Episode 32 – Want For Nothing, Gain Everything

Episode 32 - Want For Nothing, Gain Everything

You And The Universe Were Meant To Meet.

In this episode, Eric shares insights on his upcoming book, Handbook of the Navigator, Version 2.0, and how it fits into the spectrum of everything that he has ever taught, from simulated reality to meditation.  

Then, explore the spiritual trap of expectation and how the philosophy “want for nothing, gain everything” can lead to the breakthroughs you have been waiting for. Enjoy.

In this show we cover: 

    • Eric discusses the upcoming release of his book, Handbook of the Navigator, Version 2.0 [2:18]
    • How the concept of simulated reality applies in the spiritual realm [5:32]
    • The ways that the ego covertly interferes with your spiritual growth [12:40]
    • What it means to want for nothing and how to achieve it [13:26]
    • How to fulfill the yearning to know God [20:10]
    • A review on the importance of meditation [29:56]
    • What collective consciousness means in a simulated reality [44:10]

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