Episode 8 – Planes of Light

rebel-guru-radio-episode-8-Planes of Light

Achieving Conscious Movement

In this episode, Explore the different forms of intelligences within your body and learn to develop and balance these centers. Break past barriers and attain higher states of consciousness and move past the matrix to experience what Eric calls the Planes of Light – an ethereal place of pure consciousness, the ribbons of space and time, and the fabric of reality. Then discover different skills including clairaudience, clairvoyance, scanning and assimilation.


In this show we cover: 

    • A description of the planes of light and how you can move through it [2:15]
    • The difference between clairvoyance and clairaudience [13:00]
    • How the Tones train your mind to achieve conscious movement [15:00]
    • The different intelligence centers and what abilities arise from them [18:30]
    • Techniques to train your chest intelligence center [20:30]
    • The differences between scanning and assimilation and how to apply these techniques [23:40]

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The Guru Deck helps to solve that problem. Pull a new card from your Guru Deck daily and watch how fast you excel in your skills and abilities. As simple as this concept is, Eric believes the Guru Deck is going to create a whole new level of advancement in his students globally.


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In Mind Touch, the basics take the form of scanning, psychometry and assimilation. Eric offers some very helpful suggestions and sound advice for strengthening your skills in these areas. It is vital that these techniques become second nature in order to form a strong foundation.


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The Higher Balance Method

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