Episode 14 – Simulated Reality

rebel-guru-radio-episode-14-Simulated Reality

Living in a Virtual World

In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses the simulated reality in which we live. Spiritual masters have always said that reality is an illusion. Today we call it the matrix, but the truth behind it is the same. Even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, recently said, “There’s only a one in a billion chance we don’t live in a computer generated reality.”

After listening to this episode your view of life will be forever changed. Enjoy.

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In this show we cover: 

  • The unique meditation method Eric calls “The Tones” [1:40]
  • Singularity and technological consciousness [16:30]
  • The relationship between dreams and reality [20:10]
  • Exploring the energy and patterns that make up our world [28:30]
  • Signs that we live in a simulated reality that you can see with your own eyes [35:05]
  • How our own perception and beliefs construct our reality [37:50]



Simulated Reality [Click to see more...]

Eric: How many people here are familiar with what we call the Tones? Okay. Is there anybody here who’s not familiar with the Tones? Okay. I’m going to give a quick crash course on insanity and don’t blame me later for doing this to you. The Tones are a frequency that you kind of hear in your ear but it’s not really your ear that’s hearing them. What it is is a very high-pitched frequency. It’s kind of like this: (imitates high-pitched ringing). Now, as you begin to focus and you begin to hear it, the point is to become aware of it. Usually, it will start off on one side or the other. There’s a second Tone.


The second Tone you usually will hear in the opposing ear, so whichever one you hear one, you’ll hear the other. It’s actually a different octave. At first, it may be hard to tell that there’s a difference or that there’s even two but you will dial into it. The other side sounds a lot like the original. You’re going to hear this like: (imitating high-pitched ringing), this high pitch. Now, they will go up to as many as ten. The average person will do maybe, if they’re lucky, up to three or four. Now, you have those people who are like, “Oh, I’ve got six. I’ve got seven. I’ve got four.” I don’t even concern myself with that. What’s more important is just starting off working with the main three. The point of it is that it’s training. The training kind of works like this: When you focus on a Tone, if you intently try to listen to it, it fades away. It’s like an elusive kind of ice cube that’s melting on the frying pan. You go to touch it and it just kind of shoots away. If you ignore it—What I try to say to people is that if you admire it rather than trying to look at it, you kind of just become aware of it, you begin to bring it in and it gets louder. There comes this very interesting thing that’s very foreign to us and that is a form of movement that does not have to do with getting up and physically moving. It’s very foreign to our thinking.


When you isolate the fact that you can make the Tones go (imitates soft high-pitched ringing) to (imitates loud high-pitched ringing), and then you go like this and it goes (imitates fading high-pitched ringing). It’s kind of like this “got you,” and then it disappears. The same will go for the second. The same will go for the third. What happens is that it’s the same thing with watching or listening to the loop. Remember, I said it’s not about getting it to go in the opposite direction. It’s “what did you feel inside of yourself that was the moment that you got it to flip?” What did you feel inside of you? Was there a pressure here? Was there this kind of unusual feeling? Something happened that you were able to control it to move in a different direction. When your mind lapsed or wandered, boom, it just went right back to normal. It’s like this invisible force of consciousness that’s able to interact and change things. That same force is used to control the Tones.


As you bring it in, you’ll find that there’s this part of you that grabs it and is able to make it louder and bring it in whereas if you try to use your normal [mind] like you’re trying to listen harder like you would do on an earthly plane with music, sound, whatever you’re kind of focusing on, it evades you. When one says, “the Tones,” I often kind of refer to them as pillars. I think of them as the Greek pillars and each one represents a Tone like (imitates three gradually rings, gradually increasing in pitch). In essence, what you’re trying to do is work and maneuver to these Tones which are essentially teaching you movement. It’s teaching you another way to maneuver around. When one hears these words such as “astral projection, mind projection, audible projection,” these all entail a form of collecting data via going somewhere or something coming to you.


We don’t really think much of that. That’s the reason why people have a lot of difficulty, in my opinion, achieving this, at least on an ongoing basis. Usually, when they do experience it, they don’t know how they did it. They just kind of fell upon it. It’s because you have to think in a different way. You have to take that place and almost move it to you the same way that you’re going to maneuver around these pillars or these Tones. The first thing I want to do is see how many people can start to find at least one or two Tones in their ear. We’ll go ahead and just start right now.


