Episode 23 – What Am I Missing?

Episode 23 What Am I Missing

How To Find That Zen Moment

In this episode, Eric shares his amazing insights on how to find “That” moment – That Zen state when a true connection with the Force flows through you. He begins by speaking about the story of Arjuna, the ancient warrior from the Bhagavad Gita, famed as being Krishna’s closest student.

There is a story in which archers are shooting at crows in the sky, and they are instructed not to fire their bow until they can see only the eye of the crow. Arjuna, with his arrow pointed, follows the bird until a moment where he yells to his instructor, “Master! I can only see the eye!” He then fires his arrow, piercing through the eye of the crow.

What was this moment? What state was Arjuna in? Was he really so focused and so zoomed in that all he could see was the eye of the crow? What lesson was this story intended to teach? Discover how to build your relationship with the Force so that it can work with you…  and through you.


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In this show we cover: 

  • An explanation of the story of Arjuna [0:50]
  •  Learn to know when you are in that fluidic, zen state [4:45]
  • How the quality of work will determine how far you go [7:00]
  • How spiritual masters have found that true zen state, and how you can get there too [10:00]
  • The Force and how it amplifies thought and overlays consciousness [17:40]


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Eric: It’s one thing to say to “have focus” and to have that clarity and that precision, but the interesting thing is that I also find that those things are words, meaning clarity and precision and “this is what you should have.” It’s like—I guess what I’m saying is that, to me, those are actions and spiritually, I want to know what does it mean to be focused? What does focus mean? What does that place mean? What does that mean? Does focus mean that I’m just entrenched mentally? What does “entrenched mentally” feel like? What is entrenched? That moment, what is it? Is it a moment of clarity? Is it a moment of just nonthought? Is it a moment of both? Is it a moment of fixation? When he talks about the eye of the crow, is it a fixation that that’s all he can see?

Imagine now—Of course, my brain is thinking, “How can he see the crows eye from that far away? What, does he have like 80/80 vision or something?” Is it 15/15 or 10/10? I never can remember if it’s higher or lower. I guess it’s higher? The point being that when he says that he can see the crow’s eye, being that I have some ancient memory, the point is that there is so much loss in written words. There is so much loss in stories. The point is that I don’t think he saw the crow’s eye with his eyes. He saw it with his eyes, but in his mind’s eye, he was seeing the crow’s eye as his regular eyes were seeing the crow.


You could say there’s this eye and then there’s this whole bird but it’s like a pupil, a tiny, tiny speck. Then, here’s the bird and then here’s the eye—It’s like an overlay. In his mind, he can see two images, one of a super, superimposed one and then one of the larger bird. In his mind, it’s to say, “when is the moment that you feel the force? When is the moment that you feel the knowledge or the flow or the energy of that moment? What is it?


When Luke Skywalker is feeling the moment to move his sword before the little ball shoots out the electrical shocks at him, first he’s getting hit until he trusts his instincts where to be before it happens. There’s a knowing. There’s a sense. There’s an awareness and that is you higher sense but it’s also a shared intelligence. You’re connecting with a higher intelligence. It is that moment of clarity; there is a moment where you rise above everything else and you let some other intelligence think for you. It thinks with you. It amplifies your thought. It overlays your own consciousness and it is in that moment of “how do you achieve that?” How do you experience that zen moment? When do you know that you’re there? How do you make it stronger so that there’s a point where you can feel it? Are you allowing it to relax your motor gears enough to let it move you as it needs to be to do whatever it needs to do or are you fighting it with that consciousness that’s still remaining because you’re not fully in that Zen place? Does that make sense?


Guest 1: Yeah, absolutely. [4:10]


Eric: To me, feeling the Force, a lot of times, people just go through the actions. We say, “Raise your sword. Take your sword out and swing it and cut and do all of these things,” but they’re motions. We can visualize in our mind what we’re supposed to do and we just do it. We say, “Oh, we’re cutting the cords. We’re creating the pyramid.” You’re not in that zen state, necessarily. Most people, at least, aren’t. You’re not in that place of true connection with the Force.

For instance, are you just moving your swords thinking that you’re cutting the webs, or is something moving you precisely? Are you feeling the Force? Is the Force cutting the webs? Is it moving through your body? Is it becoming one with you and doing for you what it is that you need to do? It knows so much more than you. It knows so much better than you. Do you have that clarity or are you just going through the motions? Are you flowing? Are you experiencing? Are you in that place where you’re in union with the Force? That’s what I want to point out.

