


Guest 4: Hi Eric. In your opinion, do you think that in order to get—we went to the visual upgrade yesterday, it was excellent. We had a lot of wins. One of the things I was curious about is, I’m really in the gut area. In your opinion, do you need to move up into the chest to experience the psychic powers or can it actually also take place in the gut? What are your thoughts? [20:05]


Eric: You have to understand that if you are saying you’re kind of in the gut versus the heart, I would say you’re correct. Your inner knowing already knows. In essence, there is an intelligence in your chest and there’s an intelligence, obviously, for your mind. There’s an intelligence in your lower abdomen area. I often say, “There are three different brains.” If you have a soul, it doesn’t have arms and a leg. It doesn’t march around. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to have this upper part of it that would be where the head is and there’s a brain in there. It’s energy and it’s kind of like cracking an egg. It’s centralizing. When we’re down in the lower part, I believe that this is more of a primordial intelligence. This is from evolution. It’s from a grounded sense of psychic level. It’s also integrated into survival. Where do we go for hunting and gathering? What’s the best direction to find shelter? It aids in that survival mechanism. It is very grounded and separated from moving into this other place.


Yes, the answer is you definitely want to move more into your chest center. You definitely want to equalize that into the mind. The problem is that I find that with a lot of HBI people that are attracted to what I teach, they just want to crank away, very heavily on the mind and usually not so much in the lower half. Usually, they’ll go for the chest but it’s not so much in the chest actually. I find that they’re more mind-oriented. If you want to have that sensation, you want to try to meditate a little bit more so on the chest center and a little bit less on the lower. I would say to focus on your top and then your chest, mainly your chest and then a little on the lower.


If you ignore it thinking, “I’ll primarily work on this one,” this is what makes your out of sync. You start to have more anxiety, whether you realize it or not. You start to feel overwhelmed, so you need this balance but you want to increase one because you want to become more proficient or your want to have more experiences. You want to work with that chest center but I would say, “Don’t stop just on meditation to do it.” What I would do is begin to practice “Feels-Like.” Feels-Like is probably the fastest and most effective way to build your chest center.


Guest 4: There was like one or two times where I—


Eric: Yes, it’s designed to hit it hard because I think some people, they’re just like, “Nothing there,” and I need to crank that. Other people, it’s almost like too much for them. I’m just like, “Deal with it! You asked for it.” In essence, yes, you definitely want to develop the chest center and the best way to do that is to constantly feel objects without touching them. Think of the texture of it. Think of the shape of it as if you’re touching it, and you’ll find that you’re doing it in your chest. You want to continue with that but you also want to challenge yourself.


I’m often surprised that when people do “assimilation,” which is what we call it. Let me explain scanning and assimilation. That’s one of those two words that seem like the same thing but they’re a little different. Scanning is to more or less get a feel of something, like if I said, “Okay, you’re going to kind of scan this cushion. You’re kind of feeling the texture of it in a sense.” You kind of feel it in a sense. If you were to assimilate it, you’re going to move your mind into each thread. You’re going to think about the cushion foam inside of it.


Guest 4: Like becoming about the whole thing?


Eric: Yes. You want to move through the phases of becoming that cushion. You want to feel the wood, the fiber of that wood, the texture of it. You want to get into that detail. You can assimilate something more challenging. You can assimilate the orange juice. You can assimilate the plastic cap. You can assimilate the shape and the body but when you start to move into eh liquid, now you’re feeling the pores right away. You’re like, “That’s interesting. It didn’t think I’d think that, but there it is.” Right.


These, here, are more extensive but the payoff is greater when all of a sudden, you start to feel more. It’s exercise. Once you build that up, your endurance isn’t just good for lifting boxes. You can now lift other objects or get yourself into things that you may not have been able to climb up into. It pays off in many ways.


Guest 4: It’s just another muscle?


Eric: Yes, exactly. I think one of the biggest things—and this is why for over decade we tried to make the Guru Deck. I’m not trying to pitch the Guru Deck. The problem is that I teach so many things that it’s very hard to say what one you’re practicing. You can kind of forget some of the other stuff. Everything is critically important because if you don’t stay well balanced, it’s just like any other exercise. Not that I’m one to preach on exercise. You want to keep your body muscles all oriented. You don’t want to just strengthen your legs, you want to balance it out with your arm, your back, your neck, whatever it’s going to be.


