Episode 9 – Predicting the Future


Psychometry, Imbuement and Energy Shielding

In this episode, explore the predictable future with Eric Pepin. Eric discusses super-computing, the matrix, collective consciousness and how this all ties into predicting the future. Develop the skill of psychometry, the ability to “read” energy from objects. By understanding how objects are imbued with energy, you’ll develop your own abilities to predict the future and do accurate readings.


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In this show we cover: 

    • How the future can be predicted if it’s not pre-written [2:00]
    • Tapping into the collective of knowledge [8:30]
    • How psychometry works and the process of collecting information from physical objects [13:40]
    • Alisone and its role in collective knowledge [16:50]
    • Imbuing objects and the effects these objects will have [18:00]
    • Pyramids and shielding techniques [25:30]



Predicting the Future [Click to see more...]

Eric: Many years ago when I was young, as I told you, I did a lot of psychic work. During that process, there were a lot of questions that came into my mind. As I was saying yesterday, when you predict the future, you, at some point, ask yourself, “How is this possible? How is this happening? Is life predictable? Is it shaped? Is it molded? Are we just living in a petri dish that’s predetermined? What’s the point of life if everything is predetermined?”


I have a very scientific mind and a spiritual mind, this duality in me. These are the things that I call the burning question s in me at various point of my life that I had to have an answer to. In that process, I found those answers. I teach them. I’ve written about them. I lecture on them. In a nutshell, there is some truth about life being pre-programmed the same way that a flower knows to become a flower and an oak tree becomes an oak tree versus every other tree. There’s a design to everything to a certain degree. Everybody in this room has DNA. You have some of your mother’s genetics and some of your father’s genetics, whether we like it or not, it’s there when we laugh and we’re like, “Damn, there it is.”


There is also an element of uniqueness that we derive from. I call that “the third.” That’s the uniqueness which from which you come from. There are other forces in the sense of awareness that we probably—It’s a little hard to wrap your mind around and I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. When we have a child, the child might be five years old. They think they know it all. Ten years old, they think they know it all. We, being older, wiser, more experienced, can pretty much see a scenario and how it’s going to go down. When they’ve got a big glass of something to drink and it’s out of a plastic cup and they had to fill it all the way and we’re telling them, “Hey, that’s a bad idea. Don’t take so much.” Yeah, yeah, they know. Is that a predictive ability? Yes. I would say with a level of [certainty], you can say from point A to point B that distance, ten to one, halfway through, it’s going to hit the floor. That is predicting. The level of that accuracy may be in question but it’s probably going to be based on repetition, experience. You just kind of know the drill and you can say with a level of confidence, “I’ll bet 90% that that thing is going to hit the floor.”

When one thinks, in this day and age, of a computer, it really is a game-changer for the first time, really in this generation. As a population, to say that we all have computers, we can put in any equation and it’s going to do our calculations on it. It’s going to do other variations. It’s going to draw pictures. It’s going to generate stuff for us. It’s got a microcomputer in there that’s generating millions of algorithms and it’s coming up to a conclusion. That conclusion is usually always dead-on. It’s a predictable outcome.


I have said for twenty, thirty years now, “Imagine a room like the but imagine it’s all concrete and smooth for the sake of it. It’s illuminated and we can see all these silly little things.” For those of us who are old enough to remember what a super ball is—A super ball is small, kind of hard rubber ball. If you bounce that, it’s got a lot of bounce to it. If you were to take that or I were to take it and I chuck it and hit the ground, it’s going to bounce all over the place. While it’s bouncing around, I’m going say, “Hey, I want you to put your finger on the spot it’s going to stop at.” Eh, that’s not going to happen. It’s almost impossible with it bouncing all over the place, to figure that out.


One would say, “That’s impossible,” and I would say, “Well, if you had a computer that could measure the trajectory of the ball, the amount of torque or speed thrown into it, the velocity, the density, the room temperature, all of these variables and it has a little laser light that could move around, do you think it could stop about where that ball is going to stop?”


