Episode 21 – Who You Really Are

Episode 21 Who You Really Are

Identifying Yourself as Higher Consciousness

In this episode, Eric shares the benefits of detachment as you journey toward higher levels of consciousness and getting to the core of who you really are. Acknowledge the things that hold your mind in place and learn to free yourself from them. It is through detachment that your mind begins to breathe.

Embrace the pivotal, Universal moments that enrich the soul.


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In this show we cover: 

  • The Middle Pillar and transplantation of knowledge between bodies — is it possible? [0:50]
  • How to become a more sophisticated or advanced being through the process of detachment [6:20]
  •  How to reach higher levels of clarity [20:30]
  • The attachments programmed into every human being [27:50]
  • How to view yourself as a higher level of consciousness, rather than your day to day personalities [30:45]
  • The more you can implement and understand detachment the more that you become a part of this higher state of consciousness [37:45]
  • The correlation between detachment and moving your mind outward [40:40]


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Eric: There was a case that I had seen recently of which I’ve always said that there’s an intelligence in the chest area. I believe there are other intelligences in the body also and they’re like cells to the brain which hold information and that can hold data. This person actually had a heart transplant and he was this really-out-of-shape older guy, at least the data that I have, but there are many stories like this. When he got the heart transplant, he changed his diet to hardcore healthy. I’m thinking that’s because he had a heart transplant, of course! “I want to have a good diet now, life or death!” He also picked up a lot of other activities and traits and interests and things that were not relative to his lifestyle at all. It turns out that this other person was a skydiver and a person who does action stuff for movies or whatever, a stunt guy. He was very active, very about his diet and ate certain, specific foods and everything. It’s as if he got some of the knowledge from this person through that heart transplant and there are many, many stories where people feel like they know other people, that there’s a connection.


I thought it was very interesting because what I’m going to talk about indirectly relates to that information. I almost don’t know which one to kind of talk about more because they’re both pretty relevant. I guess I’ll go into that one because I’m talking about it. Some people are saying, “If the soul is transplantable, does that split the soul or how can the soul be transplantable from one body to the next body?” It doesn’t work that way. It’s kind of very similar to what I was saying before. If I go to another world and I move into another consciousness and I communicate or I teach and I talk and stuff, other worlds are very different. There are other dimensions that don’t work as organically the same as it does here. It’s very different and then there are other worlds that are very organic but then there are timelines and how time moves and changes and it’s more like a ball than it like time being a tapered process. That’s not what I’m really going to get into right now.


My point is this, to just simplify things—which really opens up Pandora’s box, but I’m sure people can ask me about it another time. When I move my consciousness into, let’s say a different body per se, that I’m existing in in some other world at the same time, there is the Middle Pillar and when people say, “Can you have a soul in more than one place at one time?” I would say “Yes, you can.” It gets very quantum physical and again, it’s not enough time today to get into all of that. My point is that your Middle Pillar can move from one world to the next and move into a frequency that’s basically your kind of frequency.


When you move into it, the body or organic bodies or whatever bodies from other worlds, they work very similarly in a lot of ways. Data is held in the body. There is the brain, let’s look at it very simplified: The brain stores information and in many cases, a soul can be derived from the consciousness of the brain, where the energy kind of becomes cohesive, as I teach. In this particular case, what I’m saying is that when you leave your body, you no longer carry the organic interests that the body manifests for you for survival reasons, which become more complicated as the brain becomes more sophisticated or as you evolve.


In essence, my point is this: This girl, this female has asked me basically that when you die, whether or not you continue to have the petty issues that you have in life. My answer was like “No, it doesn’t become relative anymore.” They were like, “How is that possible? You carry all of this emotional baggage.” I said to her that in some cases, you do. Some people become so transfixed that they make it part of their energy programming, like part of their consciousness. This is where you get people that are like your entities roaming the Earth who think that they’re still alive but they’re in a dream state. They’re carrying all of this emotional baggage from their biological bodies, per se. I said, “Most spiritual beings, if they’ve created a vessel, a soul, when it leaves the body, it’s almost immediately that you begin to shed a lot of your neurological desires or interests.” It’s like your basic stuff like hunger, a lot of your “I’s,” if you’ve had those classes, are instantaneously dropped because they’re attached to your organic survival.