Those of you guys who are new, maybe you can keep your hands up so I know who to focus on and give you little tricks as you’re going along. You probably have heard stuff very similar. Sometimes, when you’re just sitting around or maybe even in a car somewhere, all of a sudden you get this high-pitched frequency. It just comes out of nowhere for no good reason, just like (imitates high-pitched ringing). It just kind of will fade after a while. It’s in that family of frequencies. It’s in that realm. What you’re trying to do is you listen, I often say sometimes, to what would be the inner exterior of the ear. Not like you’re listening inside the canal but kind of like the outer rim of the ear, not going past where the fleshy part would be. You just calmly listen and usually it starts off very faintly. We’ll go ahead and we’ll see if you guys can find that.

I often refer to it as the sound of just before you’re bored. It’s just kind of like (imitates high-pitched ringing). Is there anybody who hasn’t found it yet? Raise your hand. Okay, there’s the three amigos always. Alright. What I want you to do is think of your right ear and just kind of let it listen. It’s almost like just when you get really quiet with yourself, you think you start to hear something there and it’s the moment you start to listen. It’ll start to increase slowly. Just show me with your hand when you think you’ve got it. Just raise your hand. Awesome. Excellent. Excellent.


What you want to do now is you want to relax into it. In other words, let it get louder. The more you pay attention to it or the more you admire it, you’re going to find that it gets louder to your awareness. That’s the next step. I often think that sometimes you relax your jaw a little bit and you just kind of allow it to kind of saturate into you. Relaxing the back of your neck muscles, around your ear muscles. Just relax it. Then you move into the second awareness where you start to see if you can listen to anything on the left side. All of a sudden, you should be hearing the second Tone. Have you guys found the second one yet? Excellent.


Then. of course, there’s the third one. The third one starts somewhere almost in the back of the head, sometimes a little bit to the left, sometimes to the right. It depends on the person. All of a sudden, it will just have this sound back there and you’re just kind of like, “Oh, well there it is.” When you think about it, it disappears. When you just admire it, all of a sudden you become aware of it. What happens now is you’re attempting to control volume as the first step. The first step is: Can you make the sound increase? If you try to make it increase like you’re listening to something harder, it doesn’t do it. You almost have to surrender to it You almost have to relax into it. You almost have to admire it and just let it, on it’s own accord, become louder. I often say if you relax your muscles and you relax yourself, I will bring the pole or the sound forward by almost letting my head go back into it but more in my mind, just letting myself relax into it. It becomes louder and louder and louder until it gets to the point where it’s almost deafening.


What you’re trying to do is become at least aware that you’re aware of three Tones. Now, it’s very hard to say, “I can hear all three at one time.” What you usually do is you go from one, paying attention to it, until you can hear there’s a distinct difference. That’s how you know they’re different. Then you go to the third one. You kind of play this round robin thing where you’re checking in with all three. On rare occasion, you move into another state and that state is kind of where you hear them all going. I think of it like people sitting in an orchestra where everybody’s going “Ahh!” and you’ve got three or four people doing the same thing in harmony. You admire the harmony but the second you try to get more distinct, it starts to fall apart of dissipate.


The thing is that nothing about it allows you to control it in the way that you want to control something. If I want to pick up this bottle of water, I can reach over and grab it. If it is a Tone, any means that [I use] to try to grab it, it simply escapes away from me. It refuses to adhere to any form of thinking in the sense that makes sense to me in a biological, moving-around form because it’s not of a three-dimensional space. It’s not something that’s solid. Now, is it a ringing in your ear? You believe it is but you can hear it underwater. You can hear it even louder if you put corks in your ear. You can hear it in any single place. As far as I’m concerned, it is not an audible sound. In other words, if we were to put a meter to it to see if it measured a frequency, it’s unmeasurable. Then, what the hell is it? Dun dun dun!


