Episode 2 – Energy Part 2


How to do energy movements and clean negative energies from your home

In this episode, Eric continues the discussion on energy. More specifically, the similarities between energy and water, how to do energy movements and how to remove negative energies from your home. If you have not already done so, listen to Part 1 here.


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In this show we cover: 

    • How water can help you understand energy and how to work with it to strengthen your spiritual body [1:30]
    • Energy movement techniques [7:40]
    • How expectations crystallize your spiritual growth [13:55]
    • How to expel dead energy from your organic body using energy movements [15:30]
    • Refining your energy movement practices, and why breathing is crucial [19:42]
    • How meditation and energy movements are related [32:45]
    • Recognizing negative energy and methods to remove negative energies from your home [35:00]
    • What crystallization is, why people are like rocks, and how to maintain fluidity [43:35]
    • Why you need to develop the sensory you need to to experience and become one with the Universe [51:45]



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 Thomas:​ You teach that energy seems to have a lot in common with water. Can you explain these similarities? [1:25]

Eric:​ Well, I use water as a means to train a person, a student, in order to get the fundamentals of working with energy. When you think about energy, you get this sense of air, this sense of either electricity, but there’s a disconnect with our senses to really have a way to visualize, integrate with that. It doesn’t really have a touch to it, a feel, [or] a smell. Even a visual, it’s almost…it’s kind of difficult. You can visualize it, but everybody’s has either a static, neon look to it or a fuzz to it, or it’s an invisible energy like a radio wave. So, in order to be able to work with energy or anything on a metaphysical/spiritual/psychic level—call it whatever you want—you need something to have to kind of sink your teeth into, per se. You have to have a working model so that your body, your mind, your spirit, can all go, “Aha! We’ve got it. We understand what you want. We can work with this.” So, water is invisible. Water is fluidic. You can move your fingers through it. You can pick it up and hold it in your hands. You can throw it into the atmosphere and it becomes atmospheric and invisible, but yet it’s there…but it’s not there. This is something that the mind can grasp because [throughout] our whole evolutionary level, we’ve integrated with water. It’s a large part of our body even. So, when we think of energy, the closest thing in a physical form that we can manage, on a level, is to understand that water is transparent. It’s something we can touch, it’s something that we can have slip through our hands. It’s elusive but it’s not. When we think of energy in terms of water, it’s the bridge that I’m looking for. I’ll often say to a student that I’m training, that it’s always the subtle realizations that make one truly powerful or gifted as they grow. It’s the little things that build. It’s the oak from a small seed, per se. I’ll say to them that if you try to imagine energy and you move your hands around like you’re going to push the energy around a room, you really don’t feel much in what I call “your chest.” The moment that you imagine that it’s water and you’re pushing the water, immediately there’s this feeling in your body [in] your chest center, which is the true intelligence to you spiritually. It’s another brain. In a sense, it’s your spiritual brain. It’s not in the same location, but that’s another topic. It immediately understands what you’re trying to do, or it immediately can give you a workable relationship. So, if you move your hands from left to right thinking about energy, it’s almost like there’s nothing there. As soon as you think about it as moving water, from left to right, pushing down deep into it, moving your hand back up and having it “lift,” almost as if it were like vacuuming to your hands a bit before it drops from your hands. This, in turn, is still energy, but it’s like your body’s energy, its own field of power, its own energy source [that] actually is more willing to work with you or to reach out or move, in a way, [it’s] yoga for your spiritual body. You’ve gotta move it around. It’s reactive. It understands better. So, when I use water as terminology, I literally quite mean if you visualize water, it’s going to ultimately excel your practices by tenfold, whether you’re doing healing, whether you’re working with energy in other ways, whether you’re moving energy through your own body and you want to literally feel it physically. You have to have that middle ground so that your body, your brain, your mind, everything kind of has a way to understand that. A lot of my personal training came from my youth. I love the water. From day one, I’ve always loved the water. I’ve always recognized the relationship of energy versus water. I swam in it, I moved in it. I’ve gone through the whole Aquaman [phase], you know, another Submarino or whatever his name was from a kid. The idea of water—I remember looking as a child at the water as I was tanning and seeing the shimmer moving on it and how it had dips and folds. Without realizing it at that moment, I realized that there was a numerical pattern happening, that when somebody disturbed the water and it was left to settle, it still had bows and lifts that became like a mandala pattern. I would see the reflection of light moving on it like it was a living thing, so all of these things spoke to me. They were probably some of the best training in my early youth that I could relate to or instinctively wake the consciousness within, the past-life self-awareness, per se, that awoke in me very early. These were all things that contributed to that. So, when I would move water, it wasn’t ever about just splashing water, much like other White Cells. Immediately, you’re thinking energy, you’re thinking this power, call it whatever you want. The point is, that training was for you to the moment you are [in] right now listening to this. If you go back to that and you redo that as energy and you lift it- it’s kind of like Tai Chi or martial arts- think of it as you’re moving water and your chest will feel…it’s like a mild pressure like something’s moving in there. Okay? It’s very subtle. Then, with your hands, you’ll feel the same thing. It’s like a duality between the two. This is what’s exercising the inner core of your energy, of your body, which 90% of people never even do, and they should. The point is, really, how does one do that? You know? So, this is how that begins.