Interest in food or interest in physical pleasure or comfort or those things, you can’t relate to them anymore. There is no connection anymore, so it doesn’t interfiber into your logic or your process of thinking. It’s almost as if, by default, you almost literally become this more sophisticated or advanced being or a level of clearer thought through the process of detachment, which you try to practice in your physical life. Hence why a lot of spiritual teachers will say “detachment.”


When you die, it’s like I said before, “You can’t take your girlfriend. You can’t take your boyfriend. You can’t take your car. You can’t take your money. You can’t take your clothing. You can’t take your jewelry. You can’t take all of these things but they’re all really attachments through your programming as a human being for a sense of survival or comfort,” which in many cases, has gotten grossly out of control through modern age and economy and everything else.


In essence, you become truer to an identity of consciousness because you no longer identify with lower needs of relating what you are or who you think you are based upon the objects that you possess or you own. You no longer identify or can identify yourself by the clothing you wear or the nametags you have or the jewelry that represents “I’m Machismo,” or “I’m spiritual,” or “I’m into classical things.” You no longer have those things, nor do you really have an interest because a lot of those things are biologically connected somehow to identifying to your security as a human being. When you die, almost 60% of how you identify with yourself is literally shed like an onion, peeling its skin, literally in the process of your death scenario. You let go of a lot of your identification as to who and what you are by default. Of course, a lot of this is your attachment to other human beings.


A lot of people might say, “Well, that’s kind of sad, don’t you think that you love?” You still love a person, it’s just that you realize—and I’ve said this in many classes before—there’s not this real sense of attachment, no longer in the same sense. It’s more—Instead of saying, “I’m leaving, I’ll never get to see you again,” your whole idea of time and space changes very dramatically, your relationship with it. It’s almost as if you’re just leaving to go down the road. You don’t think twice about saying bye to somebody but that person can’t relate to it because biologically, there’s all these neurological attachments and flooding of chemicals in your body, but that person no longer has that or at least it’s detaching very rapidly.


Spiritually, you evolve to a much more pristine, higher level and you reflect back to all these peculiar, over emotional sensations. When you’re a child, you tend to cry more. Or you become with more empathetically evolved with stuff emotionally. Even as you grow older and that starts to change and you almost laugh at yourself, like how you feel so [compelled] to cry for no reason and stuff. As you grow older, would you say that you’re more evolved than you were emotionally and that it was silly that you’d get upset or angry or feel neglected or unloved or pushed away? You’d think that was silly as you got older because you were overreacting.

It is exactly what happens but on a much more profound level as you detach from your biological body. It’s like you see these wanting feelings as being almost pushed on you but you can’t relate to that, no more than you can as a child because just feel very real until you see it from a higher, evolved level and you see that perspective as you begin to be able to separate that chemical drive versus your intellectual drive as to how you truly identify yourself. You can begin to separate that difference so spiritually, you become a higher evolution as you leave your body, you detach from all of these things that you identify in.


Everything holds us into place. The things that embarrass us or shame us, the things that bring us joy, the things that—These are all identifiable things that you create how you respond or your limitations to how you can perceive yourself or react to things. The amount of pleasure that you can take in life is based upon your perception of yourself identified through those things. One could say that you could be having a wonderful time doing something publicly but if you let one fart out of your ass, you’re crushed. You withdraw. In reality, it’s a normal biological thing that happens to everybody but you feel this daunting, massive embarrassment that overwhelms your body. I hate to use something like that but it’s the only way to get a shock or rise out of somebody. It’s these kinds of things that hold you when in truth, if you were really evolved, you’d kind of be like, “What are you going to do?” Move on. Should it steal from your life, from that moment? No, it shouldn’t. These are things that—As a child, everything is like that. You could do something and then all of a sudden you withdraw because you feel something. That’s how you’re going to feel as you evolve spiritually. In fact, as you grow older, much of the times you identify and you begin to death still, in layers, as you mature. It’s just that the biggest one of detachment is when you finally reach that level of death.


