Episode 12 – Third State of Consciousness

Third State of Consciousness

How Spiritual Masters Are Changing Reality

In this episode, Eric Pepin covers a wide variety of topics including meditation, self-reflection and how to reach the third state of consciousness where you are able to change reality.

This episode is a clip from one of our free events that took place in San Francisco, CA in March of 2016. Enjoy!

In this show we cover: 

  • How to use meditation to reboot your brain, release tensions, and remove blocks [1:30]
  • “Is this all that I am?” – The path to finding your highest self [7:00]
  • Observing yourself in the second and third person [16:00]
  • Overcoming the fear of death [27:30]
  • An analysis of muscle testing and hypnosis [30:50]
  • The third state of consciousness you must enter to successfully manifest and affect reality [35:10]
  • The identities you create for yourself and how they affect your reality [44:50]

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The word `master` brings to mind images from martial arts movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  But what is it about these masters that make them a master?  Look beyond their ornate robes and stylish swords and focus your attention upon their emotion, or lack thereof. They seem to express themselves with very little emotion, as if they function from a higher state of conscious awareness. Pushing your understanding to the very brink of human perception, Eric Pepin teaches you to think with a higher form of intelligence, jumpstarting the evolution of your consciousness.


Echoes of Consciousness

Within this physical reality, there are millions of micro-realities which mold your consciousness.  Eric refers to these micro-realities as “bubbles” of reality and warns that these bubbles have the potential to crystallize your consciousness and ensure that you remain a product of this matrix.

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