Thomas: ​Can you give some examples of energy movements or something people can do to kind of get that relationship? [7:33]

Eric:​ Well, I would start off with the very practicals of just thinking about water, sitting in a chair or in a meditation position, [clearing] your mind, [having] your hands palm to palm, which again is one of those things that I teach about feeling the energy difference, which we should touch upon. When you’re ready, you should just simply take your hands out, at the same time- this is where it would be nice if we had video- your palms facing outward, your hands extended. You want to rotate your hands back and forth. What you want to do after you do that once or twice is level your fingers down like they’re flat and imagine you’re patting water. Just pat the water and in your mind, after a few moments, you’ll feel the lift as if you’re picking that water up like it’s a splash going up or down. You just simply do that. What you’re trying to do is be aware of your chest center at the same time. Again, you’re going to feel that very subtle heaviness almost. The more that you become aware of it, the more that you’re going to be able to do things because you’re building a relationship with something that you didn’t even know really existed before, or if you knew about it, how do you make it stronger? You exercise it, hence the water movements of lifting your hands up and down. In visualizing, you’ll feel that water movement, but there’s no water. It’s energy. This is you working with that energy field in your mind and your body and your inner core. Then, of course, what you want to do is you want to almost move your hands in a sweeping motion, side by side, from left to right, together. Again, feel the water, but what you’re doing is one hand is deeper in the water, the other is a little bit closer to the surface so there’s this duality of pressure. What I’m trying to suggest is that it makes it a little bit more technical training, so you’re really training your inner core, if you do this, to be more specific. It’s like training yourself to be more surgical without realizing that’s what you’re doing. So, by moving the water, you want to feel less at the top as you’re moving it than you do lower, but you should feel that inner pressure. Also, you should feel the pressure in your palms as you’re moving the water, and then flip them and reverse it in the other way. You can put high to low. So, you want to move your hands from left to right, it’s a little bit difficult to understand via

but anything that is a water movement with your hands— The reason why we start off with the hand is because the hands reach out from our body to explore things, to acquire things, to touch things, to integrate with things. It’s rare that we integrate something with the whole body. Ironically, in water we immerse the whole body, or the whole body into. So, again, it’s one of these ideal things that works with all of your energy fields, but once you’ve done this, you want to kind of move onto a phase two. I always kind of say “Don’t rush, people! Don’t want it all in one day because the faster you build it, the weaker the structure.” Things need time to cure, to get stronger, to get better. You need to enrich your mind with the knowledge and put it to practice. The next thing, provided people put in enough time, are what I call “pull-ups” or “energy lifts,” “movements,” as most of you guys know from the things I teach. What you want to do is think just below your belly button, without getting into chakras and their names and everything. This is not necessary. What is necessary is that you have a simple, clear-cut approach that gives the absolute same results, and, in fact, probably does greater results because your mind isn’t doubting or questioning itself so much whether you’re doing correct or incorrect per culture. So, by taking your fingers almost like you’re scooping butter from bucket or something, you want to just put it just barely, not quite touching the skin, below your belly button. You want this scoop motion and you want to pull as if your fingers were imaginarily reaching deeper into your body, like between your spine, per se, to the core of your body to the outer level of your skin of your belly in this case. So you take that and you just want to keep absolute focus. Your mind’s gonna wander, hence this is practice. So, what you want to do—and really combine your breathing either in or out. In this case, I’m going to breathe in as I’m pulling it up, and what you’re going to do is you’re going to lift with the scoop all the way, up, up, up, past your heart, past your chin, past your nose, your forehead, right to the top of your head, and almost let your fingers kind of expand out like you let something move through your whole body and shoot through you. You’re pulling up this energy. Then, what you’re going to do is you’re going to do is you’re going to do just the opposite of the scooping, but instead of a scoop, it’s a little flatter. You’re going to imagine it in you and going down. Now, it’s hard to imagine your hand [with] your fingers that way, so you can just have it sideways like you’re saluting and just bring it down. It’s like a lever. You can also do the same thing going up, up and down like saluting, just flip your hand up or reverse. Interestingly, the palm of your hand often indicates whether it’s up or down. This is, again, utilizing what we have rooted into our thinking based on our day-to-day things. When we reach for something, we reach with our palm out. It’s very rare that we use the back of our hand for anything. So, anything that’s moving up or down is usually with your palm facing it. We feel this intuitively. We want to work with that as much as we can. Here, you would put your finger to your lower, like you were scooping to start off. Later you can use a flat hand if you want, and breathing in (inhales), I’m lifting, I’m lifting as I breathe and they should finish about the same time. Where the million dollar sweet spot is, it’s not where your fingers are like you would think. It’s not a level thing because you’re going to feel this. You feel a very mild tingling, it’s like a little micro-chill that’s kind of following or trailing by several inches below inside of you from where your hands are moving upward. So, it’s like this trailing effect that’s tenths of a second behind it, going upward. It’s never really at the exact same moment where your hands are identically across. It’s usually a trailing effect and this is usually what confuses a lot of people and discourages a lot people because they’re always told to move their energy this way and that way, etcetera, so on and so forth. When they don’t feel it exactly the way they envisioned, they think, “Okay, well, I’m discouraged” or “I’m not interested because I’m not feeling or experiencing anything.” This is where I get so angry at other schools of thinking. I think they discourage more people, spiritually, than they actually succeed with training correctly. We’d have a lot more badass White Cells out there—spiritual people—if they learned correctly. So, again, taking your hands as if we were doing another pull up, you’re going to put your hands down. You’re going to go up as you’re breathing, here I go in, and I’m going to be bringing my hand up from the bottom, right up to the top of my head, pulling it up and visualizing inside and waiting to feel the tingle behind it. I don’t care where my hand is, I just want to feel that tingle and know that it’s moving up with my hand. So, going 1…2…3…go (inhales), and then bring it down (exhales). Then bring it up. (inhales) Then bring it down. (exhales) Now, classically, I like to work with threes. That’s, again, a whole other subject in itself. You could say, “Well, I’m feeling something but I’m not sure if I’m isolating it to where my hand is that it’s trailing behind.” It doesn’t matter. It will come with time. What does matter: did you feel an escalation within you that gave an upward motion as you were moving up, for what can only be described as tingling sensation? Then, going down, did you feel a decompression? Did you feel a tingling sensation going down? This is what you’re after, because, in a sense, I hate to say that your energy is dead. You’re really almost like massage, pushing blood into an area that’s so hard that it hasn’t gotten any blood to move into it. So, by bringing life into something, you’re giving life to it. So, if you think about that spiritually, you may feel like you’re a spiritual person but there’s this sense of despair or this lack of spiritual connectedness that you once had. You probably were more active doing things that were spiritual. The fastest way to deal with that and to bring life back into you, spiritually, is to do all these water movements and internalize it. So, when your hands are out moving water, forget about moving it out. Think about it being moved inside of you, almost like it’s two mirrors and the real action is happening inside of you while your hands are moving externally outside. So, it’s kind of weird and I go into it more, but anything that moves energy in your physical body is moving energy in your organic self, and you are feeding yourself for the first time that’s the spiritual body. You’re moving and exercising your spiritual body for the first time, possibly, that you’ve actually acknowledged it. So, the more that you play with it, literally within a matter of hours to days you will find how much more robust it becomes and how much better your life actually gets. It’s like everything that’s a problem starts to solve itself the more you exercise this energy, and of course, this is something that I covered last night in a lecture that I did. At the end of the day, water movements are brilliant. Breathing and moving your energy without overcomplicating it, brilliant steps to developing yourself and it moves into other areas, other psychic abilities, other senses, because once it’s freed up it starts to awaken things.