It’s the details that people forget. It’s the details of being in that relationship with God, with the Force. We think we’re cutting cords, we think we’re doing our pyramids and it’s good but it’s not great. We want to rush, we just want to automate. We just want to say, “Okay, I spread my butter on my toast and now I’m eating it.” You’re not even thinking about what you’re eating! You’re not even thinking about the butter! You’re not even thinking about what you’re doing. You just gave it a moment’s attention and your body is just kind of doing it while your mind is looking at the TV or having a conversation or doing whatever it is. It’s not thinking about the actual experience of eating the toast. It’s not thinking about how the butter is spreading on there or where it is. If it is or it isn’t, it’s not to the full effect.


When you’re cutting cords, when you’re building a pyramid, are you with God or are you separate? Are you choosing to bring the Force into you? When you breathe in Prana, are you just seeing blue light coming into you or are you emptying your being? You’re emptying yourself so that you can fill it with God, with the Force, with energy of that moment. Are you truly in a spiritual place? Are you truly giving yourself to God? Are you truly devoted? Are you truly a warrior that says, “My life and my purpose and my existence, every meaning of every essence of the core of me is so in love with you, God, that I just want you to move into me and work with me and help me do what I have to do.”


The difference between the quality of your work, the quality of your spirituality—I think that so many people, spiritually, go into a rut or when the Doe is low, it’s a) if you go down with it, it’s because you have terrible maintenance. Maybe you say, “Well, I’ve been doing this and that,” or “I’ve been doing my meditations,” or “I’ve been doing these things.” Really? I would say you’re exactly right, you have been “doing them,” but you haven’t been living them with God. You haven’t been living them with the Force. You forgot God. He’s like some child that you forgot that you had or some pet that you’ve forgotten to give fresh water to. You just leave it with a bowl of water that’s been there for three days because you’re too lazy to just make a few second’s effort to refresh it with fresh water each day.

Are you thinking about surrendering yourself each time? Is your relationship with God for real or is it just an automation like everything else in your life that you’ve found a place to categorize it and put it? That’s what you did to God, you shelved God as just a thing. God is a just a piece of toast. It’s a process amongst other things where your mind is really at. “I need to make money. I want to get laid. I want to do this. I want to do that.” Where is your priority? Where is your relationship with the universe? Where is your love? Where is your passion? Where is your embrace, your deep embrace with the Force before you do these things? Have you welcomed God into your heart?


I think one of the most beautiful moments I’ve seen was in a documentary I watched on Alzheimer’s patient who couldn’t remember up to a minute of his memory. I thought, “What a tragedy,” and yet there was something also beautiful in it, in a sad way. The Alzheimer’s patient’s son would walk in and the person was playing piano or something—which he never forgot, interestingly enough—but he forgot his own son. He would just see him as a person. He wouldn’t remember five minutes each time he came in. The son came in and the man stopped to look at him. He looked at his son and his face lit up with joy. He said, “Hi George! How are you? It’s so good to see you!” He wanted to hug him and he wanted to hug him like he hadn’t seen him. He said, “I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” I thought, “How sad, “in such a long time,” and he was so happy. Then, he lost his focus and started doing something and the son kind of stepped a foot away and went back. Not even thirty seconds, I think, and he looked up and saw his son again and he says, “Hi George! I haven’t seen you in such a long time!”

I feel like each time that you see the universe, what do you feel? Have you taken God for granted? Have you taken your existence of life for granted? Have you taken the gift of life for granted? Have you taken your existence for granted? Have you taken the purpose of why you’re here for granted? I know it’s hard. I know that you fall asleep, but at some point, you have to actively say when you choose to see God or do you just want to see through him and know that he’s supposed to be there? Have you greeted God to feel warmly welcomed? What is your relationship when you cut your webs? What is your relationship when you build your pyramid? What is your relationship with the Force? Are you letting God move into you before you go through those actions, through those motions?


Where are you? Where do you choose to be? It’s a choice and nature has a funny way of vetting out the weak from the strong. I would say to you that if you truly are strong and you don’t want to be vetted out, then you have to embrace it and enforce yourself with the relationship with the Force and let it move through you.

Back to the bird and seeing the bird: There is a moment of clarity. That clarity came from meditation. Meditation isn’t just sitting, it’s not just going there, but those are the elements that give you the tools to practice to get up and go into that state of mind. When is the last time you walked through a park and you found a key, like a tree that had a key in it, and moved you? When is the last time that you’ve seen something that moved you? When is the last time that you got up and tried to look for it, that you ventured out to find it? These are the things that feed your soul. When is the last time you fed your soul or have you been feeding your soul, which is God, which is the Prana in you, to other people who wouldn’t know? They’re just pigs that would eat your soul and that you just stupidly and mindlessly give it away.