Let’s talk about reality. Let’s talk about the idea that one would say in the ancient days. A Sufi, a yogi, or a monk would be meditation and they would meditate for a week or a month, some crazy amount of time. As the story goes, the open their eyes and the first thing they say in a very monotone way is, “Reality is but an illusion.” In modern times, we would ask, “What does that mean, ‘reality is an illusion? What is an illusion to somebody 3,000-4,000 years ago in the context of their overall education?” It means that reality is a matrix. Reality is a simulated, non-thing. Everything that we think is real is not real. An illusion is like a mirage. A mirage in the desert, you see something and you’re like, “Oh my god, there’s water.” You go down there and there’s nothing. It’s just something that appears to the mind to be real. You can see water. You can see palm trees. You can see green leafy trees. You can make every detail out. When you get there, there’s nothing there.


In essence, what the spiritual person is saying is that they went into their mind and they went so deep that they stopped thinking about having to do laundry. They stopped thinking about making their husband or wife happy or what they can do or who is having problems in their life. They forgot to think about what they were contemplating to do for work that day or what they had to do the next day and what they needed to complete. They were able to disengage all of these mental constructs that we feel give us our purpose on a daily level. If you think about it, we’re kind of like lemmings. Lemmings meaning the ones that all walk and then they fall off the cliff, more or less. We create all of these responsibilities in life and what we call “purpose.” We have to take care of other people We have to take care of ourselves. We have food. We have shelter. We have needs. We have all these biological things for survival.


We go through days systematically, fulfilling these like routine to whatever degree that we need to. In essence, the spiritual person says, “I’m going to go into a state of my mind where most people when they stop, you don’t really stop.” You could be watching a movie and if you observe yourself during that movie, you’ll check in with yourself roughly about every other minute with something that you think that you need to do. “Do I need to go to the bathroom? Do I need to get some popcorn? Oh, they’ve got more popcorn than me. I should’ve got as much butter as her.” I mean, at least that’s what I’m thinking.


In essence, we constantly have these things that go into our mind that really keep us grounded, that keep us in this kind of reality. In essence, what the person is doing in the form of their meditation is to remove themselves of all these thoughts and that’s very hard to do. That’s not a simple task as most of you guys know who meditate. You’re lucky if maybe ten percent to fifteen percent of the time you can actually have quiet during that time that you’re supposed to be really meditating the whole time. There’s still that need to constantly check in so skill and repetition mean that you get more and greater lapses of non-thought and then some commercial break comes in, I call it. All of a sudden, you’re like, “Ahh,” and you get some more time in. You continuously work on that.

A person who’s like the master or a person who’s really worked on it, they check out to the point where they just start removing everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything. When they get to this level where they’ve removed everything and their mind is very very still, one of the first things they’re going to do is they’re going to possibly open their eyes. The question is: What do they see? When you remove what we believe we see, what is really there? Is there anything there? When the spiritual person opens their eyes and they look and they don’t see anything or whatever they do see—which is really the real question—they say, “Life is nothing but an illusion.”


For me, this is a huge statement because we are now at a technological age where Kurswell says in 2029 we’re going to hit their period. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? Spit it out. Singularity, very good. That’s because I forgot so I’d make you guys look like—Anyway, the singularity is, for those of you who may or may not know, is when technology keeps getting better and better and better. So, we can make a computer chip that can, let’s say, count a deck of cards that are thrown in the air randomly on the floor. It can figure them all out and alphabetize them in maybe two seconds. The next chip that comes out that’s the [successor], the newer model is double the computing power. That takes six months to make it double the power and when it counts it when we do all the cards, it can do it in one second rather than two.

Another six months later, it’s three times the computing power compressed into it, so now it can read all of those cards in half a second. It’s constantly redoubling itself in a certain amount of time. Each time it doubles itself, it’s able to make itself think even faster because it can think about how to fix itself faster. Every time it’s doing that, it’s increasing it’s ability not every six months. The first time it does it in six months, the second time it does it in three months. The next time it does it in a month and a half. The next time it does that is in like seven days, after seven days. This is the idea of the singularity.

We know that technology is constantly getting faster and better and faster and better and faster and better because it’s compressing. It’s learning to move faster. The idea is: When does it get to a point where it becomes conscious? When it gets to a point where you can ask it anything and it’s able to compute reality, it’s able to compute and simulate and create what we deem as reality.


Let’s take another step back. When we look at simulation, I remember ten years ago when we were talking simulation. Does anybody remember “The Lawnmower Man” or something like that from Stephen King, the movie? This was very interesting because it was still done very digitally. It was like you could tell he was a digital robot and then you had Max Headroom and all this other stuff. We progress.