Thomas: ​So, when I did energy movements right now, I could feel a tingle by the belly button, but then it kind of faded out in the chest center area, and then it kind of came back as I was moving up through my head. What does that mean? [17:20]

Eric:​ My opinion of that would be that you’re weaker in your chest center or you’re feeling more emotionally vulnerable. It could be personal things going on in your life, monetarily, [joy-wise], happiness, relationships. Usually there are seven chakras—of course, there are more than that, but we focus on three. I share why to accelerate very rapidly your abilities and your awareness, but the lower chakra has to do with just being grounded and it’s a very important one as much as people that are spiritual want to ignore that. The heart is not necessarily hearts of love but it’s your happiness. It’s also your emotion, whether you’re feeling balanced in your life, whether your work, life, you know, everything is working out. Harmony, I call it. And of course, your mind chakra is of course going to be things more psychic, sensory, focus on matters or being able to stay focused whether it’s on work, homework, retaining information instead of having to grasp with yourself trying to remember stuff. So all of these things have very real effects on the organic body, as much as they have an effect in the spiritual body, this vessel that I speak of, because the soul is within that. Your soul isn’t the energy body, your soul is within that body. It’s simply a vessel that’s designed to move through dimensional space where the organic body can’t go. But you need to have an organic body in this dimension to move your inner core, your real soul. So, having said that, I would say that your lower energy right now is in your heart because you’re feeling less. So you’re sheltering it more, you’re withdrawing it, there’s something there. And, in so doing, this is why you’re probably stronger in the other two, and you’re feeling it more. What you want is to make sure you’re feeling it in all three. What I would do is I would concentrate that awareness, almost like you’re whittling away at a ball or an area, you want to try to start feeling it more and more and more until you finally breaking through and get it to go through both directions. But don’t overdo it! Don’t try to do it all in one seating for 30 minutes, straight hammering it. That’s not good either, you’ll build a resistance.

Nick:​ So, do you find that people have trouble feeling that tingle when they first start trying to work with energy movements? [19:35]

Eric:​ Well, you know, the thing is you have to wrap your mind around it, and if you have trouble trying to understand what I’m saying, then you don’t really know what you’re looking for. This is what I think 90% of all teaching is lacking. It’s that something is said or not said that makes them miss the fact that they’re not able to do it. So, in my opinion, if you can’t do or you don’t feel it, it’s because you’re not connecting something that was said. Or maybe it’s failure on my part because I haven’t put in enough time or energy. This is why I say you’ve gotta listen to the modules or get the book for a few dollars or whatever, because you need to look at. It’s real. Everybody can feel it. It’s not exclusive to anybody, okay? So again, if you’re having trouble feeling it, go back to what I said, listen to exactly this whole thing, put it on pause, think about it, work it a little bit, inch by inch- or the information, put it into practice- for sure, for sure, you will feel it. The only way you’re not going to feel it is if you’re convincing yourself that you shouldn’t feel it, or you’re not able to feel it, or you just can’t believe that you could. Try to remove any negative or positive out of your mind, and as Yoda would say, “Just do. Do or do not do.” It’s that simple. I’ve taught, literally, an 89 year old woman to do this.

Nick:​ Yes, and across the board, you do have free lessons on Youtube for people who want to learn more on energy movements.

