Episode 17 – Transhumanism, Part 1


CRISPR, Psychic Abilities, and the Next Technology Boom

In this episode, Eric dispels the myth that science and spirituality are separate things. He discusses the coming wave of stem cell research leading to transhumanism, touching upon CRISPR (genome editing or genetic engineering).

Big changes are coming and Eric discloses why is it so important for spiritualists to stay grounded in reality and maintain the integrity of knowledge they seek to gain in dimensional states of consciousness.


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In this show we cover: 

    • Science versus Spirituality – Eric Pepin discusses the merging of the two and what this means for the New Age community [1:40]
    • A peek at just one of the consciousness experiments conducted by Higher Balance [9:50]
    • The current state of fringe medical research — cloning, immortality, and more [15:40]
    • CRISPR, genetic engineering and the future of human enhancements [25:15]
    • What transhumanism is, how augmentation will affect human life, and the path to acceptance [38:30]
    • Modifying consciousness and genetic alteration in White Cells [52:15]



Transhumanism Part 1 [Click to see more...]

Eric: I’d like to talk to you today about a number of new and exciting technologies that I think are completely relative to spirituality, metaphysics, the paranormal, or what I like to think as essentially spirituality. I’ve never really seen a difference between technology, science if you will, and spirituality. I’ve always seen them as synonymous, it was just a matter of them crossing one another. I also think that a lot of people who have heard of Higher Balance or have the material that I teach may make the assumption that we really don’t look at things in a scientific way or that we consider ourselves as part of a New Age concept.


Just for the record, I need to get it off my chest: I’m very anti-New Age in the sense of crystals and energies and frequencies. I’m not a big fan of binaural technology, these kinds of things. I love science, I love logic, and all of the experiences I’ve ever had in my life as a psychic who has worked on many cases, who has worked on many various forms of phenomena and has experienced phenomena, I’ve always come at things with a background that would be, in my opinion, more logical or reasonable or by deduction. I’ve always accredited this to my mother being more of a German atheist in her thinking. When certain phenomena would occur in my life, she often would come at it with a logical explanation and, of course, my response was, “Well, if ghosts don’t exist, what was that? What was this glowing energy?”


It was intelligent, it was interactive. It didn’t necessarily look like a human, it didn’t look like certain things. I would always ask these kinds of questions. I would ask questions like, “Well, when people say a ghost spoke to them or it made noise, where are the lungs to produce sound? How does it see us if it doesn’t have eye cones for reflective light? How does it hear us if it doesn’t have eardrums?”


I like to think that Higher Balance is based upon a very different, new approach to metaphysics, to spirituality. I want to separate myself as far apart from New Age or different forms of thinking in the spiritual communities. I don’t agree with the majority of things out there such as how telepathy is described through hearing voices in your head. I don’t think that’s at all how it works, nor is it how I’ve experienced it or taught other people how to experience, yet it’s as profound as you would hope it to be. The same goes for remote viewing and astral projection. I think they’re all the same thing. They’re all from the same region of the brain, time-space relationship.

I like to think that Higher Balance cuts out all the BS, gets to the core. We try to use as much logic and science as society is, on a general level, able to understand. We are very proud of the fact that—I was informed at one point—that we had the highest level of college-educated people in the industry. We’ve got a lot of smart people. I look for smart people and I certainly hope that smart people who take an interest in what I’m doing will approach me or send me an email to communicate more if they have similar interests. There are simply too many phenomena that I think are not dismissable in the eyes of science. I think that science itself is a form of thinking that basically corners one’s understanding or they limit what they’ll allow in and what they won’t. I think that one has to be careful of that.


I would simply say that there are things that I’ve experienced, I’ve done, I’ve been part of in the sense that would not fall in lines of mainstream science but yet, there it was, there it occurred. I refuse to look at it in New Age terms because I think it’s just simplicity. I don’t think when it’s approached now, I just think it’s people trying to understand something they probably are not able to understand. I’d rather try to approach it in a more logical format.


So, a lot of people wonder, “What does Higher Balance teach?” We teach everything paranormal from the idea of ESP to telepathy to astral projection, mind projection, psychic healing, you name it. Throw out 90% of everything you’ve ever thought about what you’ve learned and how it works. We will show you a completely new approach that will blow your mind. The results are just simply off the charts. I like to cut out all the BS and get to the core of stuff. Keep it simple, real. Most of all, it’s you who has to experience the results. It’s my job to get you that experience as quickly as possible before you lose interest. If I achieve that, we both know that you’re going to stay interested and continue learning as long as you continue to have the success rate that I’m often able to produce for you.


