Episode 15 – Revelations


Disconnect From the Grid of Reality

In this episode, Eric answers questions regarding simulated reality. Learn how to disconnect and become an operational consciousness separate from the matrix.

Listen to episode 14 first to set the stage for this discussion.


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In this show we cover: 

    • What the true realization was that Buddha had at his moment of enlightenment under the bodhi tree [2:55]
    • How Eric is working to help his students disconnect from the grid of reality so they can step into the role of architects of reality [4:50]
    • How the paranormal is scientifically possible [8:50]
    • The importance of anomalies and how you can use them to advance [15:00]
    • What a true revelation is [18:50]



Revelations [Click to see more...]

Jesse: We’ve got to get warmed up. My mind is still blown over that one class that you taught in your house. Katherine’s still—Are you still thinking about it? Yeah. [1:26]


Eric: Well, I’ve been honestly thinking about pushing it further from the last class I did in Serune. I’ve been debating back and forth with myself as to how far can I push it.


Jesse: Well, what was interesting was I talked to people and they said after that Serune class, they were like, “Yeah, I knew that. I kind of figured that. He’s been talking about it for years.” I did too, it isn’t really—how real is it? [1:59]


Eric: “How real is real?” My point is that everybody understands it, but they don’t believe it. Do you understand? It’s only when you finally believe it that you actually attain enlightenment, ironically because you really understand everything that you need to understand to understand it all. Does that make sense? That’s the problem. It’s one thing to say, “I know it. I understand it.” In theory, you get it but there is a moment of revelation. This is when you have the Buddha, Siddhartha under the tree. What was it that he really though? Everybody just imagines him always having happy thoughts, he’s thinking absolutely nothing. Then, all of a sudden, he’s like, “Oh, I’m enlightened.” This is his ten-thousandth time sitting under a Bodhi tree meditating per se. Why this time versus every other?

He understood that reality was an illusion, but he didn’t believe it. It was only at the moment of belief that it finally hit him in the right way that made him dial in. What makes enlightenment so specialized? Why isn’t everybody enlightened? Everybody can’t understand this. They can understand it in theory, but really to believe, to have that “It’s there!” is one-in-a-million. At the end of the day, that’s what it really comes down to, is “What do I say? What can I do to make that revelation really complete?” The question is: Are they capable of handling that realization, that revelation, and function in the world?


Jesse: Well, I don’t know about the whole thing about being depressed or whatever afterward because already, it’s kind of prime to understand that everything is so big that you’re kind of, in a certain way, insignificant. It doesn’t make you any less insignificant, you know? [4:09]


Eric: Well, different people different things. The whole process of what you guys are learning leads to a pivotal point. That pivotal point ironically comes down, but once you go through the little tiny pint of realization, it expands out again because everything takes on a whole deeper meaning. The idea of teaching everything for over a decade now is that it’s preparation to get your mind, your thinking, your sensory, all of everything in the right place in order to wrap your mind around something that truly is profound.


When you guys are proposed with this and it’s like me testing the temperament of people. It’s like, “Oh, I’ve talked about it before. Oh, I’ve dropped this already. Yes, I’ve covered Kairos. Yes, I’ve done The Lost Room.” All of these things are preparation to get you guys kind of ready for that big revelation of realism.


Jesse: Right.

Eric: That’s the bottom line.


Jesse: It’s the dance, the play back and forth.


Eric: I think people get it, they totally accept the idea that we live in this and that and everything, but until you internally come to that true revelation, you’re going to go through a kind of death because you no longer can see things the same way. When I say “depression,” there’s a depression because it’s like, “What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of it all? Is there something more real than I am real?” At the end of the day, it doesn’t change anything from what you know. What it really does is it’s just another big layer removed that you thought you removed all these layers and had clarity.


No. That’s the reason you’ve prepared for it and you’ve seen the transformation happening and stuff but it’s the fear of really being insignificant or unimportant and putting it into perspective. There is the level of “How can I be useful?” I’ve often said, “Until you have the revelation of the truth, you’re limited as to what you can affect.” The reason why someone who can do the miraculous or can appear to bend physics is because, in their mind, they see reality in a different means, in a different way than everybody else.
If you really think about it, if you think about everything that’s paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual from astral projection to mind projection to miracles of walking on water to ESP and telepathy, it’s one thing to look at it with science and go, “Wow, this is hard to wrap your mind around.” Here’s science saying, “We’re getting pretty sure that we live in a holographic reality or an illusion” or whatever you want. Once you get past that and you re-look at stuff, it’s like—I forget which scientist was saying this. It’s like, when you wrap your head around it, it makes the whole idea of religion kind of shocking. It’s not really religion, it’s spirituality because where these people talk about this kind of phenomenon, when you think about it, if we lived in this kind of program to the level of society, what we can understand then everything makes sense. Everything becomes absolutely real.