Eric:​ Absolutely. Just for the record, the stuff on Youtube is older. This is a different day and age, I don’t have to be so reserved. I’m more likely to speak my mind now than I have in the past in those. Just saying.

Nick:​ And, do you find that your hands need to be in a specific position when you’re working with the energy?

Eric:​ Look, your hands are very important, which I was saying earlier. We use them to tactically feel any structure, which is the most relatable to us. It’s also the most threatening. “Oh, this is hard. If it hit me, it would hurt. This is soft, this is okay if it hit me, it’s a pillow.” So, in essence, our hands expand, where there’s space between fingers. They contract. So all of this seems like, “Okay, Eric, we know this.” Sure you do, but how much have you really thought about this in the sense that’s useful to you spiritually or metaphysically? What you want to do is you want to close the gap in your fingers. You want to have a little bit of a sense of firmness, like the muscles are clenching the fingers a little bit in whatever position you choose to have them in. Having them open-handed is like water being able to escape from it, or sweeping your hand through sand. So this is what you’re telling your subconscious. By bringing them together and thinking of materials that are more gathering that you can direct. Perhaps water can be moved better with your hands put together and cupped than if you spread your fingers wide. So, energy in our minds is this elusive thing, and we don’t think of it as being like something we clump together like clay. We think that we kind of have to harness it, collect it, pool it, shape it by the same way we would do sand or water or any of these things. So when you think about your hand, think about structuring it as if you were gathering or scooping things that, under normal circumstances, would be dissipating.

Nick: ​Do you find that actually going in a pool to physically push water is going to be useful?

Eric: ​Absolutely, one hundred percent. As you know, this is something I teach people, I have done. I’ve brought them into pools. You’re going to have huge results from working in a pool because I think you’re in the pool but you don’t really think about doing your practices in the pool. So the moment you become mindful of what you’re doing in a spiritual sense and the relationship to water and energy, again, your mind is building up an understanding of what you’re asking it. So when you’re over there and you’re tapping that water and you’re getting a bounce off of it, and you’re moving the water left to right, when you’re pushing the water with your chest and you’re maybe near a wall and you get a push back, you feel it, okay? You think of it as energy, you feel it as energy. It’s not that hard, then, for your body and energy to step out of the water to do the same thing. You don’t think about [the fact] that you’re in water. That’s the trick. The moment you try to say, “Well, I have to be in water to do this,” then you’re going to lose that movement. If you go out and imitate the idea as if you’re still doing it in water but it’s energy because you thought of the water as being energy, the mind accepts that and it allows the energy to move forward from you. I always say like in the movie Donnie Darko, where he extended his chest out and around to the kitchen, okay, this is the truth. There’s a reality to this. There was no question in his mind- probably also because he was a little messed up, that helps in some cases, but not really- is that it moved. The moment that there is a question or realization of what you’re doing, and it being unusual, the retraction comes and snaps back in. This is why people, when they’re doing astral projection, lie in bed and they’re mind kind of drifts. Their energy is in the right place, perfect storm, and all of a sudden it lifts. What they can only feel is this sensation of falling for a second, so they drop and the clench themselves and they’re like, “Oh my god, I thought I was falling for a second!” Your energy lifted and your body recognized it as if it were something happening to it, so it extended out. Again, working with water is getting you to control that extension out by will.

Nick: ​And at some point, do you recommend stepping away from the visual, like, using the imagination to think of water? [25:12]

Eric:​ Well, it happens on it’s own. You know, when I go into a home and I have to feel that home out for unusual energies or pockets of weirdness, I call it, I don’t think about water. I think of it in a means that I understand when I’m in a place that I have to be part of that environment. So, in other words, if you were to put things in your ear so that you couldn’t hear, and you were to put a pincher on your nose so you couldn’t smell, and you weren’t gonna taste the water, per se, and you were going to stand in the middle of a silent pool that was very large, would you or would you not be able to feel someone, even if you couldn’t hear them or anything, who immerse themselves in the water with some movements. Would you not be able to get a direction from your body as to where they might be? Would you not be able to get a sense of them approaching or how close they were by the movement of that body of water? So, when I move into an environment, I think of the environment- I guess you could think like Jello, or the whole house is, or that it’s all water, but it’s not water, it’s static energy. The moment my consciousness has a way to interpret a relationship, that’s acceptable to it, that it’s familiar with, that I trained it to be familiar with, okay, it then, is able to feel movement. I’m able to identify those movements if they’re of interest. I’m also able to sense anything because any form of energy, whether it be trouble spots or not, there’s activity, there’s emotion coming from it that’s very specific to it. It’s to say that if a dog jumped in the water, you’d probably know the difference between a human being in the water to some degree, if you got acute with it enough. So you are able, then, to define. But, the water is always there, I’m just not thinking of it anymore as water. In the beginning, maybe. I’d have to remember back 40 years now or whatever it is. I probably thought of the house in terms of water, but again, it’s elite because now you have to imagine water as a whole house and some people don’t have that kind of imagination, or the ability to get their mind to see it as that. Again, you have to have models for the mind to work with, and then bridge the two realities to a happy medium in the middle of the third.