Given a little bit of a breakdown, there are a lot of things that people may be shocked that I would approach as a spiritual teacher. I’m often put in a situation where, “Oh, you’re a guru,” or “You’re enlightened,” or “You’re supposed to be a spiritual person that has a certain kind of lifestyle,” or whatever, whatnot. I refuse to be put into any box. I simply insist on being who I am and whatever that is defined as is just really being me, no more than you are being you. I have interests and I have knowledge and I have the right to share that knowledge with anybody who’s interested in having that exchange of information or teachings or training. That’s how I look at it.


Having said that, I’m highly interested in artificial intelligence. I’m highly interested in genetics. I’m highly interested in science as a whole and I will utilize any one of those things in a practical sense as much as possible. I don’t make any claims to be a scientist. I don’t make any claims to have this information down pat as a person who is a professional in that area. I do happen to have access to a lot of people who are expert in those fields and have very interesting conversations and have a lot of my thinking confirmed to be excellent. For some time, I’ve been talking about artificial intelligence to my people, per se, my organization, people within HBI. It’s kind of a very controlled topic. There are a lot of conversations and training and teaching and experiences that take place that never make it to the public on this level.


In some ways, there’s a part of me that just goes, “It’s too mind-blowing for probably the majority of people to believe or accept as these things are really happening.” I would hope that we come off as sensible, logical, [deductive], reasonable people compared to what the ideal is of New Agers, what I would say is the “airy fairy” approach versus people who have a more “their-feet-on-the-ground” approach.


For some time, we’ve had conversations for everything from vampires and whether they exist or do not exist to time traveling to future people visiting, our time-space. We, interestingly enough–the general public doesn’t know– have done very large experiments as an organization and probably do more experimentation on a level of consciousness than probably any organization I’m aware of that is on the level that we are. We’ve gone as far as to be at the Portland Art Institute which a lot of people may or may not know. We took a massive, gigantic room and I had a gigantic black box built that was approximately ten, fifteen feet high. For its wall, all the way around, probably about twenty feet. We had about a hundred people around it focusing on non-thought for that box to not exist, to believe it doesn’t exist. We also would have a group of people inside the box who were meditating and the experiences they had were quite profound.


That’s just a very small sliver of some of the stuff that we do. I would consider ourselves extremely cutting-edge in the metaphysical, paranormal field, compared to anything that’s out there. In fact, I’d be bold enough to say—as arrogant as it may sound—we are probably the most cutting-edge spiritually or technologically that I’m aware of. It’s not to say that there aren’t other organizations out there that are doing exceptional work, but as a whole, we tend to have a very large variety of this technology, right down to just upstairs with what we call “The Upgrade Room,” and the technology we developed for using audible sounds and affecting consciousness through various patterns and rhythms and pitches and frequencies and altering states of consciousness. In fact, some of the things that we are doing, a little bit more on a private level are basically as visionary and as intense and as real and probably more vivid, “HDRRR” for the level of that, than people who are using psychedelic drugs or ayahuasca, things like that.


The point is that we are delving within the capacities and pushing the capacities of the human brain which is my passion. Safely, of course, without drug use of any type, but I think it’s completely possible to push these realms. I just think that the majority of people who have had paranormal experiences simply dress it or try to explain it in ways that really muck it up. They really don’t truly have a sensible approach to it.


I like the idea of being able to train people because it’s one thing for me to be able to say that I’ve done this or that or I’ve experienced this or that. I’m a firm believer that I won’t take that approach. The approach that I prefer to take and have taken for well over a decade is the fact that I will show you how to have these experiences. You decide how real they are and this is probably what has created one of the best loyalty and commitment to the teachings of the material we offer in the industry. It is what it is.

So, now that I’ve kind of babbled on about a number of different things, let’s get onto the meat of the conversation today. There are many new developments that I’m both excited about, but I also have, for the past several years, have spoken about its development and how it’s happening in the background. It’s something that we need to monitor and be aware of, not only as people that are part of a society. We are all part of the communities we live in and may or may not be affected in different ways by that but also having an interest in these developing technologies and how they may augment, enhance our consciousness, our training, our abilities. For many, many years, I have said that the majority of training that I have focused on was largely based on visionary states of consciousness from deep meditations I’ve had from which I would often refer to the movie Dune in some cases or various movies because people have reference points on a general level to be able to grasp an idea to a certain degree. It doesn’t mean I mean it exactly as it’s described, it’s used as a tool to say, “Kind of think of it this way or that way.”