Now, as we have progressed with wifi, we understand now that when you put on a simulated reality lens that it’s getting better and better. You have video games now where they actually have the hair flowing on the person. You can actually see the pores on the skin. Now, in another year, it’s going to be even more intense than that. In another five years, it’s going to get to the point where you are going to have—it’s already at this level but overall, in general population, you’re going to start having people not be able to tell the difference between what they’re seeing versus what they’re not seeing. If you were not aware that you had a visor on, let’s say max, ten years, whatever you are seeing, you should not be able to distinguish from you people being out here or a bunch of cats and dogs sitting in chairs watching. You’d be like, “What the hell is going on?” You’d be able to see their fur. You’d be able to see their chest expanding and collapsing from breathing. You’d see their eyelashes. You’d see their eye ducts. You’d see moisture in their eye. Literally like that.


What’s going to happen is—and they’re already working on this and they’re going to have it—they’re finding ways to dial into your nervous system. If you think about a battery touching your tongue and you get that electrical charge, that funky taste, or if you touch something, I don’t know if you’ve ever touched a car battery or something. You get this jolt. You’ll notice it affects your nervous system. What they’re going to do now is they’re going to have ways to put maybe a—we think gloves but they’re not even going to use gloves. It’s just going to be maybe something you rest your hand on or something like this. It’s going to put your body in what is called a sleep paralysis. The same reason why when you dream, your body’s “motors” get shut off and you don’t run into a wall because you think you’re running in real life, but you’re in a dream. Your body shuts it off.

This is why sometimes you wake and you can’t move and you think, “Oh, there’s an entity sitting on me! Ahh!” Sometimes that’s true, you know. Anyway, in either case, they’re going to have a way to make the body shut the physical muscles down and they’re going to now not even need a visor. What they’re going to be able to do is they’ll project right into the eye retinas so it goes right into the brain. In essence, for the most part, there’s going to be a 99.9999% that you won’t even know that you’re in a simulated reality. That’s going to probably be in everybody’s lifetime. We are already producing this effect on the fringe at this point.


The question now gets into the fact that there are very brilliant minds in the world like Tesla. Everybody’s familiar with—What the hell’s his name again?


Audience: Elon Musk.

Eric: Elon Musk, Elon Musk was asked recently, Jesse showed me the video and I posted it back up. He posted it up. They were asking, “Does he believe that we live in a simulated reality?” His answer said that there was a one—Rick, what was it?


Audience: One in a billion chance.


Eric: One in a billion chance that we’re not in one. In other words, pretty much he absolutely, adamantly believes we are in an artificial, simulated reality that’s likely being generated right as we speak by a computer system if you will, but far beyond our understanding of a computer sitting by our desk. Hence my joke about the kid eating pizza, sitting there messing with all our lives.

Now, this is a big pill to swallow. That’s like, “Are you kidding me? We live in simulated reality? What are you suggesting?” I’m not suggesting that we live in a simulated reality in the sense that in any human way, shape, or form are necessarily alien. It is going to be a level of intelligence that is going to be so advanced it would be unbelievable. The truth is, I’ve often said, “We are within the dream of God. If God was created from nothingness,” as I’ve stated before, “and he attained, or it attained, a level of consciousness in order to sustain mental stimulation.” If there’s nothing you can touch, if there’s nothing you can smell, if there’s nothing you can hear, if there’s nothing you can taste outside of yourself, for there is nothing. What you’re going to do is you’re going to dream.


As I often have said for thirty years is: Imagine you’re immortal. For ten seconds, I’m making you immortal. Don’t do anything crazy. Sit in your seats. Anyway, if you’re immortal, let’s imagine now that we’ve cut your spine and you can’t move. You can’t have any motor gears. You can’t hear. You can’t see. You can’t smell. You can’t taste. You can’t do anything. You’re essentially a pile of flesh that never will die but your neural system in your brain is still working. Now, what do you do? There comes a point where you’re going to bored out of your mind. Your mind is going to look for stimulation but eventually, you’re going to start to create a dream. In that dream, you’re longing to convey or communicate or to relate to something that’s going to start creating other identities in your dream world. Hence, the conversations you’ve had at some point with people in your dream.


