Episode 56 – Time Stepping

Retrospectively Improving Your Life

What would you change if you could send a message to your past self? Eric recounts some of his personal experiences as he describes how Time Stepping can be used to get yourself through a tough time, particularly when you have toxic people in your life. Then, learn about how Time Stepping plays into your development and growth and the situations that you shouldn’t use it for. Finally, learn about the existence of time and how this moment may have already occurred. This podcast was recorded as a live stream via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on February 13, 2019. Enjoy!

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In this show we cover: 

    • The relationship between Manifestation and Time Stepping [4:30]
    • The ethics of manifesting for others [9:30]
    • What orbs are and how they affect us [12:10]
    • Static energies and entities [17:13]
    • How Time Stepping intertwines with your personal and spiritual development [23:20]
    • Exercise: Differentiating ‘me’ and ‘I’ [32:10]
    • Why Meditation is still necessary with Time Stepping [45:20]
    • The existence of time – Has this moment already happened? [50:00]
    • When Time Stepping is inappropriate and how this affects our growth process [53:30]

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