In Dune, you could say you have these Navigators that fold space, they use their consciousness to more or less bend reality. In so doing, I have basically pushed the pursuit of training my students in developing their mind, their ability to hold non-thought, their ability to use their mind in various ways for phenomena, HDR-quality visions and such. We are constantly pushing that envelope to new arenas.


Why I’m bringing this up—and to the majority of people who are aware of my material or have read my books or my audios or whatnot—there are several things that have come to light recently that are, in my opinion, perfectly timed and really raise a lot of questions. Again, I’ll try to cut to the chase. There’s so much information that has taken place, literally, in the last six months. It’s almost just mind-blowing in itself. I do not find it at all surprising that so much is happening in such a short period of time.

Not too long ago, I posted an article in regards to China producing through a factory that’s designed to produce cows through genetic replication. In other words, basically cloning. They would utilize this to basically farm out very quickly if you will, perfectly bred cows for exactly what they want: the best cows, the best genes, and reproduce that. There’s the meat supply for them that’s not necessarily going to be interrupted.


Is said in there that this is going to be huge game-changer and something that the public needs to really be watching or at least organizations such as ourselves that have an interest in this because when you hear of something like this, you better believe that there are multitudes of layers of information that are not being discussed. This is what I alluded to. I said, “If they are now confirming because they can’t hide it anymore per se, or they decided to come forward and say, ‘We’re proud of this,’ that we are now going to clone cows for a meat supply per se,” as awkward as that conversation would be, “you can rest assured that the human being cloning is virtually around the corner.” If you can clone a cow, you can certainly clone a human being. This, now, creates implications of immortality. If you follow the trail per se, if you could have your body cloned, just like sci-fi films—and this is what I’m saying—it’s become reality now. You could clone your own body.

If we can develop to a point where we can transfer the brain or transfer consciousness as if it were like a computer disk to another computer drive, one that’s an older computer drive that’s deteriorating or a hard drive that’s running on a CPU in an older technology model computer, and you move that hard drive over to a more robust, newer, higher-performing computer, the data is still on there. It’s going to move faster and it’s going to operate better. In fact, you’re just going to put a second hard drive in there and move the old data onto the new, improved hard drive. That hard drive would simply seamlessly be able to be removed and nobody would know the better other than the fact of noticing the enhancement of its ability to move quicker, think quicker, produce quicker.


The population I’m always concerned with is: What are people really able to understand currently? You have different levels of people that I call the “technology people” on the internet. You have the spiritual people that may be coin-tossed into the drum beating, incense, such like that. Then, you have people that are spiritualist that are very technologically engaged. It’s like a hidden subculture and that’s basically who we are. We completely engage into technology and such.


When I put the information up, I’m always a bit reluctant as to how much to say on a public level through Facebook or Youtube or whatever because there’s always this knee-jerk reaction by a certain amount of the public to say to me, “Oh, all of your teachings should be free because it’s spiritual.” There’s criticism from religious organizations or just people who have different agendas or you have your conspiracy theorists and such. I try to stay as neutral as possible when I approach these things but it’s becoming almost impossible and I just have to take my position and put it out there and just “deal with the heat,” as they say. I think people who will understand what I’m putting out there will be attracted to it and other people simply won’t. They’re going to have their own personal or ethical or spiritual reasons why.

Where is this all going? The problem with the announcement from China which has basically said to the world, “We are not cloning cows,” to me, was simply a very small suggestion of the fact that human cloning is already here. They didn’t have to say it, but shortly afterward, of course, it started coming out. Now, one of the greatest mistakes that I think America made was back in the period of a certain president—I don’t want to get into it too much—There was an issue about harvesting stem cells. We put a massive restriction on that where other countries didn’t. I can understand both arguments and I’m not here to make that argument. What I am saying is that it allowed, to a certain percentage, a decrease in the medical technology field that America was way ahead in, [which] really allowed other countries to have leaps and bounds technologically beyond us in the U.S. In fact, we are no longer number one as far as the medical industry is concerned. We’re probably in third, fourth, fifth place. Who knows at this point? There are certainly other countries now that you would never have imagined that have technologies that are, in some ways, very impressive to what we offer our citizens. In so doing, it always gets into the ethical debate of whether or not something is safe to do or not to do.


My argument is: one has to move forward as cautiously and carefully as we can, but if we’re constantly afraid of everything, we can slow it down to a grind whereas we should be pursuing it as passionately as we can with a reasonable level of caution. The problem becomes a situation where if we do not pursue technologies that may be considered “on the fringe” or not ethically or morally something we feel comfortable with, each person has a different position on that. I have levels of that myself of what I would consider to an ethical level for certain things.