I would ask you, “Are they not individual in their own personality? Were they not quirky? Did you not see them as somebody other than yourself?” You didn’t recognize them as yourself in your dream but yet your consciousness generated that entire reality in your mind, including all of their personalities and quirks and anything they told you that you were like, “Holy cow, that’s amazing!” That was still you talking to you. In essence, this is what I call a simulated reality. In that, everybody in your dream that you were talking to is technically an identity, a personality that’s within your own consciousness. This is what I train. I call it “the I’s,” meaning: how many personalities do you have? You have the happy you, the angry you, the hungry you, the loving and nurturing you.

Really, you have very complex personalities that are individual beings of intelligence with their own opinions and everything that are evidently in your own consciousness. You’re capable of creating an entire universe. Tell me, in your dream, is there a limit to the extent or the expanse of your reality and your dream? Can you not go to the bottom of the ocean? Can you not travel for light years into space in your dream? Can you not infinitely explore microorganisms or the macro cosmoses of galaxies? What is the limit?


In a sense, you are a computer, an organic computer who’s simulated or simulating a reality within your own mind. The greatest inventions in the world, right down to electricity, if you will, was actually an epiphany that occurred within a dream. Think about that. If God is dreaming, we are, just like when you’re dreaming, the realities who are holding a conversation with you in your dream.

In the end, a spiritual person who is practicing, there is the person who meditates for relaxation which is the Western philosophy. It just begins and ends there which drives me nuts. The quest is: Can I take it further? Can I explore beyond the threshold, beyond the veil of silence, of quiet, of nothingness? Do I just sit there and just, “Okay, I’ve attained it. I’ve relaxed now. I’m ready to get on with my day?” The answer is: Push beyond that for there is a veil and you can move beyond that veil. The frequency that people hear, the Tones, is your ability to train your mind to move in what I consider the “more real” reality, versus this one.

If you can get yourself to work with Tones, you learn to make your mind bend and move. If you can take the same aspect and if you’re doing remote viewing, the same way you bring sound louder to you, you take something you’re seeing in your mind and you pull it towards you with the same concept. It’s no different. You move it towards you. It’s the same as learning to get up and walk across this room. You’ve now learned how to say to yourself, “I’ll think of this cosmos I see or this tree in the distance or this vague image of reality I see that’s around a fogginess that is whatever, like there’s portal.” You don’t think of me wanting or you wanting to walk towards it. The second you do, it evaporates, it dissipates, it fades. The second you think of admiring it the way you’ve trained yourself with the Tones, playing around with it, you then can bring it into high-def. You can now bring that tree to you and see the bark. You can now turn and look by making yourself, as if you’re looking for the second Tone, you move your mind to see what’s to left or to the right. The second you think about moving in your organic body, (imitates whisping) it dissipates. It makes you stay in this realm of reality.


The Tones are a training mechanism. It is an escape technique that teaches you to train your mind to move beyond that which we can comprehend, which we see, which we think is the real reality. Remember, your brain runs on electricity. Everything you smell is converted into electrons through a nervous system in your nose. Everything that you’re hearing from me is not something that just pipes up into your brain, it’s converted from sound waves into little bits of electricity that go to your brain and say, “This is what you’re hearing.”


Everything that you see is reflected light that’s coming at you and your brain, actually seeing it upside down, it’s converting it all into little bits and pieces and it’s rebuilding what you’re seeing. Technically speaking, this is all static electricity. We’re being told, “This is what you’re seeing,” so it’s kind of like we’re all cell phones and this is the conversation that’s been given to you through the ether of what you’re seeing, but you can’t hear any other conversation. I often teach that if you shut off the lights in a room and you look across the room—you have to have some luminosity but you can do it in pitch black once you get good enough, it’s like seeing aura but different—you will see what looks like fuzz in the air. It’s like a haze. It’s almost like your body will start breathing shallowly because you begin to think in your head that it’s like smoke. As you observe this fuzz, there’s a point where you can concentrate and start seeing the fuzz closer and closer to your eye. The more that you concentrate it, of course, you can see the detail. This is a little bit harder to do than seeing the fuzz from a distance, which looks tinier and looks like a haze. As you start to train yourself to bring it closer, you start to see these little dots.


