Episode 14 – Simulated Reality

rebel-guru-radio-episode-14-Simulated Reality

Living in a Virtual World

In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses the simulated reality in which we live. Spiritual masters have always said that reality is an illusion. Today we call it the matrix, but the truth behind it is the same. Even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, recently said, “There’s only a one in a billion chance we don’t live in a computer generated reality.”

After listening to this episode your view of life will be forever changed. Enjoy.

In this show we cover: 

  • The unique meditation method Eric calls “The Tones” [1:40]
  • Singularity and technological consciousness [16:30]
  • The relationship between dreams and reality [20:10]
  • Exploring the energy and patterns that make up our world [28:30]
  • Signs that we live in a simulated reality that you can see with your own eyes [35:05]
  • How our own perception and beliefs construct our reality [37:50]

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The Higher Balance Method

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Dissecting the Matrix

There is great power in true understanding - that deep level of understanding that is bestowed upon someone during those rare moments of realization.  All the great spiritual gurus throughout history have experienced their own moments of realization.

The miracles that were performed by these mystics have become common knowledge, everyone knows the stories.  What most people do not know is exactly what happened during these profound moments.  How did these gurus bend reality or, as Eric says, "break the matrix?"

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Discovering The One

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