The point is: You’re going to find other countries where their society or their government really doesn’t have an issue with those restrictions and they’re going to pursue it. If they pursue that technology and utilize it, the advantage that they have is going to be absolutely—Maybe it’ll place other countries, including the U.S., in a situation where we cannot rebound, we cannot catch up. In fact, it could be so profoundly an advancement that that one advancement is kind of like a reverb effect where you get [feedback] from sound that’s looping and it just gets faster and louder, faster and louder, so fast that it just becomes a solid amount of sound that’s just overwhelming. If, in artificial intelligence or genetic modification or in many of these new fields opening, these other countries are allowed to do that, where the advantages are would place us in a situation that I believe that we as a country may not be able to rebound and their intentions or agenda or social perspective would be very suppressive to us or to other countries in that matter. There’s always this huge human ego issue, this human power, this human position of arrogance and all of these things are something that has to be taken into consideration. When you look at various cultures, you will see this historically in their culture about a level of superiority or hierarchy. Still, to this day, we even have this. In certain cases, it’s more prominent or more noticeable in other cultures. It’s not to say that we don’t have it, we do.


My concern is with the ability to clone, I knew very shortly afterwards—and people can check my Facebook out, see my timeline of postings. You’ll see that I’m really calling it the way it is. You can go back literally over a decade of videos or trainings I teach, for those who are here who’ll know that I basically lay this all out and basically predicted about now is when it’s going to begin to happen. You have, in the past, literally weeks if you will, some major breakthroughs. One of the ones I started posting on the Facebook site is something called—well, I’ll call it CRISPR. C-R-I-S-P-R. To simplify this is that we had been working on changing genes and basically it started off with chickens and animals. Here we have our GMO modifications. You have a history of all of this kind of building in this direction and it’s just kind of like nobody is really seeing where it’s all going. There are, of course, people, but not the majority of people paying attention to it, especially if they’re not in the scientific community or have a strong interest in this. There is a lot of genetic modification already from salmon to chicken, you name it. There’s also the use of steroids. There’s also the use of antibiotics. These are all modifications to enhance things. We see this in athletes, using steroids and any enhancers they can. We see this in Harvard and Yale students, using various mind-enhancing drugs to “neurotropically” enhance their memory and such. I’ve covered all of these things, in depth, in lectures, in detail.


A lot of people who follow me on the inside basically know a great deal of this information but where CRISPR if you will—I’m probably not even pronouncing it right. For a while, we had a lot of difficulty with figuring out how to manipulate genes. By manipulating genes, we can do what has always been the biggest concern, [which is], “Will we start making babies that are smarter, disease-free? Designer babies with blue eyes or brown eyes or brown hair or blonde hair? What advantages will those children have over people who can’t afford to have designer babies?” This is something, whether you want to believe it or not, which is going on.


Maybe in America, we want to ethically say that we won’t allow it and we limit the research, but I think in some ways, it’s the most foolish thing we could possibly be doing because we’re putting ourselves at an incredible disadvantage. If those children are developed in other countries, their ability to educate themselves is essentially superhuman. Potentially, on the level of what could be considered an artificial intelligence level. They’re going to be the children who are vastly educated, absorb data at a significantly higher level, and these are going to become the leaders in the research and development departments of their technologocial fields. Their development of medicines and military equipment and strategies, economically, and how to manipulate financial gains and such. It would be like a chess player that had played for forty years against somebody who has only played for two years or five years. The advantage compounds over time to where that five years, ten years, they become within—They don’t even have to reach adulthood. Their level of contribution to their society whichever way the controlling factor deems, meaning the governments, would utilize them already at ten years old to strategically think out or map out stuff that even our best computers would be having trouble with in this current day and age.


There’s always that struggle of, “Where do we draw that line?” By nature, we’re constantly afraid of anything new or anything we don’t understand. This is how we have a survival mechanism that comes back from ancient times and the beginning of human nature or animals and such, for self-preservation.


What is interesting about CRISPR and was an announcement which I believe came originally from MIT [was] that they had come up with a form to greatly simplify, in my opinion, radically simplify, technologically major breakthroughs, which is going to be followed by even bigger breakthroughs shortly I suspect, to modify genes. Why this is interesting—and I want you to pay attention to your thinking—is that when we think about children being born that would be five times, ten times more intelligent than us already at ten years old per se because they had this advantage, we feel like we’re at a disadvantage. It’s part of selfishness to not want someone to not have an advantage over you. There’s this self-ego level of, “I wouldn’t want something to have that advantage.”