Here’s the thing: What was once impossible to predict the future, now is possible. We will consciously will say to ourselves, “Yeah, that’s absolutely feasible.” Now, fifty years ago, the majority of people in this room wouldn’t have been able to conceive that, so we’ve grown as a society in our grasping our understanding of technology and how that affects our understanding of our everyday life. When we go back to my question as to how it’s possible for me to do a reading see a white pickup truck driving down the road when it bumps into a Ho-Ho/Twinkie pickup truck doing their deliveries. It’s going to rear-end it and the guy’s going to come out hanging out because his shirt’s too short. How is that possible to know?


There’s this one thing where you panic and you say to yourself, “Everything is predictable.” You go through this kind of mini-meltdown if you do enough psychic readings that you start reflecting on this. “Am I like God? Am I making this all happen?” Well, then there would be more twinkies.


The reality is, the answer is no. The thing is, where am I getting the information from? In so, why am I able to get it from objects? The first thing is that I believe there are levels of consciousnesses like computer databases. When you go on your home computer and you go on the internet, the internet isn’t going to one super computer hovering in the [atmosphere or] orbiting the planet. It’s likely going to what is considered a relay point. That server is maybe going to be five miles down the road or ten miles down the road and it’s going to be at the local phone company or cable company. It’s a big computer. That computer copies and mirrors other computers that are updated themselves. Something that’s updated in Australia, by the time it updates on your local computer, might be a matter of hours later to 24 hours later. It makes a mirror copy so that when you go to get that information, it’s fast because you’re just going to the local computer to get it. Overnight, it was making copies for you. It’s constantly removing data, changing data, updating stuff. That’s how all of this kind of works on a global level.


How I see things is this: I believe the planet is a living organism. It’s a living thing, just like you. If I were to ask you, “Point to you,” you can’t do it. The most you can do is say, “I’m maybe here,” because you hear your thoughts. I would say, “But…what part of that is you? It’s made out of billions and trillions of living organisms, cells, protozoan organisms moving on your eye, mating, running, being eaten by other organisms.” There’s all of this stuff going on that you have no say in whatsoever. It’s just part of this whole thing that’s making you up as a living being, this conglomerate of living cells. You’ve got billions of living cells. When you’re dusting in your house, eighty-some-odd percent of that dust is actually your dead skin that’s flaked off. That’s all the dead bodies from people who have lived or died over the last 300 years that are in some cemetery  if you want to look at it that way. On a micro level, it’s cells that have died, all of which have given their lives for you to attain the information you have. Every time you touch something and you feel a structure, each little tiny speck is contributing, almost like their soul is collectively like puzzle pieces, a million of them going into your mind, building an image of whatever you’re touching, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting. It’s all being converted into a form of electricity for your consciousness. That consciousness is being stored in a server which is your brain. It has different compartments for different forms of information to share it.

As they surrender their data to you in their life cycle, which is very quick, it’s like a fly. [When you’re] going to swat it, it’s like we move slow to it. It moves faster, in a sense, so it’s life expectancy is different in how it perceives. We live and exist and some of us—nobody in this room because you’re White Cells, you’re special. I say that not everybody necessarily has a soul. That’s hard to swallow for some people. They’re like, “Eric! How could you say such a thing?” Listen, I’m not that heartless. If you hear me out, you’ll see where I’m coming from.


There is a need for the planet, as a living organism, to have a level of information surrendered to it. We are that nervous system, that collection of absorbing information and thoughts. We all experience similar things and this becomes a collective of thought so it pools. There is one for the solar system as the planets live and die. Their kind of consciousness of billions of years is collected in a kind of static consciousness. So then, goes the galaxy into even a much vaster neural system. It goes on, so on and so forth. If you look at the universe, you will see what look like micro-organisms but if you zoom in, it’s solar systems, it’s galaxies. If you zoom out, it looks like what you’d see under a microscope under your blood.  Macro/micro: I’ve said it for forty years practically.


When I say that my mind goes into a place where I’m pulling information, that information is like a computer system. It’s a database. I’m moving my mind into something like the superball that’s much more intelligent than any computer and it’s aware of everybody’s life. It’s aware of who you are, what you’re doing, who your mother is, your father. It’s a sentient awareness much in the same way that if you got an infection on your toe, all the White Cells in your body, no matter how far in that universe because they’re micro, they have a sense of awareness. It’s a shared intelligence. They collectively begin moving to do their job if it’s job-oriented for what they do. White cells are going to fight disease and viruses and so on.