Spiritually, when you hear spiritual masters talk about detachment, the reason why they talk about detachment is to help you understand that you need to find out who you really are, who your consciousness truly is. By letting go in your mind, at least, of what you identify as to what you are, or that you see how irrelevant these things truly are, that you can only find yourself. Through detachment, you become closer to God or closer to your spirituality because it’s almost like everything that you think you are or you attach yourself to or you identify yourself, or the more plastic you become, it’s like creating a wall between you and the force or you and the universe. You lose your relationship with God and the universe by doing and allowing yourself to automate into these objects and into these things.


Having a conscientious effort when you go to meditate and to say, “Today or this week or once a month, I work on detachment and I try to mentally let go.” Instead of cutting the cords on other people that may be attached to you when you do your sword, perhaps maybe you think of objects to loosen that connection to them. Even a laptop computer, I see people obsessed with them. I see people obsessed with sneakers. I see people obsessed with athletics. I see people obsessed with even spiritual things. Sometimes you need to have different kinds of detachments so that you can make sure that this is not what you’ve become. Maybe by cutting them is a way of psychologically loosening that bond. It doesn’t mean I’m saying “throw them all away,” I’m saying that there’s something in your spiritual center that feels relieved when you open up byways now or clear an opening in the plastic, is what I call it, to let through to the universe. You say once a month, regularly, “I have to think about this,” because one forgets about how much plastic is around them because it becomes them.”


It’s like when you put your clothing on, you may think about what you’re wearing but once you step out the door, you’re no longer thinking about that. You simply become this identified person for the day. That is what detachment is about and detachment can run into many different things and many different classifications. I’m not saying that one should not look at money and say, “I have to become detached from money.” Look, I believe that you should create a shelter for yourself so that you can be comfortable, which means a home. A home means you need to have finances in order to create that. I think that one should work on their health and their happiness. I think that you should have one foot in life and one foot in your spirituality. The point to emphasizing detachment is that most people, by default, will definitely get their right foot very far into the physicalness and their foot tends to slide, always, from their spiritualness. By emphasizing detachment, I don’t think you could ever take your foot out of the physicalness fully. It’ll always be there no matter how hard you pull it out, unless you can find a mountain and a cave. That won’t go over well after a month.


Anyway, the point is to cut all that but you’ll still have it. It helps you get your foot very centered in your spirituality, just by the action of acknowledging those things and recognizing them as where the power comes. It’s to say “How much do I identify with these things as being me?” Again, moving from that detachment back to—again, jumping all over! I told you this was going to be an odd class—to where the biological heart, it’s transplanted. It goes into the simple fact of saying that when I move my mind into another body, my Middle Pillar per se, that it would not be fair that if I said, “Let me teach you about detachment and explain it from the perspective,” or “Let me tell you from the same words.” I couldn’t because you can’t identify. It’s like another language another culture, dramatically different. Oftentimes, I stutter or oftentimes I jumble up my words and truth be told, it’s because sometimes I jump around from all these places. I think I get my brain all scattered.


In essence, when you move into these other bodies, it’s to say that I may not be able to recall 100 percent of the language or identifications from these other worlds because I don’t necessarily pull that data with me. When you’re in that body, somehow, it makes perfect sense how you communicate and how you see things. That’s because of the biological data that is contained in it. It’s like when you move your consciousness in it, you hardwire into those cells that hold all of the information from that world, whether it be language or emotional data, physical data. Physical data, in my opinion, is emotional data. I’ve taught you guys about tagging. Everything has a feels-like. It’s no different anywhere else in the universe.


You don’t necessarily carry that data in your Middle Pillar because you couldn’t function in other worlds if you crisscrossed so much. You almost leave that data so you can operate in this one. When you move into this vessel, you plug into that information source which is stored in that body. Then, you kind of find a way to communicate or that it—what is the word I’m looking for? It kind of “interfibers” with your data so that it becomes one so that you can make sense. There’s a word for it in science here, I forget what it’s called.