What’s interesting is that once the playing field is more leveled and you can gain access to that same right and privilege, even though you’re thirty years old, fifty years old, sixty years old, your attitude then starts to be more neutral and you’re like, “Well, maybe it’s not such a bad thing.” That’s what CRISPR, I suspect highly, is really going to do. It’s going to allow people to modify themselves in very significant ways. Those of us who are considered in our adults, our progressing life, literally the first movement, of course, would be to eradicate various diseases, degenerative diseases from everything to cancer, nervous diseases, Alzheimer’s, you name it. This is going to happen very rapidly. In fact, I already suspect strongly that in 2016, we will see probably one of the largest leaps in the cure for cancer and other diseases followed by that, in 2016. There’s no question in my mind.

We’re utilizing so many breakthroughs that what I see happening is, historically, we have gone through different booms of technology. You have the Bronze Age. You have the Iron Age. You have the Industrial Age. You have what I would consider the “aeronautical age.,” and then you have these lulls where there’s nothing kind of going on. All of a sudden, there’s another boom and within that twenty years or fifty years, there’s this huge movement of society that explodes technologically as to how life goes. There was the boom of medicine and in vaccines, and then there’s nothing for a while. Then, we had the technological boom to a certain area. They were having trouble with making computer chips get to a point where we could make them faster. We were struggling with how to get past that. I believe, now, we are now entering another technological boom. This boom is going to be really big and it’s going to be something that I think we’re all going to be able to see in our life.


I noticed there were posts about controlling various metals to inject into the body to attach to cancers and such and destroy the cancer. Old news. I talked about that a long time ago. Better yet, I’ve also talked about injectable viruses that will be “designer viruses” that were genetically modified and bring us back to this in doses that are probably extreme, [which] will be injected directly into the cancer and will go after to eat it and destroy it and convert it rather than living, healthy cells. They’re using this now at various research centers and medical centers with just profound results. We’re talking rapid results. We’re talking injecting into brain tumors and literally over weeks, it’s just gone. We’re talking about curing incurable cancers from leukemia, which is basically a blood cancer, to where they’re just basically 100%, it’s gone. Based on using viruses that are designed now to hunt cancer rather than be destructive to the rest of the body. We’re genetically modifying or altering them if you will.


When you realize if we’re at the point of modifying viruses to do what we want them to do rather than what they would do randomly on their own and we can say— It’s kind of like having a dog, training it to go do something. That is very impressive. It’s just a matter of a very short step to start modifying the genetics and the DNA of the human body which we’re at. CRISPR is literally a huge breakthrough announcement over the last month or so, give or take, that we now know for sure it’s just a matter of weeks, if I would say, maybe shorter, maybe a little bit longer. That you’re going to see announcements probably coming out and maybe even various governments in the world that we have uncomfortable positions with actually coming forward with their own achievements. That’s to gloat a little bit or poster a little bit or for whatever reasons, usually political. It’s the same reason we went to the moon. It was to make a statement.


I have no doubt that we, in the United States, are using private organizations to probably do something very much the same. There have been many stories of various creatures washing up on the shore that just do not make any sense, having beaks, we don’t know if they are or not. There’s misinformation placed in there and then people say, “Oh, common sense.” It’s just a deformed creature that’s actually a natural creature. I would say, “Be very careful with what you absorb for information.” Think about what I’m going to point out to you at this point.


I always say, “Whatever we learn, whether it’s on the internet or in public or through scientific research and stuff,” I always say, “We’re ten years behind what’s really out there, what they’re really working on.” That, give or take a certain amount of years depending on what it is and what field it is. Just to kind of put it out there, they’re essentially suggesting—Another one was I believe motherboard.com, which was a fantastic article also. Where you get information is very important. You always want to look for the MIT site, the source. Look at what they put out there compared to rewrites and stuff. A lot of stuff on the internet is just pure rubbish or it’s really convoluted or you get what I called the New Agers or the conspiracy theorists that kind of do their things. I like to make sure that I kind of look at it as close as I can and even I am looking at it through my own personal lens through the fact of being a metaphysical teacher. I like to think, in a sense, that I will approach it in a scientific manner as much as possible. As I said, I’m not a scientist, but they’re basically suggesting that we know as a fact— this is just a fact, any person would agree—that this technology is not going to be containable, meaning that I do not believe that governments are going to be able to say, “You cannot do this or that,” or “It’s illegal.” They may have SWAT teams or whatever but globally speaking, you have outlawed hallucinogens from ayahuasca, yet you have ayahuasca relatively available all over the place at this point. You can go to Brazil, you can go to all of these places and get access to it.


