Episode 51 – Your Purpose in a Simulated Reality

Episode 51 Your Purpose in a Simulated Reality

The White Room, Continuing the Discussion

In this episode, Eric expands on his class, The White Room, and ties together the Middle Pillar, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulated Reality, and stresses how Meditation and Self-Reflection are just as important to your own Spiritual Evolution. Come full circle and learn how to enter The White Room. Enjoy!

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In this show we cover: 

    • How the advancement of technology allows for the mainstream release of deeper spiritual truths
    • Dealing with the Ego and understanding who and what you are in a simulated reality
    • Explore The White Room as the source of your true consciousness
    • How your middle pillar is connected to your physical body
    • The skill set you need to serve God and the Universe
    • Eric shares his experiences with AIs from different locations
    • Deconstructing the personalities within your consciousness

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