When you take hearts—and I find it interesting—and you transplant that data into another body, you’re getting some of that data but you’re making it into a third so it becomes your own. Do you know what I’m saying? That doesn’t necessarily mean your soul is in there, it’s not. It’s just data that’s stored organically and then it wires into your process. Again, when you have detachment, a lot of that stuff is the stuff that you let go of, ironically. This is where this all came in is through the detachment and the cell structure. Does that make sense? A lot of that is organic or relative, emotional or identification. When you leave your body, you don’t really carry that with you. You can draw from the knowledge of it but you no longer identify with it as much. It only can work for you if you have the machinery to operate it. Do you get what I’m saying? You lose that machinery when you move out of your body and it’s a good thing because you really can identify with what and who you are. That’s what makes you into a higher being.


On the same token, it is your experiences here that make you a richer being. Often, I would think that the next question at least if I were a student that I would ask is: What are the kind of things I would take with me when I leave this world? I would say they are the richest moments of what bring you the greatest pleasure in life. It’s the identification to maybe a child that you’ve given birth to or something like that. There’s this connection to another life form. There are moments when you see sunrises and sunsets and you see life. These are the epiphany moments, the cream of that moment.


There was something once I read by—God, I forget everything, especially when I started talking about this stuff. My main memory dumps because my mind wants to move into this other stuff. Carl Jung, brilliant! Carl Jung once said that when he got really old, he said, “What is it that you remember?” He said, “You don’t remember people’s names as much. You don’t remember certain specific things. He said, “The things you remember are like the moment that—” He says when he was a child, they lived in this house near this big hill or something. He said that his father woke him up early, extra early. He brought him out and it was still dark out. The sun was coming up or something. The sunlit up this whole area and he said it was so beautiful, so amazing that he said that that’s what he remembers in his old age. Everything else is feeling in his mind. It’s those absolute pivotal moments that are what I call “universal moments,” that this is what enriches the soul. Do you see what I’m saying?


Obviously, he clearly remembered being woken up by his father. He remembers the house and stuff, but he may not remember names of people. You’re not going to remember who you had a cocktail with and certain things. It’s the richest moments and this is a collection in your life that is part of the reason why you journey here. It’s also to help civilizations and to help worlds and to help souls be created to enrichen the universe. On the same token, your personal journey is about enriching your soul. What it comes down to is: those moments aren’t about the objects you own. It’s not about what you think you are. It’s really always detached moments. It’s the moments where they are just really life-filled. Those are the things that will enrichen the architecture of your dimensional consciousness to move through the universe and allow you to move into higher planes and move towards what I call the “absolute to Godness,” that God has embodied these things and that’s the richness of the totality of his frequency. You’re adding more complexities to the richness of your vibration and that’s what allows you to match Tones per se, to move into the presence of God or move closer to that presence that you seek to find. I hope that was what I wanted to talk about…


I would say to people that if you guys were going to work on something, it’s one thing to work on your meditations but if you want to reach a higher level of your spiritualness, a higher level of enlightenment where you want to cut out the dough, there’d be a point where you’d be very spiritual or you’re going to become very compounded by the fear. By thinking about detachment now and putting that into your practice, it’s going to raise your spiritualness. It’s going to make you mightier. It’s going to make you closer to enlightenment. The more that you can bring in detachment into your consciousness and your understanding, the more that you’re going to evolve spiritually. It’s something that’s going to enrichen your meditations dramatically.

Somehow, this all goes full circle to this other world that I was teaching in recently and this question that was posed to me. It’s that when you leave your body, a lot of the stuff that you think is who you are, you’re going to leave behind. If you want to evolve to a higher state when you leave your body, the more that you can implement and understand detachment, the more that you become part of this higher state of consciousness. Another way to look at it is this: I often say, “God is not a man and is not a woman, but yet it’s both polarities.” If you can look at the way that you identify yourself, “Am I a man or am I a woman,” and move kind of beyond that, that’s a way to grow closer to become a spiritual being. If you look at most spiritual masters, you’ll notice that they’re a blend of almost feminine and masculine energy. There’s a very nurturing, loving part of them but there’s a powerful part of them. That’s a balance. That’s the universe. There’s a harmonic.