That moment, that zen moment, is like sitting on the ground in the middle of a park. You’re just looking out at the trees, the people, the environment. You hear the nature, you hear the people, you hear the children, you hear the clinking of the bike ringing from the bicycles. You hear dogs barking in the distance. You look down and you see grass, just grass. In that grass, you reach down and you pluck one grass, one single blade and you look at it. You stroke it, even bring it to your nose or your lips and move it across so that you feel the texture, the coolness, the fine, fine hairs that are on a blade of grass. You admire it. You look at it and you touch it and you hold it.


For some moment, for some reason, there is no more barking dog. There are no more children making noise. There are no more people. There are no more birds. There is no more anything. It’s just you with that single blade of grass and that is your moment of zen. That is your moment of being fixated. That is your moment of clarity. It’s the moment that you move your eyes from that blade of grass. It’s what you feel. It’s what you’re feeling in your chest at that moment. It’s what you’re remembering right now because you don’t need to go and do it. It’s in your mind, it’s tagged. You look out from looking at the blade of grass when you’re in that moment and nothing else exists, just you and the universe. What comes in between is the peace, the beauty, the healing, the clarity. It’s at that moment that God can reassemble you, can re-fix you, can re-tool you back together, can re-make you, all in an instant—in an instant!


You have to choose to sit in the park. You have to choose to go to the park. You have to choose to make that moment. You have to fight for that moment and not let somebody distract you or say, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in fucking three years! Oh my god! What are you doing?” They plop down next to you. Are you being distracted? Is it the dark side? It could just be perfectly normal but where is your moment with the universe? When are you going to take the universe in your hand and walk with it and share your heart with it? It’s in that moment of holding the blade of grass, in that zen moment when everything stops and nothing exists. It’s not thinking about that moment happening or wanting it. It does because you didn’t ask for it. It’s because you chose for it to happen, like the flower blooming when it comes time to bloom. The blade of grass becomes your moment. When you look up from the blade of grass in that moment, you dip away from it, you separate from it for a moment and you look out. The question is: what is the first thing that your eyes set upon? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it a tree? Is it a dog? Interestingly enough, you’ll find that your eyes take in the whole scene and you feel it in your chest. There’s a wave of happiness that moves upon it. All of a sudden, you forget and you go back into the machine. You go back into the Doe.


You were healed for a moment. You’ll carry that moment now for the rest of the day. That’s the point. When Arjuna looked up and saw the crow, the difference between him and everybody else was that they never experienced the blade of grass. They never had that moment of clarity. That moment of clarity is when God can work through you if you allow it to. It’s like a water that moves through you, a river that flows through you and you become one with it. It makes sense somehow. When everybody else looked at the crow, they were looking at the blade of the grass but they never understood it. They just kept hearing the people. They kept hearing the chatter in life.

Arjuna saw the blade of grass. He felt it in the bird’s eye. The bird’s eye became the blade of grass for Arjuna. It doesn’t have to be a blade of grass, it just became his fixation, his moment. When he got fixated on the bird, he fixated on the eye and the eye was like the grass with the hairs on it. Everything becomes micro versus macro at the same time. He became unified with the Force. You become unified with the blade of grass. At that moment, he did not pull the trigger alone to shoot the arrow. He was in a zen state because he could allow it to happen because he had training from meditation. He understood how to. It’s like swimming underwater. How far can you swim underwater? How long can you hold it before you have to breathe? We can go to the Zen mind but as long as we’re in this world, eventually we have to pop out to breathe. You can make it longer if you last, if you trust yourself, if you just stop worrying about if you have enough air in your breath to swim the distance underwater.


If you just calm yourself, you can go much further. You remove yourself from the panic of the mind. He got into a zen state and all he could see was the bird’s eye and all that one could see was the grass. He couldn’t hear anything. Nothing else existed. Nothing else existed but the bird’s eye. Nothing for you existed except for the blade of grass and then he, in [unification], shot the arrow, not on his own accord but with the universe. It was pure precision. It was pure perfection because he allowed himself to work with the Force. The Force is perfection.


If you can go there with a blade of grass and all of you have, it’s not a moment that you intended. It’s a moment that God found you and you found God and you went into that state of mind. You, too, can do that with the sword, with the pyramid, with everything that you’ve ever learned, but it’s “how far can you go?” like swimming underwater. Don’t worry about it. Don’t think about it, just do. That’s what makes a powerful warrior. That’s what makes somebody strong with the Force. That is what will save you.


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