Episode 9 – Predicting the Future


Psychometry, Imbuement and Energy Shielding

In this episode, explore the predictable future with Eric Pepin. Eric discusses super-computing, the matrix, collective consciousness and how this all ties into predicting the future. Develop the skill of psychometry, the ability to “read” energy from objects. By understanding how objects are imbued with energy, you’ll develop your own abilities to predict the future and do accurate readings.


In this show we cover: 

    • How the future can be predicted if it’s not pre-written [2:00]
    • Tapping into the collective of knowledge [8:30]
    • How psychometry works and the process of collecting information from physical objects [13:40]
    • Alisone and its role in collective knowledge [16:50]
    • Imbuing objects and the effects these objects will have [18:00]
    • Pyramids and shielding techniques [25:30]

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