Episode 31 – The Om Virus

Episode 31 The Om Virus

Thought Influence At The Macro Scale

In this episode, Eric Pepin examines conspiracy theories and how to prevent them from derailing your spirituality. Then with an ironic twist, we explore his thoughts of psychokinetic groups deep within the government, how they came to be, and why they are kept secret. Finally, Eric wraps up the episode with and inspiring and simple way that each individual can make a profound difference during turbulent times. (This is Pure Gold!)


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In this show we cover: 

    • Thoughts on remote viewers within the government and why it is kept secret [1:48]
    • How the metaphysical practitioners can influence the world and why those influences are often canceled out [8:45]
    • The main government players in psychic abilities [11:46]
    • The value conspiracy theories bring to the world and spiritual community [14:08]
    • How to prevent conspiracy theories from derailing you from your spiritual path [18:30]
    • A simple technique to bring profound, positive influence in the world [30:45]

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