You have other people using various forms and stuff that have been absolutely considered non-accessible and you have people going out and being treated for it because of heroin addiction and it basically, essentials [cures] them or in some cases, is believed to have cured it. You have, now, treatments where people are going in for various diseases that are not allowed in our country that have been used in other countries for years, if not decades, successfully. The question is: Why haven’t we gotten access to it? They’re going there and they’re getting cured. It depends on the disease and what the situation is. It’s probably a lot of hype and misinformation. I’m not saying everything is on board, but there’s no question in my mind. I’m well aware of a lot of these things.


There is something that’s called “transhumanism.” I’ve also lectured on this probably over fifteen years ago now. I don’t even know. I think maybe in Kairos I might have even talked about it for a while. Transhumanism is basically people who embrace the idea of using technology to enhance themselves. In other words, if you were given an opportunity to have a microchip placed in your brain that would increase the capacity for your memory fourfold, meaning that the first time you heard somebody’s name you would perfectly recall it every single time. You wouldn’t have to try to remember it or re-ask them, “What’s your name again?” It’s something I’m famous for.


You would also be able to read something and have a level of [photographic] memory. You’d be able to recall that information anytime you want. It would simply work with your brain, not necessarily independently but it would be a form of enhancing that memory. We already know that the human brain is fully capable of [photographic] memory. We already know people who live their lives as ordinary people, nothing special. They get in a motorcycle wreck and all of a sudden, you can ask them a question for any day of the year they existed and they can tell you what the weather was, what happened on the news that day, what happened that day to a detail and it tells you that the capacity of our ability to absorb information is just off the charts. It’s just: what do we access and if we had a way to access that data through a tool rather than to have our pathway manipulated, that is something that would be transhumanism. They want to use technology to enhance us. You would use it for just about anything you had an interest in.


In essence, you have to take this to the next level. What if you could add a chip to your brain which allows you now to see in an extra spectrum of light? You’d be able to see infrared or magnetism or various things. Would that give you an advantage in life? How would you utilize that so it’s useful? Some people would probably use it athletically. Can we make the body run faster, longer? Can we find more efficient ways for it to do better, such as genetically, [where] people would say in other countries because they have been long-distance runners, that basically their bodies have become more conditioned or maybe have a slight advantage than other people’s bodies from other cultures? We know these things are out there if we tap those things or modify them.


Transhumanism, maybe back in a certain date, we were thinking computer chips and everything else. I was like, “Ah! Bah humbug! You guys aren’t thinking hard enough.” This is also doable through genetic modification and I said, “That time is going to come.” It’s here.


With the idea of being able to rid various diseases in the human body, you have, now, what I would consider “designer genetic modification” not only in embryos or babies, but what you’re going to see in the very near future will be for human beings that are adults. You’re going to first see people being worked on, various cancer, brain diseases, these things. We’re entering the next stage. If they would say back in whenever it was, the Age of Enlightenment for the 1600s or 1800s or whatever, we are entering, I feel, a new age. What we’ll coin it, who knows? I’m sure somebody out there has. It’s more than just enlightenment. It’s probably an engagement of where human beings become, in essence—and I don’t mean this in any overture of it—but really, in a sense, idealistically, a level of God. If we were to look at our ancestors, at where we’re going to be—even just now already—but let’s say in another ten or twenty years, it’s going to be shocking. Our life expectancy has more than doubled already and if you look at that in the past, just a matter of maybe a hundred of years. If you look at flight, you’re talking less than a hundred years, I believe. If you look at computers, if you look at everything. My thing was to look at the cell phone if you want to know how fast this is going to be. I would say that the things I’m talking about right now are going to be akin to the speed of which we’ve seen the evolution [since] the first introduction of the first iPhone, which was pretty basic. We take it for granted, all of these new features and functions. Could you imagine just twenty years ago taking a photo and the background of the photo is moving and living? We just take these things for granted.


CRISPR is going to be able to do more than what people are really thinking at this point. You’re—and I already suspect that it’s in play and has been for a while. There are certain things I feel comfortable in saying. There are certain things I don’t. That’s why we have private lectures versus public and it is the way it is. You’re talking about not only being able to increase your capacity mentally, but you have to look at all things in nature as your first level of comparison. If you want to look at the most practical level, we know that there are fish that are telepathic. We know we can put them in separate tanks and they use electrical impulses and essentially, that’s a form of telepathy. What would be the leap to modify the human brain to be more sensitive or acute to that?


