Episode 20 – Simulated Reality, Part 2

Episode 20 Simulated Reality

“Magic is only magic until you understand how it works.”

In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses the spiritual implications of living in a simulated reality. Continuing the discussion from episode 14, Eric brings amazing insights on the Planes of Light and breaking free of the Matrix. Then, he delves into a deeper understanding of ancient teachings, words of wisdom from the great yogis and mystics, and the true meaning of yantras.

Unravel the latest science to find more truth on your spiritual path. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 

    • Whether it’s really possible to break free of the simulated reality and what practices you can use to begin to do so [2:10]
    • How simulated reality relates to ancient teachings and texts that never mentioned computer code or simulations [7:50]
    • How we can relate to God and spirituality with this very scientific and technological model of reality [12:15]
    • The “error correcting code” that stops you from reaching enlightenment and how can you bypass this program [18:20]
    • How understanding reality as a simulation gives you greater access to explore other dimensions [22:45]
    • The connection between the sixth sense, the chest center, and programming reality in the realm of simulated reality [32:45]

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