When practicing through the cards, you go, “Oh, it’s been a long time since I just did simple energy movements.” I keep thinking there’s junior, there’s advanced, [there are] different people from different things. We literally will feel energy in our body. Whenever I say something, I don’t mean you feel like this fuzzy color. I mean that you freaking feel it.


When we do this, there’s a delay about maybe two seconds, a tenth of a second. As your hand is going up to pull, in the interior you’re going to feel this, what I call a “little static tingle.” It almost always right up behind as you’re moving your hand up. Your hair will stand up. It’ll move on your neck. You can move it around. This seems trife[1] when you start thinking about scanning and doing these other things. The truth is, it’s what makes you well-rounded spiritually. It’s what really makes you robustly dialed in. If you don’t do these things at least once a week or once every other week, these miscellaneous things, you’re really losing on that holistic level of your spiritual consciousness.

Lastly, I want to say that we live in what I call a grid. I talked about this “wifi.” You’re all walking around with your wifi frequency just like your cell phones. [There are] millions of cell phone calls going on in this room right now and not one of them can be listened to unless it specifically calls the series of program numbers in your specific cell phone which goes specifically to you. In the meantime, we’re an ocean of sound waves right now amongst other things, whether you believe it or not.

As a human being, you also have this string of numbers if you will. It’s like a code, codex, call it whatever you want. In the mind of the universe, it doesn’t necessarily see you as a human being. It sees you as a body of frequency, energy. That energy, if you were to look at the core of it, would have this series of very specialized numbers that are you. Those numbers are always compounding and becoming more complex because you’re listening to music and it moves you. You’re seeing art, poetry. You’re having a conversation. You have joy, sadness. You suffer. You have joy. This is making your mind more complex and enriching your persona, your consciousness. That’s your uniqueness.


In essence, spiritually we want to be one with the universe. The less spiritual we are, we become more in the mundane. We’ve got to work. We’ve got to do our job. We’ve got to deal with problems in life. We have to deal with other people’s problems. These are the mundane forms of life. This is like an organism on anything. It’s doing its rudimentary programming of what it’s designed to do to function and survive. When I said the other day that you are in a fight for your life, I literally mean that. As spiritual people, when we do not feel spiritual enough, we really feel like we’re dying like there’s something just super depressing going on. Your life does not feel right. Nothing’s going right in your life. It’s just shit, shit, shit. It’s like an uphill battle. What people forget is that things were probably the best in your life or the times that are always the best, I will almost guarantee, if you really think about it, you’ll realize that you were probably also very spiritually working with yourself. You were very in tune to nature and you found that you were watching the leaves gently move from time to time, or you were walking, feeling the breeze or feeling the sound of your feet kind of ruffling on the ground with that rhythm and pattern. Intuitively, you were harmonizing your life with your spirituality. Everything would open to you, everything that was good in your life, opportunities, business, people, meeting the right people.


Somehow, you got derailed. Somehow, something happened that got you sucked into the mundane. A car crash hit you and boom, everything stopped. You’re neural body got distracted and shocked, whatever it is. You feel asleep or you fell into a drifting state where you kind of want to be spiritual and you’re trying to get that momentum up but it’s hard. It’s hard to kind of re-get your muscles back up. Nobody wants to go to the gym and build that endurance up but once you do and you suffer and you get up, you’re like, “Oh, yeah, that’s real easy. Why did I wait so long?”

You’re in a fight for your life because when I say to you, “The universe sees you,” it sees you because that frequency is moving in a certain pattern that illuminates, in a way, more. It’s not to say that you’re better, it’s to say that it can recognize you as a purpose. If you think about all the protozoan organisms in your life, your body knows the vast majority of what they are, what it needs it to do, how it wants it to move. It communicates with it. You are the Force to this microorganism of your universe, your body. It’s vast.