There is a “wifi,” if you will on a micro level. There is a “wifi,” on a spiritual level. Am I losing anybody? In essence, when I’m doing a reading, the second element is, “How do I know specifically that it’s about this person rather than this person or that person?” By holding the object that belongs to that person, I believe that there is an energy field that it emits from all of us. It is kind of like, you could say the life force from you, the intelligence, the electricity, the consciousness, your soul. It imbues into objects. I say to people, “Well, have you ever put on somebody else’s clothing?” You put it on and for a certain amount of time, you feel like your friend or that person for a few moments. After a few minutes or so, you re-saturate it with your own energy because yours is always going to be more robust as it’s coming from you. It’s like a sponge. You re-program that shirt that you’re wearing. If you wear it for a moment, it feels like that person. If you walk into someone’s house, it’s kind of got a vibe to it, a feeling, an intelligence that you feel within you in a sense, a kind of knowing. Some houses can have good vibes, some houses can have vibes that are bad. Some houses can be indifferent but you feel it.


You can feel it on a micro level. You can feel it on a big level. Even a town can have a feeling if you’re new to it. Once you adapt to it, you adjust and you’re kind of part of that environment then. You’re not really thinking about it but if you’re intuitive, sensitive, call it whatever you want, then you’re paying attention to what you’re feeling because you’re trying to get an idea of information from it.


When you have something that belongs to someone, as a psychic to do psychometry, you hold it. When you hold it, it’s kind of like—In the old days, I used to say VCR with information about that person. Today, you would say it’s like a USB drive or something like that. You allow your mind to move into it. In today’s terminology that I think the majority of people would understand, I would say, “Think of it as zeros and ones that are very complex but it’s unique to you. No two people have the exact same frequency of numbers.” You, more or less like a radio station, are dialing into a very specific radio station and you hear that kind of music that you’re looking for whether you’re looking for rap or rock or whatever, country. You are choosing to select that frequency.


A psychic or a person who’s using their mind is going into that frequency with an intent. That intent is that this person wants to know what the future holds for them. That’s an intent. It’s an interest or a motive or a direction we’re pushing my mind. If I throw the ball, I could say “I want to throw it over that way,” and that’s my intent. If I want to throw it this way, I would throw that way. That’s my intent. It’s not to just throw it and you’re not thinking about it. You have a desired outcome or something you want to do.


When you do that, you clear your mind, the consciousness, the “wifi.” It’s like putting information into the internet and hitting enter. The person, then, is starting to see either images or audio or sometimes a kind of knowing, like you simply become aware of something as if you still remember it but you don’t have a means of where you got that memory from. It just begins to enter your mind and you convey that. The level of that accuracy is going to be on how much you doubt yourself. That’s what I call it. Doubting yourself is when you start to question your thinking, or, “What are chances of me being right about this?” More so, it’s the fear factor, the fear of being wrong or, “What if I’m off about this,” or “I’m going to be ridiculed” or whatever. This is what keeps us in check with our own sensory abilities, that fear of being of being wrong versus “to hell with it, I’m just going to chuck it out there.”


If you tend to chuck it out there, I also find that most people—and don’t take this wrong because none of you guys would apply to this—people are liars. Not in a bad way but people want to kind of interpret or hear things in a way that they want to hear it and when you say something, they might not be getting the same picture that you’re describing. You may have to slow down and think about what you’re saying and put it in different words or be more articulated. The point to all this, so I don’t digress, is that there is a database of consciousness from all living things. There’s living data. When you sleep, I call it the uploading. You’re letting your mind upload your days, events, your experiences. Your mind, right now, everybody is “wifi-ed” together. This is called Alisoné, all is one. It’s a unified consciousness. This goes for the universe, this goes for us. It’s more or less science, in a way. It’s the idea that everything is unified and the idea is to access that place.

