Episode 66 – Feminine and Masculine Balance for Whole Brain Activity

Feminine and Masculine Balance for Whole Brain Activity

On Rebel Guru Radio Episode 66: Feminine and Masculine Balance for Whole Brain Activity, listen in as Eric divulges uncommon information regarding the balance of your masculine and feminine polarities. Gain vital information to achieve a level closer to that of genius. Tune in on Facebook or YouTube today at 3PM PST and catch the wave!

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Most people don’t feel comfortable discussing sex, but the truths about sex are crucial in attaining the state of enlightenment. All that you’ve learned in your high school health class is irrelevant. The knowledge that will liberate the deep layers of your mind is much more elusive.

You’re about to discover a unique perspective of this taboo subject as Eric describes the ignored aspects such as: energy exchange, sex as a means to dominate and control the masses, sex with entities, as well as the way in which one can use sex to develop their spirituality. Eric shares the knowledge that most spiritual teachers are too terrified to teach. Revealed will be the truths you need for the expansion of your mind.

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This is training material that Eric hasn’t shared anywhere else. With over 6 hours of enthralling video content, whether you’re a man or a woman, this one of a kind program will teach you to take your power and let that empowerment spread into the global consciousness.

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