Thomas:​ So, you mentioned breathing when you work with energy with your hands. What is the significance of breathing and breath? [27:36]

Eric:​ Well, you’re going to find breathing going way back to Vedic teachings thousands and thousands of years ago, to Hinduism, Buddhism, call it whatever you want. Breathing, right down to panicking, the reason why they hand you a paper bag to breathe into, or we’ll see it on a TV show. You have to have somebody, see somebody hand someone a paper bag when they’re panicking, but it kind of controls your breathing. You can only blow the bag up so big and so small, so it makes you slow down. You’ll find that if you’re breathing fast, your brain is going (jumbled noises). You’re thinking fast. Or if you get upset, you’re going to find if you can be mindful enough, that your breathing is (imitates quick breathing) very quick. If you are calmer, you’ll find that the breathing slows down and it becomes this slow draw in and a slow release out, and that you’re just kind of drifting in a way. You’re relaxed. So, we know that the brain’s thoughts are directly correlated to our breathing pattern. They seem to be very integrated. So, in a sense, like everything else, hacking reality, hacking something to get it to do something else, is what we’re doing with spirituality and breathing. We know that we have to calm our minds in order to get results or interaction with energy or telepathy, or anything we’re trying to do, because the mind can be a big distraction. The moment that we think about our breathing and we simplify our mind by having one thought, breathing in, breathing out. We’re slowly slowing it to where it becomes this rhythmic slowed down pattern, the mind begins to follow. It begins to be calm, it begins to be clear. So breathing is the only way you can necessarily grab the mind easily and as an accessible tool to slow your mind down, so that the next phase is that you can give 100% or a greater percentage of you concentrated thought to whatever you’re trying to do, like pull your energy up or down. So when we combine energy breathing with moving energy up and down, it’s becomes a two-fold action. It’s like a kung fu move with two strikes versus one, which is ideal. You want to always go up to actually a three strike, if you will, but that’s one way of looking at it. So by breathing up your energy or breathing it out, whatever you prefer moving up and down, this is helping you slow and concentrate your mind and it’s focusing on the action you’re doing because there’s this relationship.

Thomas:​ You also tell people to kind of- it’s not like a normal in breath, it’s kind of a hard blow out. [30:08]

Eric: ​Well, this is a more in-depth training. I’m not going to have grandma in her kitchen you know, doing all this dragon breathing. (imitates sharp breathing) You know? So we don’t want to get to extreme, but like anything else, the more skilled you become at it, the more you can increase levels of ability. So there are different levels of breathing that are still breathing, but what’s interesting is that you go into these deeper resources of your mind, or recesses. So by exemplifying, or I should say exaggerating a bit, your vocalness to your breath almost helps induce this level of action within you, with energy. I’ll give another perfect example. When you see, per se, martial arts, whether it’s- and we’re talking the real deal, not just what’s on TV, okay- you will see an action of them making like a “Hiyah!” You know? Or a (intense, elongated shout). This sound is done on purpose. It’s definitely in relationship to breathing still. This is what most people think. Of course, it’s terrifying to do this to another person. It’s like a roaring animal, it’s made to induce fear. They don’t necessarily do this when they’re trying to invoke fear. They’re, at times, trying to ingest a power, or build a power inside of them, just like lifting it up. They’re actually building that energy, [which becomes] very concentrated. This is Chi. And then what they’re doing is they’re directing that Chi, once it’s built up very quickly, very intensely through their breath, through their vocalness, through psyching their mind to be so focused. When you do this, (imitates high-pitched humming), it’s very hard to have any other thought. You only have one thought, and that’s what your mind is focused on. That’s all that exists, is what action you’re going to do. And it’s not even action, it’s the simple result of what’s going to happen. So, in a sense, they’re charging up that Chi to condense. So when we do what we call dragon breathing (sharp inhaling and exhaling). There’s an intensity. I mean, you can see the hair moving up on my arm. This is an electrical response in my body that it begins to understand that I’m charging it, I’m building it up. So- and this is literal, folks. I’m showing the hair on my arms. So this is having a relationship. This is why there are different levels to your breathing, or different methods, which I teach on.

Nick: ​So, in the Foundation Meditation, you teach to focus on bringing in Prana, bringing in energy, which we’ve talked about in previous episodes. Why work on moving energy? What’s the significance between energy movements and meditation? [32:39]

Eric:​ Well, that’s like saying just doing leg workouts and never bothering with any other body parts or muscles. You need to balance yourself as much as realistically possible. So, breathing in Prana is wonderful. You’ve got this great amount of energy. Now, you’ve got to really learn how you want to utilize this energy, in what way. How are you going to make it into a functional thing? How is it going to serve it’s purpose? Are you just hoarding it? I mean, jiffy pop? You’re just going to (imitates popping noise)? The point is, you need a fuel, which is to draw the Prana, which, in the end is used as a fuel or an energy like gasoline to a car, in order to get it to have combustion to move from A to Z. As I’ve said before, you know, if you go to fossil fuels, it’s made into many, many forms of energy other than what it originally started out as. Most people just think of gasoline. So, having said that, when you breathe in Prana, when you have other skills, that energy needs to almost be shaped. It almost needs your intelligence to share with it, to become one idea, one movement, one action of [energized] thought. Therefore, whenever you do something psychically or spiritually, you are [exerting] energy. It’s the same thing- like same thing with the body. If you are going to go up and down the stairs, you are burning calories. If you do anything physically, you’re burning calories. Even when you’re thinking, you’re burning calories. Okay? You’re burning oxygen, you’re burning various chemicals to create certain reactions in your body. There’s all these different resources that are being used up that need to be replenished. This is true for the whole universe, okay, and as long as we are in an organic body and we are trying to manipulate energy, and we’re trying to bend reality to a certain degree, then we will need to control or to work with energy that has the capability of affecting those physics or that reality or those dimensions. So, in order to do that, you must harness it, and then you must shape, mold it, make it into the tool or the action that you need it to do so that it reacts with something.