When I say, “How is it possible for me to see the future,” it doesn’t mean that the future is predetermined no more than to say than the child picking up the glass and walking away with it. As much as you know there’s a very good chance that that’s going to spill, that’s based on your experience of seeing patterns. It doesn’t mean it’s literally going to happen, so it’s not a prediction written on a computer disc, it’s simply happening in live time. You use the ability to foresee a probable future. That’s what I’m doing. I’m dialing into a system of consciousness when I pick a frequency from a person and it’s giving me the possibility, the most-likelihood of what’s going to happen. Just like that ball bouncing a million places but it can count that high whereas we look at that and we go, “That’s just impossible,” not unless we accept the fact that there’s something that can go that high and we have access for it to give you the outcome. Is everybody with me? Am I boring anybody?

Audience: No.

Eric: Well, that’s the right answer anyway. This goes back to when I was talking about imbuement. When I realized, at some point, as I grew older, that I was getting information that a person, actually unconsciously, everybody is imbuing. You’re imbuing your glasses, your jewelry, your clothing. You’re imprinting it with your vibe, your frequency, your uniqueness. This is how a person can feel it. This is how anybody can put your shirt on and for a few moments, they feel like they’re kind of you and not themselves. It’s like a blend. Eventually, your energy will overtake that.


This is, in a sense, imbuement. It’s programming. When you look at it as programming or computer programming or pushing a vibe into something, the question is: Can there be a way to intentionally program something intensely so that it affects the person who’s holding it or utilizing it? This is called imbuing. Old-school would be blessing, saying, “I’m going to bless this for good things to happen,” or something like that. To me, that’s not a very good, strong written program into it. You want it to be kind of “chiseled” in there.


When I say to someone, “I worked for this for an hour. I imbued it,” that means I’m meditating. My mind is pretty damn disciplined. My mind is focused on something and whoever has this is going to be positive. They’re going to have happiness in their life. They’re going to have finances or whatever. I cannot say to you, “You’re guaranteed that.” What I can say is that if you’ve got really shitty luck, it’s just gotten a lot better. It’s an odds game of how this computer algorithm senses and determines how it’s going to work with you. That may seem a little bit unusual but this gets into where I want to go tonight with some of the stuff I want to teach.


This is something that you would put something in and it’s going to amplify. What that is, that’s personal to you. Most people are going to think, “I’m going to put money into it and more money is going to come.” Yes, the truth to the answer is I believe that will happen. It doesn’t mean you’re going to become a billionaire, it just means that the chances or the odds of you having something land in your favor are going to be exponentially so. As you overuse something, you exhaust something, so I say, “Put it up for a little bit. Take it back out then.” I would hope that people would put things in here like a loved one that they want very beautiful things to happen for them or they want something wonderful or good to happen for them or they want something wonderful or good to happen for somebody else. It’s that kind of creative thinking that people should always endeavor to work towards.


Anybody can imbue something. Everybody does it every day. I teach this in “Ties That Bind.” If you go into a house, you can say, “Oh, I feel really relaxed here.” Some houses you go into and one minute you’re talking to your husband or your partner or whatever and they’re sleeping. They’re just so relaxed that they just clonk right out. It’s like unusual for them but they felt so relaxed and so able to do that. Other times they feel drained like something’s just sucking me dry here emotionally. This is programming. This is imbuing unconsciously. People can have really bad energy and they push it into all the objects, the furniture, the house. This becomes saturated. This is imbuing still. It’s another level. Other times, you can go to some place and it looks like crap but you go in there and you’re like, “It’s really comfortable energy in there,” and it’s true. They are really good people, they just happen to be sloppy.


[There are] other houses you go to and they’re pristine. You go in there and you’re like, “Ugh, sick to my stomach. There’s something bothering me and I need to escape this environment.” It’s not just what you see as pretty, you feel it. This tells the truth. This is imbuing. This is when it’s programmed. Now, most people do this repetition over time. This is why an environment or a home or a town, it starts to collect certain kinds of people, certain kinds of frequency. People, unconsciously, are like robots in a lot of ways.