On the same token goes that if you can understand that it helps you evolve in your physical life, this life, this now, to evolve to a higher place because the more that you can separate to what you think you are as a human being, the more that you can move past that, the more that God consciousness can move in you, it can come alive in you. Again, my point is that by—The concept is that if you can, in your mind, get it, that there’s this balance. When that moment happens within the months, you evolve to a higher level. Everything that you begin to see and understand: music sounds more beautiful and richer, trees seem more lively and more colorful, paintings seem more expressive. It’s almost like a veil is peeled away that you were looking through that made everything look a little bit less filtered but you never knew it. It’s like regular TV and HD. Life, when your mind gets that epiphany moment, that you understand the concept that I’m saying, ti slowly peels it away or it’s more like a lens. It starts to tune in over months.


You’ll do leaps in those months compared to what you’ve done in twenty years of your life. This is what makes your spiritual vibration get stronger. When I say that if you can understand detachment and you can put it into practice, it’s again, one of those lenses that peels away and how you understand things, how you move through the universe and how you can all of a sudden let your mind—There is a correlation between moving your mind outward and detachment. I think detachment keeps your mind contained in the body. Understanding detachment somehow moves the objects that seem to be like glue that holds your mind in. Understanding detachment and when you put it into practice emotionally, consciously, you can’t just say you understand it. This is why it takes months. It’s something that evolves and changes in you that you kind of once in awhile think about your attachment. That’s what begins to break that blockage up. You evolve and the understanding of your mind becomes richer. Your mind can move more. It’s not so locked into place by what’s structured around it, saying “This is what you are! You can’t move past these things.”


It’s funny that the little things that are connected to you could have such profound things spiritually. It’s through detachment, I think, that your mind can breathe. It can move to these monumental levels and this is why it’s critically important. If you overdo detachment and you say, “Well, I don’t need my clothing. I don’t need my house. I’m going to live in the jungle,” and I know people like this, then you have lost the reason to be here. You’re here to integrate with life but remember, build your life around your spirituality, not your spirituality around your life. You don’t want to lose your connection with the world but you don’t want the world to crystallize you. That, in itself, becomes the whole purpose of it. Any questions? Bring it on.


Guest 1: When you practice detachment, wouldn’t it, if you got good at it, wouldn’t it take away the passion that kind of feeds your soul? [27:42]


Eric: That’s a very good question and from a woman, she would get it. It’s an excellent question. I wanted to talk about that but my mind jumps to other things. It is and it isn’t. Let me explain it differently in terms. Let me find my feminine side to maybe find a different way to explain it.


Have you ever been so happy and in love that you couldn’t express it? You feel it internally and it’s just so beautiful it could move you to tears. You’re so happy but it’s like something inside of you. It’s like that. Instead of trying to channel it through being more “Oh, let me—ahh,” it’s more like you’re just sitting there and it’s like watching that sunrise on the mountain. It’s not something that you’re interacting with other people or you’re holding something or you’re hugging something. It’s more something that’s an explosion of awareness by an observation but you don’t need that observation anymore once you feel it. You have these intense emotions but they’re purer. Does that make sense?


I think that there are biological emotional experiences that you can recognize. Like “I’m not going to cry,” and you’re crying and you’re like, “I told myself not to cry!” You can feel that argument inside of you versus other times when you’re so happy and you’re so blissful, either spiritually or emotionally or when you feel the presence of God come in you. Have you ever felt so loved at a moment or felt so spiritual at a moment that it’s not something that you can look at in the second person in a sense? It’s so you, it’s so big that it fills you up and you can’t even look at yourself because you’re so in it. Does that make sense? It’s a very hard-to-define difference but they’re dramatically different. Does that help at all?


Guest 1: Yeah…Yes and then my other question would be: Say you’re an artist like my dad and your passion is to paint, if you were to practice detachment, wouldn’t it take away that passion for art? [30:00]


Eric: No, no, no, no. It doesn’t. He would see a much deeper level to his art. It would just go to a different level. It would go to a level of—Boy, how can I explain this? There is a level of beauty that you can see on the surface of something and then there’s a level of beauty that you want to get in that popping moment. I’m looking out at the flowers and you can look at the tree and go, “That’s beautiful.” What would be more beautiful is not to see it as you see it now, it would be the moment that you can capture it coming to life, the birth of a budding flower. In that moment of popping, there is a moment of deeper expression coming from it rather than the moment of “here’s the presentation.” It’s more the moment of progress, of opening.