Interestingly enough, there’s what I say is a blue dot and a red dot. I want to forget about that but I’ll just throw it out there. I say the blue dot is Prana, it’s positive energy. The red dot is going to be negative energy or “the Dark Side,” if you will. I don’t think of it as a picket fence with a pitchfork or devil. It’s like an energy that’s counter to reality as we understand it. The blue is building the reality as we understand it. You want to, of course, bring that blue energy into you.


There’s another way to look at this. I look at it as pixels. You look at a computer screen and on the computer screen, if you look closer at the older computers before they got better, even a TV, you see that there’s little tiny dots and each dot is a different color glowing. As you move away, like a complex puzzle, it starts to build it’s shape and you see what you see. If you move in closer, you see little dots. The better the technology gets for computer screens, it’s harder to see those. If you took a magnifying glass, you would see them. Now, this whole room is filled with what looks like little tiny floating pixels. The entire room is filled with them. It’s like water. It’s almost like it’s solid. Everything that I see around me, I believe are these little pixels that are generating what I consider depth, color, shape, form, all of these different things.


What is going on between me and you? What is that fuzz? What is that distortion? If you really think about it, not only are you having trouble seeing me but it almost looks like there’s a fuzz over my face a little bit. You’re trying to ask yourself, “What is this?” If you really think about it, it looks like almost a vibrating nothingness. We don’t have all night for you guys to practice with it or get really good with it. You’re going to have to take my word on it, those of you guys who are new. What you want to do is when you’re in a room and it’s at night, just look at the room. You’re going to have a little green light on from some kind of alarm clock or something or a little red light from the fire sensor. That will help a little bit but you’ll be able to eventually relax enough that you will see the detail, the complex detail, of these little tiny dots. They’re everywhere! There’s not a tenth of an inch that’s not filled with them near each other but yet they don’t exactly touch one another. They perfectly keep a very marginal distance from one another like atoms or particles.


Interestingly enough, I was reading an article and I can’t remember it for the life of me but there are several mathematical equations that have dumbfounded the science world of math. I don’t consider myself a mathematical genius or anything but I do certainly have an aptitude for it. The simplest way to describe this is that you take a sphere and on the sphere, there’s a mathematical equation where you can literally map out what would be little tiny dots in the entire sphere. There’s a way to divide and multiply and divide and multiply. When you do this a certain amount of times, what seems impossible becomes possible. It becomes two and two becomes four and they’re dumbfounded how that’s even possible. It’s a rotation of some kind of frequency. I suspect there’s a correlation to what we’re seeing and the same thing that mathematically where they’re doing this. If you Google® it, it’s like—Just do “sphere smash mathematical equation unsolvable” or something. There’ll be people who try to explain it and they show it to you. You’ll be like, “What the hell?”


The important part is that we’ve got to trust them when they’re dumbfounded by this. This should not be but there it is. Another thing that’s very interesting is on another mathematical thing. Ray should be the specialist in all this by now! There’s another thing where you can have, you take a piece of paper, let’s say it’s about as big as this. Every maybe inch or so, you make a perfectly straight line. You can take a paper clip and if you take that paper clip and you toss it in the air and it falls down, it always goes 50/50. It’s either be in between the two perfectly or it’ll go across one of the lines. When you add up a hundred times, it’ll always be like [49/51] but it will always be 50/50, almost always. What the fuck? Think about that. Shouldn’t it be like 20/80 sometimes and sometimes 50/50 and sometimes 60/40? Why, over and over and over again, it will always come up to that systematic equation almost every single time? It’s scary.

There’s another mathematical thing that they’re stumped by that I found very interesting. Of course, I’ve done a whole lecture on the Fibonacci circle and a lot of people will understand that in nature you have this spiral effect. You have a sink that will spiral. A fern will go spiral. A galaxy will go spiral. A hurricane will go spiral. We see this constantly and computer coding, if you understand anything about computer coding, one of the first things you will do is you’ll come up with a code. It doesn’t matter what size you use it on. If it works for everything else, you’ll utilize it. It’s when we look at reality when you do computer coding, you’re like, “Oh my god! It’s everywhere!” In this, there’s something called the “pair-f syndam” (?) with F for Frank. I forget what it’s called but what they’ve done is they will take all the words in the human English language and they’ll find all the words that we use the most, like the word “the,” “and,” any of the common words. The more sophisticated words like “sophisticated” are used less and less. So, which ones are used most and which ones are used least. What you do is they take it on a chart by how many times it’s used and they show the regularity on the chart as it’s going out like this. This is the max, this is the lowest, this being the highest and the low. It will go like a scoop like the letter L. What’s interesting is that every single language on Earth that they do it to will do the exact same pattern.