Spiritual people feel things. We’re kind of like, if at worst case scenario we’re like, “Something’s not right here. I don’t know what it is but I feel it to my bone. I don’t want to be a part of it and I just need to get away from it,” or, “This person has bad mojo, I don’t care how nice they are or how sweet they are. I know it.” We feel it. When I say, Red Cell, they’re people who really just don’t go into the whole spiritual aspect. They don’t understand it. I think of them as automated. They go through life. They do everything. We have to do this too but there’s this [entrenchment] of functioning. What makes their buttons get pushed or maneuvered or directed in certain ways like minions. It’s all this kind of programming in environments. It’s what kind of guides them or encourages them in different directions. I hate to say “like herds” because it sounds bad in a way, but it’s kind of unconsciously they’re moving through life. This is the beginning of your life and how your life is going to end. These are the circumstances by which it’s going to be defined and it’s really sad in a way.

Spiritual people feel this. They sense things but how much power they have over that depends on the amount of knowledge and the amount of practice they have of your awareness and how much you choose to change that effect. It’s not always easy and because everyone is imbuing, when one says, “When you imbue something, what’s the difference?” The difference is—I don’t want to say, “I’m a master,” but listen, for many decades now, I have worked on focusing a certain feeling, a certain emotion, a certain thought. I’m incredibly disciplined. This is like a very extreme martial art of the mind. If you’re going to have somebody put a very specific vibe into something and say, “I’m going to wear this on me. This is something that’s precious to me,” or, “This is something I’m putting in my house,” you better make sure that you trust that person that he didn’t have a really shitty day at the time that he decided to work on your object or somebody pissed him off and he started screaming like, “I’m meditating, can’t you see?!”


There are times where I simply will not work on stuff for days at a time because there’s too much stuff going on at the office. [There are] too many things going on. I’m like, “Look, that person may want it but I’m a stickler about having to be in the right place.” My staff will tell you. They’re like, “You’ve got to get this done,” and I’m like, “I can’t work on that now. I’ve got to focus on these things and when I know I’m ready to go a hundred percent, I’ll do it.” That’s the difference.


When somebody says “It’s imbued,” or something, anybody can imbue, all of you guys. I believe any spiritual person can do this, but when you do it, there’s a responsibility that you are taking upon yourself to put your very best interest and not your ego, not your personal interest or gains, into that for that person, 100%. You’ve got to really do a self-check when that happens. This is what imbuement is. Imbuement is to put a conscious programming into something, which it projects out 24/7 in your favor.


Guest: So you said there’s like this “wifi system” that we’re all connected to. I was wondering if you knew any techniques that were good for shielding? Is shielding good or is shielding bad because it’s kind of like the law of attraction. If you shield too much, then it’s like you’re kind of drawing in the negative because you think that you need to be protected by something. [25:00]


Eric: I think there’s a level of intuitive adjusting, kind of like your body will normally, unless you’re ill, self-regulate to a certain temperature. There are shielding techniques and the idea is that you pretty much have an idea of what you’re doing it, usually. Most people don’t do the shielding—and I’ll go into that—because they just want to throw up shielding. In some cases, you do, but there are things in your mind where you’re like, “Okay, I’m feeling certain negative vibes from either certain people or circumstances,” and that is your intent. That’s like choosing in what direction you’re going to throw the ball again.


When you are doing that practice, what we do is we call it a pyramid. It doesn’t mean literally that there’s a pyramid. In your mind, [there are] certain things that you kind of can work with, you can accept as being. You’ve got to tag stuff. You’ve got to give it a meaning. So, if you just say, “I’m putting shields up,” does that mean you’ve got armor up, you’ve got a suit on? You need a practical kind of thing to work with that you feel comfortable with. We’ve kind of settled on the idea of a pyramid and in the pyramid, you’ve got the four corners and a bottom. You kind of start off by creating a thin line in the middle of you as you’re meditating. You see the thin line kind of becoming like four directional kind of width. The width begins to push out from the core, a kind of wall and that wall becomes your corner. It becomes your pyramid. The base begins below you. It pushes below you. It pushes outside of you. You make it large enough so that when you’re standing in it, it’s kind of alright. You want to be covered. I need those walls up.

One can have different ways you visualize this. At the end, I kind of think of it like Star Trek, a force field if you will. The reason it starts off from the center is because there’s always this little thing in your head that goes, “What if I put it up and it’s in here with me already? How do I get it out?” You start from your inner core which is this pure level like an angel hair level. This is like the essence of reality, God, the purest level if you will. You expand it and this is kind of like a big snow plow for snow, I always imagine. It’s pushing anything through your celestial being, your organic being, your energy being, cosmically, whatever. It’s moving it all outward. When you’re finished with that, that’s the first level of creating shielding.