Thomas: ​So, if you have negative energy in your house or in your home, what can you do about that? [34:53]

Eric:​ Well, I talk about this in “Ties That Bind,” and we train people on this. Look, the first thing to understanding this is, to me, as a teacher, the first thing I want is my student to have the best level of knowledge, hands down. The answer to that is not immediately telling you what you should do. The first thing is that the person needs to recognize that there is a problem with energy, and what the hell that is, and how you know the difference, and how much can [they] sense that. There are people, believe it, out there that don’t believe in any of that. They’re like rocks and they think it’s nonsense. So, I always say to students, you’ve got to start off with things that you can identify and relate to immediately and go, “You know something? That’s a very good point.” So the first thing I always say is, have you ever worn somebody’s else’s clothes temporarily? The moment you put it on, you feel as if you’re that person. You do not feel like yourself, you do not feel like your mother or your brother, you feel like whoever that person is. It’s as if it has it’s own energy, which I teach, which I teach people to see, etcetera, with their eyes. Having said that, that shirting, that clothing is permeated not only with pheromones from their body- or if it’s laundered, fine. It’s not just the design of the clothing that it is something that you would not wear but they wear. There is literally a [permeation] of energy. If you can see the aura, the aura is moving through your clothing, so it’s consistently saturating your jewelry, clothing, anything that’s on you within a proximity close you your body, your core. So, it’s writing, like a computer program, a kind of data that’s like pheromones, if you will. It’s like scent, but a frequency rather than something that would be pheromones. So, in essence, [when] you put it on, your body immediately, not because it wants to but it’s so close to it that it feels it. It becomes it. So, like a computer program for a moment, it starts to go holographic in you as if it were an overlaid person (of another person) overlaying with your personality. I don’t believe in possession and I give my reasons why, but the closest thing to feeling like you’re someone else is the moment you put their program on you, it’s your energy and your body that actually makes it come to life. It’s to say a USB drive is useless until you slide it into a USB [port] and the electricity brings the data to life. So, it needs a strong enough electrical energy, minus its weak energy. When it goes onto your body, your energy powers it and of course, it starts to convey the program that it’s used to. It runs it’s pattern, so you’ve integrated this into your field of consciousness, or your body, and then very quickly your body will recognize this and it starts to break it down and reassemble it. So, this is the first thing. If you can be aware of that and you go, “Oh my god, I’ve experienced that,” that is no different than taking it to the next step. There’s no difference between micro versus macro. It’s just you [who thinks] it is. When you walk into a home, you feel immediately whether it feels comfortable or whether it feels hostile, uncomfortable, undesirable, creates anxiety or angst, or it makes you feel relaxed. In some case, it makes you feel sleepy or tired, which is a whole other discussion. Now, whether or not you want to be mindful and pay attention to what you’re feeling, because that’s a whole sense of survival that goes back through evolution. This is a psychic sense, and it’s one that we shouldn’t be dismissing. So, in essence, a house can have a feeling, an intelligence that’s collectively supported, much like the clothing, but the house, by the people who live there, keep imbuing it with their consciousness, their intelligence, saturing it like rain on a couch outdoors. It’s saturating it. If you sit in it, you’re gonna feel that dampness. In this case, you’re going to feel that energy if you’re mindful. If you’re not mindful, you simply begin to automate, unconsciously, that attitude or that perspective or that kind of thinking, or that feeling of “oh, I’m always angry,” and you don’t know why and you don’t realize everyone else around you is angry. You’ve become a product of that programming. So, mindfulness would tell you this is what you’re feeling. If you’re mindful, your body is telling you that you need to step away from this or you need to get away from it somehow or deal with the situation by focusing on various chakras [which] will lock it out. So, once you understand what we mean when we say “a kind of energy in a house” or “negative energy” or “positive energy,” the most fundamental root of that is simply: does it feel good as an energy to you when you feel it and sense it? Does it make you feel joy? Does it makes you feel happiness? Does it alleviate you? Or do you feel despair or discomfort or you don’t like what you’re feeling? Hence negative [versus] positive. Once you understand that, you realize, “Okay, I’ve just gotten an apartment. I’ve moved in here. I thought it was going to be great. Everything looked great. I loved the sun in here, I loved everything. The walls were freshly painted and everything, but now that I’m here I feel really shitty energy in here and it’s concerning me. I feel anxiety.” This is being mindful. You’re paying attention to what you’re feeling, what your sensory is telling you. The question is, what can you do? You can’t exactly move the apartment building or move the house. You may be able to sell it or you may be able to move but that could takes days, weeks, months, even years. So, the idea is can we find the tools to change the environment? If we can’t change it, is there a way to contain the problem or keep it at bay? And the answer is yes. What you have to keep in mind is you look at nature, you look at fundamental truths of what you can feel. I often say to people, the purest clearing energy that will clear good energy as well as bad energy- just neutralize it, it’s very powerful- is the ocean. When you go to the ocean and you just lay near the ocean, you will find near the end of the day, you are really tired. For a day that you spent doing nothing but sitting around eating Doritos, laying on a blanket, doing nothing- well, maybe that’s what I do at the beach… The point is, there’s a certain emptiness you feel. It’s not bad and it’s not necessarily like, “oh, I feel energized, I feel great,” but you do feel relaxed, like it cleared you. Ocean is saline. Your body is saline, but it’s also electrical. It’s also water. So salt. Salting is something that you’ve probably heard if you’re in the New Age circle, spiritual circle, forever. The first thing I always say is salt the carpeting on the floor. Take and sprinkle salt everywhere, you know, don’t be too cheap with it if it’s a big problem. You can vacuum it up but you don’t want to use a couple pounds on a place. One container of salt, like the kind you buy from a grocery store for a buck or whatever, [you should sprinkle] that throughout a decent sized apartment, on the floors, on everything. Wait maybe thirty minutes or so, and then you take a vacuum and you vacuum it up. Now, this probably sounds like absolute lunacy to someone who’s not of our thinking. I totally get it, I love science. I get it. I can hold my ground with anyone in that arena, but the truth is, when you go to feel, it’s as if the ocean has moved across there and washed and cleansed and drew it back out to sea what should not be there. If that energy is still there- I mean, I’ve given stories about this in training because I go much more extensive with it. I would know couple that would come to me and they were literally on the verge of divorce, and they were like, “We don’t know what to do.” I would give them this information and I didn’t tell them at first to do this, they kind of did it on their own, and I was like, “Wow, that’s quite a thing to do.” They ended up washing their walls with, I guess what would be a Home Depot bucket with salt water. They would ring it out and wash all their floors, everything, and they did wonderful in their relationship. They said it was like something lifted off of their chest. The same is true for people who feel like they have negative entities or spirits. Negativity begets negativity. It either encourages it to develop in a place or it thrives off of it, it’s attracted to it. Remove the energy or reconstruct it, [then] the whole mechanism, the architecture collapses of what the problem was supported by. If it begins to build again, then you have a go to system to keep hitting it. Eventually you will train it to stay down if it’s negative, but you have to be more persistent than it. If you get lazy, it’s your own fault.