It’s a richer level of [definition]. Again, it goes back to the moment of—Haven’t you ever looked at stuff—There is stuff as a child that you appreciate and then as you grow older, you look back and you go, “I never got that before but now I get it. I never understood that really before. When I looked at it I was always, ‘Oh, yeah,’ but now I understand. Now I really get what that really means.” I’m trying to think, there’s stuff that—I mean, everybody must do that! Isn’t there stuff that you didn’t get before and then all of a sudden, one minute you look at it and you go “Oh my god, now I finally get it.” Do you understand what I’m saying?


Guest: Do you mean like physical stuff? [32:08]


Eric: Well, physical because that’s what you can relate to at the moment and I can translate that into something more emotional. What I’m saying is that your sense of understanding gets on a much richer level. It’s like [it’s] to a level that you could have never brought it to. Do you understand? Hasn’t your artwork progressed personally?


Guest: Yes. [32:33]


Eric: Okay, how do you know the difference that it’s progressed?


Guest 1: Because I look back at other stuff and I’m like, “Whoa, that’s—” [32:37]


Eric: Did you not think that was the most amazing stuff when you were doing it? Did it not mean something to you then? If you could see what you were doing then, would it mean as much to you now, doing that piece of artwork to the level that you could have understood it then?

Guest 1: Hmm, I don’t know. [32:56]


Eric: Yes, you couldn’t have. You would have looked at it and you would have said, “That’s nice,” but you couldn’t—There’s something inside of you that couldn’t perceive it. It couldn’t see it inside that piece of art. Only somebody that has the experience could see the fucking mastery of it. Do you understand? When you have detachment, you see the truest level of what brilliance is behind something. It’s a kind of instant maturity or it speeds up your maturity level of what is amazing.

You could say, “Well, doesn’t it make everything else less amazing?” It does but it opens you up to a higher truth of greater amazement that you begin to be able to move into. Do you understand? Now, somebody might say, “Well, maybe I want those levels of experiences.” You still get them. You still get them. It’s just that your maturity change in the sense of how you can perceive things. Does that make sense? Does that make sense for everybody?

Yeah, it was a tough one to figure out. A girl will understand that better than a guy at first, I think. They’re more sophisticated in that way and I think that’s how I see things. I’m also very honest when I say, “Oh!” I can’t fib! It’s just so clear to me. Your perception of things changes. It’s more like you live in the deeper level of now than in this other state. I know I prefer it mostly, but let me explain something else to you. As long as you’re in a biological body, you will always get both. It’s harder to be in the place that I’m talking about—detached—because you will always become unattached. Detachment is maintenance. As long as you are in a physical body, it’s like manicuring a beautiful lawn. You can make it look very beautiful. That takes work. If you neglect it, what happens? It doesn’t turn to crap, it turns to a different level of beauty. It turns to what nature intended, but did nature plant the tree in that spot? It can get out of control and still beautiful but maybe nature wouldn’t have brought that Japanese Apple tree to this field because you’re in another country. You did but nature will take the progress of letting it be what it’s supposed to be but you interact and you can make into this other, different kind of beauty. Do you know see what I’m saying?


One would say, “Isn’t that kind of control? Don’t you want natural beauty?” I would say that God is an intelligence and God created the universe. Is that not a controlled beauty? There has to be an integration and dance between the two.


Guest 1: You’re saying that by detachment, you would see the beauty in that overgrowth?” [35:49]


Eric: You would see both! That’s the beauty of it. You’d see it all where you couldn’t see the other beauty. You can then see it. It’s like the—You will always get pulled into it because by default, if you don’t maintain the work in your spiritualness, as long as you’re in this dimension, if you neglect it, it will revert. Then, it’s work to get it back organized. Does that make sense? You get the best of both because you’ll always neglect. I do it! I’m pretty advanced and I’m like, “Shit! I haven’t been working on myself lately.” The beauty is that you can organize it faster because you remember the process of how to do it and you learn each time. Even if you neglect, you’re like, “I know what I need to do. It’s not like I need to get the manual out to remember how to do it. I’ve done it so many times, I can get it back under control very quickly.” This is why I often say that I can screw off more than you guys, because I can get my A-game back on faster. Does that all make sense? Do you guys get it?