You’re saying to your mind, to this field of energy or when you see auras—I teach people to see the human aura—you are telling that field of energy in reality, “Look, if somebody has some funky vibes for me and they’re projecting them at me, I want you to push those vibes back. I want you to burn it and push it right out.” In that case, that’s what your energy is doing. It’s sensing or detecting that frequency that has an ill-intention for you or aggressive intention. That person will feel that response. In either case, that’s the first step. Maintenance is the second. You’ve got to kind of do it once every day or two because your mind can wander. It’s not something you have to be thinking about but you kind of set it and forget it. I hate to pull that one.


The second thing is what we call cord-cutting. Cord-cutting is when someone’s mind is one you, this creates kind of psychic web. There are people that are vampires and you feel them kind of draining on you or pulling your energy. There are other people where you can kind of feel their thoughts are on you or they want something from you. You’re like, “I just feel it.” You know it. This is being intuitive or aware. We sense things and it’s about feeling and being consciously aware of them. In that process, this is what we consider a webbing. That webbing attaches to you and it’s kind of like a data cable. It’s like a wifi. They’re jacking your wifi on your laptop at the coffee shop because you didn’t use a good anti-virus program or something.

Essentially, what you want to do at that point is clear your mind and from just below your belly button, we envision what we call a sword, but it’s really just the energy of yourself. That’s the energy we trust. It’s from you. You essentially bring it out. You think about the cords kind of on your shielding. Not necessarily on you, but it could be on you if you’re at that point. You move this, constantly thinking. Your thought is the most important. If your mind is wandering, come back down, clear your mind, restart again until you’ve got it right. You come up, you cut it.


I like to think of mine as being a lightsaber. So, a little flashy, but use whatever you’ve got, a butter knife or whatever, as long as it gets the job done. You, essentially, are cutting their psychic connection to you. You’re saying to your energy—not that it literally knows it’s being cut— but you’re saying, “Look, this is how serious I am. I want to remove this person’s energy on me, their interest on me, or their will to control me or manipulate me,” or, “Constantly, I’m thinking about them for some reason because I know they’re like on me.” You cut that but you’re telling your consciousness, your energy field, really in programming, “Shut them down. Whatever’s going down, it’s not copacetic. I’m not good with it. I want it off of me.” That’s what you’re doing.


By having a practical system that you can work with, your mind and your energy know exactly what’s going on and it’s going to follow suit. It’s worked for decades and it’s very potent. It works really well. You will find that there are tons of people in one way or the other. There are people who want stuff that are coworkers. They want you to cover shifts for them. They want you to maybe do some of their paperwork or something. [There are] siblings who maybe want a ride or borrow something from you. This seems trivial but on the same token, as you become more intuitive, you start to get your mind where it’s speeding up. You get the Babbler, we call it.When you’re trying to meditate and you’re trying to have this level of just quiet and you’re trying to control it, it’s not that these people necessarily have a bad intention and just because you’re cutting those cords, it’s not like they’re being punished like they’re getting an, “Oh my god, something just happened.” It doesn’t work that way.


In a sense, you’re saying, “I need a time out.” You know when you’re cutting those cords who are the ones that are okay. Mom’s energy is good but she’s being a little demanding right now, a little silly, so I just want to remove this all on me. Other people want to be like, “I am cutting this beanstalk down!” It’s like power saw time, it’s just somebody you want to back off. You know, you intuitively know these things. The design is by having a way to approach that. How do you, under normal circumstances, say, “I know I’ve got bad vibes on me, how do I move those vibes? How do I shake that off?” You need to have, psychologically, a construct to work with yourself that is practical and effective and that your consciousness and mind will understand what it is you’re asking from it. That’s what it is we do.



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They meditated to a Dimensional Sound which has been called “The Voice of God” by these same enlightened masters who were able to re-write reality as we know it. They were able to accomplish this because this ‘sound’ was used to trigger an Enlightened state of consciousness. Are you ready to enter the realm of masters?

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