Nick: ​A minute ago, you had mentioned people are like rocks, and you used the word crystallization in the past. Can you explain that a little bit more in depth? [43:31]

Eric: ​You know, perceived as being spiritual, spiritual takes on a lot of different viewpoints. So, let’s back up before we go into this, because I have to approach this. Everybody in their mind has an [idealistic] view of what a spiritual person is supposed to be, and if you don’t fit that [idealistic] view, you are then denounced as being a true spiritual person, or someone who is worthy of calling themselves spiritual or enlightened. My position on that is, if you were never challenged on your thinking because it doesn’t fit ideally what you expect it to be, then you never grow as a person. You only fit the mold of what you are comfortable with, rather than challenging yourself to rethink things until you keep having these greater and bigger epiphanies. My job is to challenge the thinking. Number two, there are many spiritual masters who have been very vocal, have sounded very cross, complaining, different stuff. So I may have some people say, “Well, you’re not very calm in the sense of what you should be as an enlightened teacher.” And I’m like, “Really? Because there’s been plenty of incredibly great teachers who are anything but calm.” You don’t wander the universe of creation without seeing the immense power of that rawness, and of course, I can find inner calm and I can find inner craziness. It’s a matter of like a wooly dance, per se. So, having said that, sometimes I say things and people are taken aback. They’re like, “Okay, I don’t know how to take that. He’s very forthcoming. I love his knowledge, I love his teachings, but now he’s said something I don’t like so it doesn’t fit into my comfort zones.” I’m not saying that I’m going to fit in your comfort zones all the time. What I am saying is to give me a chance, listen to what I am saying, and think about it. See after a little thought where you come without making your mind closed off to it because it’s not something ideally, you would have wanted to hear. Sometimes different kinds of truths are not exactly…we’re not thrilled with. Having said that, when I talk about crystallization, to me, this is when a person stops moving through their process of awakening. So, for instance, if you were to look at a child from birth, you would see an evolution of intelligence growing- wisdom, knowledge, life experiences- and you can mark their progression, whether it be yearly, and you can kind of see their progressions a little further and further apart. They’re not happening as quickly or as rapidly. It doesn’t mean it’s not happening, but to really take notice of it, you start to see it only through greaters girths of time. So, by the time they’re in their teens and in their twenties, heading into their thirties, it seems like at thirty it kind of balances off a bit. By the time you’re thirty-five or forty, you start to see more leaps in that personality and so on and so forth. Crystallizing is the same thing, but it’s through your [spirituality], your spiritual consciousness, your growth, in a sense, what you can do spiritually, what you understand, what you can approach the understanding of God, the Universe, time, space, reality. One could say there are general rules of thumb, and it doesn’t mean that it’s so or that it’s the case for everybody, but the average is about 30 years old. Most people, if they haven’t been very flexible with their energy as we’re discussing, or reflecting on their spirituality enough, they crystallize. What we’ve found is that, in the human brain, that there literally are like crystals and they’re building. To me, it doesn’t mean that that is necessarily a matter-of-fact relationship between the two, but it’s a great way to kind of give people a sense of understanding in a way that they can visualize better. So, essentially, the crystallization gets to the point where you really can’t start thinking differently anymore. Your thinking remains the same. A perfect example would be: there’s a certain somebody one time that I knew, and they were older than me, and they inquired in a conversation. We were out in a big parking lot, just kind of getting ready to go into the store, and we got talking pretty deep. They were like, “I really want to know what you thoughts on God are.” And I was like, “Alright.” They have a Catholic view, it’s not necessarily Christian, but a little more open-minded in that sense. So, I just rolled it out for about an hour, you know, it was totally awesome. They sat there, they were in tears, blown away. They said they could never see the idea of God the same way, that what I had to say made absolute sense for why things were the way they were in the world, and that they could now reconnect their love for God in that understanding and how beautiful it was, and the Universe and everything. Literally in about 24 hours, it’s as if everything that they had experienced, said, and everything- and they totally understood it- it’s like it evaporated from their memory. When I got to talking to them, they were right back to his broken record, to his philosophical, spiritual belief in a Catholic way. It was exactly the same. When I would inquire, “What about this and that,” they would be like, “Well, you know, yeah, I kind of thought about this or that but you know, this is what I think, you know.” They wouldn’t even deny, it’s like they wouldn’t even remember it completely, or what that connection was, whereas you can have this conversation who’s about 27, 28, and they retain it and it becomes- if it makes logic to them- of their understanding of things. This is probably true for almost everything across the board, from Hinduism to Buddhism to everything. This crystallization point is a very real thing. It happens, give or take by my experience, around 30. If you stay fluidic, if you stay within a circle of expanding consciousness as you’re working with your energy, and you’re doing these things. The idea then is that you can keep going further into 40s and 50s, but it can get harder as you’re growing older. It’s like yoga. If you don’t stretch your tendons or your muscles as you age, you don’t give it much thought when you’re younger because your body is producing everything you need. As you grow older, it’s producing less of it, but to maintain it, you need to stretch it, you need to work it, you need to put some effort into it. As you grow older, more effort, but you can keep it. It’s very, very similar to that. The idea is that you do not want to crystallize, because if you crystallize before reaching a very high level- if you reach a high level, you don’t even have to worry about crystallizing. You can crystallize in believing egoistically that you’ve attained it, and you still crystallize, so it can be a little tricky. So, in essence, you’re trying to attain what is known as God consciousness, self-realization, if you will, enlightenment, to a degree. So, you constantly want to be feeding your soul your whole life. You constantly want to stay fluidic, meaning that yoga movement of your energy body, not just your organic body, and in so doing, that is the greatest level of understanding and appreciating and experiencing God. If you look at nature and you look at trees, and you look at these things, as things get bigger, they get larger, they get harder, but I often say, “When the hurricane comes, can it still bend as a wreath in the wind or will it lose its ability to have that flex, that life in it still?” This is true [with] cosmic winds, through spirituality. I hope that makes a little bit more sense.