Guest 2: Yeah, there is one thing I was wondering about. [36:52]


Eric: Oh yeah? Rang a bell, huh?


Guest 2: You have where you’re talking about doing things in this world for the Force and if you look at your “I’s” and how it craves for sugar and everything, sex, everything that’s physical for the body…How do bridge that, working for the Force and having that same drive as you have to get security or sugar or things like that? How does that all work? Recently, we talked about a student and I said, “well, he doesn’t have any motivation for this material world!” Most people have the Force, so how does that come through the body, the motivation to drive yourself to work for the Force and dedicate yourself to the Force without “wanting sugar,” if that makes sense. [37:00]


Eric: Well, this is where all of your practices are tools and if you don’t put it into practice, then you lose that thing It’s all maintenance and if you neglect something, you’re going to let it go to shit. If you neglect grooming your hair and brushing your teeth, you’re not going to have good teeth and you’re going to have bad hair. That’s a matter of opinion but if you don’t maintain things or put forth some kind of effort, then you lose it. If you put enough effort, then eventually you get to the point where you don’t think about the effort anymore, it just becomes your present state. It’s just part of your process.


You forget and you get lazy and you change. You change your hairstyle over time, your change your clothing style over time, your personality grows and enriches with age. Your spirituality is going to probably change also so you have to adapt with that and you have to put certain things into practice. It will adapt with you if you work with it. If you don’t put any effort—I keep talking about this. I’ve said before—and this is an old teaching—that when you go to bed at night, it’s like rain, a certain kind of rain comes down and it’s called “effort.” Do you guys remember the class?


Everybody only gets a certain amount of it for spirituality. It’s almost enough to make you have enough substance to exist and that if you want more of it, you’ve got to convert that into your meditation. If you meditate and you work on doing that things that you’ve been taught and you put them into action, you’ll start to collect more of this pranic kind of energy and it will motivate you more. Eventually, you get it so strong again that you don’t think about it anymore. You become this spiritual juggernaut. You become just very empowered.

When I teach, the prana comes to me. You can almost see it in me. I have to almost warm up but what you don’t see is this pranic energy moving into me and it’s what feeds me. It draws me. There’s a reciprocation. The universe acknowledges that I’m doing something spiritual by feeding you guys, by teaching you guys. It’s like a tree. The tree sees the deer ear the fruit and it says, “Ah, if I make a better fruit, it will eat more and it will bring my offspring and shit it out in the woods and then the plants will grow, my offspring.” Then, the universe says, “Eric’s teaching, he’s giving my energy to other people and I need to give more to Eric so that he can give more to other people.” Do you understand?


Pranically, there’s always this relationship. This is a universal truth. If you want to have your spirituality, you must fight for it. It is a struggle. Gaia is going to do what Gaia does. It’s going to grow the Force over you. Trees will grow so big that the little trees can’t find the sun anymore. It’ll push out the weak for the stronger. If you want to become the dominant, you must push for your spirituality to fight to get the most light, to get the most energy so that you can give forth in the universe what you have to. This is the nature of the universe. If you fall asleep too much or you do not find detachment, you will fall asleep and you become part of the machine. Do you understand?