Moreso, every city with a population does the same exact pattern in all the whole world. It goes over and over again. They can use the same sequence to calculate almost everything in our reality and it’s stupefying how it’s even possible. Why would we follow a very strict pattern for every city based on the ratio, size, the amount of people, the amount of people leaving the city, coming in, and it will always follow the exact same pattern. It has the same growth rates. I’m giving a very crude statement on it, but any of this stuff you guys should Google®.

The point is, one has to ask themselves, when they see such patterns, instead of a greater law of chaos, one has to ask themselves what the hell is going on. This always goes back to the simulated reality. It goes back to that old guru who said, “Reality is but an illusion.” Here we are at an age, as I was saying, that technology is increasing and we’re starting to look at science, questioning our own reality. This is where one always used to say, science and spirituality one day will meet. I say that day is almost upon us and it will reveal itself. On that note, I can take a few questions before we move onto phase two if anybody’s interested and it doesn’t digress too far off topic.

Guest: You were speaking that when you look at the—I think you called it granulation or pixels— that when they come really close, that you see blue and red. So, I’ve seen these since I was a little girl. I’ve never seen the blue and red. I’ve heard you speak of it before, I’ve only seen them as white. [37:15]


Eric: Okay, a lot of people say that to me and I have an answer for that.


Guest: Every once in awhile I see different colors, but I’ve never seen the blue and red specifically? Am I just not seeing it close enough?


Eric: No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s perfectly logical and you’ll see why. Your mind is going to dictate what you see. It’s kind of like a zoom in, zoom out kind of thing. The blue and the red is not necessarily a bright blue and a bright red. When we think of red, I think of red like her pants or blue like his jeans. It’s almost very dark red and very dark blue. One could almost say that they’re almost the same color. If your mind starts pushing more so into it, they can actually go into a white fuzz. If you extrapolate out, you see what are blurred movements which are, in reality, the constructs of focusing in on what we see now as what we say is our reality. If you were to zoom macro-micro, you would then see a different complexity of structure as to what you deem.


We’re getting into crazy stuff here. This is probably what’s going on. It’s hard for us to imagine, “How can I look here and everything turns to a fuzz? Shouldn’t I be zooming in or zooming out?” No, this is because we think this way. This doesn’t make it so. We know from human sight that what we’re really seeing shouldn’t even be exactly what we’re seeing. We don’t even know why we see it this way. Hence, the wifi. Hence, the simulated reality. What you’re seeing is correct. There’s no right or wrong. What I’m trying to give is a basic construct for people to start approaching this kind of thinking, playing around with this kind of stuff, making you guys go nuts, suck your thumb, and crawl into a corner. Ah!


At the end of the day, my job is to get you guys thinking about these things and hopefully, in a positive way. It is true. It is correct, but this is a conversation that could go on for four hours, just on that one topic. I’m trying to cover a vast story as Ray will certify. He’s like my technician now on all of this stuff because of the new book coming out, which is three volumes long to give you an idea of how much I talk about all of this. It’s in much more detail and more scientific data.


In essence, what would be the purpose of this other than to make you feel kind of like, “What the hell? What is reality? What am I?” Isn’t that what everybody is really here about? What is it that we, as White Cells, that we’re looking for? What is nagging us? What is bothering us our entire life that we know something is very, very wrong. Something’s very different, something’s very not evidently, clearly defined in front of us as everything we’re told is. There are those of us who are kind of batty. Everybody else is like, “Oh no, I’m going to the softball game,” or “Oh no, this is the meaning of life,” and we’re like, “No! There’s something more! I’m telling you! I can’t touch it, I can’t say it, but I can feel it!” What is that? This is really what this is. This is, first of all, a confirmation, in my opinion, through science—which we consider almost the great determiner—that’s saying now, “Holy shit! Fuck! Christ! We think we’re in a simulated reality and the math is backing this up!” I’m like, “Hello?!”