Nick: ​Now, do energy movements, as you talked about today, help people become more aware or sensitive to frequencies, tonal, or just help in general if they want to have experiences? [51:34]

Eric:​ All of the above. It’s like saying, if you walk, does it help you think better? The answer is yes. It’s moving blood, it’s moving oxygen, it’s good for all of your organs. Is walking going to help you with digestion? The answer is yes. Is walking going to help you with working out problems and stuff psychologically? The answer is yes. I think the beauty about the universe is that any one thing actually never does just one thing. It does many things. So the idea with everything that I teach is that I want you to get from A to Z as quickly and as profoundly as possible. Life is short. So, in order to serve the universe, to serve God, my belief is that I have to train you as best as I can in the most reasonable amount of time possible, in order for you to do whatever it is the Universe wants from you. That’s a whole laundry list in itself. Having said that, moving your energy begets consciousness, spirituality, dimensional, sensory, psychic sensory, spiritualism, they’re all interconnected. In order to do one, you need the other. It all starts off from having a basic understand of energy that all of sudden you start to have revelations, or you see energy beings, or you see phenomena. It goes back to the proverbial thing when somebody would say to me, “Why do you teach people how to do psychic stuff? What’s psychic stuff got to do with spiritual stuff?” Well, clearly, you haven’t evolved yourself, but they don’t want to hear that, and then I sound cocky and arrogant. The point is this, all spiritual masters all performed miracles. Miracles are literally psychic phenomenon. Whether it’s moving an object or doing a miracle, you can find any classification for a psychic phenomenon. It just got bowled into the word “psychic.” So you’re told, “Don’t do anything psychically,” and I say, “Hogwash!” They’re preventing you from expanding your consciousness. Most people who meditation and do spiritual things will say to me, after 20 years of sitting there meditating, “I have never experienced one single thing from the meditation I’m doing, and that goes across the board.” And I’m shocked. I’ll say, “Well, change this. Do this,” and they’ll say to me, “Oh my god, this is so amazing, so enlightening, so empowering, so spiritually enthralling that I was feeling despair from my meditations. I was just doing it because I got into such a habit of doing it but I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t expanding my consciousness.” Psychic abilities- forget the word psychic, it got trashed out from the 80s. It’s a horrible word. I hate it. There is a sensory in your mind that we lost through evolution. That sensory is the sensory given to you along with the other five, which are really hundreds if you think about it. The sixth sense is the sensory you need to define, to locate, to merge with God, the Universe, dimensions, time, space. All of these things are completely as elusive to us as having infrared vision. It’s elusive to us. It’s something that’s there, but we need the mechanisms by which to experience it. Everything you know in life came from your five senses, or one, or the other, or a couple of them. Everything that you think of yourself as your memory, your thoughts, your experiences, bad, good, and indifferent, came from your five senses that recorded it into electricity, energy in the brain, the biochemicals. If the sixth sense is not contributing to that information, how are you a whole person? How are you, as a White cell, spiritually going to complete yourself if you don’t have the means to do the job? To me, the sixth sense is the most important sense, even above all the five.



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