Let’s take telepathy out. Let’s take the paranormal out and just look at it from this aspect. We would also be able to increase muscle density so that we can run faster, that we have stronger muscles so that our strength could be doubled if not quadrupled. We could increase our ability to see from 20/20 vision to something significantly much higher. Is that normal or is that superhuman? Is that paranormal? Really, where is your sense of smell? It could be increased dramatically. Is this not, in a sense, a power that would be an advantage over other people, depending on how it be utilized? It may seem like it’s simple but think about it. You’d literally be able to tell if someone is lying because you could smell the pheromones per se from them. The uses are just a matter of the limitation of the intellect that’s willing to wrap their head around it and think about it for a little bit. You really would be shocked.


In essence, I see all of these things in play. I see all of these things now dramatically making a lot of differences, but where it gets even more interesting—and motherboard.com actually wrote an article. I don’t know really where the first source was on all of this but I had already been saying this for a long time. The question is, like they had posted: What prevents a billionaire who wants to create a unicorn for their daughter as a birthday present? These fantasy creatures, a dragon if you well, a pet dragon that’s passive, these things now are no longer something that’s just an extremely far-reaching fantasy idea but literally a feasible and plausible possibility, even in our lifetime. You’re talking about making miniature elephants to people having wings to all sorts of stuff.

Now, if we want to get very interesting and we want to look at it from the paranormal aspect of which I bring up stuff about time, space—I won’t get too heavy into it. When you think about the idea of making wings or doing stuff, at what point do we start to modify ourselves, which we already see modification. People say, “I don’t think that we should be modifying ourselves. I don’t believe in it.” I would say, “Well, would you put a stent in your heart to live?” That’s modification. Would you give yourself an artificial heart to live? Would you give yourself a fake hip? Would you give yourself—Where do you draw that line for your convenience? If you were having Alzheimer’s and you knew the onslaught was coming on and you knew you could modify yourself to prevent that, are you saying now that you would rule that out?


In essence, I don’t think there’s going to be a limit. It’s going to be a cultural thing as to what our comfort level is. We’ve gone from people back in maybe the 70s where women had earrings and piercings to men wearing one side piercings in their ear to both sides. Now, we see people with giant loop pieces in their ear. At first, there’s shock and then there’s acceptance. We now have people who put artificial pecs in their chest rather than artificial, augmented breasts. We have people who put different colored contacts in their eyes. We have people who put biceps in that are artificial and abs. We have liposuction. We have all of these different things. We have people who are constructing their nose, their fact, their jaw to look like somebody that they don’t even closely resemble originally.


I think there’s going to be no end to augmentation both biologically or neurologically, mentally. I think we’re going to see an explosion. I think you’re going to have people who are going to push it to the limit just like you have people who went overboard by making themselves look like a cat through cosmetic surgery and all sorts of craziness. You’re going to see people who really are going to be like, “I want genetically modified wings. I want to be able to fly.” Now, aerodynamically that’s a challenge. I wouldn’t put it past someone just to want them, whether they could fly or not. I would not put it past certain people and this is where it’s going to start getting interesting now. [You’ll have people] who will say, “I want to have a head of a falcon on my body and I want my body to have perfect pecs and perfect abs, or the head of a dog, so that I can smell at a higher level or I feel like I’m part of a wolf pack but I still want to have a [bipedal body] and [opposable] thumbs. I don’t really care if my face looks human or not.”


Where have we seen this before? You go back to Egyptian mythos and Egyptian gods and whether they were aliens and whether they existed or whether it was just purely fabricated. You look at other cultures and you look at visitors from other worlds. Did they, at one time, look a certain way? Did they, at one time, in their technological advancement, start finding a cultural acceptance or use for their own genetic modification and the social acceptance, no different than when wear earrings or cut our hair a certain way or eye color or anything we would modify? It’s just a matter of the mass society coming to terms with that progression of change. It’s no different than our ideas of racial change where the races could not blend or breed together until we got to the point where we would accept an [interracial couple]. We got to the point now where we’re getting past the whole gender thing about whether people have the rights marry the same sex or not. This is called growing up. We are in a changing world and there are some people that refuse to change and want nothing to change and they feel that it’s an abomination, and then you have the transhumanists who are like, “Screw that shit. We’ve been changing ourselves since the beginning of the first chance we could, when we wrapped ourselves in cat fur or wolf fur or that we made slippers or we made weapons or we ate tree bark for pain or herbs. We’ve been modifying and extending our life or doing things we’re allowed to whereas you don’t necessarily see animals making those dramatic leaps.


