Episode 17 – Transhumanism, Part 1


CRISPR, Psychic Abilities, and the Next Technology Boom

In this episode, Eric dispels the myth that science and spirituality are separate things. He discusses the coming wave of stem cell research leading to transhumanism, touching upon CRISPR (genome editing or genetic engineering).

Big changes are coming and Eric discloses why is it so important for spiritualists to stay grounded in reality and maintain the integrity of knowledge they seek to gain in dimensional states of consciousness.


In this show we cover: 

    • Science versus Spirituality – Eric Pepin discusses the merging of the two and what this means for the New Age community [1:40]
    • A peek at just one of the consciousness experiments conducted by Higher Balance [9:50]
    • The current state of fringe medical research — cloning, immortality, and more [15:40]
    • CRISPR, genetic engineering and the future of human enhancements [25:15]
    • What transhumanism is, how augmentation will affect human life, and the path to acceptance [38:30]
    • Modifying consciousness and genetic alteration in White Cells [52:15]

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