This is why we have to be aware of this. This is why we have to observe what’s going on. The truth of it is: what we have felt, what we have seen, the lunacy of our reality if you think about this, spirits, entities, dimensions, vortexes, walls warping and moving and we’re like, “Hey, did you see that?” They’re like, “See what? “The wall moved!” They’re like, “Are you on meds yet?” Now, they’re starting to say these things are possible. They’re like, “Okay, we know now that maybe what we’re thinking is that there’s more truth to this.” This is very, very, very important because for us to progress in our spirituality, we need the confidence to move forward instead of fearing that we are sinking deeper and deeper into a disconnect from reality and that we’re losing ourselves.


Secretly, everybody in this room, spiritually, always is asking themselves, “Am I bat shit crazy?Am I really not dialing in here?’ This is why, in my opinion, this is what also limits those who can do great, miraculous things from those who tend to just know there’s something more but there’s something refraining them from doing the profound. This is the mind. If reality is an illusion, then everything that we think is subjugated by the reality we will forward, meaning we create a reality. How do we manipulate that reality? How do we alter it a little bit? How do we mess with the system? That starts with the level of belief of the fact of if you can or can’t? The more in the back of your head that you question that, the less you can do. All of us are designed to doubt it. It’s a self-regulating system.


When we think of things like the paranormal or vortexes, this is like looking at a computer system. You have a hard drive. It’s running a program. Everybody knows you can run Microsoft® Windows® in the background while you’re surfing the internet and also run a chat program at the same time and at the same time, you can be listening to iTunes® music. The thing that’s interesting is that it’s all happening from the same hard drive. It’s all happening from the same memory stick. They’re all coexisting and function independently, or seemingly independent, but they’re really not. They’re all intertwined. You’re justing defining, tuning into which one you’re hearing but they’re all happening in the same place.


When you have phenomena happen, when you see a ghost, when you see a spirit, when you feel something, when you sense something, when you hear something, this is really these two things bumping or almost glitching, overriding on the other. That’s what I consider the paranormal. These are very interesting things to begin to approach because the better we can understand it, the more that we can control it, the more that we can work with it, the more we can manipulate it. Why is it that a placebo effect for diseases can work 50% equally as well as a medicine that’s supposedly going to cure it? There’s nothing but a sugar pill but yet it’s curing a cancer or a tumor or a disease. It should because the power of that belief is what changed it.


Again, if your belief is strong enough, you can manipulate reality. It’s the little doubting Thomas that’s the program that keeps us aligned to run the program as it’s going. Spirituality is separating yourself from the rules of what we consider the matrix, if we want to call it that now. When we say “the matrix,” I hate using the word because it’s like saying “God,” and you think of Christianity. When we say matrix, we think of Keanu Reeves now. You’ve almost got to constantly come up with new names for stuff so that get rid of these associative thoughts because that’s very dangerous by the way. That’s what pigeonholes you into thinking again. It’s the best tools we have to speak to a universal group of people. Scientists have math. Math is a language, just like words. We’re not mathematic people so we have to find other means to navigate this idea of reality and how to experience it or to move into it.


When you contemplate what I’m saying and you think about it and you think about the fuzz and you think about all this stuff, you then can start to have a way of approaching it with greater levels of phenomena. You have a better understanding and one that’s more manageable in the sense that “I work with a computer, I have an idea of how these things work.” Now, the mystery to some degree is removed. Mystery is what causes fear. We, still, are programmed with the instinct of fight-or-flight. Anything we don’t understand, we tend to be fearful of for survival’s sake and we want to run. So, anytime we hear (imitating ghoulish sounds), we’re not going to be like, “Hell yeah! Can you do it again on the mic?” We don’t know what that is so we get fearful and we leave. The idea is that we look at this and we go, “Okay, that’s a really slow recording of a different thing. Can you do it again?” Boom. Put it on high speed (imitating fast-forwarding screech). “Hey, you got any bacon, honey?”


It’s being able to say, “I can control my anxiety,” and look at this all a little bit differently to extrapolate data that somehow can make me manipulate, “hack reality” as they say. All joking aside, to become more functional as a spiritual person, to change people’s lives, to affect and cause and all sorts of things, that is really the goal. It’s much more complicated and bigger than anybody can imagine.



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