In the end, I think one of the challenges that are going to occur, coming from my perspective, is one: How is it that I can do the things that I do? Now, I could say to you, “I already know that my body is, genetically, a bit different.” Some of you guys know that as a fact. We’ll put it out there. We’ll let everybody go, “What the hell?” Having said that, there were certain advantages I had from my own personal awakening from my consciousness, from which I moved past and it became that those things were useless now that I’ve evolved. It gave me the ramp up speed to get there. Having said that, I also believe that if you modify consciousness, there are going to be people who go literally insane because they’re not going to be able to handle being able to see in frequencies or—a big stretch—what would be dimensionally, multi-dimensionally. There are people who are not going to be able to function and operate in that state of consciousness or handle the processing ability of data moving around so much faster.


I think that there will become applications where people who prove to have the ability to keep it all together are going to be the ideal candidates for new arenas of technology and science meeting the metaphysical or consciousness level of disciplined people, whether it be through meditation, Buddhist monks, or paranormalists that actually can demonstrate through testing various things. Therefore, I see that union, now, coming about. At this point, I’ll stop rambling and I’ll open myself up to any questions that anybody has. Go ahead.


Guest 1: What would you suggest if we could immediately alter our genes? What would you suggest, for White Cells, would be the first thing to alter? [53:27]


Eric: That would be an extremely difficult question. First of all, you have to consider something. What I foresee is: You’re going to have your major clinics and medicine is going to be the primary. Ask people who are scientists who learn this, you’re going to have different age groups that are going to have family members who have various things. They’re going to have their own personal interest. They might be a physicist during the day and at night they’re punk rockers and they’re hanging from chains and they’re doing whatever. This is the day and age we live in.


What I see is an outcropping of clinics that you’re going to find in Thailand and Mexico, Brazil. You’re going to find all these places where if you want to have augmentation done, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for your health, ten-to-one, that’s where it’s going to be. Number two is: It’s going to be for the wealthy and what’s going to happen is that as it expands, you’re going to get underground organizations that you’re either a part of or you’re in a clique or you have access to or you can pay enough to get it to the point where it gets affordable. Having said that, this comes down to a level of personal choice. I would immediately think the first thing, which is basically what I’ve been doing, which is the mind-body-spirit aspect. I’ve already been putting out there how you should work on extending life, how to reduce the risk of cancer, how to slow aging. I don’t think that there’s silver bullet at this point but this is it. This is the cusp of this coming. The first thing I would say is if you have any opportunity for this technology, you want to look at your genes and say, “What is my level of risk for cancer? What is my level of risk for leukemia? What is my level of risk for Alzheimer’s?” Ideally, you want to work on the preservation of your health above all else because if your health fails, what good is anything else? You’re wasting your time, your dollar.


Having said that, the youthful will look at more things like that. Those who are probably in their forties or older are going to have that sensibility of, “I want to look at the frailty of my body, the degeneration and see if I can stop it and possibly reverse it.” I think it’s going to be a matter of perspective or the opportunity to work on multiple fronts, which I think is going to be more logistically how it’s going to work. My first opinion would be to work on the preservation of your health. [That] would be first. The second, I would say, in all truth, the enhancement of your consciousness, your intellect, your brain: better decisions, better memory, better information. The more information you have, the better you can make judgment calls and decisions and [have] sensibility to what’s a bad decision versus a good decision. It’s no different. I always say, “Look at youth as you grow older. Are you smarter today than if you got into a debate with yourself five years ago?” The answer usually is “Absolutely, I could do some whoop-ass on myself five years ago. I’ve grown so much.”


Well, what if it’s fifteen years older? Twenty years older? The significance of enhancing your brain capacity is not about you forgetting who you are. This is what people fear, this “I won’t be me anymore.” That’s not true at all. I don’t believe that for a moment. I think that what will happen is that you simply will have a better retention level and self-identification level than you’ve ever had before. What is the difference between you reading a book now and having that information and it simply just being clearer and better? Or, in the recall of that information, you could recall it the day you read it or three days later pretty well? What if you could do that three years later instead of it fading?


To me, I don’t see it as a loss. I see it as adding to the qualities of who you are and the choices of who you made and what you gave yourself for information. The brain would be, of course, secondary after ensuring your health. Then, I would start looking at other augmentations. I mean, I’m totally a transhumanist. I think anybody who’s really around me totally gets it at this point. The point is that there’s always this fear of losing oneself. I think it’s akin to doing psychedelics. One could do psychedelics to expand their consciousness to have new ideas, [exposure] to new thinking to go through this new process emotionally that maybe adds to the qualities that you have, but there’s experience or an experience that you never return from because you harmed yourself or something. It happens when you kind of “blow a brain microchip” per se. It’s, of course, wanting to be cautious but this is not going to stop people, no different than people going out to Brazil to do drugs or these other countries. They’re doing all these different things. This is what I’m saying. You can’t stop this.


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