When I say to you “When we look at stuff and we say this miracle happened, we call it a miracle.” Those of us who really want to know, we get on a cellular structure, we get on an energy level and all this. Really, there’s this whole other level of, “Well, if it’s a program then we can fully grasp our mind around the idea of reprogramming or changing code.” Dimensions are simply other programs running at the same time as us. One leaping over to the other or accidentally blending for a temporary moment because it’s a glitch makes perfect sense. When you look at reality from that perspective and you think of ghosts and entities and phenomena and it being so elusive, it makes perfect sense. Everything comes together and it’s adding up all of that that at some point, it blows your mind.


That mind-blowing effect is death because you can no longer look at yourself and think of yourself as yourself. You can understand it, you can say, “Oh, here’s my machine.” I’ve taught you all of this. I’ve prepared you. The real revelation is that at some moment, something is going to be an epiphany as I’m teaching you guys, as I’m talking, as I’m giving you different perspectives and that is the shocker moment.


Jesse: I was seeing this video on TED Talks of this guy saying that if we did that holographic reality then all these quirks with physics, how things work on a micro level differently, now all that makes sense. [9:50]


Eric: It makes perfect sense. It’s the truth and I often say, “The more you understand, the more awake and more powerful and more spiritual you become.” It’s what you understand is energy. It’s consciousness. It’s energy and it’s the only thing that can move between this space, this program and others. It always brings you back to the brilliant, the genius of the movie “The Matrix,” because a lot of that already is seeded, it’s just that I doubt that the creators really, in depthly could understand. I think that there was a lot of homework done from Hinduism to Buddhism and everything that was drawn in there because I can plainly see it. At the end of the day, there are some cliches of truth but on another level, in my opinion, it’s so medieval compared to the logic of today from my perspective. What anybody thinks at this moment, no matter how cutting-edge it is, in ten years it’s going to be like, “Oh my god, we understand so much more.” The idea is for me to have my students be beyond even that.

When I talk about folding space, when I talk about pushing reality, when I talk about that, that time is coming soon. That technology is emerging. That knowledge is going to start unfolding. I expect the next ten years to be really revolutionary and very interesting. I see the dynamic of consciousness, spirituality, progression and the emergence into science and technology and it’s starting to make sense. Once you remove all the quackery, which I’m always trying to get out with the New Age crap and this other stuff, this is when you get down to the nuts and bolts. This is when you start to understand the quantum physics of it and how to make that work and have technology to enhance it. You will always need a Navigator. You will always need somebody dialed into the big computer and they have to be skilled enough to move that information out so it can be working with technology.


It’s very interesting. It’s just like with AI. AI is still within the realms of if you want to call this a program and it’s not able to necessarily escape it, whereas you have certain individuals for whatever reasons, that somehow are able to move between these planes—or you could call them computer programs when they’re in the right state of mind and have good practice. That is something we’re going to have to go to and it always brings me back to the Dune series and how brilliant that was. That’s why I think we ended up in Santa Rosa without ever knowing that the author really got his first genius thoughts on it probably here. That is to say that it basically started off very similar to fold space. There was an emergence of technology, an emergence of developed consciousness. I don’t find it shocking but I find it highly interesting.


Jesse: I always thought it was weird to think about, like, God’s consciousness is so big and we’re so small that it’s not aware of us individually. [13:18]


Eric: Not true.


Jesse: When I think about now, it’s like, “Why would the universe care about whether I get this thing done or that thing done or whatever? What do you think about maybe it’s greater consciousness but within its consciousness?


Eric: I’ve taught you all of this and this starts to be where you’re splitting hair and making yourself go nutty. If you look at it from that perspective, you really come up with the feeling and viewpoint that you’re at where you’re kind of trying to wrap your head around certain things. If you take what you understand in the 21st century of technology, which is actually still crude, you understand that a computer could monitor every last minute detail and that it is fully aware of it. It’s expecting you to follow a sequence of programs that you’re designed to follow, hence the ball that I talk about and it bouncing. It has a higher level of predicting and where everything is going. It’s aware of everything and as much as it wants to randomize it, it already knows what’s going to happen. So, is it random or not random? It still comes down to the equations all running, every single person running their equations. Their whole life is a program if you think about it.


To us, it seems very complex and impossible but to a technology far superior to ours, billions of years more advanced, every movement, even of your hair, is calculated. As you’re running the program, the hope is that something unique evolves from something in this petri dish of all these running programs. This is an anomaly. It’s the anomaly that new data can be created or reflected upon that creates a whole new macro of events. Therefore, that is what is really going on. For us to think about it all being mapped out already, I always say, “It’s both and neither.” You’re not necessarily living a life that’s predicted and programmed but you are programmed to live a life that essentially is predictable by default.

