Episode 7 – Higher Balance Method and Self-Realization

rebel-guru-radio-episode-7-Self Realization

The Keys to Spiritual Advancement

In this episode, explore one of the simplest but most profound keys to spiritual advancement: self-reflection. Dispel the misconceptions and get to the root of the practice and learn the practical methods to apply this skill to advance yourself. Then, discover the ultimate tool to activate your energy body.

Move across time and space, astral project, and recognize anomalies in your environment when learning to work with “the Tones.” Build moment and take flight into dimensional exploration.


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In this show we cover: 

    • The power of self-awareness, self-observation, and mindfulness [1:45]
    • Practices and exercises to build your soul and attain self-realization [2:55]
    • An explorations of the I’s that influence your thoughts and actions [3:35]
    • Sentient awareness and controlling your own mind [9:20]
    • Combating the governor – the skeptic within you [14:10]
    • The unique meditation method Eric calls “The Tones” [15:45]
    • “Disciplining” your consciousness [32:30]

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Free Material From the Episode: 

Learn the Higher Balance Method (aka The Tones)

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Discovering The One

Are you aware that if you spend some time in solitude, just relaxing and observing yourself, you can help to shift your consciousness? Self-observation, without any verbal talk can shift your consciousness to a very spiritual state.  It's a state of being so powerful, yet tranquil, and it is in this state of being that one is able to weave the very fibers of reality. It's now time to reveal those identities as Eric meticulously guides you through a unique meditation … to propel your consciousness to this elusive state...


Mastering The Mechanism

The physical body has many limits.  These limits are embedded deep within the coding of the organic.  The body is a product of this reality; therefore, it must conform to the restrictions set by this matrix. With the knowledge Eric shares in this module, you'll be skilled enough to build another body -- one that can slip past the restrictions of this reality and begin an exploration of the next.


Reverse Engineering The Self

The word `master` brings to mind images from martial arts movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  But what is it about these masters that make them a master?  Look beyond their ornate robes and stylish swords and focus your attention upon their emotion, or lack thereof. They seem to express themselves with very little emotion, as if they function from a higher state of conscious awareness. Pushing your understanding to the very brink of human perception, Eric Pepin teaches you to think with a higher form of intelligence, jumpstarting the evolution of your consciousness.


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