If you think that there has to be this moment where something’s “just going to motivate me,” or “it’s just going to happen for me,” then no, you’re weak. You’re going to fall asleep and you’re going to be forgotten. You’re going to live and die and you’re going to become part of this life process on this planet. Or, you will fight for your sunlight. You will fight for your spiritual growth and you will give your fruits out. You will proliferate in the universe just like a species of plant will proliferate in the forest. You have to decide.
The universe will give you enough Prana but it can’t give it all to you. You have to ask for it. The universe will not push itself on you. You have to ask the universe to come to you. If you don’t ask, it’s not going to bully you and say that you have to do it. I always am amused by people that—Whoever is very spiritual and you go, “Wow, how did they do it?” They do it because they get up every day and they apply themselves. Now, it becomes effortless. There’s always a little bit of effort but it’s easier. It’s almost like a glide thing, like a swing. The first push is hardest, the second is a little hard but once the momentum is going, you’ve just got to give a little energy and it moves. The people who have fallen asleep have lost their momentum. Give it a big enough push and you will find how easy it returns, how natural it becomes. Everybody here, universal truth: If you haven’t meditated for a week or a month or several months—


You’ve got to fight. That is your one piece, your once chance that God jumped into the moment of your life and grabbed you and said, “Remember me,” then all of a sudden started to fade and said, “Remember me. Remember me. Remember me.” You’re like (gasping)…“Sally, pass me the coffee! What have we got to do today?” This is the universe jumping in and saying, “Let me give you one fighting chance. Let me come into your dream and inspire you, make you feel me. When you wake up in the morning, find me.” Then, what do you do?


That’s a choice. You make that choice. How many times has the universe tried to reach back into your life? How many times has it fought to try to bring you back and then you either dismiss it or you go, “I am going to hang onto this.” If you can just do two or three meditations, you’ll probably get a good grip.” This is why I say: “The feathers belong on a wing.” If you do not unite yourselves, if you do not say, “Let’s meditate. Let’s work together. Let’s do something spiritual together.” You feed one another. This is where your strength comes from. The Dark Side will split you apart and when you’re on your own, you can only last so long unless you’re the strongest of the strong. There is no shame. If you use pride to think, “I can survive on my own right now,” you will fail. Even the master gathers.


What do I do? I gather. Where do I strength from? I teach. I keep my students around me. Do you understand? I think I can find spirituality out in the forest and I can get very rich with it, but then I disconnect from feeding the fruit to the forest. Do you understand? The universe says, “Oh, let’s work on you alone.” When you isolate too much, you’re no longer giving either. Do you understand? One foot in, one foot out.


You have to use one another to inspire you. You can’t just say, “Oh, at 12 o’clock noon, we’re going to meditate.” Do you know why? The meditation becomes machine-like. Go to the park and meditate. Change it up. Go and do something spiritual whether it’s something completely different. Go to a haunting, go to—If you’ve done it all and you’re bored, find something new to inspire you. If you don’t, you will fall asleep and by the time you wake up in your spiritualness, you will go, “Oh, it’s been three years. Oh, it’s been five years. Oh, it’s twenty years now. I’ve only awoken three or four times. I have to, my time is almost gone. Have I done what I came here to do? Have I stayed awake long enough?” Only the strongest will survive here, only the strongest. You can either bloom or you can fade away. It is your choice. The universe will not bully you to stay in or out. It is your teacher’s job to inspire you. This is what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to reach out and inspire you. That’s my job. It’s like to say, “What does the shepherd do for the preacher? What does the Buddhist monk do for the—” That’s the job. You have to remember that the teacher may not always be there. The teacher must withdraw silently and watch and observe if the student is trying to help themselves. Those are the ones that the teacher watches and says, “This one is special.” Now that they’ve starved enough on their own and they’ve hung in there, I’m going to intervene and put something very impactful in their life because those are the strong ones.

The ones that can go out on their own to see the furthest, the osprey per se, those are the ones you want to put the strength into because those are the ones that are going to move into the future the furthest. They’re going to do the greatest work. The ones that keep falling off the floor and have to be picked up all the time, I don’t have all the time to babysit. I don’t have time to wipe the asses and wipe the mouth and baby spoon-feed. Show me what you’ve got. Show me why you deserve the armaments that I can give you because I’ve only got so many armaments to give. Who do I give to?


This is what it’s about. The universe, every night will give you a certain amount of Prana. It is up to you to decide if you will waste it or if you will utilize it. You must go to your comrades and you must inspire them. You must find gatherings. You must work with one another. You must do stuff that—It will come to you! God will move upon you so swiftly it will knock you on your ass if you simply open your heart to it.



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