We know that if you get depressed, your immune system drops. We know if you’re positive and happy, your immune system goes up. What the hell goes on if you’re conveying this relationship with the billions of organisms that are at your whim. The Force is no different, macro/micro, micro/macro, very tiny to very large. It’s the same repetition, a galaxy spiraling, a hurricane spiraling, the water spiraling in a sink, so on and so forth. There are certain dynamics to the universe that are so repetitive and size does not matter in that sense.


When we do not move ourselves to practice spiritually or to try to maintain ourselves, we withdraw from that relationship and because we are spiritual by design—I keep saying, “You’re White cells, you’re not Red Cells. There’s a reason why you’re here.” What drives you to this? There’s something inside of you that gravitates to this awareness, purpose. In essence, if you’re not doing the movements, if you’re not working with your energy from time to time, if you’re not trying to keep that alive, your life is going to become very challenging. It’s going to become less alive, less vivid, and you’re going to feel like you’re fading away because you’re losing that frequency, that “wifi” signal to communicating with the Force, God, the Universe, call it whatever you want. You’re fighting, at times, to keep yourself in good shape, spiritually, hence the reason why I say, “Do some breathing exercises. Shake it up a little bit. Do different things.”


People say, “Why would you send people that are spiritual to go to a graveyard?” Well, people whose spirits are there are lonely. Communicate. They need some time to chat too. Try to dial them out, I don’t know what. If you talk to an entity—I always say the fastest way to remove your organic doubt because doubt always seeps into us in the end, you’re going to say, “Is there life after death?” This is the organic part speaking to you, not your spiritual part. When you experience phenomena, this is the scientist inside of you, the logical, because all HBI’ers are drawn to me because I’m kind of scientific, I’m kind of spiritual, this middle of the road. That’s where you’re like, “I like these logical answers that Eric gives.”


I’m always like, “Challenge it, whatever way you want to shake it.” You need that experience to move and inspire your belief system. Your belief system helps you illuminate brighter. This is where the universe feels you and it says, “Okay, let me use you today for something I need you for.” We all want the universe to want to utilize us for something. We don’t like to just sit around spiritually. We’re constantly like “C’mon! What do you want us to do? Bring it on! I’m ready to do anything!” I always say, “The universe will move to you as it sees that it can utilize you.” It needs to recognize that you have skills sets, that you’ve developed yourself to either sense or scan or to heal or to guide people and dial your mind to it. It needs to see that you’ve stayed attuned with your skills in order to be able to serve it in a way that’s going to succeed in what it’s asking for you to do. This is why you want to stay very well-rounded with your energy. This is what’s going to nurture in your life or create an abundance or better opportunities in your life. It’s able to see you. It’s able to sense you.

People don’t want to hear me say, “Well, God doesn’t really see everybody or anything.” Look, I’d also say—and I hate to bang on Catholics or Christians or anything. It’s always like, “God saved us and it was God’s will,” and then their church blows away in a tornado. I’m like, “Was that God’s will too?” I don’t believe in a God that’s “eenie-meenie-miney-mo.” I believe that if one moves their mind spiritually, not out of a recipe book, and dials into that, it can feel you more, it senses you more. You build a relationship because you are seeking it as much as it’s seeking you. You’re nurturing this level of its frequency, its dimension on its terms. You’re like, “I will work to reach you on those terms. I’m not saying you have to come down here and I’m going to talk to you like I’m talking at you.”


I’m on a tangent or what? What time is it? You’ve got to shut me down. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee already. Am I making sense? If you want things in your life to go right—and I know that sounds mundane, but in an earthly way, it’s reality—then the one thing that’s going to be the most critically important thing to you is being right with your spirituality. That comes through self-reflection and that goes back thousands of years. Self-reflection, self-realization, that’s where it becomes. It comes from meditation. It comes from listening to Tones. It comes from energy movements. This is why you take the Guru Deck, shuffle it up. It’s like, “Oh, I haven’t thought about that in a while,” or, “I haven’t done this in a while.” That’s what wakes you up again. That’s what gets your life in the right direction and makes you feel strong and powerful, healthy.




[1] Trife (slang): unimportant, insignificant

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