Jesse: Right.


Eric: Do you understand? If you can do something unexpected or something expected occurs, now that becomes an anomaly moment. That becomes something that the universe turns and looks at and it’s curious and it may be able to draw new computations from. When we start talking about computations and new programming, it has a very sterile feel to it. This is that thing when I say that people would get depressed or something. When you start looking at it from that perspective, it makes you feel as if it’s all synthetic and you lose that connection. I would say to you, “That’s because you’re dying.” You’re really disconnecting and it’s the fear that’s making you designed for that, to bring you back, to not let you go through that process. There are other people who are like, “Okay, I’ll throw myself into it.” The question then becomes, “Will I make it through?” That’s another level of fear coming through but if you use proper teachings and you re-approach it—


If you approach any of the teachings once you know this properly, everything changes and everything you need to know is there. Everything. I’ve taught everything for decades now.


Jesse: You need all that knowledge to not—It’s actually to not go crazy for that process. [17:03]


Eric: That’s the point of it. I’m disconnecting you from the grid. That’s the point. I’m making you operational on a higher level. What essentially you’re doing is you’re cutting the cords, not from people, you’re cutting the data cord. You’re cutting the Gaia mind as a program for you to run, just like the cells of your body are running a program. Technically speaking, you’re cutting a cord that you assumed was the Force. In reality, it’s not. Do you understand? That’s what scary, like “This whole time, Eric, you’ve had us dialed into the Force.” Well, yes, because it’s [intertwined] with everything. There is a network system that you could say is beyond normal but for me to try to explain that to you when we first met is impossible. You lacked the structure, the foundation, the framework to even grasp your mind. You might as well say it’s like trying to explain engineering to a ten-year-old, in detail.


Now, the data is there, the knowledge is there, the training is there and that time has come. It’s really about me now—Everybody was saying now, “Oh, in the last class you did EJP Live, it was old school. It was hardcore training.” There’s a reason. I know things. It’s time and there’s a level to everything. That knowledge is good, theoretically but it’s really amazing and profound when you actually put it to work and you realize that having revelations isn’t just sitting in your chair thinking about it. Having revelations is, in the moment, you actually connect your mind to something and you realize it’s still your mind. You’re doing it in action but it’s your mind. None of this is real, so you’re still in your head you’re just doing the motions. Of course, physical activity or practice, you want to slow down with. It’s all designed that way for a reason.


Jesse: Right.


Eric: What I would say to people is this: How many times have you had the revelation? It should’ve changed your life. Like a dream, it evaporated and you went along. All of a sudden, it comes back again and you’re like, “Oh my god. Oh my god, I’m getting there,” and it’s as if something happens and you just go right back to normal. We talk about this in so many different ways but taking it very head-on, you’re trying to beat a system that’s designed, hands-down, to squash you. The idea is: How many ways can I prepare you? How many times do I have to have you go through little squashes until I can kind of, in a sense, in one lifetime, give you multiple reincarnations of constantly revamping or redesigning your architecture as a conscious program into the point that I can make you self-operational? That’s what enlightenment is. It’s the ability to work within or around the confines of the program but simultaneously work with it, one foot in, one foot out.


Jesse: So failing is really part of the—[20:25]


Eric: Mhm. The majority of people will fail. That’s simply just a fact and White Cells and themselves, there’s no guarantee that you could be a White Cell still operating within the realms of a program of being a White Cell. If you really think about it, if in another—It’ll probably be a thousand years or less, who knows? Maybe my teaching will take on. At the end of the day, the program is still running the program for White Cells. It, of course, wants these anomalies to occur. We’re one family of anomalies no more and no less than a paranormal event would happen on Earth. Some of that is done on purpose. It’s not the paranormal event, it’s to flush out White Cells. It’s to flush out fresh thinking and kind of mess with the system a little bit and see what the reaction is.


Jesse: It’s like the Matrix. [21:23]


Eric: And others. Vanilla Sky I thought was an awesome movie. This is all educating people. If you were to send anybody those movies twenty, thirty years ago, forty or fifty years ago, people wouldn’t know what to do with it. It’s the same thing now, teaching people in another ten years. I mean, look back ten years ago at yourselves. It’s remarkable. You’re going to look back at this now and you’re going to be like, “Huh,” but the only one who’s been consistent…


Jesse: It’s you…


Eric: Think about it. Why? At the end of the day, I just want people to get to where I’m at. That is the end result. The effects and results people have gotten, if you really, truly think about it, are profound and the body of work speaks for itself. Anybody who thinks that they’re going to sign on board and a quick fix and it’s all done in a short period of time is crazy. It’s a commitment for your life and even though you attain a certain level, you don’t stop. You continue to press forward and move your consciousness forward.


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