Episode 68 – Spiritual Survival

Surviving Spiritual Trials

Join this month’s Rebel Guru Radio Episode 68 as Eric discusses common challenges of spiritual people and brings a focal point towards HBI practices that will solve most people’s spiritual and non-spiritual challenges. Higher Balance offers a treasure chest of techniques that’ll put you on the fast track of your spiritual progression. In this session, Eric will be discussing Feels Like: a tool for learning telepathy, using optimism to manifest for the New Year, and the superior technique called the Kingdom to heal your psyche and organize your life. Tune in for a free gift from us on Facebook or YouTube Thursday, December 5th at 3PM PST and enjoy the show!

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Free Content from this Episode

Eric Pepin Live: Session 20 Clip

Manifesting for the New Year

Eric Pepin Live: Session 28 Clip

The Kingdom, Part 1

Eric Pepin Live: Session 30 Clip

The Kingdom, Part 3

Eric Pepin Live: Session 29 Clip

The Kingdom, Part 2

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They meditated to a Dimensional Sound which has been called “The Voice of God” by these same enlightened masters who were able to re-write reality as we know it. They were able to accomplish this because this ‘sound’ was used to trigger an Enlightened state of consciousness. Are you ready to enter the realm of masters?

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